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A combination statistic to represent a character's ability to think quickly and react well mentally under pressure. The intellect statistic is used to represent the depth of someone's thoughts, while wits is used to represent the sharpness of their thoughts development. As a scale:

0: All the mental acuity and witty bon mots of an exceptionally bland rock.
1: The one person in the room that doesn't start laughing at a clever joke, then three days later gets it and snorts.
2: Average human wit, which means sometimes they are quite fast on the uptake, and sometimes the painfully obvious needs to be spelled out for them.
3: Consistently quick and mentally agile, but with a variable degree of smugness about it.
4: The person everyone absolutely hates to argue with, since they immediately are able to think of an instant brilliant retort to any point.
5: They, along with brevity, share the soul of wit.
6: Beat a trickster demon in a contest of wits.