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Vassal of Laurent

Words: "Where you go, we shall follow."
Colors: Verdant Green and Black
Sigil: Black pawprint/track on green field
Nickname: Huntsmen

History: The Keaton family has a history of noble and loyal service, faithful to their lords in good times and bad. It is said that the fief of Oakhaven was originally granted to the family when a pair of brothers, with superior hounds and forest skills, recovered the heir of the Oathlands who had been kidnapped and was being held in the dark woods of their homeland. Thus was Oakhaven born and has grown from little more than an outpost to a village, to a prosperous holding for the Keaton lords and the hounds they continue to raise. For all their storied history, Keaton has held a reputation for law enforcement and has trained some of the best hunting hounds and trackers in all of Arvum.

Present Day: Margerie Keaton ascended to leadership of Keaton after the grisly death of her elder sister, Nadine Keaton in A.R. 985 only to abdicate to Kael, the lost son of Nadine in 1005. There were ripples of unrest at the unusual circumstances, but none can deny the efficacy of Kael’s rule. Since becoming Count of Keaton in 1005 and marrying Reigna (nee Wyrmguard) in 1006, Kael has overseen an unprecedented growth and prosperity within Oakhaven, becoming the first noble House in generations to be elevated in status, when in 1009 Oakhaven was raised from County to March.

They maintain close ties to the forests of their home, a great deal of them serve in a military capacity, trained as chief officers and knights at Keaton Keep, and known to be as loyal to their men as their hounds are to them. Other Keatons prefer to tend the wilds.

In recent years, Oakhaven has become a source of new materials, contributing to the making of Seatouched Wool and, under the auspices of tanner Apollo Oakwood, Oakhide leather, the first material comparable to Cardian snakeskin in Arvum history.


Name Rank Title Description
Kael 1 Marquis Marquis of Oakhaven
Kastelon(RIP) 2 Voice Voice of House Keaton
Keely 2 Voice Marquessa-Consort of Oakhaven
Veronica 3 Noble Family Sword of Oakhaven
Rohran 3 Noble Family General of the Hounds of Oakhaven
Jaerith 3 Noble Family Commander of the River Dogs
Aric 3 Noble Family
Bors 3 Noble Family
Baelor 3 Noble Family
Kyler 3 Noble Family
Lierre 3 Noble Family
Kendrick 3 Noble Family
Rowley 3 Noble Family
Gerrick 4 Trusted House Servants Captain of the Guard
Samithel 4 Trusted House Servants
Natalia 5 Noble Vassals
Edris 5 Noble Vassals
Renfry 5 Noble Vassals
Margerie 6 Married Out Aunty Superior
Shae 6 Married Out Keaton Kennelmaster
Casimir 6 Married Out
Dismas 7 Known Commoners
Adriana 7 Known Commoners
Amanthir 7 Known Commoners
Padraig 7 Known Commoners
Eugene 7 Known Commoners
Charis 7 Known Commoners
Breccan 7 Known Commoners
Everett 7 Known Commoners
Norwood 10 Ally
Podraig 10 Ally
Alis 10 Ally
Ouida 10 Ally
Kedehern 10 Ally
Ysabel 10 Ally
Petal 10 Ally

Ruler: Kael

Minister Category Title
Rohran Warfare Minister of Warfare
Keely Income Minister of Coin

Land Holdings


Description: The seat of House Keaton and ruling from Keaton Keep, the county of Oakhaven holds sway over the Oakheart Wood and the surrounding domain.

Recent efforts by Marquis Kael and his family have seen remarkable growth, with the establishment of the village of Elmhurst and a budding port named Whisper's Landing. The flow of people and increase in infrastructure is starting to be comparable to a march.

The new village of Three Leaves has been founded south of Whisper's Landing.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route. Trade between Oakhaven and Aviaron's Peak is high due to the political marriage between Rhea and Casimir.

Part of the Kismet Carnivals.

Landmarks: The Great Road