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Baron Norwood Clement

Honor isn't optional.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Long-Suffering Veteran
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Clement
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 48
Birthday: 11/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: silvery black
Eye Color: black
Skintone: weathered brown

Titles: Sword of Artshall, Baron of Duskshire, Butcher of Reaver's Bog, Legendary Rider

Description: Brown-skinned and weathered, Norwood looks old for his age in a seasoned way, his dark beard threaded with silver and his thick dark hair beginning to recede. His eyes are quiet, deepset and a brown so dark they are nearly black. His features carry a rugged strength, matched by the breadth of his shoulders and his large, roughened hands. His strength is suggested by the broad bulwark of his chest and back. He is tall as well as solid, a big man with a measured, composed way of carrying himself.

Personality: Norwood suffers with a world-weary patience. He is quiet and dry and reserved. Beneath that dry edge is a deep well of compassion. He is warm, thoughtful and considered. He almost always thinks before he speaks and lends the weight of maturity to what he has to say. He has never entirely shed old pain, with a deep, romantic heart in his chest that never entirely recovered from losing a wife young, but he fills his need for connection by being sweetly open to quiet, contained friendships and warm acquaintances with others. His loyalty is unshakable, unswerving, and deeply patient. Not the smartest man in the world, he carries with him a near ineffable wisdom beyond his years.

Background: Norwood never expected to be anybody special. He was the son of a farmer and a woodsman, and he grew up as a tenant landholder might. He learned the quiet patience of the beekeeper and the soft sounds of the woods. He hunted with his brothers and while they were never really wealthy, they always had enough. Everything changed for Norwood when he heard the scream of a little girl in the woods, and ran to see what it was. Young Jael Laurent, all of eight years old, had escaped her watchers and found herself menaced by a bear -- a real bear, not a Redrain, he'll often stop this story to explain; "This isn't that kind of story."

As a huntsman, he knew a few tricks around bears, and managed to get his attention away from the tree that had treed the young lady. When he brought her home to her parents, he was raised a knight. Sir Norwood Clement. The thing is, he didn't know how to be a knight, but at that point in his life, he was a young widower with little to him but his name and a few dozen beehives. So he threw himself into training. He threw himself into the service of the Laurents. He began working with their men-at-arms and became a loyal household fixture, Norwood Clement and his bees and his hunting hounds.

Years passed, and Norwood grew in reputation and in skill. He also had a reputation for never having lost that beekeeper's patience. So it was to him that Jael's adolescent tantruming was dealt as a problem, to help her learn discipline. Perhaps it was this service more than any other that brought him to mind for House Laurent when their old Sword retired, for it was to him that the Sword of Artshall was given, as not the youngest but maybe the finest and definitely the most loyal knight in all their duchy.

Name Summary
Aahana A sword who I enjoy watching pratice at the training center.
Aaron A fine horseman and a leader with a good heart, as well as a brave one. A true man of honor.
Adalbern Ever feel like someone's trying to guess how many stones your spirit weighs? I think he was doing that. Still, he invited me to come out and train with niece, even if I'm a commoner so that was nice. That or he just figures he can find out my weight by hitting me hard enough after running me ragged.
Adalyn Even though it seems like everything I do defies my papa's wishes to keep me safe, I just want him to be proud of me.
Adalyn I may not be the kind of daughter Papa once thought he'd have, but he accepts me all the same. I'm so grateful to be his. And all those gray hair I give him? They just make him look stately and wise.
Aeryn I miss my father when I look at him and Adalyn. He reminds me a bit of him - not in looks, but in temperment. He completes our little family. Also, thank you for the gift of my very best friend.
Aethan A very good teacher.
Agatha I enjoy being one of those flashy young fighters as much as the next kid, but I've reached a point where I get that we need to respect and learn from those that came before, not think we know better. Watching Sir Norwood fight is a reminder of all there is to learn from those that have served with honor for so long.
Alarissa A fine master of his hounds and handler. A gracious winner. If I and Elegance had to lose to someone, I am delighted it was he.
Alban Skilled. Experienced. I only hope to be as good of a knight as that man some day.
Aleksei Gosh he gets EMBARRASSED doesn't he?
Alessandro A knight with an...interesting hobby. I'm sure it's delicious.
Alexis Sir Norwood Clement, Sword of Artshall and onetime beekeeper. A good man with a sense of humour despite his staid demeanour. And he has honey for emergencies!
Alis The sort of man you need never ask if they are willing to fight for what is good and right, because you know the answer will always be yes. Also, he's doomed, since he's been taken in by my daughter's charm.
Amari Sir Norwood definitely suits his name. He reminds me of a big, strong oak tree, and we Keatons love our oaks.
Andry I think we all struggle keeping up with the changes the Compact is going through
Apollo Stands out as duty-bound in a room full of duty-bound.
Archeron Protective of Amari, which speaks well to his values, and he seems a virtuous knight. One bound for a life of stress and worry with Amari Keaton.
Aric Seems like a good man. Quiet, but steady, from the time I spent with him. I hope to run into him again sometime. I am sure he has some stories to tell once you can get him going?
Austen A noble knight, who clearly has great love for his charges. He also has an extremely fine suit of armour, and clearly excellent taste, as he shops with my sister. I suspect there is much I could learn from him.
Berenice Newly ennobled with the salt of experience in his hair. Not bad to look at, despite his age.
Bethany Such wonderful manners!
Bhandn I don't even know how to explain my surprise at how well the man can ride. People give tales of "man and horse being as one" but I never really believed it until today.
Bianca Stoic. He values honor as I would expect of many of the Oathlands and in that we share a commonality.
Braden Poor Baron Norwood... I will hire someone to write quite the dirge for his lost sanity.
Brady I can't believe I sat right next to the man. He reminds me of so many jaded mercenaries I've met before, but with a spark of kindness.
Cambria A stoic, albeit amicable man. I was glad to make his acquaintance, and look forward to his growth among the Peerage.
Caspian I've fought with him more times then I've spoken with him. If I am to judge a man by how he fights, he seems to be a man who is serious about succeeding.
Coraline Seems to be a very settled person, but I /do/ think she needs to live a little! Life is too short to play it safe all the time! Now for more sword throwing!
Costas Got a sense of the veteran about him; that sort of unflappable calm that comes after you've seen more'n your share of familiar faces among the dead.
Cristoph I'm always glad to have Sir Norwood back in Arx. He serves as a steadying hand and I appreciate how calm and level-headed he always seems. He's a cornerstone of Laurent and I'm not sure what we would do without him. I only hope he doesn't throw too many pastries at me tomorrow.
Cullen A true Oathlander knight who speaks with the wisdom of experience, something that is not always easy to find. Blunt and honest, it was a refreshing talk to have as his sense of humor was also a delight. Someone to talk to more, certainly.
Cullen A veteran of many conflicts and sorrow, yet he holds true to the code of knighthood that bonds us together. Someone of chivalric ideals and a force for good in this world, a tutor not only of technique but of what it means to hold the oath of a knight. I am flattered to know him.
Cullen Nice to meet the Baron after my time away, and to learn about his beekeeping past. Keeping to his milk and formality, it is good some things never change.
Daemon Once a Knight, now a Baron! I do so hope he treats the ducks on his lands well.
Daniella He's so adorably earnest and honorable. Here's hoping he never grows up.
Delilah He truly is a fine host and a man who earned his position well and square. Especially knowing that he has a soft spot for his daughter and cookies, I think I quite like him. Down-to-earth, a good soul.
Demura I like this man, he seems kind and speaks well of family. That can only bode well for future friendship.
Dominique I have heard many things about him from my cousin. They speak well of his service. Surely is a knight after my own father.
Echo I had the fortune of meeting Sir Norwood at the latest Sip n Spar. He's got a talent for the blade and was great fun to drink with.
Ectorion A skilled fighter and a gentleman to boot, seems a man of serious demeanor from first impressions, who carries himself well.
Eddard My uncle. A man I can’t remember in anything other than the foggiest of my earliest memories. He stands tall and strong, with a vigor of a lifetime of farm work. But we know he has taken up a sword instead. Nobility and a woman’s love found him. I have come to help, the only other adventurous spirit in our family. I think he will need me.
Eddard My uncle, the source of my ennoblement for better or worse.
Eiran The man turned Klaus into a respectable figure, so he's probably the soul of patience. Whatever he told you about me, all of it was lies, Norwood. All of it.
Eleyna When I encountered him in Southport, he seemed a capable man and a good Sword. I'm not at all surprised to see him with his own barony now.
Elsa I didn't realize a face could turn so many colors in such quick order!
Emily He reminds me of a steadfast sworn from Greyridge, one I think of fondly. He is a thoughtful man and his concern for the Duke is commendable. Steadfast and true - there is nothing more sure and inspiring than that.
Estil A man of honor, and rather upright, but he seems capable of getting loose when he feels comfortable enough.
Evaristo The kind of man I probably don't want to upset, but he also is very helpful. Taught me how to get stabbed so I won't die. Not impressed with elves, I think.
Evonleigh Perhaps the most solid, stolid, pragmatic man I've ever bumped into -- and an expert on the merits of compost!
Fatima I have no idea who he is, but he's surely the knightliest knight to have ever knighted. Except he's a baron I guess?
Faye Met him first at the Shrine of Petrichor, then again in a crowded tavern. Despite his serious demeanor, he has a certain kindness about him, and he's easy to talk to. Hopefully I'll get the chance to talk with him again, under quieter circumstances.
Felicia Sir Clement, Sword of Artshall, knight of Valardian, stalwart warrior. This man has forgotten more than most young warriors have learnt, and is still a force to be reckoned with.
Flavien When I knew him, he was a much younger man. It seems time has done him well, besides for his belly and the greys peeking out everywhere. Still, it's nice to have a more stable figure to connect to given the... others...
Gareth Sir Norwood Clement, I'm sure an honorable knight in service to the Laurent. He has a keen strategic mind, in contrast to many of the knights seen these days.
Gawain A calm, skilled commander with the vision of a hawk.
Genevieve He seems courteous, dignified and kind, as a knight should be.
Gianna Adjusting to the peerage might be interesting; I'd suggest perhaps some lessons at Whisper House, though I'm certainly not the one to teach them.
Gilroy Now /that's/ an Oathlander!
Giulio An interesting fellow. Stout hearted, with clear talents. And an appreciation for my booze.
Gwenna Sir Norwood Clement seems exactly the exceptional knight I had heard him to be. Proper and respectful, there is a warmth beyond his loyalty to House Laurent like he is a true part of the family. Doesn't seem to like hats for some reason, which I don't understand in the least!
Hadrian When speaking to an Oathlander, should talk of friendship and cooperation fail? Shift to honor and integrity. That will almost always be heard and understood. Afterward the conversation will surely flow much smoother.
Harlex Rarely--No, never do I think of fights in these terms; but that was an honor. I will be back for more.
Harper He's bright and shiny and crusty all at the same time. Seems real nice though. I think I could get to like him.
Helena He seems a stern man but is a quite good sport when jousting on a hobby horse with a toddler as an opponent. I spy a gentle soul in this man.
Helia He gives me the stink-eye when I make jokes, and the stink-eye only gets stinkier when I hang out with his nephew, but I think he's laughing and smiling on the inside. Or maybe not. But I bet we'll be great friends! Also, he would not let a child lose a hobby-horse race against him. Sweet!
Helle Hates trees. But looks sad. Probably because he hates trees. Makes me cry. What else is new.
Ian Turns a sword into a sledgehammer.
Ida Sir Norwood Clement is the epitome of an Oathlands knight, and yet there is a warmth there that is wonderful to see peek out.
Ignacio Sir Clement appears to be an honorable knight. He gives the impression he is polite and well mannered. I think he would be good to get to know better.
Iliana A dedicated commander, very no-nonsense, and impressively skilled to boot.
Iseulet I hear all Laurents are this down to earth, friendly, and quick to smile. Delightful, compared to most Swords I have met.
Itzal Takes the fate of orphans seriously, and also offered a fine viewpoint of what it is to be knight. All the more power to him!
Jacque Sword of Artshall. A fellow who doesn't mind engaging in a bout of friendly competition, and my new liege's Sword, so he must be afforded all due respect, as the wielder of Queensguard.
Jael He's gotten all extra stodgy without me around. I have a lot of work to do!
Jaenelle Sir Norwood was a good sport when I met him at the Hundred Cities. He has the patience of an experienced man who is not easily shaken.
Jaerith A man I will always seek to speak with. Maybe it is his experience of life, but I feel as though this is someone I can learn from and speak with without fear of reprisal.
Jamie There is a certain look in a man's eyes that reflects the invisible battle scars of war. Only another suffering through the same inner turmoil can see it and I have seen that kinship with the man. He is a Knight... or once was. We can pick each other out in a crowd, the Knights. I know he appreciates the comraderie, as do I.
Jasper An exemplary knight who put on an impressive showing during Telmar's gauntlet. A man to be admired for his loyalty and strength.
Jeffeth Seems a good man. A good swordsman, would proudly stand next to him on the lines of battle.
Jordan Sword of Artshall. Seems to be a typical Oathlander in many different ways, but apparently a very brave man. I'm sure the real measure of him is beyond the protocol and stiffness he tries to present though.
Kedehern An honorable man, who does his best. Awkward dinner parties aside, one could do worse than to try and emulate the good baron.
Khanne I should have seen how close he was to Auntie Oak all along. I suppose I am blind to such things. She seems happy with him though, and he, with her. He's quiet, or has been when I was around. He is a man of honor, for certain, and the Keatons are lucky to have him.
Leola An older knight - and that means he's survived - who appreciates a good horse. I can't fault the man for that. And Briar likes him, which is generally a good sign.
Lorenzo Baron Norwood is a pleasant swordsman clearly well-versed in etiquette, which makes him a bit of a rarity. We seem to have a number of things in common, and I enjoy speaking with him every chance I get.
Luca I've heard nothing but good things of this man. It's just that I can't help but give people a hard time, when they're so proper. I'm sure he's a great person. I'd probably like him more when I was drunk. Or he was drunk. One of us might need to be drunk, to find common ground.
Luis A Knight with a sense of humor and a smile. Should his skills with a sword be as sharp as his wit, then I believe the Kingdom will have nothing to fear. Fight on, Sir Norwood!
Mabelle Where would House Laurent be without this stout-hearted, kind, and steadfast knight? His steadfastness to the House and his willingness to offer support to me, a woman he has not seen or known well since she was a child, in the midst of all of this pain has been a balm. I hope that I can one day repay that kindness.
Mabelle Stern Man. Laurent's behaviour moderator. Doe eyes do not work on him, I repeat, doe eyes do not work on him.
Macda He needs not to make a speech when a statement will do. But from my distance and confined within his perspective: maybe I could be wrong.
Mae A man too honorable to flirt with me, but not too honorable to turn lobster red when a pretty woman flirts with him. Honestly, it says a lot of good things about his character.
Margerie I am so very pleased that he has a sense of humor! His loyalty to the Laurents is evident in his words and actions, his sense of duty reassuringly blended with warmth.
Marian He's a knight that fights with a steady hand and a strict code of ethics. Even though we didn't win, I was glad to fight with him by my side. I do wonder if he'll be one of the knights from Valardin going to the North to fight by my side. I do hope so. He would be a welcome addition to the campaign.
Marisol The Baron is a rather interesting figure. A neo-noble and still probably not used to all that comes with being a noble. Old ways die hard but it is endearing and I wish him all the luck. That he might find his pace within this word. He seems a genteel lord and well loved by those around him.
Marius An honorable and steadfast knight. In fact, I think he may be the ur-example of one.
Melody Oh, he's /adorable/. Did I break him or is he always like that? Generous, too -- As sweet as Laurent honey.
Merek I saw this man at my shop, he seems to like looking for gifts for his soldiers, also likes alcohol possibly.
Michael A little stiff for my tastes, but can you blame a neonoble? At least everything seems to be going right for him.
Miranda This Baron of Clement seems a reasonable man. He cares for his family and his House. I appreciated his bluntness so that I knew where he stood. I can see why Eddard is so fond of him.
Mirari I saw him fight a match at one of Valencia's sip and spars. I was rather amazed at his speed and good nature. You can tell what kind of person someone is by how they lose a fight.
Mirella I hope he didn't hear my bodyguard fawning over Lady Jael. I think he might be able to beat Stefano up. I'm not sure he *would* beat him up, but still. Good meatshields are hard to come by these days. Otherwise, very Oathlandy. Is Eddard really related to him?
Monique Funny. Understated. A touch reserved. Obviously much beloved of the Keatons, and that speaks volumes.
Naka Baron Sir Norwood. Sir Baron Norwood. I don't know how, exactly, to say them together, but he deserves them both. He's just solid, if that makes sense. If it doesn't, I'll introduce you. You'll see.
Nigel A gracious knight, elevated to the Nobility. He seems solid, with the wisdom to use his talents in such a way as to be appropriate. Many Peers of the Realm lack such qualities.
Niklas Reserved, proper, traditional. The picture of a knight.
Nuala The sure-footed elk is easy and certain in his lands, confident despite the burden upon him. He does not err easily. His manner is noble and polite, bearing up very well.
Nurie He's so shy! Why, he was blushing and coughing almost the whole time! He's very handsome for an older lord, so rugged! Perhaps I'll have to tell him so next time I see him!
Olivia Very prim and proper. A consummate gentleman. The perfect target for teasing.
Orazio A steady, thoughtful knight, and one who has a strong relationship with his liege. It is good to see such a steady hand.
Orvyn A noble knight who honours oaths above all, and that is something that is both endearing, and acceptable in the eyes of this Merchant. It shall be a great pleasure learning more of the man who had a hand in raising my beautiful wife.
Oswyn He gives the impression of being deeply reliable.
Otakar What a civilized man! Even injured, he tried to stand to give a proper bow...not that I'd allow it. That would be terrible, he needs to get better. But it is appreciated.
Ouida Being in Baron Duskshire's presence reminds me of times long lost to me, in the company of the knight who squired me and shaped me, which is a warm feeling even if it has its bittersweet as well. I wonder if I would see similar distaste in my knight's eyes at the choices I have made since he passed on.
Petal a gentleman who notices the quiet ones.
Pharamond The Baron seems to be a tough instructor. His pupils are likely all the better for it.
Preston A capable knight - Baron now it seems - who understands the nature of our oaths and the propriety that brings.
Quenia A newly minted Baron. I do not envy the position of having to start from scratch in building up a domain. However, with the trust of House Laurent behind him, I have every confidence he'll succeed.
Reese An Oathlands knight who ran the gauntlet very well and carries himself well. He seems to have calm energy and that is a good thing!
Rinel I wouldn't want to get in his way. He looks like one of the mercenary guards assigned to protect us on travels. But he said kind words to me when I was afraid.
Roxana Polite and friendly, I was pleased to be introduced to this Laurent Knight.
Sabella He seems like quite the gentleman. It was nice to see him so friendly with Lady Margerie. So romantic! I mean friendly. (romantic)
Sabella Definitely not Lady Margerie's beloved. Nooooope! Definitely a very fine knight who is quite proper and reserved, but I find him very friendly with a sensible head on his shoulders. Especially about Lady Margerie.
Saoirse Please help me with this asparagus monstrosity.
Scipio Baron Clement's rise is well deserved; the man is esteemed in behavior, and his dog training exceptional.
Seth A grizzled veteran knight and Sword of Arthall. A patient and wise instructor on the way of the sword.
Shae The calm one. No matter what. The one that does not budge. The wolf that lets the pups crawl all over him and chew and pull and he just sighs. But I suspect beneath the surface, he'd bristle with the worst of them should those he love deem threatened.
Shae He makes my mother happy. And has accepted me into his family, as if I was his own daughter.
Simone Sir Norwood is a true knight through and through. Having him nearby always makes me feel a little bit safer. Our family, and I, are honored to have him as a friend.
Siobhan I like him. He rolls with the punches and never seems to stop smiling. It's refreshing.
Sophie Even if he didn't win the joust, he was certain impressive!
Sorrel A wise gentleman and a good knight with proper honor.
Sparte I've heard only good things about him. He seems to like things well ordered, which is admirable.
Sunniva Norwood is a dear man with a large heart. He has been a long time a father like figure to me and so I could not have anymore respect for him than I do. He would stand beside those who need him and be there when they call. I am blessed to know him.
Swift A truly delightful nobleman. His story of how he worked his way up is an inspiration and source of hope to so many of my people. I do hope he wasn't too put out by the teasing.
Teagan All that standing and sitting must be tiresome on the knees!
Tescelina In every circumstance he has appeared a kindly older man but to see him in action, rushing to the aid of someone he cares for and fighting so valiantly -- he is a true knight of the Oathlands.
Tessa Experienced and handsome. I will have to get to know him better!
Thena I only know him by reputation, but it's a good reputation that seems borne out by his demeanor at Count Blanchard's meeting. Also I think he might want to slap Sir Jordan as much as I do. Huh, now I have that weird song stuck in my head...
Theron Sir Norwood proved to be a tough opponent at a free-for-all, one that I had the pleasure of fighting and who took up most of my attentions in said tournament. I find him to be pleasant, polite and skilled at his craft and I very much respect my fellow House Swords.
Thesarin Only met the man once, but... one old hand to another at the black business, I reckon we know each other fair well.
Thorley The Sword of Artshall. As stalwart as he is polite. Don't think I didn't notice those glances between you and Lady Keaton though. I look forward to standing at his side at the war - and hope that he can afford his own rubicund blade by then.
Thorley It is good to know I still have a friend. But how much can I relate to him about what caused me to leave? I still have to figure that out.
Valdemar A man who seems to have a good handle on honor, and what it means to be the Sword of his house. I hope to talk with him more sometime.
Vanora He seemed pleasant and polite.
Vega A wonderful older gentleman, I will be sure to try the cherries.
Venturo I feel so, so sorry for him. But not sorry enough that I'd put myself in the middle of that particular family reunion! An honorable man who, hopefully, will remember to have that drink his, 'friend' got for him.
Vercyn Lady Margerie's knight-friend. The only one at Keaton Hall with any sense of manners on the day I visited, and he is not even a Keaton.
Veronica Stody but stoic, Sir Norwood is still one of my favorite people who is not a Keaton. His protectiveness towards his daughter is admirable, but never to the point of stifling her. A great father figure.
Veronica There is something about seeing him falling in for scouting, traveling or even just meeting that gladdens me - his loyalty, experience, or lack of tolerance for nonsense, perhaps.
Victus He's one of those honey people. I think I screamed at him a lot on the beach. Don't know, I was a little drunk.
Violet An exceptional fighter and very proper knight. It's a pleasure to watch him fight.
Vitalis It was a quick introduction, he enjoys his tea and honey. I have come to learn that he's a fine rider - I should seek him out.
Zara A charming Oathlander lord: pleasant in a hunt, pleasant at a feast, and loyal to Duke Cristoph.
Zoey He fought when others might not have, and for that, he has my gratitude and respect.
Zoey Protective father type.