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Corrigan Grayhope

You can know what I know if you've been what I've been.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Confessee Turned Confessor
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 7/3
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Charlatan
Height: average height
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: pale green
Skintone: fair

Description: Tousled waves of dark chestnut hair fall forward over his high forehead, centered by thick, dark eyebrows whose expressiveness is dynamic. Corrigan's hair is warm in hue and soft and thick in texture, with a tendency to get into his eyes except in that perfect window of time within the first two or three days after a haircut. His eyes are unusually arresting: large, clear and pale, a light-washed green in hue, like sunlight reflected through the veins of summer leaves. His lips are thin, pale pink, with features whose planes and angles suggest an understated delicacy, which is only undercut by a tendency of his to leave his sculpted features obscured beneath gathering scruff across his jaw and chin and lip.

Personality: Confessor Corrigan is a guy with a lot of shade in his past and a lot of snark in his future, halfway to hardboiled. Quick witted and sharp, little gets past him, and few opportunities for a glib remark pass him by. He has little patience for self-pity and does not suffer fools gladly; he has a tendency to privilege his own pain over what others have or could experience. That said, he also has little tolerance in self-pity in himself, either, and applies his sarcastic humor to himself with the lash of self-deprecation as often as he flips casual insult towards others. There are few situations in which he can't find some kind of lighter side, even if his sense of humor can be appreciably black. I mean, you've got to laugh, right?

Background: As one of several sons of Kelda Grayhope, Corrigan wanted for little as a boy. His mother was ambitious to improve the social and financial affairs of the family and she threw herself into doing that, enhancing the Grayhopes' position in the merchant class by hook or by crook. The emphasis was on the crook; by the time Corrigan was 13, he knew way too much about the borders between the Upper Boroughs and the Lower, and by the time he was 15, he'd already been a drug runner for several smuggling operations. Kelda was firmly ensconced in selling legitimate wares and laundering money for the family business. Corrigan was involved in literally everything.

When he was nineteen, he ran afoul of the Inquisition tracking down dirt on Kelda, and a particularly clever and rather surly Inquisitor offered Corrigan a choice, an out: information in exchange for an absence of the less than savory methods the Inquisition might bring to bear. His subornment was mild at first. He turned over information in dribs and drabs, never enough to tip off the family or really enough to do much for the Inquisition. But treachery is a slippery slope, and his ability to burn the candle at both ends ended pretty sharply and sourly a few years into the proposition. Unable to make more traditional charges stick on Kelda when she disavowed all connection to everything even under torture, the Inquisition ultimately took Kelda as a witch for violating Limerance's Fourth Law. Ultimately, Corrigan's internal cover was compromised and he was forced to choose which life would be his: the investigator's life, taking confessions, or the criminal's, avoiding them. It was a complicated decision that he reached, but with a family that would not take him back, Corrigan chose to crusade against his own former life instead.

Relationship Summary

  • Ilira - Destiny.
  • Insaya - We should both get out more.
  • Caspian - Eyes wide open, I like him.
  • Viviana - I owe her a drink.
  • Eirene - I know some silks aren't bad but /damn/, never thought any of 'em were /good/.
  • Oswyn - Genius.

  • Patron:
  • Vayne - The Pivot.

  • Frenemy:
  • Raja - World's turned upside-down, might as well.
  • Sunaia - We're going to have to deal with all of /this/ at some point.
  • Terese - Get over it, /Your Highness/.

  • The crown:
  • Alistair - We all need someone to smack us upside the head every now and again.

  • Family:
  • Tanith - The only one in there who finds me tolerable, though I wish she would show it beyond using my face as a floor-scrubber.
  • Aureth - One only builds a future by letting go of the past.
  • Name Summary
    Aella I'm usually cautious of a man lurking in shadows, but I quickly determined this one was harmless... or at least, temporarily disarmed.
    Ailys Quite rough around the edges, but Keely seems fond of him.
    Ariella Confounding, in that I can't decide if I would prefer punching or flirting with him. I am sure I can manage both at once...
    Caspian an observant man, who doesn't shy from speaking what needs to be said. He also knows that there is a time and place for everything. I like him already!
    Cassiopeia He seems down-to-earth and direct in his speech and mannerisms.
    Catalana Crass. But at least he pulls it off with the best arguments.
    Celine This one looks like trouble, though I was called away before digging any deeper.
    Daria Not what I expected meeit an iquisitor. He must sweet talk out most of his confession. Seems a worthy ally to have.
    Desma Thoughtful and questioning. I would gladly help with helping with sparring practice also.
    Elloise The street rat in him has always been prominent, but so has his work ethic with being a Senior Confessor. I can applaud him for that, we all should be dutiful in our work. Hopefully he catches me during a time where I'm not pouring over notes and folios, maybe.
    Giada Curiouser and curiouser
    Ilira He is the picture of a beautiful, tortured boy, the kind against which I might have shattered my heart when I was younger. I remember, the first time we met, I thought, 'He sees me, but I don't think he knows that I see him.' I had hoped to cross his path again after that initial exchange of gazes, though I wasn't quite prepared for the laughable synchronicity by which it would come about. Fate is having its mischief on this one. I confess, I don't often dare to trust, dare to hope, but he makes me bold. He makes me feel there is nothing to fear.
    Karina There is something about him that's hard to pinpoint. He puts off an air of aloofness but I think there is that squishy inside to him somewhere. He is also quite gentleman-like despite what he says or portrays.
    Keely Fashionable and polite, if somewhat intimidating. I suppose that is the nature of Inquisitors.
    Lenard There's something about this inquisitor I find curious, well worth learning more about him and working to purge the darkness.
    Lore He's had a rough go of it, but seems to have his footing firmly under him. I hope his road smooths out a little, everyone needs a break now and then. Even the Inquisition.
    Mabelle A dandy inquisitor. I've never seen one before.
    Olivia Seems passionate in his beliefs, I like an open and honest person. I hope to get to know him better with time.
    Pasquale It seems like he really enjoys stories about the Minx. Can't really blame him. They are amusing stories.
    Raja Used to be.. or still is a Grayhope, not sure. Whatever he is, he is Inquisition. I will trust him as far as I can throw him.
    Ryhalt A young man of many talents. May his ambitions take him far.
    Sanya A coy inquisitor with a good team behind him and an explorer's heart. I'm sure his spirit will lead him far and wide.
    Silvio Frightfully drab garb, alas, but that goes with the occupation and simply cannot be helped. Yet there's something colorful there, hiding beneath all that grey and beige. Can he truly be an inquisitor? Either I've had their organization all wrong... or, more likely, he's worth a second look... at least.
    Sira He has a distinct lack of sticks in his unmentionable places. A relief, that.
    Sunaia I'm not easily surprised at the way people see themselves. I was surprised.
    Temira He seems a mystery to me, Im curious to see what type of person he might be, which I look forward to finding out
    Terese I feel he has kept himself burried in books too long to remember his manners. I am not sure I care to know his reasons
    Vayne He seeks out the nature of balance. Somehow, having said that -- it almost sounds ominous, doesn't it?
    Viviana I wonder how much he knows. Or, I wonder how much he's looking to know. Something about questions. Something about curiosity and cats.