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Vassal of Laurent

Words: "Prevail Through Calamity"
Sigil: Deep purple lion's head on black background.
Nickname(s): Lyons, Jinxed

Dating back to six decades before the time of Alarice the Great, House Lyonesse sprang up due to their military service and deeds performed in service to the Great House of Valardin. What began as a household with a rich future, eventually began to decline within recent history. The last few generations of the Lyonesse family have suffered from a bout of misfortune and ill luck. They maintain their pride and commitment to their oaths, despite being a family on the edge of twilight. The next few generations could decide whether the name fades from existence or overcomes their streak of bad luck and flourish. As a result of House Valardin's reaching down and lifting their name up from that of a simple outpost commander to oversee a March, the family possesses a strong loyalty and bond to the Valardin, through the duchy of Laurent.


Name Rank Title Description
Demura 1 Marquessa Firebird of the Gray Forest - Marquessa of Lyonesse
Jenessa 2 Voice Golden Lyon
Anabelle 3 Noble Family Silver Lyon
Abigail 3 Noble Family
Septimus 3 Noble Family
Cahal 3 Noble Family Family Ally
Razija 3 Noble Family Steel Lyon
Leandre 4 Trusted House Servants Solicitor of Lyonesse
Gerrick 7 Known Commoners
Adriana 7 Known Commoners
Amanthir 7 Known Commoners
Eugene 7 Known Commoners
Breccan 7 Known Commoners
Everett 7 Known Commoners
Kael 9 Family Ally Marquis of Oakhaven - Sword of Sanctum
Margerie 9 Family Ally
Shae 9 Family Ally
Jaerith 9 Family Ally
Aric 9 Family Ally
Bors 9 Family Ally

Ruler: Demura

Minister Category Title
Anabelle Income None
Razija Warfare Commander of Lyonesse Forces

Land Holdings

Lyon's Redoubt

Description: Protecting the southeastern approach to Sanctum, Lyon's Redoubt began as nothing more than a simple observational and defensive outpost for the Oathland's center of power. Settled at the tip of the central prong of the Lycene Split, Lyon's Redoubt began as a strictly military endeavor though eventually morphed into a budding military waystation and trading post. The access to the river which flows into the sea, passing between Tor and Southport both affords the location considerable paths of trade between the two kingdoms. The initial wealth that the newly elevated Lyonesse family found as a result allowed for them to prosper and nearly four and a half centuries ago the founding of the 'Lyonesse Academy for the Advancement of Chivalric Endeavors and Knightly Pursuits for the Progession of Military Efforts Within Lyon's Redoubt and the Oathlands'; a military academy created for the training of knights in knightly pursuits. In recent history Lyon's Redoubt has lost some of it's grandeur and has been on a slow decline for a long period of time now. To this day the Redoubt and the corresponding March maintains the original purpose of the Redoubt: martial purposes. While it has become a trade point with time, the purpose of the roots have not been forgotten and the Redoubt remains steadfast in the martial purpose that it carries out on behalf of the Oathlands.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.

Landmarks: The Great Road.