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Played By

We do not maintain a list of played by's in use by characters. We don't mind if there's some doubling up, and encourage players not to make it a big deal, either. There are hundreds and hundreds of Arx characters. There are, however, some rules we have for the pictures you upload to your gallery and use as your profile pic on Arx's site.

1. Nothing NSFW. No underwear, no nudity, no bikini modeling. Nothing you'd be embarassed by/get in trouble for if your boss walked up behind you.

2. Nothing jarringly modern. No, we don't require full costume or period garb, but no designer sweatpants or leather jackets with zippers all over them, no pastel unicorn hair with coachella flower crowns, no rubber or latex or prominently featured modern styles of dress.

3. Your pb needs to be semi realistic, and of a person. Please don't upload a picture of Ronald McDonald, or Card Captor Sakura. Art is fine as long as it is semi realistic.

4. Please be mindful of your character's desc. If you unroster a character with brown skin and black hair, that is clearly not a white character. Please do not upload a white PB. Vice versa, if your character has platinum blonde hair and pale skin, please do not upload a black PB.
**also at this time, people of East Asian (as in Japanese, Korean, etc) looks are not playable as standard PC types.

I have a one drive folder of hundreds of possible PBs I compiled and cropped, the link is at the bottom of the "World" tab on the Arx main site.