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Lady Ann Rivenshari

Let your armies be the books and the brains, the rain and the road less traveled.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Widowed Former Duchess
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Rivenshari
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 29
Birthday: 5/30
Religion: Shamanism/Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: fawn

Titles: Scholar of Vellichor, Inquisitor

Description: Everything about this woman, from the coy lift of her dark, thicker eyebrows to the fullness of her lips speaks of an intelligence lying in wait behind her cobalt eyes. High, noble cheekbones with a hint of ever-present natural blush are coupled with a regal forehead and smooth nose and a chin that never seems to lower. Her hair is dark and thick, a mane of tousled black waves that frames her face and almost gleams blue in the right light. She carries her willowy frame with sophisticated grace, her slender build a testament to the more bookish hours of her life or perhaps more than one night spent hungry on the road.

Personality: For a supposedly stuffy old scholar, Ann is a remarkably devil-may-care Princess. For an older sibling, Ann has more often been the goad to temptation and the road less traveled. Any semblance to a bookish, authoritative woman is purely coincidental. But those are the two disparate sides to Ann Moriah Redrain, and they are as interchangeable as the sun and the rain, pulled out to suit the occasion or the mercurial nature of the woman herself.

Background: She was born Ann Moriah Redrain, a Princess with her nose buried in books and planted firmly at the feet of wise elders of the North, absorbing their tales, or off having adventures. Her childhood was indeed full of these - crossing into a spooky copse of trees or venturing upon high mountain peaks for the sheer exhilaration of it. As she grew into womanhood, these adventures became a little less childish and a little more odd. Always the one to goad into temptation, once she heard tales of wondrous relics or academic tomes, Ann (or sometimes Moriah, depending on her mood) would plead, coax, and cajole an intrepid (or sometimes reluctant) member or two of Redrain to accompany her to explore the tale. Among her favorite to pull to these adventures were her three brothers: Valerian, Torrus, and Angus - all three having perished, the latter valiantly so in the Night's Grove with the King and Sherrod.

Within the Silent War, Princess Ann Moriah Redrain found herself taking vows to Duke Asger Crovane on the ashes of the once proud city, laid low. Together they rebuilt the city from inside out. Together they had three children, each showing small hints of personality of both mother and father. Shortly after the twins were born, Duke Asger Crovane was poisoned by an unknown assassin while visiting the County of Coastside to talk to House Crackneck. Devastated, Ann stepped down from being Duchess to allow the Crovane family to have the direct bloodline at head of the house. With no title nor succession for her children, she returned to Redrain to take up her position as Princess again. Seeking new adventures, and helping her family navigate the politics of the Compact.

Relationship Summary

  • Darren - Cousin and fearless leader.
  • Clara - Elusive Sister-In-Law
  • Valencia - Sister of Hart

  • Acquaintance:
  • Mattheu - Loyal, protector, family, flounder, patient, accepting, tank, warrior, performer, lover, heart, beloved, mine. The spirits had better plans than me and for that I am forever grateful for them intervening in bringing him to my life. For giving me the love I did not know was missing. The family that I always craved and the father for the children who lost their original one so long ago. I am beholden that he chose me to be his. I do not take this lightly.

  • Deceased:
  • Sameera - My former protege. You will be missed oh so very dearly. Thank you for being a part of my life.
  • Jacque - Former BBB. Best Book Buddy. Thank you for standing by me in my times of intellectual and wartime needs.
  • Edward - - Yeah I'll call any man that took a sword for me a friend.
  • Asger - - My Husband - My Duke - My Heart
  • Fianna - Beloved Sister-In-Law

  • Friend:
  • Valery - Anyone who spends this amount of time with me and puts up with me is definitely a friend.
  • Ilira - My twin from another family entirely.
  • Aksel - Home
  • Cillian - Hunter and Protector
  • Pasquale - Forever Friend and Mentor
  • Patrizio - Darling Prince
  • Caspian - There is more than meets the eye with the Champion. I am looking forward to what layers I can pull apart.
  • Mattheu - The wind moves around them in an air that one can only fully experience by challenging within a shared dance-Delightful Heart, Spouse, a dream come true

  • Protege:
  • Briseis - young and mighty
  • Name Summary
    Athaur A doting mother and a splendid dancer. What more do you need to know of someone' character?
    Caspian Someone who is would rather know the uncomfortable truth than live in comfortable ignorance. She will always hold my respect for that. That she has an open mind and learns things so quickly, well thats even better! i look forward to what trouble we can get into!
    Cecilia Must be love for that amount of worry.
    Cerys Such a vibrant and blithe personality! I do declare that I like her. Yes, I do!
    Desma Not as prim and proper as I first thought she would be. Actually quite mischievous.
    Esme I always have adored Redrains. I am sure that she and I are going to be the very best of friends!
    Gaspard Lovely company. I know not much of her, but never a day goes by I wouldn't have her at my side for conversation.
    Giada Polite, composed, and full of questions.
    Ilira For a noble, she is unequivocally stunning! She also looks like me; ignore that self-flattery. Otherwise, I find her genuinely kind and warm and a deeply enjoyable presence, in company and conversation.
    Imi She's very poised and beautiful. She was a princess, after all.
    Jamie A good friendly person to speak to.
    Jasher Oh Ann, how I've missed you. You remind me never to be so serious, even if a straight face is what is most familiar to me. I compartmentalize, but you remind me to have a good laugh now and again. One of these days you'll include me in one of your schemes. May the Devil cry tears for your attention.
    Mabelle Similar circumstances. Funny. She looks like a wounded soul but there is much life and happiness left in her. She will stay strong.
    Margerie The lady is a lovely and vibrant mother and addition to the Rivenshari family. They have done well, and I imagine the Oathlands will benefit as a whole from her presence.
    Martino Crovane by duty and stayed by choice, dedication and thought for the people of Stormwall. She came with some purpose, but left with much more. Open to direction and to aid.
    Mattheu The Northern wilds continue to find means to surprise me. I lost a spar so I could speak to her for a moment, then several small chance meetings where each left me with wonder. She keeps me upon my toes, though it is a space in which I enjoy and welcome for the next dance.
    Medeia Lady Crovane is a wonderful party guest and makes for delightful entertainment when watching the dance floor.
    Noah Aunt to Jaenelle, apparently. She didn't outright annoy me, so that's a step.
    Noelle Princess Ann, soon to be Lady Ann, is an absolute delight. Everyone should find a reason to talk to her.
    Nyima Lady Ann can be insightful, and she enjoys my cooking. Of course I trust someone who appreciates fine cuisine!
    Pasquale She strikes me as an intelligent and scholarly woman with many interests which overlap with my own. Promising.
    Renata A duality. Carefree, colourful, filled with song, and strength
    Stanley Has a song about her
    Tamsin She is a very sweet woman raising a lot of children. She seems happy about it though. Matti's wife to be.
    Titus Sharp, very sharp. Like the finest heirloom blades, one should count themselves lucky to be protected by it or unlucky should they be the target of attack.
    Valencia Time and distance will never diminish the fire and spirit in my friend. I am glad she has found her way back to Arx and cannot wait to see what we shall get into now that she has returned. Delighted.
    Vitalis Lady Crovane is still under grief's chisel, I think. For Asger. And though rebuilt, for Stormwall. Grief and perseverance are carving her into something new.
    Zoey She is lovely company. One day I will show her who has the superior liquor collection.