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Lady Kenna Acheron

To find something you can enjoy is far better than finding something you can possess.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Wide Eyed Idealist
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Acheron
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 21
Birthday: 04/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant
Height: average height
Hair Color: golden blonde
Eye Color: bright cobalt
Skintone: sunkissed gold

Titles: Master of Civil Growth for House Acheron

Description: Slightly on the shorter side of average at 5'4" this blonde haired woman has an infectious smile. Dimples dot each of her cheeks still plump with a hint of baby fat. Her eyes are a bright cobalt and fringed with thick dark lashes. Cheerful, warm, and golden. Kenna has a sunkissed gold tone to her skin with a hint of freckles across nose and cheek bones. Her hair is a tumultuous tumble of golden curls that hang around her face and are never quite fully tamed.

Personality: Full warm, genuine smiles, a kindness to all and a desire to do good, Kenna Whitehawk is an idealist at heart. She's more likely to be found cheerfully looking for a solution than she is to give in to despair. She's youthful and energetic, but not quite to the point of buoyancy. She's bright, thoughtfully warm, and effervescent in her youthfulness.

Background: Kenna Whitehawk was born Kenna Mercier to Jerome Mercier and his wife Helen-- their youngest daughter. She has three older siblings-- Delilah, Gaius, and Evonleigh. Growing up she was close with her siblings but she idolized her cousin Silas, who became a knight! And then later joined the Iron Guard and became THE LORD COMMANDER!

So, of course, when he was made a baron on her Eighteenth birthday (the 27th of April in 1006!) she decided to join him as a member of his new family, becoming Lady Kenna Whitehawk!

Being the scion of a rich merchant family she had a rather easy and happy childhood. It's left her with a bit of softness-- a little baby fat on her form still, and a certain gentleness of nature. She's kind and generous and has yet to truly come to any hardships.

She did not understand the rift between Grayson and Lazarus and Mercier, but she was excited by the idea of becoming a Lady and trying to use that station to do some good! She's also had an interest in joining the Iron Guard since she was little. Now that she's an adult she's looking to join up and become an investigator for the Iron Guard! (Nevermind that investigating is more of an Inquisition thing, she wants to join the Iron Guard like her cousin!)

Relationship Summary

  • Eleanor - I am so glad she collected me too.

  • Family:
  • Delilah - She's my sister. We were really close for so long, but different responsibilities and priorities have put some distance between us. I hope she's happy now.
  • Aiden - I wasn't sure what to think about him at first, but Silas loves him, and it's hard not to love him too.
  • Bethany - My most distant cousin at the moment. She has her business dealings and I have mine but I can't wish that they overlapped more.
  • Gaius - Easily my favorite brother. My only brother, but still!
  • Tabitah - My sweetest cousin. I worry about her because she's fragile.
  • Silas - I would follow him into fire without a second question.
  • Farrah - SHe's a hard woman, but she wants the best for Whitehawk. We get along.
  • Evonleigh - My older sister and closest confidant. I could tell her anything and know she'd at least listen.
  • Jyri - He's a good guardsman who married my cousin Elora. I trust him.
  • Elora - My sweet Elora is a source of calm among all of us Whitehawks fluttering wildly around.
  • Eleanor - She has a special place in my family. Not official, but close enough for it to not really matter in the least.
  • Radhilde - She's a diamond in the rough in Acheron; sweet and friendly. It bounces me up to be around her.
  • Umbroise - No one in Acheron has taken care of me quite like Umbroise. I might have run screaming out if not for her.
  • Rhea - She's scary, but knows how to do her stuff. I try to get out of the way when she starts moving.

  • Oathlands:
  • Katarina - She was my patron for a while until work took her out of the city.

  • The crown:
  • Calaudrin - He chides me often for things I deserve to be chided after. When it comes down to it though, I respect him beyond words.
  • Esoka - She trained me when I seemed pretty much hopeless. Any fight I walk out of I owe more than a little bit to her.
  • Faye - She's a careful inquisitor - hard, but she has a soft side too when all eyes are off.
  • Sparte - He has the energy and go to that I admire - especially when he answers my questions.

  • Lyceum:
  • Alessandro - A master of the law and of mirrors. We have occasional business together.

  • Spouse:
  • Riagnon - A Political Match - but we're mostly friendly. He's a good man, I think, but I'm not sure he wants people to know it.

  • Friend:
  • Rymarr - I respect him more than words can say, and it isn't too far to say that if he said jump I'd be in the air before even thinking to ask why.
  • Rhue - She's too good of a house servant. I just hope she doesn't poison herself beyond what she can come back from with her concoctions.
  • Harper - She's the best partner anyone could ask for. I'd have her back through thick and thin.
  • Austen - I send him sweets off-and-on, and in return he helps me not become the next Iron Guard casualty.
  • Thena - If I could grow up to be any woman, it would be Thena Grayhope. May I be blessed for it to be so.
  • Carmen - She has energy to match my own and the will for justice.

  • Crownlands:
  • Thesarin - He taught me how to fish and a few things about the real world outside of merchant and noble circles.
  • Michael - The heir of Bisland and someone I'm very close with. I have his back whenever I can.
  • Ainsley - He gave me my big break in the Crownlads. I'll always respect him for that.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Can't even hold her feathers. I don't like her.
    Aethan Doesn't like sailing, but nobody's perfect. She seems nice otherwise.
    Agatha Oh, little noble guard! You seem to have a big heart ready for quests of adventure. We will find a bear inside of you yet!
    Aiden She responded to my squeal. She helped me pick the best place to hang a new painting and conspired with me to entrap my beloved into a mystery date. I adore her!
    Ainsley She's like sunshine. Intelligent, warming, and pleasant to be around. She shouldn't mess with my dog though.
    Aisha She seems like she will be entertaining company. Hopefully we can meet again.
    Alarissa A lovely woman, she shares the same smile I have when hearing of Eurus and it's deserts.
    Alayne On the surface, a sweet woman. Outwardly invasive, to a gregarious extent, and seemingly bent on appraising goods of exceptional value.
    Aleksei She came to support the Inquisition's fundraiser, which was certainly appreciated! Seems to think I'm smart. LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW.
    Alessandro An independent spirit that does not wished to be contained by a husband, and very good company. Both admirable qualities -- just be careful of flies in your tea, my lady.
    Amari Lady Kenna is quite delightful. I'd hoped to bump into her again to dispel any notion that I was upset with her about the squirrel incident (I found it rather entertaining in truth). Anyone with a guard dog named Princess Muffin is worth knowing, anyway. She's very good company.
    Andry Lady Kenna is lovely and her puppy, Princess Cream Puff, is full of energy. Or was it Countess Carrot Cake? Wait. Princess Muffin. Yeah, that's it!
    Apollis She was 'learning' to fish and caught a giant one. Probably just wanted to hang around the Chief.
    Appolonia The bond between family is a real, deep thing that I have seen in play as well as have experienced firsthand for myself. Lady Kenna is most treasured by her sister and such a display almost makes me envious. Almost. I should get to know this Whitehawk as well as I do the other as I imagine she may prove a good friend to have as well as her sister.
    Arcadia She's mischief in one small package. I must get to know her better!
    Ariella A numbers-minded lady who seems very nice and entirely grounded and then you see she has a rodent in her hair and nothing is ever the same again.
    Armani She seems like she willbe fun. she may or may not get to hear singing.
    Armani She understands the problem with noble talk. That's rare.
    Auda Cute, bubbly. Too sunny for the Iron Guard?
    Austen An excellent guardswoman who I am fairly sure has a hotter head than I. She also has a squirrel companion that is most sly.
    Avary A delightful young woman who wants to learn. Since we need to learn to grow, I imagine she will one day blossom and hopefully share the knowledge she collects with the world.
    Barric A great supporter for Grayson, I could hear her cheering all across the ocean! Should actually get to know her more.
    Berenice A new noble, it would seem! Still learning the pointless, delightful intricacies of it all.
    Bethany I've never been able to wear my heart on my sleeve like that.
    Bhandn I have to wonder if she's not telling me something about herself when she asked me whether I prefer to be quiet or destructive with regards to my inquisitive behaviors.
    Bliss A squirrel in her cleavage. What does that even feel like? Still, she seems friendly enough!
    Braden Iron Guard who likes to watch the Gate and asked me nicely not to get trampled.
    Brigida A stalwart member of a young house. If they are all like Lady Kenna Whitehawk, they will do well.
    Cadenza I like her....she gave Devorai just as much as he gave.
    Calandra I'm pretty sure she has the most beautiful voice I've never heard, and a great sense of modesty. I'll get her to sing one day.
    Calaudrin Does Silas have any cousins left back home? This one is fucking chipper though. Gonna need her to calm down.
    Cambria A Lady of House Whitehawk. She seems a plucky sort.
    Caspian Her worry for her cousin is very charming!
    Cassia A buzzing summer day: too much energy. Honeysuckle, honey, bee hives, basil, rosemary, apple blossoms, orange peel. Everything bright and joyous.
    Coraline She seems like she is one of those really smart ones! I really hope I get the chance to meet with her again, I could learn so much from her I think!
    Cullen Such a nice and friendly person, and somehow I forgot to write her...I won't fail to do so in the future, she's got a liveliness and sense of humor I find admirable.
    Cullen A credit to her House and doesn't deserve any side eye, she's lively, cute, intelligent, and curious! She's bound to go far with all of that energy and pent up desire to explore and know so very much. I do so enjoy spending time with her!
    Daemon A Lady of Whitehawk! I remember her beauty well. Hope she's doing well, wherever she may go!
    Dante Enjoyable. Bright. Shining. Oyster giving. Personable. Someone that I might or might not get to know, but someone I am certain I would prefer the latter with.
    Delilah Kenna is so near and dear to my heart that I have such a difficult time putting into words just how worried I get when she goes out there on behalf of the Iron Guard. That said, she's a force to be reckoned with - She can motivate and put a smile on anyone's face, and the Guard could definitely use people like her. I'm at odds with myself, but I know it's for the best. It's also so refreshing to see that vibrant personality of hers, I felt like I was lost without it.
    Delilah Sisterly love counts for more than a little in this world. I think sometimes that Kenna is the only person in the world who understands me, and in turn, I'm left admiring her. She tackles the world exactly as she is, blazing through with the force of a comet, and illuminating all of us by her wake. She's impulsive, brilliant, driven, and sweeter than perhaps any of us let on. I have a quarter her confidence and energy, and she'll make an impact greater than the rest of the family combined. I have utter faith in her ability to shift reality itself.
    Denica She has the cutest little squirrel, Princess Sally Acorn. She let me hold her! She may have accidentally caused a bit of a ruckus at the painting party, but she's a sweetheart. Just maybe keep better track of the squirrel! (Princess Sally Acorn is still welcome at any future events I host!)
    Donato What a sassy woman! This is a good quality, of course, and I find her vastly amusing. Although the fear of sharks is definitely weird.
    Draven She sticks up for Prodigals! And Jyri is nice! I bet she is tol!
    Echo I have a feeling that the Iron Guard has Lady Kenna around not for her physical prowess but for that cheery attitude of hers. They need people like her, especially now more than ever.
    Eleanor Someone nice and bright to have around! I'll have to make sure Riagnon treats her right, so she doesn't run off to Aviaron's Peak or wherever.
    Elgana She seems to really like my sister. I mean, who doesn't like my sister? She seems interesting, but what I really want to know is - just who /is/ Princess Sally Acorn? What makes her tick? Important questions that need answers.
    Elora All warmth, light, and beauty. I am happy to call her family.
    Emily A lady anyone would find to be good company. I enjoy Kenna's companionship and look forward to seeing her.
    Eshken Charming and friendly, Kenna is a helpful and kind individual, though I believe there's more depth to her then one might initially assume.
    Evander The lady seemed quiet, focused? Or perhaps that was just meeting her in the Shrine of the Thirteenth, which tends to stifle all but the most boisterous of spirits.
    Evaristo An iron guard with a sad expression - maybe she doesn't like the Murder of Crows? Either or, her words about Copper were inspiring in their own right. The Iron Guard is as much the People as the rest of us!
    Evonleigh My little sister has grown up to be quite the fighter and the lady, all spun into one darling girl with the biggest heart I know.
    Ezekiel She danced in such lovely vigor to my songs and, was lovely and kind besides. I do hope to perform for her again!
    Faruq She was charming and kind, and clearly smitten! Also, I will definitely have to ask what a plushie and a Bunniculus is should I catch the Lady again another time.
    Faye Met at the Grayson awards ceremony. She has a tremendous amount of enthusiasm.
    Fiora She was... Well. It's not wise to get drunk and use dust in public. Especially when you are an Iron Guardsman. People might get judgmental. Not me, certainly. Never me. Others probably. After I tell them about it.
    Flavien I would not have expected on of the Iron Guard to be so inviting and open. Nor would I have expected her to be of her strata. Curious situations we find ourselves in. Thankfully, she's more interested in the excitement of guard life than in making coin as she might down ehre.
    Gabriel Some might think I would be turned off by cheeriness but that isn't so.
    Gabriel A bright and bubbly lady of Whitehawk. Capable of detecting my dry humor. Now that's a skill.
    Gaius As exuberant and full of life as I remember her, my kid sister has made me feel warm and welcome, in from a long cold. And she may deny it, but the Iron Guard has toughened her up! Or have I withered? Regardless, it is an odd feeling to at once worry for how she might handle the dangers of this new city, and to feel somehow safe in her presence all the same. It is candles in the dark, like her, who help to light my way. She did look at my dead duck oddly, though... where's her spirit of inquiry? Doesn't she know it's a rare bird?
    Gareth Lady Whitehawk may perhaps possibly just be: Tolerable. Too soon to be sure.
    Gianna Enthusiastic and warm.
    Gilroy Responded to my ad but forgot the bribe! Leave it to an Iron Guardsman!
    Gregory Seems a little intense for Gregory, but is eager to be helpful.
    Gwenna Lady Kenna Whitehawk seems a genuine delight. Truly, I hope our paths cross again at events as I suspect we might possibly be friends. At the very least, I believe I should have a flask made for her.
    Harlex Reminds me of a fox. Those white ones. Good company, however, everyone always forgets the fox is a natural predator.
    Harper Best partner anyone could ever ask for. She balances me out (and makes me look good!). She's the bright sunny day to my rainy day. She'll be my friend forever.
    Ian Shouldn't have let Princess Katarina send her down there.
    Icelyn Kenna is a ray of sunshine in a house that could use more rays of sunshine in it.
    Icelyn My cousin. I am behind her whatever may be. But extra training never did anyone harm.
    Ignacio Seems like to be a kind, high spirited woman. I am sure she would be fun to get to know better.
    Iliana A thoughtful young woman. Or maybe I just caught her in a thoughtful mood - she did mention agreeing to have an apple shot off her head by my cousin, so she's clearly got some spark to her.
    Ingrid Lady Kenna is an interesting and lively young woman who nearly cut cleaved Lord Cullen Greenmarch in the head with a missthrown axe during a contest. She apologized afterwards, of course.
    Jacque Lady Kenna Whitehawk seems to be spontaneous and talkative. I don't know her well enough, of course, but I certainly did enjoy gawking at artwork with her at the Sip and Splat.
    Jasher Odd woman.
    Jeffeth A kind enough lady with a good heart it seems.
    Jordan Pleasant Whitehawk lady. Apparently star struck very much with Princess Agatha, which isn't entirely surprising, since Princess Agatha is very capable.
    Joscelin Quick and helpful, impressed that she went from zero to in pursuit.
    Josephine A lovely woman to whom I look forward to seeing more of as time permits.
    Juniper Hers is just the sort of influence I've hoped for Acheron. Quick, kind, strong, clever. She brings sunlight into deep halls.
    Jyri Likes animals and has a sharp mind. Good to have around to watch your back, that's for sure.
    Kaldur She was so very drunk. Carefree or careless? Has she let her hair down or her family? Hair. Everyone needs a break. Especially after all we've been through.
    Katarina One of the Whitehawk brood, and an utter sweet and adorable lady. She reminds Katarina of Tessa almost too much, but perhaps that's why those two are best friends. So long as they keep each other out of trouble, Katarina will enjoy the two.
    Khanne Ah, I remember Kenna. She seems a very kind person, encouraging. More should be like her in this world.
    Klaus Ahhh, put redhair and a red tail on her and she could be a giant Doreen.
    Kutazer A sense of humor and sharp wit, who could ask for more?
    Liara Quite as pleasant as I've come to expect from a Whitehawk, and an entirely enthusiastic ball-goer.
    Lisebet Sweetly awkward, friendly and exuberant.
    Lora An exceptionally eager, vivacious member of the Iron Guard. Until she wasn't. Willing to discuss the nature of abstract concepts, like justice, and more tangible ones, like vigils, slightly less eager to give potentially dangerous information. All of these things are a credit to her.
    Lorenzo Met at the Black Fox, and she offered to take me on a pub crawl in the Lowers! That should be fun!
    Lou An inquisitive member of the Iron Guard who I had the fortune of going on an expedition with. She kept a cool head, and was very capable. She'd make a fine Explorer.
    Lucita A woman who does not shy away from more serious topics and can contribute useful suggestions or ideas to them. Trust will have to be earned and perhaps over time I can do that.
    Lys Kenna! She's so sweet and bubbly and excited about haunted mansions! What's not to love and admire?
    Mabelle Bright, and filled with a surprising amount of cheer, for a woman who seems to spent time in a place that would break the spirit of most. I look forward to meeting her again.
    Macda Quick of observation and wit, she speaks with graceful lashes of honesty and with manners in equal aptitude.
    Maddox Ive met her a couple of times, she is a helpful and attentive memeber of her family. And definately enjoys her social engagements.
    Malcolm Met Lady Kenna at the Assembly of Peers. Whitehawk lady. Good sense of humor, if she has to deal with Lord Michael - 'cause he's hilarious. Good folk.
    Malena I didn't quite expect to run into someone like her but she's certainly the likeable sort. Kind of her to tell me about the Craft Fair. I look forward to meeting her again.
    Malesh A young Lady of Whitehawk I believe. Reminds my of my own sister in many ways. I hope that this next generation comes of age strongly and leads the next well.
    Margerie This pretty young woman was at the painting event. I did not get much chance to speak with her, but she moved gently among the artists, observing and asking soft questions. There's a sweetness to her. I hope this city doesn't change that!
    Marian I feel horrible that I came into the shop and dislodged her conversation with Mirari. She did take it graciously though. I appreciate her gentle demeanor.
    Marisol Lady Kenna has a verve about her that is all her own. She may not be the most poised Lady but she is driven, kind, thoughtful and I am extremely happy to support her and her endeavors. I am lucky she is my protege.
    Martino Was caught a flustered on the day of the trade but still handled herself with grace. Perhaps somethings to learn but, do we not all?
    Mason Mason finds Kenna friendly, polite, curious, and generous. He finds her enthusiasm refreshing and looks forward to speaking with her again, or perhaps even working on projects together.
    Melody Usually the Guard is met with the scrutiny of the people when they wander the lowers. I was no different, seeing as she had a few of her men lugging around a wagon axle. Easy to smile and carefree -- A bit oblivious to the plight of her peers, perhaps, but excitable company nonetheless.
    Merek I met this woman as more than just another face on the job when she visited my shop. We have since become friends, and she also seems to like planning parties. Perhaps it will help me in getting out more.
    Michael Lady Whitehawk, of a vassal house. She is vibrant and....evocative. She sets me...not to unease, but wariness. She seems to want something of me?
    Mikani A great lady to get to know. But she has crazy eyes when it comes to who should fight in the mud.
    Miranda Full of fun energy and charm.
    Mirari A very saucy lady, but those are my favorite so I'm certainly not going to complain.
    Mirk New to the North, new to Acheron, and new to her post as Minister of Civic Growth. But dedicated to her work and friendly enough, it appears.
    Modi What a strange name for an animal. 'Muffin'. Well, I suppose a muffin and a dog wouldn't be the worst meal.
    Monique Her coat. It's so pretty. I'm not planning on stealing it or anything. She's too nice. Maybe I'll just borrow it. Without asking...
    Nigel Money! Money! Money! You, my dear, have my attention.
    Niklas A sweet natures (if a little batty) friend of Sabella's. Hard to believe she's in the iron guard.
    Nuala It's a brave woman to get knocked off her feet in a fight and laugh about it. Proof that a good sense of humor goes very far indeed.
    Orelia Not what I'd expect of the Iron Guard. All pretty hair, big eyes and a sharp wit. Hey, it's like looking in a mirror! A better-behaved mirror. She's intriguing, though.
    Oriana She may have some luck with that little pup, after all.
    Oswyn Vivacious and outgoing, but also determined.
    Ouida A Whitehawk lady now Acheron. They have chosen well, I think. Despite a near-rowdy trade meeting, she conducted herself with calm and politeness seemingly without breaking a sweat. I do not envy all the things she is likely to be juggling, but it is good to see that they are in very good hands.
    Petal She seems friendly and is lovely, but also isn't very good with a hammer!
    Pharamond I truly hope we bump into each other again!
    Ras Protectin Arx from all threats, huh? Dunno how she organizes them, from the ant who might bite the Archlector's toe, to the Prince of Secrets. What kinda ladder has she got set up in her head? Never thought a noble lady in the Iron Guard would bring up Magpie and Mayir for her 'credentials'.
    Raymesin Troublemaker. Silk. Iron Guard. Three things almost guaranteed to make me dislike her - still, at least she's got guts.
    Reese She is cheerful, positive and easy to be around. She seems to have a truly kind spirit about her.
    Reigna Despite my inherent bias against those elevated to the Peerage, she seems... earnest in a way. I hear that she is a member of the Iron Guard, and she is polite and kind. I hope she finds a home in the North, she seems to be the sort to deserve a happy life.
    Rhea Our Kenna! Our sweet, innocent Kenna who SHOUTS IN THE HALLWAY SO MUCH. One ordinary person might wonder how such a small woman could SHOUT IN THE HALLWAY SO VERY MUCH, but not I. The volume and frequency of Kenna SHOUTING IN THE HALLWAY is beneath my notice. She's just sweet and innocent with absolutely no flaws whatsoever. I couldn't have found a better wife for Riagnon, nor a better addition to the family who SHOUTS SO MUCH IN THE HALLWAY.
    Riagnon What a great new friend without any ulterior motives! She even took me out for drinks-- (!) ...wait a minute!
    Rymarr As time goes on, the more I find myself appreciating the presence of Lady Kenna. From dinners where she holds back tears and runs off for some unknown reason, to simple social settings with a drink or six, to her assistance in my duties with the Iron Guard - she's fast becoming a quiet ally that I'd never realized I'd be making.
    Sabella I adore Kenna! She shares my bubbly personality traits and is always game for fun and adventure...well, she's more game for them out in the woods than I am, but I can always count on her to have fun with me at events! And I still feel bad for calling Sally a rat.
    Salvatore Intriguing! A pretty young lady with a squirrel that hides in her hair. I've seen a lot, but never that. Glad the staring didn't make it bite her in the face. Gods.
    Saya She's a beam of sunlight falling on a forgotten penny.
    Sebastian One of the many Whitehawk ladies, she strikes me as enthusiastic and without a restraint on her joy -- very Lycene. I approve.
    Silas His very chipper, very hyperactive cousin - one of the first to join his House when he was ennobled. He regards her sort of as -another- little sister, down to worrying about her when he sends her out on patrols... but she always ends up alright, thankfully! Delilah has her work cut out for her as a big sis.
    Snow She is outgoing and possibly drunk? I don't know, exciting to be around her though.
    Sparte She is one of the best hearts on the guard, and little wonder knowing who her kin is. I really hope she learns the skills that will let her survive having a smile in times of danger.
    Tabitha Kenna, my lovely cousin! She's so bright and cheerful and outgoing, and just one of my favourite people! It's always lovely to see her.
    Teagan So much enthusiasm that it could fill a room. A benefit, that; it means I can remain in wait and watch while she overflows with enough personality to make up for all the rest of us.
    Tessa It's nice to meet a lady who likes to spoil Sir Pupsalot as well as I do.
    Thea She has a mouth, there was no sugarcoating. It was enjoyable.
    Thena Sweet and earnest as ever. I'm so glad to see her coming into her own in the Iron Guard.
    Theo She's friendly enough, and can take a punch, even if she can't dish one out.
    Theodoric A member of the guard, cunning instincts that make it clear why that profession is suitable. Remarkable more pleasant than most I've dealt with.
    Thesarin Good cheer and young energy. They pour out from this one like a pot boiling over.
    Thorley A young Lady of Whitehawk with a lot of spunk and pluck - she reminds me of the days I was a squire. Hopefully the world doesn't dull her down into the bluint instrument that it has turned me towards. May Lagoma and Gloria be kinder to her.
    Tynan A guardswoman of small stature. Harper's partner, and they make quite a pair. I'm hoping, if I have a type, it's petite, fiery, women and not argumentative Iron Guardsmen. The latter could end up being a concern.
    Valarian A plucky Iron Guard - and a noble at that. She seems to be the sort who at least won't cause my kind to get angry with her, which is good. Perhaps she'll actually help, that'd be a shocking difference from usual. I'll have to talk to her more when she's down here, always could use good company.
    Valenzo An Iron Guard who's willing to relax with a little haze on a holy day is the best Iron Guard!
    Venturo A noble and an Iron Guard, and one who seems to have at least more than a passing interest in luck! I'll have to share a story with her sometime, when she isn't on duty.
    Vicente A relation of Tabitha's you believe. She came up to you while you were speaking with Tabitha about Tabitha's painting.
    Vincenzo Cotton and Dawnstone. There is something gentle about this one. She flutters like a sundress in a summer breeze. But even as she is so light, there is a power to her, a sense of something great lurking just beneath the horizon, ready to rise and bring light to the world.
    Violet Encountered her at the Traders Tavern. Like all of us there she seemed intent on trying to prevent an actual bar fight.
    Vitalis Some nights are made for feeling the weight of burdens. Hold to hope, Lady Kenna. Dawn has a lovely habit of following night.
    Willow She reminds me too much of my own natural behavioral inclinations. Makes me want to know her better.
    Wyatt She's interested in finance and trade law! She's literally the best! A credit, not a debit, to her house!
    Wylla She has the right idea about art and how expansive and creative it is! I would like to sit and talk with her more on that topic.
    Zebulon A cousin I never met. Or is she?
    Zoey A whipsmart woman and clearly able to handle Michael. Good. He needs more women like that in his life.