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Vassal of Halfshav

Words: "Look deep enough and the coolest waters will burn hot."
Sigil: A snow capped mountain with a blue lake at it's base.
Nicknames: Jastvonts, Fur Traders.

Brief Write Up: Clearlake is the Arvani translation for the Jastvotn tribe of northern Shav that live at the base of the mountains northeast of Whitehold that have just chosen to bend the knee to House Halfshav and the Compact. They are known to be rugged traders of furs and pelts with deep shamanistic traditions and only the faintest whispers of the Pantheon. A formerly matrilineal society with no concept of fatherhood or marriage, the tribe has arranged its members best fit to lead into a House in the style of the Compact regardless of actual relation and sent them to Arx to foster alliances to help the clan survive the coming troubles, and that means learn the ways of the Compact to be accepted.


Name Rank Title Description
Acantha 1 Countess
Kritr 3 Noble Family
Yvette 3 Noble Family
Tove 3 Noble Family
Lisica 3 Noble Family
Ringvald 3 Noble Family
Meabh 3 Noble Family
Kasa 4 Trusted House Servants

Ruler: Acantha

Minister Category Title
Ringvald Income None
Vano(RIP) Warfare None

Land Holdings

Clearlake Hold

Description: An ancient fortress carved into the granite mountain beside the crystal clear waters from which the clan gets its name. The structure was created by some forgotten House long lost to memory and eventually taken over by the clan of northern Abandoned. The crystal clear waters of the deep lake hide the hotsprings that flow beneath that keep the lake from freezing over in the coldest winter and are channeled into the stones of the settlement themselves for heating and cooking. The waters from the lake flow outward and are home to a variety of beavers and other animals well prized for their pelts so the Clearlake area is best known for two exports: Furs and builders that understand how to harness the heat of the earth.

Landmarks: The Great Road

Templar Sanctuary - a solid fort of stone.

Trends: Due to the efforts of Countess Acantha Clearlake, Clearlake Hold has established a significant fur trade with the rest of the Compact.

Clearlake Marmot furs are becoming all the rage in fashion.