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This is the skill that allows one talented servant to manage a noble household and perform the duties that will let his employer find the time to dress up as a bat and fight crime. The stewardship is not just practiced by unappreciated butlers, however, and can be taken by anyone who wishes to have aptitude with noble personnel management.

0: You probably have people for this sort of thing.
1: Some people can get servants to work through a little trick they like to call 'yelling'.
2: Can competently keep a noble household running, or get workers to not kill one another.
3: Know the secretaries that actually manage the entire front end of a business and everyone knows better than to cross them? This.
4: The steward that quietly goes unnoticed while organizing civil projects in a domain, but four riots break out the moment they retire.
5: A barony rose to a duchy on their watch.
6: Gives organizational tips to Cardia.