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Prestige is a statistic that represents how well known and respected a character is by the general population of Arvum and by those in the city of Arx in particular. In terms of game mechanics, prestige factors into many interactions a character has offscreen with NPCs to show how seriously they take them, how much respect they pay them, and influences their reactions to the player character. Prestige is a total of three other scores, each combining to represent a character's overall prestige rating- legend, fame, and grandeur.

Fame will usually be the most common part of prestige, and is easily lost and gained. Positive fame is gained by actions in the public eye that reflects well on a character, such as using the @donate command for charitable giving, or another character with high social stats using the 'praise' command on a character, or participating in other activities that underscore a character's wealth, power, or influence. Fame decays rapidly, losing about 35 percent each week on chron.

Legend is part of prestige that does not decay automatically, representing the story of a character that resonates and cannot be easily suppressed or lost. Legend is awarded by significant events usually GM'd, and legend can be lost by negative acts in the eyes of the entire Compact, large scandals, and the like.

Grandeur is shared prestige, inherited from other characters, patrons, proteges, and organizations a character is a member of, by showing how the influence of others reflects on a character. A commoner that has the king as a patron, for example, has extremely large inherited prestige in the form of grandeur from that.

Propriety represents modifiers to a character's fame based on whether they would currently garner societal approval or disapproval based on their actions, achievements, or affiliations. For example, being a prodigal is widely disliked and distrusted by most of the Compact, so to be clearly a prodigal who has made little effort to acclimate culturally to the Compact, they receive a negative thirty percent modifier. If they have a hundred thousand fame, they have negative thirty thousand propriety, as any acclaim they gain from fame is tempered by the dislike from them being a prodigal. Similarly a highlord has immense respect due to their position, and any fame they gain is amplified.

Generally speaking, prestige bonuses to resource gain is the cube root of prestige as a percentage. For organization income, it's about a quarter of that.

For gaining fame, see 'help model', 'help donate', 'help praise', 'help work' for 'work/invest'. Also while a character is in their home, they can use the 'home/lifestyle' command to set a weekly amount of silver they'll pay for a passive prestige gain, and you can use 'home/lifestyle' without any toggles to see the range that will be then modified by a character's social clout.