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Vassal of Redrain

Words: "Half savage, half hero."
Sigil: A figure on a red field, with the left side drawn as a knight holding a shield and right side as a barbarian holding a sword.
Nickname: Prodigal nobles.

Halfshav, a young house a mere few generations old, was founded with a great King Of the Shavs bent the knee to the Prince of Farhaven after a combined force of a dozen clans of the Abandoned was crushed in a battle to decide the fate of the North. After more than a century of living under Redrain rule, they still bloodfeuds with a number of Abandoned tribes that refused to yield and ties with many peaceable ones.


Name Rank Title Description
Khanne 1 Duchess
Mirk 2 Voice
Brianna 3 Noble Family
Arik 3 Noble Family
Ivar 3 Noble Family
Rona 3 Noble Family
Seax 3 Noble Family
Alecstazi 3 Noble Family
Aine 3 Noble Family
Reve 3 Noble Family
Maxen 3 Noble Family
Drea 3 Noble Family
Titus 3 Noble Family
Marcas 4 Trusted House Servants
Tarik 4 Trusted House Servants
Tavish 4 Trusted House Servants
Valda 4 Trusted House Servants
Rowenova 4 Trusted House Servants
Tila 5 Noble Vassals
Oddmun 5 Noble Vassals
Braith 5 Noble Vassals
Amarantha 5 Noble Vassals
Kiano 5 Noble Vassals
Sasha 5 Noble Vassals
Kritr 5 Noble Vassals
Tove 5 Noble Vassals
Yvette 5 Noble Vassals
Lisica 5 Noble Vassals
Volcica 5 Noble Vassals
Kutazer 5 Noble Vassals
Acantha 5 Noble Vassals
Cassim 5 Noble Vassals
Ashur 5 Noble Vassals
Ringvald 5 Noble Vassals
Meabh 5 Noble Vassals
Poppy 5 Noble Vassals
Dagny 5 Noble Vassals
Halla 5 Noble Vassals
Ora 5 Noble Vassals
Sapphira 5 Noble Vassals
Corwin 5 Noble Vassals
Edelma 7 Known Commoners
Violet 7 Known Commoners
Briar 7 Known Commoners
Kasa 7 Known Commoners
Breidaia 7 Known Commoners
Svana 7 Known Commoners
Ludovic 7 Known Commoners
Viggo 7 Known Commoners
Deoiridh 7 Known Commoners
Jaenelle 8 Ally
Wylla 10 Serf

Ruler: Khanne

Minister Category Title
Arik Warfare Sword of Whitehold
Mirk Income None
Brianna Population None

Land Holdings


Description: One of the most remote bastions of the Compact, the duchy of Whitehold nearly borders the Everwinter, and even in summer is rarely without snow.

Landmarks: Under direction of the Lady Khanne Halfshav, shrines of Mangata have been erected at the mouth of every river in the duchy, by every pond, every stream, every lake. Most are modest affairs, but an exceptionally grand shrine is built at the end of the White Peak Range, where the mountains runoff empties to the streams that start the Gray River, and a small town and guard towers grow up around the Great Northern Shrine of Mangata. Pilgrims traveling far north to Whitehold note the serenity by 'the streams and skies' of Whitehold.

Cascade Springs, a new township built in 1010 AR under Lord Mirk's direction and under the stewardship of Bethany Mercier, boasts a secure village and a bustling economy. It has grown significantly, and now is something of a boom town.

Trends: Since honoring Mangata, the duchy has been growing closer to the Faith of the Pantheon, while at the same time the amount of shamanism taking a lead from Lady Khanne is extremely pronounced. Perhaps in no other place in Arvum is the worship of the Faith and shamanism seen as often side by side.

The Great Road unites Whitehold with other holdings.

Part of the Kismet Carnivals.