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Beatrix Corsetina

Beauty dances at the edge of things, where the most dangerous things bloom.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: The White Thorn
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Corsetina
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 05/06
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: green
Skintone: pale

Titles: The White Thorn

Description: Beatrix is a fair-skinned, charcoal-haired, lithe woman of uncanny beauty and yet that is not what lured poets and warriors to call her the White Rose of Tor. The Corsetina's viridian eyes, holding secrets and torments, and her swagger give Beatrix irresistible airs of allure. Rarely needing to express herself with more than the faintest curl of her full lips or a shrug of her shoulders, she talks with her whole body before ever uttering a word, filling the room with her powerful voice. Her physique is slender and strong, feminine and flattering in its grace and elegance.

Personality: Whether the White Rose of the Corsetina family enjoys games of mystery or if she effortlessly plays them is up to anyone's guess. Always close but never within reach is her motto and she dances at that edge for her own amusement and nobody else's. To most the woman is aloof and undeniably attractive but to an attentive observer Beatrix enjoys being unknown, a ghost and muse to others around them. Beatrix relaxes around her family, showing the playful demeanor she so expertly hide to outsiders, but she is never without a few thorns to her.

Background: Beatrix and her twin sister Margaux were born in the beautiful city of Tor to a branch of the Corsetina family. Unfortunately for them, their youth was during the troubled time of the Tor-Southport War, when Count Lucien Malvici had usurped the rule of the Fidante family, and their early years was spent evading the horrors of war, the cruelty of the well born, and dreaming of one day having the peace and luxury of the nobility for themselves.

As women the two sisters rose notoriety. Beatrix was a well-known muse to many artists in the city, her dalliances with upper crust commoners and even some nobles sparking many rivalries and a lot of drama, her ambition and boldness unafraid to make the occasional enemy. Margaux's fame was darker, the shadowy woman having become a criminal of ill-repute who avoided capture time and again, ahead of those who set themselves to catch her every time.

Their paths diverging, the elite called Beatrix their White Thorn, bright and perfect, and in time a noblewoman of the Fidante vassal of House Floris was so taken by Beatrix, the noble asked her in marriage, giving up rank and title (if not wealth) to join in marriage. The tragedy that followed quickly became the talk of some of some of the Lycene city-states, and the common consensus was the following drama occured: Feeling like she had been left behind by her sister, the violent Margaux murdered Beatrix's wife a day after their wedding. The White Thorn woke up that morning by her dead spouse's side, the former noble's chest carved open by with a single, bloody white rose stuck into the exposed heart.

The noblewoman-turned-commoner's former House couldn't accuse Beatrix of the deed as she would be the one to lose any benefits gained from tying herself, even if haphazzardly, to nobility. The answer was obviously Margaux, and the hunt began immediately.

Beatrix, alone and afraid, worried that once the Floris were done hunting down Margaux they could come for her. She was just a commoner, after all, why would they stay their vengeance and stop at one Corsetina? With the heat too much for to handle in Tor Beatrix left for Arx where she has since found and sought refugee with the rest of her family, hoping she can rebuild her life away from Tor and her sister.

But Beatrix is already recovering. Bloodied and hunted she might be, she's still the ambitious young woman that was unafraid of obstacles in her path. She'll have her wealth and safety again, and woe be to those who stand in her way.

Relationship Summary

  • Mailys - Everything I've come to expect from one so well-regarded in mi famiglia, and more.
  • Name Summary
    Mabelle A curious and bubbly soul. I appreciate that. I envy her spirits.