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Duchess Khanne Halfshav

The spirits of the wind will carry the whispered truth further than the shouts of liars will ever reach.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Ethereal Shaman
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Halfshav
Gender: female
Marital Status: Widowed
Age: 28
Birthday: 8/13
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Shaman
Height: average height
Hair Color: wine red
Eye Color: mist gray
Skintone: porcelain

Titles: Crown Minister of Agriculture, Vala of the Northlands, Duchess of Whitehold, Legendary Mystic

Description: There is an ethereal quality to this young woman, with her willowy, delicate frame, porcelain pale skin, and eyes the color of winter morning mist. Those eyes are wide, framed by sinfully long lashes, and are often focused on some unseen point in the distance, rendering hers an oft-distracted gaze. Her smile, when it comes, is a slow, lazy thing, as if there is some amusing secret she's considering sharing. Her laughter is a quiet song, soothing and sweet, though when riled her words can exude the icy chill of the North.

Personality: Khanne is one of those rare creatures that are entirely comfortable in their own skin. Whether her hair is upswept elegantly or flowing loose and wild, she carries herself with a certainty that makes others second guess themselves. She's hardly imposing however, and in fact is empathetic almost to a fault. Her smiles are for everyone, though that smile turns cold indeed if talk turns toward disparaging the Northlands or her deeply-held shamanistic beliefs. To those not charmed by her waifish demeanor, she can seem a bit eccentric, but such judgments don't seem to bother her at all.

Background: While other Redrain have turned from the shamanistic beliefs of the Northlands, Khanne embraces them wholeheartedly. Disappearing into the forests and open tundras is an artform that Khanne perfected early in life, surviving off the land and communing with the spirits of the places and living things she's so fond of. Not simply content with embracing the beliefs of her religion personally, Khanne feels a calling toward sharing those beliefs with others, and as such has taken it upon herself to educate not only those Northerners that have turned to the Pantheon, but also those from southern houses that seek to learn more about their northern neighbors, whether for reasons of diplomacy or geniune personal interest. When she doesn't have an audience to share with, she vents her passions via artistry, paints and brushes replacing words as she spills her innermost thoughts onto canvas.

Arriving in Arx the first time, Khanne took it all in stride. She could wear silks as comfortably as leathers, speak as eloquently as a southern courtier, and do it all while fully embracing her Northern origins - meaning many a southern lord has found himself captivated by her impassioned speech only to find he's somehow been drunk under the table by a softly-smiling girl.

After the tragedy at King's Rest, Khanne returned to Arx once more from the North, determined to prove that solace can be found in the old beliefs, even while embracing the charms of the south.

Relationship Summary

  • Brianna - She has my back, and I have hers
  • Mirk - Good to be able to work with him. A great man, my cousin.

  • Sibling:
  • Arik - You are still a brat, and I will always treaten to stab you... but I don't know what I would do without you.

  • Friend:
  • Reigna - Beautiful: in heart, mind, and visage. My best friend and confidant.
  • Kael - Stoic as expected, but when he laughs, joy fills the room.
  • Lianne - The dark to my light, the night to my day. She is beauty and grace, and I am blessed to count her as a beloved friend.
  • Venturo - He's A Master Brewer - spins a fine tale, and is gifted in the art of surprise
  • Jaenelle - She Is My Patron - but also a dear friend who knows me better than most... calls me her favorite Halfshav which shows she has good taste.
  • Titus - A Phenomenal Storyteller. Conversations With Him Inspire - provoke thought, and encourage hope. An ally, no matter what.

  • Spouse:
  • Percephon - The Queen Has Claimed You - yet your name still brings a smile and always will. The memory of you will forever give me the inspiration to be stronger, rise higher, shine brighter. Always.

  • Deceased:
  • Niamh - Mottled Western Stray's sister, and mine too, so she proclaimed.
  • Muiryn - Boots. You are sorely missed.
  • Fergus - I am glad you found happiness before the end.
  • Freja - Shaman Scout. The absence of you in the here and now is felt
  • Eirlys - Thank you for the trust you showed me in the end.
  • Cassius - You gave your all for your family, and for the Gods. Thank you for your friendship.
  • Valerio - Time to put your armor aside and be one of the stars. Thank you, for everything.
  • Vercyn - Beloved Uncle - Duke of Halfshav, Thank you for your faith in me.
  • Mydas - Thank You For All The Letters - for the adventure, for your friendship

  • Protege:
  • Lottie - The most amazing baker in the city! She creates magic and taking a bit of one of her pastries is to feel joy.
  • Volcica - It has been a joy to watch her House prosper since they arrived in Arx... And it is an honor to be able to witness her own growth as a shaman. I am fortunate to also be able to call her friend.
  • Braith - Her singing voice and songwriting talent is beyond compare.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha The Shaman with such a spirit. She inspires me.
    Aiden She was willing to come upon an expedition (which later turned out to be very important in the grand scheme of things) and showed to me what connection with the spiritual realm really is like. By her actions she motivated me to discover more about the spiritual world. Although our ways have parted since the journey, maybe similar choices and interests will one day allow us to cross paths again.
    Ainsley A lovely woman with a laid back personality, and a friendliness to her. I'd certainly like to get to know her better.
    Aislin The first time I spent any real length of time with Khanne was the excursion to the Grove of Three Shamans -- she struck me as both competent and insightful. Since then, we've only had a few interactions -- generally in the context of the Greenmarches -- but she's done nothing to prove me wrong. And perhaps she might be one receptive to my curiosity about shamanism -- about the faith my mother once practiced.
    Alaric There are many that seek knowledge and wisdom, but many do so to find confirmation for what they already believe. Few seem as open-minded about taking the path where new things lead them as Khanne.
    Alarissa My favourite Halfshav. Now to only find some way to make her family...
    Alecstazi She is tough, she brooks no guff. She'd have been a phenomenal Thraxian Prince. But she's even better as she is, the next Duchess of Whitehold. I have a lot of respect for this woman, her passion and dedication to her family cannot be denied.
    Aleksei I think one our earliest meetings was me giving her some pointers for swordfighting. She's always been friendly and witty in my experience.
    Alessandro My cousin, still as late as ever. But we love her anyway.
    Alexis Lady Khanne Halfshav. Seemed a decent enough sort. More silk than I expected a northerner to wear, but I guess northern men and women like to feel pretty too.
    Amund Halfshav, from her look. Very gentle and nice. Keeps it simple.
    Ann A good leader with a great head on her shoulders, a mind for war and a heart for the North. Truly a woman to admire and for the Compact to look to for leadership.
    Apollo I'm sure she has more stories that most of the people I know combined.
    Arcadia She is the least intimidating looking of the Halfshav's, yet probably the one I should be most terrified of.
    Arianna An interesting woman whom seems to be attuned to the spiritual realm. I would very much like to speak with her about matters of the ether.
    Arthen Well, ain't she something else? Boss Bear said she speaks with wisdom, and it seems to me she does. A fair hand at addressin' a room full of folks, and she looks good while doin' it. As long as I've been in the north, these northerners still catch me out now and again in the real nice way.
    Artorius A wonderful and intelligent woman from what I could tell. She has much knowledge about my curse, and has been fundamental thus far in teaching me more about it and how we can help...I greatly look forward to working with her...see if we can help myself. A wonderful woman all-round.
    Artur Lady Khanne is kind and very wise, always full of good advice and guidance and very well respected in the North. She's one of our spiritual leaders and a little stern too - she reminds me a lot of Aunt Drea that way, I suppose. I can always rely on her when I find myself in need of spiritual guidance
    Asher Helpful with what I wanted to know! But I think I may have given her about as much information as she gave me. Still, she was willing to help freely!
    Bliss The Vala of the North. While we have found ourselves in disagreement on any number of things, she has always proven herself to be kind and compassionate, understanding - but that does not mean she is weak in her beliefs, or the standards she holds others to. She has helped me see some things quite clearly, and I still need to catch up with her for that drink when I can.
    Braith There is a wisdom amongst the youthful joy that she displays. Hard to miss in a group.
    Cahal Friendly and welcoming. She makes it easy to feel a part of the conversation.
    Calaudrin Lady Khanne was very open when I spoke with her on a particular matter of great importance to me. I was impressed with her disposition and maybe in the future, our paths will cross and we'll work together. If nothing else, I hope that I've given her something that she can use.
    Cambria The first northern lady I have properly met, and was not disappointed. She has proven that the wild north has its own grace. To mistake her strength, however, is to deny the majesty of the elements themselves. I hope for a long and fruitful relationship.
    Caspian She should be more careful when walking on slippery surfaces!
    Cirroch A wise woman and a friend who I can learn much from.
    Cirroch I count her as among my most trusted friends.
    Clara Oh good, a woman willin' ta step up and tell me brother what's what. I like her already.
    Clover Words are hard to express when it comes to Duchess Khanne. A person Clover has known for ages. She's always gracious and kind.
    Coraline Kind, polite, honest, and intelligent. She has lived up to all of the wondeful things I have been told she is.
    Cristoph I can't believe that I forgot this woman. How embarassing! I'm going to have to make up for this transgression. Her name goes to the top of the next invitation list.
    Cybele Lady Khanne Halfshav is the Voice of House Halfshav, and she pays for my room in the Spirits and gives me money, and I am very grateful and I like her. Also we are going to do great shaman things together!
    Darren I like big butts and I cannot.. wait, no. That is not what I meant. Clearly we are both going a little crazy from this auction. I'm fairly sure she'll go for more than I did. She /is/ my favorite, after all.
    Darren A damn fine example of what a Northern woman should be. And a fine Shaman to boot! Halfshav is lucky to have you.
    Darren Wise and blunt, it's no wonder Vala Khanne is my favorite. I rely on her to look after the shamanistic believers of Redrain, but also to look after me.
    Darrow The Halfshav minister seeks to bring Abandoned in as prodigals, rather than corpses.
    Donella To know one's family is to know one's value and heart. Khanne seems to know her family and knows how to rule that heart with her own. While she is sure to smile and tease, there is an undercurrent of fierce protection that seems to come from her core.
    Duarte Knowledgable and eloquent.
    Echo Khanne is mysterious and exciting. She seems to have ties with all sorts of otherworldly things - Ghosts, spirits, old gods, and she was mentioning some visions as well. Powerful and blessed, I'd say.
    Eleanor We're best friends now, because Magpie's a mean jerk (no he's not, I love him). I don't know anything about her, but she's friendly and Magpie likes her (or doesn't), and we're making blue friendship bracelets. I should probably meet her for real one day.
    Elgana While I do not know her all that well, I do see in her a quiet fire that no doubt is quick to blaze hot and fierce when it must. We are lucky to have her and perhaps in time I can be lucky enough to call her friend.
    Esoka The Lady of Halfshav has good taste in whiskey, which is really all I need to want to know someone better.
    Evaristo Duchess Khanne is truly living up to the legend - she is stunning in presence and words.
    Fairen So unfortunate that she was too busy to get a chance to learn to hunt from graphs. I'm sure the color-coding would have been instructive.
    Faye She keeps a flask of a little something-something with her. This is definitely a woman I'd want to sit next to in a boring meeting.
    Fortunato A shaman, naturally sees farther than most and quite the gentle conversationalist. Very knowledgeable in areas where I am not. Hoping to deepen the acquaintance.
    Freja Calm, Collected, Centered Shaman - stutters when she drinks over long words.
    Gianna This knowledgeable shaman of the North strikes me as very regal in her own way.
    Gilroy What's a vala?
    Hadrian I decided to be relaxed around Lady Khanne Halfshav today. No sense being odd or outlandish or flamboyant or any other thing I could have been. No, no. She was a guest in our home and of the Marshal of Ostria; one must behaved accordingly when welcoming a guest into your own home. Strangely enough, she gets injured a lot. I may seek to hire someone to instruct in how to step to her left, more often. Just a step or two, that's all it'll take. Don't be where you're assumed to be. Also, she seems very friendly and polite. Perfectly agreeable company. I do hope that she brings herself, or is brought, around more often. That way I can get to know her better, with more regularity. Time doesn't grow on trees, as they say. I think. Maybe. Probably.
    Harald Direct and fair. Alas that more mainlanders are not so reasonable. She smiles too much, though.
    Helena I've long respected Khanne for her dedication to her beliefs. It has been lovely getting to know her better recently, and hear her speak her words of quiet and frank wisdom at the poetry reading. I know if I have questions about the spiritual aspect of life, I can go to her.
    Ian I didn't see much of what she did, but I could tell from her voice when I caught it that she was holding people together.
    Isolde Any friend of Darren's is a friend of mine.
    Jacque Lady Khanne Halfshav -- extremely creative, given how she made her painting depicting a dragonfly. Has a sense of joy, too, and I got that after talking to her for a few moments. I don't know many northerners, maybe I should speak with her again and get to know her better. Certainly someone I'd choose to keep company with.
    Jaenelle One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was entering into a partnership with her. I value her company, humbled by her generosity, and in awe of her accomplishments.
    Jamie Seems to be wise in the ways of the spirits.
    Jeffeth She led magic at the Battle of Stormwall. Magic that wasn't evil. I don't know her well, but I know she is good. And someone to be protected.
    Joscelin Red-haired, authority, kind, inquisitive. Good taste in jewelry.
    Juniper She carries a great deal on her shoulders, but always with grace and a forward-thinking air. It is people like Vala Khanne who best represent the North.
    Jyri Wise and kind, Vala Khanne is a person I'm proud to be associated with, no matter how periphery.
    Kaede I don't even pretend to have the knowledge of a shaman, but she seems to know what she's about. Maybe a little less with the shooting of my friends next time. Though to be fair, she doesn't have the experience with Branwen's ways.
    Kaldur She is as described. Solid and reassuring. I only scratched the surface of ... a lot of things.
    Katarina Lady Khanne, Voice of House Halfshav. Katarina respects that she has a healthy skepticism of a ship - a Valardin ship at that - faring well in artic seas at the dead of winter. And despite that, she was still willing to give the benefit of the doubt, which Kat greatly appreciates. She just hopes the woman isn't the kind to be seasick.
    Katarina Khanne Halfshav is possessed of a reputation that truly proceeds her, and her accomplishments in both shamanism and to the Compact are truly astounding. She presented an incredibly insightful, but relaxed event that allowed others to ask their questions and have them answered safely for both those of the Faith and Shamanism.
    Kedehern The Vala--Am I saying that right?--seems to be rather insightful, indeed. In fact, I'm rather thankful for her. I had carried around a worry, a burden I had thought, ever since I was a teen who first saw battle. She was able to put it at ease, and now it seems that burden might even be something of a gift. Though one to be careful in it's use, to be sure.
    Kenna May Jayus smile upon her artwork for all time! She's incredibly talented and not at all puffed up in herself over it.
    Kia Thoughtful and protective of sacred places. She is what I imagined a shaman of Arx would be.
    Killian A very serious woman, she seems quite devoted to her duty, a trait that Killian can certainly respect and admire. It seems as though she might be prone to tunnelvision, when focused upon a goal, but perhaps that is just the situation of the first impression circumstance.
    Laric Shouldn't have told her about love letters. A good ally and friend nonetheless.
    Lenne I suspect the Vala does not approve of me. Who could blame her for that? But Elder Mirk said she is his superior in knowledge. I must endeavor to make a better impression in the future!
    Leola I met Lady Halfshav at a party, and was impressed by her devotion to the land. That only grew when she was raised as Minister of Agriculture, and I am pleased to enjoy a close working relationship with her, and further, to know her personally.
    Lianne Admired in distant glimpses and intermittent intersections for so long. Our lives have overlapped in such interesting ways, and yet there seems a slow tide between us determined to draw us together only to let us drift apart again. Perhaps if we both lean in against it this time, we can resist that pull and see what blossoms from our curious commonalities.
    Lorenzo A Halfshav cousin, a delight to talk to. We certainly should get together more often.
    Lou We've had the fortune to travel together on many great adventures. I consider Lady Khanne amongst the few friends I have, and she'd ever be welcome in the Society of Explorers if she has a mind to join.
    Luca I didn't get to hear the woman speak much, but I've seen her around before, and from what she did contribute, there's enough to know she has a level head on her shoulders. Then again, I don't suppose you get into a position like her position without one, do you? I should probably stick my nose into more of her business.
    Luis Not afraid to get wet, and there's a bit of a roguish nature of her own that Luis understands.
    Lumen A woman with her head about her. She ought to take advantage of the membership to Whisper House, herself. If only to lie down in peace and quiet with some slices of cucumber over her eyes.
    Macda She has a humour that is smooth as her observations. And hot springs with bare snow rolling abouts. How marvelous! The Duke has very good cousins.
    Maeve Lady Khanne is helping to restore the land! I have to love a person who will love on the land. She seemed rather receptive to my ideas and it really made me feel good as if I could really help the people of Arx.
    Magaen She comes highly recommended, and after meeting with Duchess Khanne I can see why. I'm looking forward to working with her Spirit Walkers.
    Magpie Magpie met Khanne at the suggestion of another friend. He sent her a letter and she actually agreed to meet him. They had an interesting conversation about shaman and Magpie enjoyed talking to her. He gave her a mint plant as a gift because of *course* she said her favorite color is green and where does a person get green flowers? Why do people make things so difficult?! Mint is the gift that keeps on giving, though.
    Malesh A shaman of House Redrain. I hope that the spirits they pray to are favored by our Gods, but we certainly can use all the help we can get.
    Margerie My niece's dear friend. She seems thoughtful and full of rich laughter on occasion. I hope that time will see us becoming closer
    Martino For a Halfshav, well, I was not expecting refinement and it seems in the Vala you get it. A surprising woman.
    Miranda A Halfshav. They seem an interesting lot. Perhaps a philosopher, this one.
    Mirk Young but time tested Voice and Vala. Maybe I could learn about the spirits from her, but she may learn composure from me.
    Morrighan Halfshav shamaness I did work for, once. Seems to enjoy her whiskey like any proper Northwoman should, very dedicated and had put in a lot of work to ensure our victory during the Siege. Nice lady, one of these days I need to sit and talk to her about shamanism.
    Mydas Khanne was a surprise. A name I had heard before, a face glimpsed at, but nothing more. And then we found in each other's company for the duration of the wrestling matches we both attended. It was a good meeting, one that, unfortunately, was not followed by others in the short term, I had to leave to go back home. Unfortunate, that we haven't more time to leisurely share those conversations again. But when we do, it remains a pleasure.
    Narcissa A Vala, whatever that is, we do not truly have them in Tor. She seems...accepting, but her ways require an evening and wine to learn.
    Niklas Lady of Halfshav. Northerner shaman with considerable insight into the unseen world. Should find time to talk to her outside of a group Q & A.
    Norwood She seems of woman of high spirits and good cheer. The Keatons deserve such an acquaintance to bring their home joy.
    Nuala Unsurprisingly, she is a presence with one foot in another world, but that seems to make her even more down to earth. Widely traveled and widely knowledgeable. Someone I would gladly spend hours with talking to.
    Olivia Another person who's helpfully brought Olivia into the mix on all of her Petrichorian / plant whisper related woes. She seems like a very important and helpful contact to have in the future, and maybe someone who can help mentor Olivia in some of these areas. As always I really appreciate people who are willing to involve me in their plots!
    Orland Ohhhh woe, such wonderful cliffs... and .. hmmm... she's wonderful. Her words so serious, so blunt, but the picture is painted perfectly. She's a poet... ahhhh life is good.
    Petal She seems nice. I don't know her very well. She will be fun to dress in the Norther style - like a mountain, but also like a lady.
    Preston For all she much of what I disagree with, I admit to having a certain respect and tolerance for Khanne. She is sincere. She is honourable. I just wish people would not force progress.
    Raimon First seen at the Poetry of Time event. Seems to know all the hosts -- including Evaristo, with whom I've only corresponded. Red hair, green eyes bespeak Redrain, which is intriguing -- perhaps a Shaman? That would be a good conversation . . . let's see if that's possible!
    Reese She seems to know what she is doing. Reese is hopeful that she can fix the lands. Seh tries to be very respectful fo her. She finds Shamans mysterious, Khanne included!
    Reigna There was an instant accord between we two. I felt instantly comfortable sharing horribly private things with you. We look nothing at all alike and yet I would consider you a sister.
    Riagnon What a pleasant woman! Must be very brave, too, to think SCARY WOLF facepaint cute rather than intimidating. Huh!
    Romulius I owe the Duchess Halfshav a debt of gratitude for a kindness offered freely to a dear friend. Absent any debts, I would no doubt find her to be just as compelling a figure - kind, direct, and with insights that I am doubtful one could find anywhere else in our Compact.
    Rook One of the Redrain Shamans, she's rather talnted at what she does. Rook first met her outside of the Redrain palace after a meeting with Darren. She, Valery and - someone else - spoke of their restoration of the Grove. It seems it was a success. She also happens to be a fellow Minister, of Agriculture. Respect where respect is due.
    Rosalind Oh the Spirits, KHANNE! She's one of my favorite people! She has the best stories and one of the people I want around when I go all Rosa!
    Roxana The Halfshav lady is interesting, seems kind and approachable, and has excellent taste in jewelry. If I ever find a suitor who gives me a hankering for some jewels, I'll see if she will give recommendations and know that they'd turn out perfect.
    Rymarr A shame really that we never stay in closer touch. But with messengers that rarely feel fatigue, beasts that can track down a recipient wherever they may hide, and the uncanny ability of couriers to bypass every guard in their path? Surely I've slacked in my keeping in touch with the Lady of Halfshav. She, along with few others I've met, from the North have truly changed my perception of the people from the north. So often they are considered savage, barbaric, and barely civilized. She is an example which early on granted me some insight that to be from the North isn't to be savage or barbaric or anything of the like. It is to be strong, resilient, and noble in spirit. They are a strong people and Lady Khanne Halfshav is a sterling example of the spirit of the North.
    Rysen The respected Vala of the Spirit Walkers, and a more than talented poet when she chooses to share.
    Sabella She seems very knowledgeable about things that I know absolutely nothing about but would like to know more of. Her meeting in the Stone Garden was very interesting! I definitely hope she did not notice I ended up falling asleep. But! Scholar Oswyn showed me his notes so I feel like I can assuredly say it was very interesting all the same!
    Samael Lady Khanne offered to help me investigate something for the Scholars. It is good to have helpful people like her around. I look forward to making better friends with her.
    Sameera Lady Khanne Halfshav. She is.. interesting. A shaman and someone willing to help Thrax, despite the over all judgement people hold for those sworn to Thrax.
    Sasha The sister of the man who has stolen my heart. I hope we become fast friends.
    Savio She is so much more talented than she gives herself credit for; her words are powerful and evocative. A pleasure to be among those who heard them.
    Sebastian A pleasure to have met her at the game of Thirteen questions and to hear the answers that she gave. I look forward to additional games in the future. Though hopefully the answers will not bring a somber finish next time.
    Shae Dignified and grounded. Maybe she is what I'm looking for: aid.
    Shard I've kept away from the shamans in Arx, for the most part. I'm not even really sure why. But when it comes to this one, I trust her judgment, and I don't say that often. Except when it comes to who she chooses to admire, because admiring me is /ridiculous/.
    Sigurd I did not get to speak with her again today, but probably for the best. I have wronged her in my life and speaking with her only makes me feel it most keenly. I will endeavor to visit with her again.
    Silas The Crown Minister of Agriculture, and an intelligent woman by all observable accounts. She sought Silas out for his skill in woodworking when he was a commoner and Silas suspects she -might- like birds and painting. They don't cross paths often, but that may change with the sudden uptick in numbers of adventures he may be having.
    Simone I have always held Lady Khanne in high esteem. Then she became a part of our family and earned my trust. Now I feel we are on a new horizon and may possibly share something else entirely. Certainly, her help, friendship, and guidance are among the things giving me the most comfort at this time.
    Skapti She walks with the spirits and the ghosts, besides. And it seems she has no small knowledge of the First Children, either. Considering my own dreams and nightmares, alseep and wakin' beside, I would likely do well to seek her counsel on certain matters, I wager.
    Sloane The oak in full bloom reaching for the sun.
    Sparte Capable and sharp, with a difficult job. Everyone likes to eat but farming isn't exciting. I hope people have the foresight to support her before there is a problem, rather than waiting until after one occurs.
    Sunniva The Lady Halfshan seems and entirely pleasant sort and I enjoy the fact she wishes to come visit. It will be a lovely gathering to be had.
    Svana Grace, beauty, and shamanic tendencies wrapped up into one neat package. She puts me to shame with her eloquence and etiquette. And she's been very helpful to me when I needed guidance.
    Tallius Mountain or pebble, either one would have granted me not a word were it not for the presence of the Vala, this is something I am certain of. She is a woman to be respected, and a counsel to be heeded carefully.
    Tarik She is a very patient, and I can see why she is The Voice. She seems to genuinely care about her subjects and wants to help them. I think it is going to be one of my greatest honor to be entrusted with her safety and well-being.
    Thena Capable, calm, courageous in the face of what apparently were snakes. Good qualities for someone who has to put up with Mags on a regular basis.
    Theron Halfshav Shamaness. Met her a couple of times already. Very nice person and a friend of Valerio's. Pleasant company and easily agreeable with.
    Titus She honours her mother and her father's mother by the duty she wields to protect her house and the people that have given their loyalty and oaths. An unexpected surprise from a vulnerable situation where she acted honourably and without fault. May her future daughters learn from her wisdom and be even stronger.
    Torian Shamed myself a little but not remembering them right off, but then again what one looks like at a party against what they look like when they're getting their numbers taken for some leathers is pretty different isn't it? They didn't seem to mind at least. Which is nice.
    Triton Down to Earth duchess! Good with her bird and animals are perceptive judges of human nature, so I think she is likely a very decent woman.
    Valarian An aethereal being, a shaman of repute who I got to see put her connection with the spirits to the test. Can't say I came away disappointed, or by her general skill at taking care of people in general.
    Valdemar A wonderful guide to have for my first Feast of the Senses. Pleasant company, with a great sense of humor.
    Valery One of the shamans. She's nice and warm, and she listens.
    Vayne Speaking with her was the right decision. I was thoroughly blessed by the conversation and everything I had a chance to learn about her beliefs. They're so similar to my own in many ways, I wonder whether there might be room for increased collaboration. The Lady is gracious and intelligent, and has excellent whiskey.
    Venturo My Pen Pal. I'll find a way to convince her to replace her flask of whiskey for ale, even if I have to steal it.
    Vercyn My neice, and my solid right hand. While Brianna has come into her own in my service, Khanne has stood and supported our family for as long as she has been able to. We would not be who we are without her.
    Vercyn Khanne is not only my niece and of my blood, but my trust right hand in managing Whitehold. A competent administrator but also a knowledgeable shaman, she is the one I trust to keep the Duchy running efficiently when my attention is elsewhere. I am as proud of her as her parents are.
    Vercyn Shane has come so strongly into her own and Halfshav is thriving due to her work. As a shaman, too, the things I hear of her are nothing short of praiseworthy for our house and family name.
    Veronica At long last, I finally catch up with Lady Khanne, Reigna's best friend. Despite this being a first meeting, I have a measure of Lady Khanne and I can start to understand why Reigna considers her such a close friend; she is understanding and empathic, able to put herself in the shoes of people with different view points. It's a rare talent in Arx, and she is that much better for it.
    Volcica So calm and collected! I'm glad I got the chance to sit down with her.
    Wash The smallest giant among the halfshavs, and of slightly anxious disposition.
    Willow I keep missing her and meaning to get to know her better. Lovely smile, though.
    Wulfrum Wine is mature, blue skye is young, champagne is youthful, and ocean blue is ancient. Snow is timeless?
    Wylla It's difficult to see in her much of the same hard, sharp edge Vercyn honed in himself as Duke. She has a different way, and always has. I worry a little, as aunt's do, but I understand well the lure of the intangible over the dirt and blood my brother preferred.
    Xia We met at one of Lord Titus's story events. She was very nice and did not make fun of me for talking through the entire event.
    Zara She must be very brave to share such a powerful and personal poem.
    Zoey Save the drinking for after, not when you need your wits about you.
    Zoya A woman much in control of herself, and well respected by others with knowledge of who and what she is.