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Lord Kastelon Keaton

I walk the places few dare to tread, I remove whatever causes dread. Did that rhyme? Damn. It rhymed.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Guardian of the People
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 26
Birthday: 8/21
Religion: Oathlands Orthodox
Vocation: Noble huntsman
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Chestnut
Eye Color: Hazel Green
Skintone: Tanned

Description: Kastelon Keaton is a tall man, standing just under six and a half feet. His is a leanly muscular build; a form honed to whipcord strength and agile grace. His hair is a sun streaked chestnut, a short, well maintained beard only enhances his rugged good looks. Hazel green eyes have flecks of gold, hooded as they are by thick brows. Dimples are hidden beneath is beard, his lips are thin, though expressive.

Personality: He is a man of rare smiles, though he is not without humor. He is simply wary, and guarded, aware that attack might come at any time, often when least expected. Despite his proclivity towards gruffness, his is a generous heart, a protector of all things innocent. He would be the last to say he is a good man, but those that know him speak of his loyalty to family, to Compact and to the gods.

Background: Born a distant cousin to the ruling branch of the Keaton family, Kastelon never considered the necessity for all the political niceties and simply focused on the good, honest work of keeping the people of Oakhaven safe. He easily took up the skills of a Huntsman, efficient with both sword and bow, trained to walk stealthily through forest and field.

He was good at his work, and soon found himself in need of a challenge. So it was that he began hunting more dangerous game. Not just bandits and poachers, but the creatures found deep in the woods, the sources of rumor, of legend and myth. Mostly he finds really angry, really messed up bears. Sometimes he finds things he'd rather not speak of.

After a particularly difficult mission, he has decided that he's earned himself a bit of a rest and a chance to recuperate with his family in Arx.

Name Summary
Adrienne Lord Kastelon is a valued member of House Keaton, and one whose acquaintance I'm happy to have in Arx. He's a difficult man to know, reserved and has a card player's guardedness with his thoughts - at least to a stranger or a princess or both. His company is a welcome respite among the chatter of society.
Amari Definitely one of the rustic Keatons most at home in the woods, where idle talk and polite manners don't go so far as they do here in Arx. Out there is where noble traits are of more value, like courage and honor. Traits I'm sure he has in abundance, under the gruffness.
Anisha Lord Kastelon Keaton is an interesting man. He has the rigidity I'd expect from an Oathlander, but there's something more there that I can't quite put my finger on. Explorer of the city and more. Maybe I'll learn if he finds something interesting.
Apollo He's as steadfast as he ever was. I wish things felt as simple and sure for me as they seem to for him.
Bethany He's doing well with the targets and yet he seems displeased, how odd.
Bhandn He offered me fresh milk straight from the cow at our first meeting. His hobby was not one I expected. It was a reminder not to make assumptions about anyone, especially peers of the realm.
Dio A tall fellow, not loquacious, but good with animals. May the gods watch over him in his journeys.
Drake Quiet hunter, a man of more action than words. A good one to fight alongside.
Dycard Reserved and guarded. There's evidently more to him than meets the eye, without it being shouted about.
Emily Rigid and perhaps not so easily accepting of other beliefs this is not unlike many Valardin. But he has the love and respect of his hound. That in and of itself speaks of a good soul. Animals read us better than any other.
Esme He seems tall, and polite, and a wonderful dresser. I'm sure this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.
Evaristo A man of the forest, clearly. What a tale! Fought a BEAR? And won, clearly. Indeed, Gloria is in the forests too.
Gerald A rather dignified fellow. Quite polite.
Hamish Now that's an arm. If only there was some way to monetize the ability to throw a ball accurately and at high speed. Oh well. He'll always be amazing at snowball fights.
Ian An archer to rival my wife.
Kedehern A quiet but determined individual, it seems, who prefers to do his talking with his actions rather than his words.
Korka A man who honors his debts. There are worse ways to be.
Kritr A lord who tailors his expectations to his environment and does not expect the environment to cater to him. I'd share my whiskey if that was what it was for.
Norwood A strong fighter, and a man of honor. He fought by my side, and is a Keaton.
Ophelia I've yet to meet a Keaton that I don't like. Lord Kastelon is a fellow hunter with a penchant for the great outdoors. Perhaps one day we will have a puppy play-date together!
Poppy He is exactly what you'd expect of an oathlander. I feel sorry for what he walked into at the bar. I hope that it does not sour his impression of all northerners.
Reigna He has clearly fallen into the stoic category of Keatons. We have many of those, being a House of huntsmen. Still, there is that unmistakable nobility to the man, a quiet poise, a firm gentility that speaks well of him.
Revell I wonder what he knows. He seemed so convinced that I had no idea what dark and ugly is truly like - so he's either seen some real bad stuff, or he thinks he has. Either way, I want to know more.
Riagnon A somber-seeming Oathlander, but his moral compass guides him to help even those of different beliefs, and for that I am thankful.
Rysen By all accounts a skilled woodsman. He has an air of nobility and kindness about him, which hints at inner strength.
Shard Who knows what his name is. Keaton though. Seems alright despite the obnoxious nickname.
Sunaia He looks resolute. His hounddog as well, is Resolute.
Thea He seems quiet. A little peeved about the lack of milk situation in the Fox. Hopefully that situation has been rectified.
Veronica Strong, a bit silent, I have a lot of respect for the work Kastelon does in the woods, and the grace he shows in the city. You can't ask for more out of a Keaton.
Wylla A great admirer of beauty, with a passion for singing and milk cows, or just the one in particular. Also, very tall. They must grow like trees in Oakhaven.
Zoey Seems a bit shy, but still acts with all his heart.