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Vassal of The Crown

Words: "Gray hopes, black hearts."
Sigil: A gray coin.
Nicknames: Hopes.

A family known to consort with criminals despite their socially mobile and closer to middle-class airs, some whisper they are the ones responsible for much of the crime that seeps from the Lower Boroughs to the Upper Boroughs.


Name Rank Title Description
Meranthe 1 Boss
Brady 2 Underboss Boy Friday Hair; Hair for Hire
Tanith 2 Underboss Bartender Bro-sis; Bar-Hair
Chanse 3 Family Vanished Hair
Arianwen 3 Family
Fortunato 3 Family Painter Extraordinaire; Owner of Imperial Innovations; Broody Hair
Aeden 3 Family
Hana 3 Family Master Smith; Owner of the Storied Blade; Sharpest Hair
Magpie 3 Family Captain of The Magpie; Owner of Murder of Crows & Highway Robbery; Shady Hair
Arturo 3 Family
Corrigan 3 Family Inquisitor; Betrayer Hair
Mae 3 Family Soup Kitchen Owner; Also Culler; Highly Talented Hair
Joscelin 3 Family Bedazzling Jeweler; Owner of The Atelier; Violent Hair
Reyner 3 Family
Tynan 3 Family
Harper 3 Family Iron Guard; Investigative Hair
Gilroy 3 Family
Otto 3 Family
Emara 3 Family
Raymesin 3 Family Ulbran; The Hair That Cuts Back
Svana 3 Family
Taranis 3 Family
Aureth 4 Godsworn Unfamily Legate of the Lost; Former Head of Grayhope; Most Faithful Hair
Gertrude 4 Godsworn Unfamily
Deegan 6 Associate
Lyiana 6 Associate
Corinna 6 Associate
Sergei 6 Associate
Miska 6 Associate

Ruler: Magpie

Land Holdings

Hazy Lagoon

Description: After the battle of Setarco, Magpie Grayhope was granted a tiny island in Lycene waters near where it meets the Mourning Sea. Far smaller than a barony, the small island has a cove for a tiny port.