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Marquessa Demura Lyonesse

When I die, all of hell will rejoice, knowing that I am out of the fight.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Martial Marquessa
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Lyonesse
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 26
Birthday: 7/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark bronze brown
Eye Color: cornflower blue
Skintone: sun-kissed tan

Titles: the Firebird of the Gray Forest

Description: Just above average height, Demura is a woman of strength. Strength of build, strength of character, even her expression is one of iron will and determination. A true warrior woman, she has a compact build that allows her subtle curves to enhance the grace of her toned musculature. She has a wealth of shoulder length, glossy brown hair with golden streaks franted by the sun, giving those locks a bronzed look. Her skin has a tawny appearance, sun-kissed and tanned, marred here and there by the slightly paler lines of scars earned in battle. That she has only a few speaks to her prowess. With high cheekbones and a straight, patrician nose, her full mouth gives her a classic beauty tempered by a strong jaw and serious expression.

Personality: A shrewd woman. She has been hardened by her life as a Lyonesse and battlefields, despite her relatively young age. Calamity always seems to be on the horizon, to one degree or another for her and the family whose name she carries. It is through force of will and hardiness that the family has persisted for so long. Demura understands this and as a result has become tempered as steel, often providing the world a cool exterior for casual viewing. She will do what must be done to succeed, to live, and to continue her family name forward for generations to come. Yet still she is young, which allows her moments when her guard comes down and the carefree exuberance of youth shines through.

Background: The third child of six, Demura Lyonesse grew up with two older brothers and a host of younger sisters. The knights of the Oathlands marching to and fro, shining and resplendent in their armor elicited a reaction in a young Demura. She didn't dream of someday growing up and marrying a knight or prince, she didn't dream of some day fanning herself while a handsome knight jousted in her honor. She dreamt of a future when she would take up the sword, don her own armor, and ride off to battle with her family, at the side of their liege: House Valardin. She began her adventure into the future as a page within the Valardin court and after some years moved on to become a squire with the knight who trained both of her older brothers; Sir Jak Whitemane, a knight and retainer loyal to House Valardin.

Eventually, she would become a knight herself even though it was wrought with hardships and despite the advanced age of Sir Jak at the time, he was a forceful teacher who pulled no punches, just as had been done with both of Demura's older brothers; Marcorr and Rymarr. Being a younger sister and less physically imposing than her elder brothers she worked tremendously hard to have herself taken every bit as worthy and formidable on the field, working tirelessly so her prowess would be taken seriously. It was after knighthood that her oldest brother, Marcorr, died; kicked by his own horse, shattering a rib and puncturing a lung. While Demura lamented the loss of her oldest brother, who was destined to lead the family into the future and hopefully beyond the supposed curse that the family so often felt afflicted by; there was still hope in Rymarr, the second eldest of the six Lyonesse children.

That is, until Rymarr was offered an opportunity to join the King's Own and he took it, leaving Demura to assume his place as the newly appointed Marquessa Demura Lyonesse of Lyon's Redoubt; guarding the Tristfell March, past the Valardin Forest and Lyon Wood; nestled at the tip of the central fork of the Lycene Split. It is only recently that Demura has chosen to turn to Arx, along with an entourage of family, retainers, and loyal vassals. The call for banners has been made with threats looming on the horizon and House Lyonesse will answer. While not a savvy politician, she believes strongly in leadership by example and fully intends to present herself on the battlefield to show that her family remains relevant to their liege and the Compact itself.

Relationship Summary

  • Jenessa - Sister
  • Marcorr (D) - Brother
  • Dormire (D) - Brother
  • Ryanin - Daughter and Heir to House Lyonesse.
  • Cahal - Husband.
  • Rymar (D.) - Brother
  • Anabelle - Sister
  • Razija - Cousin

  • Ally:
  • Cerys - I know what she endures.
  • Lycoris - I know what she endures.
  • Lydia - Northern Duchess.

  • Protege:
  • Jacque - First Husband.
  • Name Summary