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Lord Jaerith Keaton

Why hide from the storm when you can dance in the rain?

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Sensory Addict
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 27
Birthday: 2/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: River commander
Height: tall
Hair Color: ash blonde
Eye Color: moss green
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Commander of the Riverdogs

Description: Leonine, from the mane of thick ash blonde hair that frames a handsome face that cannot help but appear proud, Jaerith Keaton is a lion among hounds. Sleek is a word that could easily describe the lazy grace of his long limbs, the casual elegance of his posture. There is a sense of indolence that belies the energy simmering under the surface. His green eyes observe the world around him as if the whole of existence were a stage for his enjoyment alone. Frequent, sensual smiles easily convey his appreciation of the world around him.

Personality: Life is short and no one seems to appreciate this more than Jaerith Keaton. Given that this is an unalterable fact, life being short, that is, Jaerith means to squeeze every ounce, every drop of *everything* out of each moment. If this means that someone might get their feelings hurt? Well, it is an experience for them to have and that only enriches their life, right? Right! In a word, Jaerith is greedy. Not for silver or clothes or pretty trinkets, though, certainly those are nice enough, but the truest currency is experience and there is very little that will keep Jaerith from experiencing something new.

Background: Growing up the youngest child of Ambrose and Anastasia Keaton, Jaerith learned swiftly that life rarely goes where you expect it to, that there is no chance of controling everything that comes to pass, and, most importantly, life is short and a squandered opportunity might never come again. A memory haunts him in the dark of night at times, telling his mother he did not want to walk along the river with her. Instead she went to see if her husband would go with her and ended up being thrown off the ramparts by an escaping prisoner. It is something he avoids thinking about on those rare occasions the memory resurfaces. The past is over, done and gone. There is no sense in focusing there, Jaerith keeps his eyes forward, looking for any opportunity to try something new.

His taste for adventure was only tempered by the same military-focused upbringing that each of his siblings received as well. Jaerith had a natural gift for sailing and a head for catching smugglers using the river routes to ambush merchants. He developed a unit, dubbed the Riverdogs, and trained them to specifically patrol those routes to protect traders and their barges. The ever changing nature of the work suited him, as did the constant travel, but in time, even that has become a bit rote. The horizon is not as new and exciting as it once was. And the people he sees day to day aren't as full of surprises as they could be.

A restlessness has settled in Jaerith, an itch for something new. Word travels that experienced river sailors might be in demand in Arx, and with his House's presence growing, the time might just be right to relocate to the seat of the Compact.

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