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Vassal of Telmar

Words: "Flow like Water. Never to be Contained."
Sigil: Water dragon wrapped around a ship.
Nickname: River Ravashari. Water dragons.

Oathlands Shavs of House Rivenshari bent the knee and joined House Valardin as vassals to House Greenmarch in exchange for assistance in rebuilding their lands after the destruction caused by Brand. A branch of the nomadic Ravashari abandoned that wander throughout the Compact, the new prodigals bring their naval expertise to assist House Valardin in building their own navy. Previously, sailors and smugglers, these clever river folk have a keen eye for managing coin and wit enough to get themselves into trouble. Still holding onto their Shamanistic traditions, Rivenshari practice the old ways, letting the wind spirits guide their sails and the river spirits move their ships to safety.


Name Rank Title Description
Athaur 1 Count Chief of Rivenshari/Marquis of Riva
Eshra 2 Voice Voice of Riva
Mattheu 2 Voice Sword of Riva/Voice of Riva
Ann 2 Voice Riverbank Silver Sentry
Petra 3 Noble Family Whisper of Riva
Lavinia 3 Noble Family Shadow of Riva
Joslyn 3 Noble Family Marquessa-Consort of Riva
Otho 4 Trusted House Servants Quartermaster/Steward
Kanean 4 Trusted House Servants Commander of the Black River Archers
Abellus 4 Trusted House Servants Commander of the River Dragons
Venuste 4 Trusted House Servants
Felix 5 Trusted Ally Mastersmith
Esme 5 Trusted Ally Tidal Heartwarden of Limerance
Meesha 7 Known Commoners
Tatienne 7 Known Commoners Merchant of Riva

Ruler: Athaur

Minister Category Title
Meesha Loyalty River's Promise
Eshra Warfare River's Fury
Ann Income River's Secrets
Otho Upkeep River's Heart
Petra Farming River's Whisper

Land Holdings


Description: Nestled at the fork of two rivers is the bustling trade town known as Riva. Just outside of the Greenwood, this castle and river port acts as a waystation to travel to and from the North and East. Rivenshari travel its waters taking goods and men across the winding rivers of the West. Industries that thrive in this holding are: fishing, trapping, mills and ship building.

Trends: Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.

They have a large uptick in refugees recently.

Landmarks: The Great Road.