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Tanith Grayhope

It's just about bread, I -swear-.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Supportive Snarky Bartender
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayhope
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 38
Birthday: 5/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Bartender
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: dark brown
Skintone: golden brown

Description: Ample of hips and thick of thigh, Tanith is plump and curvaceous. Her skin is a warm brown and her dark hair is long, thick, and wavy. Dark eyes are framed in thick black lashes, set in an expressive face, with full lips and an oval face. Plush softness over strength, nothing about this woman suggest fragility or weakness; she's vivacious, energetic, and has the look of someone who puts up with very little.

Personality: Tanith loves what she does, she loves being in the middle of things, helping, supporting, providing alcohol, and kicking out the riff-raff. She's loud, often too brazen, rarely uses tact even though she's very aware of what it is, and has no problem offending anyone within a twenty-foot radius.

Honest and hard-working, she's loyal to a fault, she may or may not hold grudges, and she typically enjoys meeting new people.

Background: Tanith is one of the many Grayhope 'cousins', she's worked for one family business or another since she was a teen. She has been employed at the Murder in some capacity or another, from dishwasher to server to cook, and so on. Now she mans the bar, an illustrious position if ever there was one, and doubles as the muscle when things get exciting. Her hobbies include bottle-smashing, embroidery, arm-wrestling, and learning about new kinds of bludgeoning weapons (or what can make a good bludgeoning weapon), and baking.

Relationship Summary

  • Raymesin - A long time, you and me. Backwards and forwards. Always.
  • Austen - The future we take in hand and love, together.

  • Ally:
  • Lottie - Bakers stick together, especially when there's icing involved.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne I watched this young woman in action during the unrest in Arx. She is fearsome and warm-hearted if perhaps uncoordinated at ball handling.
    Alexio Hardworking and polite. She seems to have a good sense of humor and happens to be quite helpful and informative. Did suggest a most interesting connection regarding the procurement of 'stuff'; and, says her parents are crafters -- Hmn...I wonder if I've met them. Probably not.
    Amund A philosopher, though she doesn't realize it yet.
    Anisha Tanith Grayhope is a legend. I have had the pleasure of reading her work - and I was in the room when the King received the gift of her collected series. But she is so much more. Harlequin, bartender, and the woman who married Raymesin Ulbran. Would you believe me if I told you that only scratches the surface? Because that only scratches the surface. She is a million stories and a thousands things... And while she knows herself, I don't know if she knows all she is just yet.
    Apollo She isn't meant to be understood, I'm told. Not her nor her intended. Fortunately they aren't either of them the first.
    Aswin She seems a good enough sort. Married Raymesin, so that says something for her backbone. Or her brains... but maybe that last one isn't so good.
    Auda The salacious baker, herself! The cookies are just as good as her company. Not quite as good, but close.
    Audgrim Tanith is warmth and hope and a voice of reason all at once. Raymesin is one lucky man.
    Austen The barkeep of the Murder. She was exceedingly nice to me, even though I threw ale at her cousin, and is an excellent cook. I will definitely be returning.
    Brady My cousin is doing great. Legit baker on the up-and-up!
    Cambria I see how she looks at him, and I understand. She may never know it, but it is true.
    Cassandra I made a mistake in identifying her husband and unintentionally embarassed her. I hope that she will forgive me the indiscretion!
    Cassiopeia Strong, talented and a very capable fighter, she seems a lovely conversationalist as well. A pleasure to meet.
    Catalana A women who speaks the truth. I think I may have a little crush on her.
    Corrigan Generous with drinks. Which is the only reason I'll do as she says. Shut up.
    Cristoph Once in a great while, you meet someone spectacular at smoothing out the great waves of pain and grief while also being truthful and honest, upfront while remaining kind. I see those things in Tanith Grayhope, the Harlequins are lucky to have her.
    Drake Bartender at the Murder in the Lowers. Seems to run a tight ship, and have a fair sense of humor. And kind enough not to kick a noble away from the bar while I am in her territory, even pardoning my wandering eye...
    Dycard I meant what I said when I said Arx's understated heroes are their bar staff. I've drank in the Murder - it takes a certain calibre of a person to not just survive, but thrive there.
    Eleanor Gosh, she's so lovely. I wish I had known someone like her when I was still just a knight. I'm glad to know that Austen has someone like her to look after him. She could probably even handle Rhea!
    Elora Calm and assured, which is what you want from a midwife.
    Esme I appreciate how she can toss that ball right at the princess face, who took it all, and then manage to look sad it happened. I mean I'm sure she was sad it happened. I'm sure she couldn't control her ball wrangling.
    Evaristo I am absolutely chuffed to bits seeing her again, she looks amazing. Brought back some memories of, ah, manure and embarassment. Can't wait to see her again!
    Evelynn Undoubtedly lively and welcoming. What all good hosts are made for.
    Giada Good sense of humour and capable.
    Hadrian Daughter of Iridca Grayhope. A tailor from the Lower Boroughs and presumably a member of the Crafters' Guild. The daughter, Tanith, runs a bar in the Lowers from what I've gathered through a few of my servants? Despite that she cleans up quite nicely, has manners that came as something of a surprise, and a sense of humor to go along with all of it. She seems quite smitten with Raymesin and I hope that she never has cause to put the gift she was given to use. I suspect it will never come to that. Altogether she was pleasant company and seems to relish the thought of violence as much as her husband. Which is nice.
    Harlex Fixes her liquor like an alchemist fixes potions. Easy on the eyes too. Reason enough to visit the Murder again. Sure there are more.
    Hiram I've come to understand this woman is an amazing cakesmith by reputation alone. To have seen nobles of the Crown House brave the cold of a Crownlands winter and the savages of a gambling establishment simply for the chance to beg of her breads is praise enough. I can tell you for sure that she is a woman of taste when it comes to alcohol, however and that her generosity in sharing it around is unmatched by any of the at least five people I have met in this city since arriving. I have it also on good and trustworthy authority that she will injure a person using whatever is necessary including even a bartop so when she offers a drink I will happily oblige that offer. She is not a blossom to offend.
    Iseulet She didn't stab me and make me into kebab, which is nice! (Actually she's quite lovely, don't no one ever tell you otherwise).
    Kenjay A redoubtable woman, one who does not fear pain or disdain, but powers towards her goal - and hits as hard as she laughs. I gather she bakes as well; I will have to sample some of her cakes.
    Korka One would think that it would not be so hard to find a server in this city that would just take an order and pour a drink. One would be wrong. Unless you're being served by this one.
    Kritr Talks about Death a lot for a barmaid. If she can find me what I'm looking for, I'll listen.
    Mabelle The baker of the winner cookie of my contest. Talented and sweet.
    Medeia Tanith feels like home. That's all there is to that.
    Niklas Is this the BRUTE that assaulted MY WIFE?!?!?! GRAYHOPES!!!!
    Ophelia Friendly and welcoming. Someone willing to tell me the truth when I ask for it and I do appreciate her honesty very much. I look forward to stopping by her bakery in the very near future!
    Porter The woman can BAKE, tend to a bar, put up with the likes of this city and swings an axe. Honestly, what's not to like?
    Qadira Seems like she might be the best of us, honestly. Not quick to judge, nor slow to correct those that do. Almost want some poor bastard to cross her, mind, just to see what she can do with something short and blunt...
    Raja This woman is a bartender for the Murder and one of the Grayhopes. She seems knowledgable and a strong independent woman.
    Ras Sassy bartender. Seems like she's got her eye on most shit that happens in the Murder. There's more to her, too, if Syd's to be believed...
    Raya Ras says she's a wizard, I assume in regards to her baking, which I completely believe. And she's sharp, and kind, and rescued me from nobles.
    Revell Anyone who dares smack the Corrigan is alright in my book. I should come to the Murder more when she has her shifts, she seems more than capable of dealing with the.. scarier types that sometimes come by.
    Rowenova A good barmaid (at the Murder of Crows) with an interesting personality who is not only good to her tavern patrons but also to Sir Floppington, too. I like her!
    Rukhnis Warmth and strength and an earthy wisdom and humour -- she is like a spirit of the hearth made flesh.
    Sabella An absolutely wonderful baker who cannot be rivaled in this whole city for her dimpled buns and glazed honey cakes! She is also a delight to be around and talk with and she should be aware that I will be ordering from her again!
    Samira A familiar face around the Lowers, barkeep at the Murder and a damn good cook. She's friendly and kind and perfectly capable of handing out a free round of drinks one minute and kicking out overly rowdy customers the next. The right kind of multitasking.
    Shade A sweet woman with a good heart. Loyal to her people in the ways that matter. Loves her husband, knows him well. Is there any better praise that I might offer? I do not think so.
    Sirius A woman of strong opinions and admirable trade. I know not where I flat-footed and angered her, but Gloria's timing is oft perfect, they say.
    Svana Giver of pie and coffee. I want to stuff my face full of her pie. Not like that. A good seeming lady, anyway.
    Sydney I have reason to believe that just about every alewife in the Murder these days is made of utter steel. Reckon that's fine by me.
    Thea Seems quite proud of her husband. Good natured. Was a bit quiet at first, but I think there's more there. Indefinitely.
    Triton Pleasant enough and seems competent in her field. I am leaning toward confidence in her ability to handle Elora's delivery.
    Venturo While we work in the same circles, which has lead to fleeting encounters before, to meet Tanith in person, with proper introductions? Has proven to be more than worthwhile.
    Verity I have forsaken alcohol and now reserve my reverence for the most flaky and savory of pastries. Thank you for showing me the way.
    Vitalis I think she may not appreciate the gift she's given me. Graciously and freely. I'm not sure if I can repay it.
    Wagner Generous with the pies and judgment, not that I fault her for either. It is easy, after all, to see the reaction but not the Rabbit who poked the bear and then played victim when it snapped back after inviting the little shit into his den.
    Zoey I met her on her wedding day, and she seemed so happy. Getting married in Death's shrine was a rather interesting choice though.