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Lord Mattheu Rivenshari

When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by your side through thick and thin is family.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Watchful Enforcer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Rivenshari
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 22
Birthday: 9/13
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Sailor
Height: tall
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: mocha
Skintone: dusky

Titles: Sword of Riva, Voice of Riva

Description: Mattheu might be the youngest of the Rivenshari, but he is definitely the biggest one of bunch. His large frame with hard muscles and well-worn hands that have seen many fights. His thoughtful mocha eyes burn with banked rage that's let loose when he's fighting. Easy to smile, and just as easy to anger, his facial expressions change with his mood. Unlike his brother, he prefers to keep his hair short, out of the way. With a thin layer of well groomed facial hair, or on a rare occasion cleanly shaved. There are quite a few scars on his body made a few lucky shots.

Personality: Mattheu might be the muscle for his eccentric family, but that doesn't mean that he's stupid. Sometimes he will play the part of the meat shield but only until he gets what he wants and then uses that information against his opponents. A ladies' man, he is enjoying what Arx has to offer, letting his brother and sister worry about alliances. He has no intention of settling down anytime soon. While his devil may care attitude might anger some of the stuffy Valardins, underneath he is fiercely loyal and will destroy anyone that messes with his house.

Background: The youngest of the Rivenshari brood, Mattheu was always called the 'baby' of the family, until he grew big enough and strong enough to beat his brothers for calling him 'tiny'. As a child he was quick to anger, the boy got into fights left and right, and his stubborn attitude made it impossible for him to back down. Only Eshra or his mother, Triega, could sooth the angry beast inside when he was in full temper. As he's grown older escape is found in a violin which was once of his mother's. When the world becomes too much, Mattheu takes to the violin, bringing songs that he will always see as happy yet are said to bring tears to others with a mournful cry.

Growing up among ravashari smugglers, his family traveled the rivers and sea bringing goods to other Abandoned Tribes. He acted as one of the crew as soon as he could man the ropes. Being a sailor just comes naturally. As he grew into his body, he soon had himself a girl in every port, resisting any hints from his family to settle down. The adventures that he and Athaur had before his brother lost sight of who he was were something to be spoken with a baleful laugh. They were always gambling, flirting and getting into trouble together. Mattheu would learn how to dance and sprint into acrobatics in play with his siblings, something that he would later use when at port to gain some coin as a Ravashari entertainer. Always quick with a smile that could light up the entire river, or ready to pop into a fight if his family were to be insulted.

Mattheu followed his remaining siblings in taking knee to Greenmarch and the Oathlanders that the Rivenshari once played a delicate game of cat and mouse with after the Silent War. Seeking to watch over Riva and the rivers, as he now helps Athaur and his older sister, Eshra, navigate the dangerous political waters of Arx, acting as their enforcer or charmer, depending on what skill is needed.

Relationship Summary

  • Petra - Auntie. One that I will always look up to for all that she has endured. She continues to share her smile with us. I can only repay her by not giving her gray hairs reserved for my siblings.
  • Maru - Eshra's husband. Curious and writes things down. Amazing father and great to have on your side when cookies are on the line.
  • Noah - Nephew by marriage. Trust doesn't come easily to him. He guards his secrets like treasures, skeptical of anyone who might venture too close. His world is shrouded in a perpetual cloud of suspicion, making it challenging to earn his confidence. His presence adds a spark of unpredictability and fun... Even if he denies it.
  • Eshra - Older sister, a steadfast guardian through every storm that life has sent our way. In the tempest of existence, she has been my unwavering rock, offering guidance, comfort, and strength when the world seemed insurmountable. My one goal has always been to repay her love with care and mischief, playfully conspiring to give her a head full of white hairs as a testament to our shared journey and the laughter that has carried us through the most challenging times.
  • Athaur - Older brother, a beacon of unexpected responsibility and an unwavering pillar of support in my life. When circumstances thrust upon him the role of being the head of our household, he embraced it with a quiet determination, shouldering the burdens that life had dealt us with grace and resilience. My ultimate ally in mischief and adventure. He recognized the importance of balance in life, ensuring that we didn't lose our sense of fun and playfulness
  • Silain - (Sil, adopted son.)
  • Thuraya - (Raya, adopted Daughter. Eldest Twin.)
  • Ilandere - (Ilan, adopted Daughter. Younger Twin.) My Ally-all-ance.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Quenia - A soft spoken phoenix
  • Macda - A brutally fierce fighter and amazing sense of humor towards bets and sparring.
  • Medeia - Introduces herself as midwife, physician, apothecary, vintner, distiller, gardener, and teacher. I know her best as teacher.
  • Vitalis - Will need to find time to share a dance upon the fields and see how he wields the glaive sometime. A wonderful teacher.
  • Jan - A warrior of the land and sea.

  • Friend:
  • Rosalind - a beauty of unbound energy. My land counterpart.
  • Mabelle - To share a cake, cookie, dessert, thoughtful and helpful. Perhaps a dance.
  • Aella - Fellow lover of wind and where it can take one within adventure. A leader that seeks the best for their people, no matter what sacrifices are made to their own sought after adventures.
  • Thesbe - A depth that is unseen until up close within a world that they seek to hide away only visible to those that know how to find a window to them.
  • Caspian - Mr. Runs from a snow pile and dives into the mud. A strong fighter and great friend.
  • Keely - First Patron. She sees me for more than what can be offered, a rarity found amongst some, though not all. I have found a fair number that are like this. And it still brings joy when another is found. She is one that will watch over the entire world if she could. Always seeking out for the best in others and how to keep them above all of the waters which could find their means to drown within. Strong, direct, and yet a soft spoken flower which will watch from the side. An absolute delight to share tea and stories with, more of a dancer than she'll ever admit to.
  • Ann - A bundle of surprise within one that presents as the archives should be a second home. And Spouse.

  • Patron:
  • Tamsin - Her demeanor exudes an air of elegance and poise, cloaking the mesmerizing allure that lies beneath her exterior. A true enigma of which I can only hope that my dance doesn't leave with a frown as I seek into a new patronage.

  • Sibling:
  • Eshra - Protector under guise of older sister seeking only what is best for my brother and I no matter how difficult it may be to show the proper path to be taken.
  • Athaur - He means well suddenly seeking what is best for us all possibly seeking to live vicariously through me

  • Frenemy:
  • Maru - May their soul find the peace that many of us fight to seek while on this side of the dream. That we find them again upon return within one that is filled with more joy, love, humor, and the ability to have a cookie handed to them. May the winds find another and carry their song upon them, leading their joy and the love which they shared with so many to the farthest reaches to be allowed a breath upon another's lips and cheeks. Always to be missed, always to be seen within those that are here and available to dance, laugh, and enjoy in who they were.
  • Gavier - Oldest brother. There are days in which I miss your laugh, even if it was in response to Raqui hanging me upside down.
  • Raqui - 2nd older brother. I understand that which I saw as your torture to be meant to make me stronger. Meant to encourage me to keep up within my balances and calisthenics.
  • Triega - Mother. The one who taught me to keep flowers, how to see a smile and a laugh through any tears. To follow the wind for it will guide us to our journeys and of the journeys that will find us. Also had very interesting opinions towards Oathland women and horses.
  • Aegis - Father. Our Chieftain and leader. A man that few would see laugh.
  • Vano - Cousin with profound insight... he saw through the veils that shroud our innermost selves, discerning the desires and vulnerabilities we often hid from the world. With a heart like a vessel set adrift upon the ever-shifting winds of eternity, embodying a profound sense of purpose and wisdom. His presence was a beacon, illuminating the way to self-discovery and growth, offering solace and understanding in times of doubt and turmoil.
  • Sira - A fine tailor with only a small flaw towards the question of the color of the wind.
  • Cillian - Should have worked on his dance more...

  • Spouse:
  • Ann - Her unwavering willpower is a force to be reckoned with, as she fearlessly battles injustice with the power of her words and the law as her weapon of choice. With a mere glance, she can command the loyalty and respect of a full army, her presence exuding an undeniable aura of authority. But beneath this commanding exterior lies a heart overflowing with kindness and caring. Those fortunate enough to be loved by her are spellbound by the enchanting warmth of her smile, which has the power to melt even the sturdiest of hearts. In her, one finds a leader, a protector, and a healer, a woman whose strength is matched only by her capacity to nurture and inspire.
  • Name Summary
    Aella Newly arrived Prodigal - poor timing, that - from the Oathlands. A sailor, with unique style, and an appreciation of music.
    Aella His personality is as bright as his outfit, alluring as the tinkle of bells that follows him.
    Aerwyna Colors and sounds of the wind. He definitely speaks to me in a way many will not understand.
    Amari Lord of the Yurt
    Anisha His frame goes counter to that which one expects of the Rivenshari or Ravashari, but make no mistake - he's a proud member of his family. Thoughtful and perceptive, reasoned and charming. Everything I've come to expect of them. The ways he stands out compliment rather than contrast this, beyond his physicality.
    Artorius The sound of his bells brings smiles to many faces.
    Athaur My baby brother has grown so much that it shocks me to see him now. In some ways he will always be the young boy hanging from the rigging. But I am proud of the man he has become.
    Athaur I have watched my baby brother grow through so much. But I am pleased that he can still smile.
    Bhandn A tea and cookie thief, is he? I'll have to be particularly careful of my own tea when next we meet. I'm possessive of it.
    Cadenza This Rivenshari is especially jingly though quite humble.
    Calla The first Rivenshari I've met. Found him sitting on the floor eating a cookie and curiosity got the best of me.
    Caspian a musician and fellow brawler! i think perhaps i have had a long lost brother here this whole time! and he brought drinks.. truly what more could you wish for
    Cassiopeia He's a song.
    Celine This lord appears to love to dance, and he even carries his muscial accompaniment with him in the form of bells attached to his clothing. It must make it terribly hard to creep up on a person!
    Cesare A singularly colorful and lively figure whose outlook on life is one to be valued, particularly in troubled times. A character of grace and optimism who is impressively able to return to his feet time and again after being knocked down.
    Cristoph The Rivenshari do so desperately love wearing those bells everywhere.
    Dante Bells, the bells! Apparently he has a very strong opinion on the color of the wind, but I think being the Sword of my cousin's domain threw him off a bit. Something about a bird?
    Daria A Lord of Bells, fun and Intrigue. Till we meet again, I shall remember you
    Denica The sound of jingling bells announces a man with a flare for colourful creativity.
    Desiree If there were a sound more soothing than the jingle-jangle of his bells, I just wouldn't know what that would be.
    Desma Those bells would annoy the hell out of me if they were in my hair! This man doesn't seem very serious at all!
    Domonico It is clear to see the similarities between this Lord and his brother Count Athaur. See and here mind you... with all bells.
    Duarte Love how helpful he was and willing to just charge at some shardhavens.
    Elora Jovial and kind, I understand why he's so beloved by Ravenseye.
    Emma The Rivenshari are a surprisingly hardy and worthy lot to go to battle with. I'm impressed.
    Erik I never saw so many colors at the same time without a generous internal application of alcohol than when I was looking at him
    Esme We are going to be the best of friends and drinking buddies. And perhaps tormentor of people, but where there is dark there must always be light. We shall be the light together.
    Ezra I like the bells. Who wouldn't want to hear all the ways those might sing?
    Fidel A melodious lord with a lot of reasons to celebrate.
    Gaspard An interesting man, not every day you run into someone who jingles, but he seems to know what he's about and if a man is good enough to warn you that he's nearby, then you have to know that he's a capable sort of fellow.
    Grady Superlative violinist. Superlative bells. I can't speak to his dancing, but I have a good feeling about it.
    Gwenys A man with many names... and bells in his hair. Not very stealthy that.
    Haakon He's.. if a stork were bedecked in bells, reciting verse.
    Ian An excellent student, and a quick study. Not sure about the bells.
    Ilira All men this handsome should wear bells! I need the preparation time. He turned out to be charm, mischief, and a surprising assortment of like-minded traits wrapped up in one very jingly package. Color me delighted! On another note, what color do you think delight is?
    Imi He's quick as fuck.
    Isabeau I would gladly share cookies and tea with this Rivenshari again. What lively company he makes.
    Iseulet Easily the most handsome Rivenshari in existence! I can see how he's stolen my sister's heart right out from under her nose.
    Jaenelle A man who seems to embrace life and all it has to offer. I am not sure if I have ever seen him without a smile on his face or a bounce in his step. A great reminder to remember what is important.
    Jeffeth One hell of a champion and entertainer! A pleasure to work with him in this noble business!
    Jerrica What a curious man! He jingles and flips over furniture in taverns. What an interesting person!
    Katarina A singer, a musician, a flirt... truly the best kind of person to have at any soiree.
    Keely A unique and refreshing presence. He is both honest and kind, a combination rare to find in such equal parts in the capital. And so jingly.
    Kritr A man who shows willing is worth more than a reluctant expert.
    Liam Carousing Lord who is enjoying the city. We'll go out on the city and I am sure nothing will go wrong. Not.
    Mabelle The youngest of the Rivenshari, handsome and entertaining. Clearly not causing enough mischief, I should help make it worse.
    Margerie What a very colorful lord! I admit, it was quite surprising to find someone bringing a baby into a tavern, but I am always happy to dote upon the little ones.
    Medeia Another Rivenshari, this one with a penchant for nicknames. I think I bored him! Or perhaps he was bored before I arrived. The subject of tea didn't seem to hold his interest.
    Mikani Infectious smile. Easy manner. The man inspires me to want to steal cookies.
    Monique Moves like his ought to be illegal! And they call me an outlaw... but if my hips could do what his do, I'd be delighted
    Nigel Flowing water - mellifluous and smooth and constantly in motion. One cannot still such waters of his active heart. I do hope for more conversations. Yes, I am aware I am cautiously optimistic.
    Noah Poor man. He met me as his introduction to Arx society. He did come to the taste celebration when I asked though. Welcome to society.
    Nyima He has a lot of kids. That has to build patience or anger, and he didn't seem prone to the latter.
    Olivia Seems like a really fun person, certainly knows how to make an entrance. I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Orland Lord Mattheu has proven himself to be an amazing performer in the Spectacular Spectacle as well as the Thirteen Sorrows. I'd be happy to perform alongside him in any show!
    Pasquale He has a plan to create an instrument fight event. Clearly he has a sense of humor.
    Petra He comes across as a character from one of those smutty books the noble ladies read when they think nobody is looking, but I see the burdens he carries.
    Poppy He sings to my heart with his easy whim and love of life. A refreshingly bright spot in what is a bleary city at times.
    Quenia Lord Mattheu makes a wonderful and excellent dance partner. He's also great at training too!
    Raimon A brightly coloured bird of prey! No duck this one. Nor a plainly monochromatic swan, as graceful as those birds might be. Bedecked in luminously variegated accoutrements of voluble sartorial splendor --- and even outfitted with bells, chains, and chimes --- this youngest (and largest) of the Rivenshari is sure to grab his share of attention. First met at the Jade Moon, in the company of Noah and Viviana.
    Renata Lord Mattheu is a kind and generous person, and has already earned my respect with a simple and caring gesture of compassion towards my embarrassment in a particular situation that involved flying hot chocolate, even so, he took the blame for my clumsiness.
    Rook My wife's cousin is such a delight. Talented, and with such a vibrancy and love for life. I need to spend more time with him and let some of that rub off on me.
    Rosalind His soul is music!
    Sabella Impressive showmanship and entertaining songs!
    Samira A Rivenshari lord who feels most free upon the water and who likens combat to dance and art. I imagine he is one who views the world in striking shades of color.
    Savio I like to perform and all, but no one performs like the Ravashari. Lord Mattheu is a credit to his people with just the perfect mix of cheer and heartache, I could watch and listen to him all day.
    Sira Colorful, enthusiastic, jovial, and quite possibly more interested in the wind than any person I have ever met. He acts as if it is a living thing.
    Sorrel It's been so long since our paths crossed, and yet he's just as delightful as I last recall. I am glad to hear him jingling through Arx, and hope we can grow as friends.
    Sylvie The man is quite overwhelmingly bright and cheerful. Not what one is always used to in the Twilight Court.
    Tamsin He has the soul of an artist and it certainly colors his words. We're gonna be friends.
    Teagan The jingling of bells are sure to catch your attention but it's his gentle demeanor and jovial personality that captivates you. Even if he seems not to like my cousin; I hope we can find time to learn of one another. Seems to have an interesting selection of drinks that his companion travels with. Noted.
    Temira Fellow prodigal like myself, He seems like a kind person. Just living in the ways of those do that were once outside life in the compact.
    Terese A delightful Lord, I am sure he seems carefree and full of fun tonight, I hope we can share many more moments such as these.
    Thea The man jingles. Everywhere. It's not very quiet. But he seems sincere and could perhaps be stealthy if he tried.
    Vitalis How does he silence those bells?!
    Wash That man can strike a balance I did not expect.
    Zara It isn't everyday a man nearly falls into my lap. In fact, it is a very rare occasion indeed, but one certain way to make an impression. Another is to offer me cookies.
    Zoey Be it on the river or the sea, those who make their living on the water have more in common than not. There is something charming about this one.