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Marquis Athaur Rivenshari

It's hard to beat a life outside, on the water- but I'm interested in trying.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Ravashari Chieftan
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Rivenshari
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 28
Birthday: 5/15
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: tall
Hair Color: chestnut brown
Eye Color: mocha
Skintone: tan

Titles: Marquis of Riva

Description: Athaur is a river ravashari used to sailing the water and living in the wilds, with narrow shoulders and lean muscle of years of manning the boats. His sharp mocha eyes, twinkle with mischief, miss little and reflect whatever the situation demands. His easy smiles are used to put others at ease. His long chestnut hair tied back so that it doesn't get in his way. Neatly trimmed goatee gives him a rakish flare. His voice has a musical quality that makes people want to listen. While he may seem lazy to those that underestimate him, his body moves quick like a viper when trouble occurs.

Personality: Athaur is a deeply intense man that prefers to show the world his playful, carefree side, while inside he's two steps ahead of his enemies. Always seeking to find that angle, he plays people like a chess game and his strategy is rarely off. He is a man of his word but he always words things in a way that allows him to take a loophole if needed. Fiercely loyal to his people, Athaur will take on the world to keep what remains of the Rivenshari safe, even if that means going on bended knee to a Compact that he once mocked.

Background: The Rivenshari Abandoned were never one of the bigger tribes in the Oathlands, but they were always a tight knit group of sailors that manned their boats up and down the waterways. A branch of the nomadic ravashari and smugglers, his family resisted the efforts of House Valardin to bring them to heel until Brand's dark magic enslaved his people and forced them to fight a battle that was not theirs. Many Rivenshari were struck down by House Thrax's navy the day Brand tried to breech Arx's walls. But a select few survived. Athaur and his younger sister, Eshra, will ensure the thrive now that they've bended knee to their former enemies.

Born into a large family, Athaur never thought he would have to take the mantle of leader. His father, Aegis, and mother, Triega, had two older sons, Gavier and Raqui, who were meant to help lead their people. This left their third son to focus on what he did best, thieving and smuggling. Quick with his hands, even quicker with a blade, he became a skilled thief early on. His sailing skills rival those in House Thrax. His passion for the guitar, an outlet when things life troubled him. He was the reckless one, the man that took chances. His luck always paid off. Nobles would well to beware challenging this ravashari to a game of dice or cards.

Closest to Eshra, who followed him by birth three years later, she has always been the one to temper his impulses. His advisor, his voice, it is she who consuls him to take a longer path. He thanks the spirits every day that Brand's darkness did not take her and Mattheu, his youngest brother, from him. He mourns the loss of his father, former leader of the Rivenshari, his mother, former Voice, and two brothers. Their losses have tempered some of his impulsiveness. Now he plays a longer game to see that his family thrives in Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Eshra - I would be lost without you

  • Friend:
  • Ajax - A friend and confidant
  • Mabelle - One of my closest friends
  • Joslyn - I look forward to the road we will walk together

  • Family:
  • Kaya - Do not let her size fool you
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