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Lady Razija Lyonesse

Oft hope is born when all is forlorn.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Resolute Envoy
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Lyonesse
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 24
Birthday: 9/17
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Tactician
Height: average height
Hair Color: obsidian
Eye Color: lavender
Skintone: creme

Titles: Commander of the Crimson Blades

Description: She is a woman with an unmistakable unruffled composure and the dignified gait of someone in command. She exudes an aura of a leader with no time for subtlety - tall, unbent, and shoulders back as she carries herself with confidence and strength. Razija is much the embodiment of poise and regal grace - much like a feline, prone to sauntering and effortlessly elegant gestures. Smooth, painstakingly groomed tresses of obsidian black cascade down her back past her shoulders, settling in at the curve of her narrow waist. They frame a symmetrical oval-shaped face with a fair but sun-kissed complexion, one harboring fine features and high, noble cheekbones. Dark kohl lines almondine eyes and dusts thick lashes, accentuating the intensity of her lavender gaze. A straight, slender nose is positioned above a sensuous mouth with generous lips that lend themselves to genuine but rare smiles. Though petite, her physique is force and fury: well toned lines and tightly drawn muscle with notable definition when seen though she still retains an ample amount of womanly curves in all the right places.

Personality: Razija is a take charge kind of woman, comfortable with power, authority, and responsibility. Energetic, strong of will, and highly disciplined, she respects strength in others and tends to run a tight ship wherever she goes. Being very goal-directed, she takes a practical, pragmatic approach to accomplishing her objectives and does whatever it takes to get the job done. She is neither squeamish nor fainthearted. She functions well and bravely in difficult and dangerous situations without being distracted by fear or horror. Fair-minded and equitable, she's often called on to settle the disputes of her House and is brave and firm enough to follow through. In her free time, she's prone to action and adventure, physical assertions, and friendly competitions. She almost never has the need to walk or talk quickly since she feels there is no danger of her being ignored or marginalized. Every now and again, she will play to her gruff reputation but underneath all that hissing and scratching she's still a pussycat at heart.

Background: After twenty-six years of marriage, her parents hadn't expected a sudden conception of a daughter. Neither did their House, but everyone was thrilled for the marriage of the retired general Cristofer Lyonesse, then 53, and his wife Merylda (nee Bisland), 44, to finally bear fruit.

While doting parents (they had waited a very long time for her) it's hard to be the only daughter of a general as anyone can guess but it's probably harder to be the only daughter of a retired general, who has nothing better to do but to turn his beloved daughter into a miniature version of himself. As she grew older, and especially after her mother died when she was 10, the two were inseparable, realizing that her father's days were likely numbered as well. Seeing to her education himself, even their time marked for recreation had an educational bent to it. Camping trips were focused on hunting and survival and visits to ally lands were always accompanied by drills.

From the ages of 13 to 17, her summers were spent with the Bislands as a foster though her overprotective and widower father was known to accompany her on these trips. Most of his time, however, was preoccupied with catching up with Duke Gabriel Bisland - a man he had worked and served with off and on throughout his youth and respected and admired greatly - leaving the Bislands to do their job fostering her.

When she finally came of age, she began to serve House Lyonesse proudly and had only begun to find her feet when her father passed on and left a hole in her life. Somewhat lost, her attempt at forging her own path manifested in the first step of heading to Arx to be with the family in a time of crisis as the Compact braces for war with Apostates and foriegn forces. It seemed like the job she was meant to do.

Relationship Summary

  • Demura - Cousin and Marquessa.
  • Jenessa - Cousin and Voice of House Lyonesse.
  • Iona Bisland - Distant Relation. Foster 'Parent'.
  • Michael Bisland - Distant Relation. Foster 'Cousin'.
  • Samael Bisland - Distant Relation. Foster 'Cousin'.
  • Lailah Bisland - Distant Relation. Foster 'Cousin'.
  • Gabriel Bisland - Distant Relation. Foster 'Parent'.
  • Cahal - Cousin in Law Marquis. (Has his hands full there).

  • Parent:
  • Cristofer Lyonesse - Father. RIP
  • Merylda Lyonesse (Nee Bisland) - Mother. RIP
  • Name Summary
    Amador Such strange and wondrous eyes. It is unfortunate that we did not spend long enough in each other's company for me to get a better understanding of the Lady Razija. We do at least hold one commonality. A sword wielding Marquis Gaspar is an uncomfortable thought.
    Audgrim It's good to be amongst like-minded again. Seems our Captain-General knows her stuff.
    Calla Met a newcommer to Arx even newer than me! Seems like fun and she can handle big weapons, so she must be strong.
    Gaspar A lovely lady of the Oathlanders, inheriting a difficult challenge. She has the reserved charm one would expect, but there is a subtle playfulness to her. I wish her all of the best in her endeavors.
    Haakon I mistrust how well horses like her. Still, she's fair in a fight and with a wit, beside.
    Harlex Competent. Looks like she was carved from marble. We'll see where her story goes. I'll do what I'm able. Owe the Company as much.
    Ian Competent, if a little cocky. Keeps her head in a crisis.
    Jyri A pleasure to meet the new Captain General of the Crimson Blades, discussing the state of the Compact and their role in it. They are a considerable force not to be forgotten.
    Nazmir A charming conversationalist, who happens to be a mercenary. So very much not what I would have expected, which has left me pleasantly surprised. I look forward to crossing paths with her again.
    Piccola A newly-arrived member of House Lyonesse. She seems to have purpose and direction; this is to her credit. And she is confident enough to state plainly what she seeks; this is also to her credit. Now she needs to avoid unnecessary beatings, even if they can be quite informative.
    Rane The newest commander of the Crimson Blades and one that wants to do right by her troops. I know that feeling all too well. I hope we can work something out in coming days.
    Valdemar She has potential to be a great warrior, and seems to have he drive to live up to it. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.
    Vitalis I very much didn't mean to throw you that hard. Mmh. Welcome to Arx?
    Yrsa Interesting, to meet an honoured foe face to face for talking, rather than crossing blades. We will see where this goes.
    Zakhar Another Captain General. Like the others young at first. This one is full of life and possibilities.