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Vassal of Nightgold

Words: "All beneath the red."
Sigil: A stygian beast with the heads of a wolf and bear, beneath a red sky
Nicknames: Black Wolves, Black Bears, Reds

The March of Aviaron's Peak is centered around the castle from which it derives its name, overlooking a pass that enters into Nightgold territory. The castle is built into the mountain itself, and boasts a vast network of tunnels that stretch for many miles, which local legend claims was built by dwarves. Many of the structures inside the tunnel system seem to be built to a smaller scale, supporting these legends, but the castle itself is ancient in design, and to a more typical scale.

Founded after the end of House Aviaron during the Silent War, House Acheron now rules Aviaron's Peak from the Glacial Fortress, where iron and steel flows as easily as gold and silver. Replaced the Aviarons that ended with the destruction of Aron Nightgold's line.


Name Rank Title Description
Umbroise 1 Marquessa Master of Trade
Rhea 2 Voice Marquessa of Aviaron's Peak
Kenna 3 Minister Master of Civil Growth
Icelyn 3 Minister Master of War
Ophne 3 Minister Game Warden of Aviaron's Peak
Riagnon 4 Noble Family Sword of Aviaron's Peak
Radhilde 4 Noble Family Lady of Tyde Hall
Casimir 4 Noble Family Marquis-Consort of Aviaron's Peak
Ronan 4 Noble Family Lord of Aviaron's Peak
Elyid 4 Noble Family Lord of Aviaron's Peak
Oili 4 Noble Family Lady of Aviaron's Peak
Lonzio 5 Trusted Allies Extended Family
Odile 5 Trusted Allies Extended Family
Enri 5 Trusted Allies Knight of Aviaron's Peak
Revell 5 Trusted Allies ---
Lianne 5 Trusted Allies
Apollo 5 Trusted Allies
Caspian 5 Trusted Allies
Magaen 6 Noble Vassals Countess of Glacial Grove
Alecto 6 Noble Vassals Lord of Glacial Grove
Fidel 6 Noble Vassals Lord of Glacial Grove
Charlemagne 6 Noble Vassals Sword of Glacial Grove
Teague 6 Noble Vassals Voice of Glacial Grove
Clarisse 6 Noble Vassals Lady of Glacial Grove
Tigarus 6 Noble Vassals
Einarr 7 Known Commoners
Saito 7 Known Commoners

Ruler: Umbroise

Minister Category Title
Rhea Income Master of Trade
Icelyn Warfare Master of War
Kenna Population Master of Civil Development
Ophne Farming None

Land Holdings

Aviaron's Peak

Description: Built upon the precipice of a snowy summit, the march of Aviaron's Peak has stood sentinel over the Eastern Approach into the Crimson Peaks for centuries and is amongst the oldest strongholds within the Compact. Best known as the Glacial Fortress for its curious architecture of a wintry white masonry and crystalline windows, local legend would have its castle, and a winding system of underground roadways rumored to exist beneath, be the construct of ancient dwarves.

Landmarks: The Great Road.

Whisper Palace of Aviaron's Peak: The slightest hint of whimsy touches the stately, beautiful palace that has been established at Avarion's Peak, built beside a spring-fed lake with the peak itself its backdrop. It's spires glint with plated silver and gems, catching and reflecting the mountain skies above, even where its white marble gleams new and bright. A statuary garden, maze, and rose gardens surround the palace, one weaving into another and then back again, Jhond Whisper himself providing many of the lovely statues. Inside everywhere one looks holds a moment of curiosity, of captured elegance and beauty. Columns, balusters, and friezes of spruce and blackwood have been carved with bold Northern bears, with delicate flowers, with riotus hunting scenes. Frescos have been painted on many walls, many ceilings; they are great and sprawling cities, gardens and towers, beautiful crowds, and more than one clocktower as well as great plazas that do not exist anywhere, even when the landmarks in the near distance are familiar.
Many of the rooms are given over to visitors, elegantly appointed. The hot-spring heated baths are built into the east wing, covered with marble. The music conservatory can be found in the east wing also, the ceiling painted with vibrant nightingales by the artist Fortunato and a stage plated in silver from Aviaron's Peak itself. In the west wing, even the enormous kitchens have been spared no expense, with every cabinet carved in lovely detail. The massive ballroom in the same wing looks as if it could hold every resident of the Northlands, common or noble. Its floor is made of solid gold, liable to be dented by too sharp a heel, but beautiful in its golden reflection of the painted sky above. Below the palace, given its residential nature, there are no dungeons but rather a sizeable wine cellar that has been stocked with the finest wines.

The Grand Bazaar of Aviaron's Peak is perhaps the single largest concentration of commerce in all of the Northlands, and is seen as an increasingly vital hub for the economy of Arvum.

Trade between Aviaron's Peak and the Crownlands has increased since the marriage between Lady Kenna and Lord Riagnon. As has trade between Oakhaven and Aviaron due to Rhea and Casimir. Exports from Aviaron have increased to the isles with the marriage to House Tyde.

Built by then Grandmaster Thena, the Knights of Solace have established the Waystation of Gild at Aviaron's Peak. With barracks and an impressive shrine and chapel, it's both to serve the needs to travelers, Knights of Solace, and the faithful.