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Countess Acantha Clearlake

When we accept our own wild beauty, it is put into perspective, and we are no longer poignantly aware of it anymore, but neither would we forsake it or disclaim it either.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Silver Tongued Savage
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Clearlake
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 30
Birthday: 10/30
Religion: Shamanism/Pantheon
Vocation: Prodigal noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: chocolate brown
Eye Color: smokey grey
Skintone: fair

Titles: Countess of Clearlake Hold

Description: This stunning brunette stands at 5'4" without her shoes on. Her rich chocolate brown hair is full of life as it wends down past one smokey eye and down along her high cheekbone as it crashes down in waves to a spot just below her waist. Even without the makeup, her brilliant grey eyes would shine like gems. above her strong nose, lush lips, and firm chin.

Personality: Acanthas personality can change just as easily as the weather does. Shes slow to anger, easy to make smile and very rarely is a venomous person. If she starts throwing things then its time to run away. Shes curious of new things. Wanting to learn more as she gets older, but she doesnt try to push herself into others business. She grew up in a heavily Shamanistic family, but since joining the Compact and bending the knee to Halfshav, shes been learning more about the Pantheon and things of that nature. Shes a quirky sort of woman all things considered with her past and how she was raised.

Background: The classical stories of an ugly duckling growing up to be something beautiful, the same stories could be told of Acantha Clearlake. When she was a child she was chubby, dirty and poor. Growing up with two older brothers did not make this any easier. Especially when she wasn't their real sister. Acantha was abandoned on an very cold night and her adopted mother found her and brought her in. She loves her older brothers though, she even took after them a bit. On the fighting side of things of course. She was taught to use a sword. She was also taught to get herself out of confrontations. As well as her brothers when they can't talk themselves out of things. It became clear to her 'parents' that she had a brain between those ears of hers that was best put to use.

Acantha Clearlake is one of the younger members of the Clearlake retinue that has come to Arx and bent the knee to House Halfshav. Though she shares the name it's clear when first meeting her that she's taken the task of fitting into the Compact a bit more seriously than some. Another thing that is clear is that she's wanting to make a better name for the Clearlake House since they haven't been the most warm welcomed. She's well spoken and charming, but she's also been known to show her more savage side when it needs to come out.

Relationship Summary

  • Cadern - Triton's older brother. I like him a great deal. I also suspect that he set the Dwarf on fire at some point.
  • Mirk - You've been very warm and welcoming and stood in when others couldn't be there. I think it's a very good sign of your character. Thank you.
  • Preston - The Grandmaster of the Templars. I hope to get to know him more over the coming months.
  • Evander - My friend that I made when I answered one of his letters that had been given to me. I hope to one day meet him face to face.
  • Vano - He's quickly becoming a fast friend and his insight is priceless.

  • Family:
  • Kritr - While we might not be strongly related, he does share my name and I want to make sure to help the Clearlake's settle comfortably. I respect him a great deal.

  • Patron:
  • Arik - Lord Halfshav has been a welcoming and friendly face since I've arrived. Something that I am very grateful for.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Not given to harsh tactics, which is probably a good thing.
    Alaric She is doing good things for her Barony, and the furs coming out will hopefully do well to replace our lost trade. Well done!
    Apollo A pleasure to finally meet, this baroness clearly wants to make a name for her house. She also knows that the way to an artisan's heart is lovely, rare raw materials.
    Astyr A Baroness, but not born to it -- yet noble-spirited, and generous in her hospitality. She has the most remarkably white furs! Absolutely luxurious.
    Athaur A wonderful hostess
    Bhandn It's good to enjoy a bit of sport that does not result in death or harm. It's even nicer when the prize for a good show is great as well. It speaks well of those hosting such events.
    Bianca A fine and gracious purveyor of parties. She has my gratitude for helping provide some much-needed levity; hopefully, opportunity will present itself for us to meet again.
    Bliss I think I made a better elf than she did. But she's certainly a pleasant one to watch, and it takes great bravery to get on stage and perform like that.
    Brigida Polite, respectful and smart enough to make way when needed.
    Cambria A fresh-faced Baroness of Clearlake. I hope she will not feel too pressured to marry in a rush, and instead makes the decision she feels is best...for herself and her House.
    Carmen I won her archery trophy so she may as well be Lagoma reborn. She has a pretty voice. And I think her eyes were blue. Maybe not. But she's generous and kind.
    Cirroch I look forward to working with her to cleanse the lands of cultists.
    Cirroch Well met with a contest of archery, of which I have no skills in. Though this will not stop the true mountains spirit of giving it a shot. Throws a wonderful party.
    Delia A fine lady, who makes sure that each and every one of her guests is greeted and tended, and who throws balls to die for!
    Delilah Wisdom lies in listening before acting, and Acantha is never without a pen or pensive look during important matter. Deep thoughts rotate around in that mind. Though she is not always quick to share her opinions, they are always worth listening to.
    Dianna Generous, lovely sociable. I'm sure she's the kind of woman I would enjoy knowing better.
    Elgana Now the Baroness of Clearlake, I have no reservation that Acantha shall lead her House toward a bright and prosperous future. She has a well-honed mind for business, and I look forward to seeing all she does now and in the future.
    Evander When I was a boy I exchanged letters with a prodigal who grew up to become a Baroness. She seems determined and largely fearless, and I am pleased to have made contact with her again.
    Gwenna Baroness Acantha Clearlake took the leadership of her house when Lord Kritr returned to their lands in the north and abdicated. I sometimes wonder if she ever sleeps! Jesting aside, she is a dedicated and very accessible leader of her House, often running events that feature traditions of Clearlake Hold. I often envy her energy and feel fortunate she is a fellow leader in the Northlands.
    Hadrian I have attended my first Beards and Brews party, hosted by Baroness Acantha Clearlake. I went into it expecting to be entertained, I went into it also expecting to go home early because the spectacle could surely only last for so long before the amusement faded and the sense of Why Am I Here? set in. I can say with certainty that I stayed until the end of the party, had a wonderful time, and was deeply appreciative of the welcoming environment that Baroness Clearlake - and others - provided me. It was a superb time and I look forward to the next gathering of Beards for Brews. There's also that matter of marmot furs that I'll hopefully have an opportunity to speak with her about. It's cold. So cold.
    Helena A charming and warm lady that seems a lover of fine things and a supporter of the arts.
    Jan A proper lady. We'd probably have an abyss of a time drinking together, but that doesn't mean I don't see the worth in her opinions. We'll need every hand on deck here soon. Not everyone needs to be manning harpoons.
    Jeffeth She held a contest and it was wonderful. A lovely lady it seems!
    Jyri We've hovered around each other but never met - but within the Spirit Walkers we find the common ground. She's very dedicated and spends hours on research; the Spirit Walkers owe her much, and so do I.
    Kaldur Is that a ... beaver?! Delightful woman, curious companion. Delightful in its way as well.
    Kasa A kind and generous woman. That she's also a noble speaks volumes. And her beaver is cute.
    Khanne Oh, have I not told you about Acantha? She is an absolute delight. Her sense of humor is sly and entertaining, her intelligence admirable.
    Liara She throws a good party! I'd heard of her from the Clearlake furs, though her interest in fashion plainly goes beyond that, and she was marvellously turned out. Very courteous, too.
    Mabelle A gracious host, style and well-spoken. I ought to get to know her better.
    Magnus Lady Acantha shares some views in common we me, we are both decided to help the Compact and our families as we can and she seems like a devout believer of the spirits, which is always a welcoming and refreshing sight.
    Marzio A Lady of the Northern Lands. I do not know much of her, but the time we have spent together was enjoyable. She is polite, and very helpful to someone new to the city.
    Mirk A prodigal lady of the Clearlake clan. Helpful and not hesitant at all about getting herself involved. She just might find acceptance here in Arx.
    Monique Bringing together the Prodigals of the Compact to help one another is something I will always support. Lady Acantha is one to watch, and one to support in turn. I do hope we can be friends.
    Morgan A pretty and sociable Northern lady who knows her fashion, she was a pleasure to meet! And has a beaver! I'll hopefully get to talk to her more in the future.
    Olin A noble dedicated to her barony, proud of her home and kind to those of similar interests. A wonderful contact indeed.
    Ophelia A most gracious hostess of the Clearlake archery tournament. The next time I am practicing with my bow in the Northland, I will gladly look in on her!
    Pasquale What an interesting beaver that is.
    Petal A lovely lady who is charming, hosts fun events and is a great customer!
    Preston The Lady Acantha is kind and generous, and a true friend of the Templars. Anyone who will risk the pragmatic for what is right should be supported.
    Raimon A charming Hostess.
    Raimon First met at the Queen's Summit on the Metallic Traitor, more or less by happenstance. Of course just about -everyone- was in attendance, and I'd tended to find people I didn't yet know to get their take on things, so perhaps it wasn't -completely- at random. I'm fond of Redrain, on good terms with Halfshav and ejoy talking to Spirit Walkers, so, it worked out along the usual lines. Still, she seemed reluctant to fully engage with strangers. Understandable. These are hazardous times.
    Reese A wonderful noble who hosts events and helps increase morale. She is hard working and blessed.
    Rysen A Northern lady so warm and charming, that even small woodland creatures follow her wherever she goes. I can see why.
    Sabella A little quiet, but that is not surprising considering she teaches etiquette! I look forward to getting to know her better!
    Turo A jovial and welcoming hostess. It's not often I see someone who moves so easily to greet all of her guests.
    Volcica Baroness Clearlake, Mother of Beavers. She's done a lot for her people.
    Wash A diplomatic Baroness. Her willingness to support her fealty does her credit. Too often these Northern lords equate being loud with being successful.
    Willow I admire her work on behalf of her house. I should like to work with her.
    Zoey Always ready to offer diplomacy, but with the troops waiting in the wings.