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Vassal of Laurent

Words: "Always Faithful."
Sigil: "A four-pointed star in white and pale blue against a yellow beehive pattern"
Nicknames: Ducks

In the third month of 1009, Duke Cristoph Laurent entrusted Duskshire to Sir Norwood Clement, making him the Baron Clement of Duskshire. There have been previous attempts at governance over the area in the past, and this is the latest. The burgeoning Barony, with solid leadership and close ties to Artshall, is very much a work in progress and though some of its history has been rediscovered, there is more there for the finding.


Name Rank Title Description
Norwood 1 Baron Baron of Clement
Adalyn 1 Baroness Heir of Clement
Margerie 2 Voice Baroness-Consort of Clement
Vitalis 2 Voice Noble family
Eddard 3 Noble Family Noble family
Gerrick 4 Trusted House Servants Margerie's Body Guard
Breccan 4 Trusted House Servants Plant Friend
Everett 4 Trusted House Servants
Shae 7 Trusted Ally Margerie's Daughter
Amari 7 Trusted Ally Norwood's former squire
Apollo 7 Trusted Ally House advisor
Katarina 7 Trusted Ally
Veronica 10 Serf
Tamsin 10 Serf
Mabelle(RIP) 10 Serf

Ruler: Norwood

Minister Category Title
Eddard Income None
Margerie Loyalty None
Vitalis Upkeep None

Land Holdings


Description: Duskshire Keep is located on the leftern branch of the Lycene Split along the river between Artshall and Arden (formerly Acorn Hill). This run down, derelict fortress is small and built out of the granite itself. Duskshire lands straddle the river and southernmost edges of a swath of forest. The area is rich in hardwoods as well as game. To the west is fertile land currently too overgrown for grazing and cultivation; it would require a large undertaking to make the land suitable for agriculture. At the river, there is a crumbling, useless jetty that juts into the river like a moldering skeleton. Rumors of it being haunted have largely been dispelled since the strange fog that once shrouded the end of it has dissipated. The jetty could be useful, if it wasn't so totally useless. The location over the river would give someone actually using the region a useful port, another large undertaking.

While still in its infancy, Duskshire breeds mules specifically for traveling though the less welcoming parts of the Compact and is also becoming known for its turnip crop, including turnip-based crafts.

Aaron's Crossing:
The village is the site of an important bridge, though no one recalls just why it is important or who this Aaron was. It is a small settlement with a vigorous and contentious Council. An expansion of the Great Archive in Arx was built here as part of Archscholar Oswyn Spencer's inspired efforts to spread the light of knowledge through the Compact.

A small village to the north of Duskshire Keep, Greensward is inhabited by rustic folk who have lived in Duskshire for generations. They are prodigals who peacefully swore allegiance to Clement when the Compact reasserted governance over the area.

A small uninhabited village thought to be abandoned, but strangely intact in a way abandoned places seldom stay for long.

Landmarks: The Great Road, the Library at Aaron's Crossing