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Men-at-arms. Sellswords. Pirates. Berserkers. Guards. Warriors. Few vocations in Arvum as ubiquitous, and fewer still are as vital as the soldier. Whether they are a general in command of thousands of drafted levies for one of the great houses, or a common sellsword guarding a caravan against bandits, soldiers are rarely without work in Arvum even in times of peace. For some of the low born, soldiering offers tremendous opportunities- most grow up hearing stories of great heroes that sprang up from the lowest birth, and for their prowess they were knighted or even ennobled. For others, it can be duty or honor that binds them to service. For some, it's a simple matter of survival and pragmatic defense. Whatever their causes or reasons for soldiering, most would agree that it's better to have a sword and not need it, than to need a sword and not have it.