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Words: "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails."
Sigil: A white ship against a black background.
Nickname: The Unwelcome

The rise and fall of commoner families is an every day thing in Setarco, and the Corsetina are an excellent example of it. Living in poverty during the rule of Duke Piero Pravus, commonfolk of the Lyceum gossip that not three generations before they had been a thriving merchant family. Condemned to disgrace by a sequence of unfortunate events, the affluent family was broken in many branches scattered around the Lyceum.

Barely scraping by the Corsetina remnant scrambled in the gutters of Setarco City, Arx, Tor, Lenosia and Southport, and they might have become a small footnote in the annals of history if not for the disappearance of Ari Corsetina and the adoption of Mirari and Mailys by the Suspires of Setarco.

Using their considerable gains in the political and economic fronts, the three put the Corsetina back on the map, finding and rescued others overtime, rebuilding what has become one of the most notorious commoner families of the Lyceum. Always connected to their homeland in the south, the Corsetina maintain a strong presence in Arx where their unique talents serve them well.


Name Rank Title Description
Mirari 1 Dominara Corsetina of Setarco - Godmother
Mailys 3 Famiglia Corsetina of Setarco - Mysterious Sister
Miraya 3 Famiglia Corsetina of Setarco - Troubled Sister
Miella 3 Famiglia Corsetina of Arx - Adopted Sister
Beatrix 3 Famiglia Corsetina of Tor - Violent Sister
Megara 3 Famiglia Corsetina of Port Defiance - Former Sightless Sister
Dino 3 Famiglia Corsetina of Setarco - Optimistic Brother
Ravana 4 Alleata Licivan Entrepeneur - Not-A-Pirate
Caspian 4 Alleato Friendly Sword to Corsetina