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Mailys Corsetina

Order is the shape upon which beauty depends.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: The Corsetina Courtier
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Corsetina
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 2/2
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: emerald green
Skintone: fair

Description: When glancing at this woman it can be noted that she has emerald green eyes and dark red lips, both are accented by her jet black hair. However, she is quite buxom for a fair skinned woman and she carries herself with the grace of air, light on her feet. She has a smile that can light up a room and those eyes of her seem to be a mix of friendly and mysterious.

Personality: Mailys is easy on the eyes but that is far from what has made her so successful. The Corsetina is sea breeze, pleasant to be around of. She laughs easily and seems to possess a heart of gold that has resisted poverty and many difficulties along the way. Mailys is also loyal to a fault, reason why she has decided to stand by her family above all other demands. Sharp of tongue she can be sassy and add some spice to any party, but a masterful courtier knows when to draw attention to herself and when to let others shine.

Background: Mailys was born in Setarco where she was raised by her uncle alongside many children bearing the Corsetina name, some of them her cousins and others her siblings. Growing up in the Setarco City slums many don't like to talk about wasn't easy and as soon as others perceived what a beauty she was bound to become Mailys got an invitation to join the House of Silken Sighs. Aware this was an amazing opportunity and something that would provide financial windfall for her family, she accepted.

So began Mailys' life as a courtier. She spent some years at the House learning the arts of the Suspires before a member of the Saik family, impressed with her, acquired Mailys' contract. She spent many years plying her trade and advancing her contractor's goals in the Lyceum, learning more about the world and the people around her. Her travels led her to Arx where she joined Mirari in establishing their family's name and where she eventually joined the Whispers.

During her time as a Whisper she reached the rank of Softest, but that is not where her heart laid. She left the guild and instead decided to use her array of contacts and skills to further the Corsetina family's aims in Arx. Ever since she has become synonymous with her family's name and one of the city's most well-known citizens. To some that would be enough. To Mailys she has barely even started.

Relationship Summary

  • Jeffeth - Gentle Knight and enjoyable company
  • Armani - Gilded Lady and giver of spirits
  • Duarte - A charming man, to keep my eye on

  • Family:
  • Blossom - A cousin. She is an artist.
  • Rickard - A cousin. He seems like a nice boy.
  • Mirari - The Sister-Cousin. Dire sized Mailys. Invincible as we are indivisible.
  • Miraya - A Sister-Cousin. Third in the set. The favoured one who remained free on the water.
  • Miella - Our Adopted Sister. We gave her a name and she forged purpose.
  • Beatrix - The Blood Rose Sister-Cousin. Her twin is at least more ambitious than Brayden.
  • Brayden - The "Missing" Twin. Hiding their mother from Mailys- for now.

  • Ally:
  • Titus - Some people say he's not even real.

  • Deceased:
  • Juliet - The beautiful Rose of Tor and beloved. She has passed on and Mailys will always miss her.
  • Ari - The Father I Wanted. I did everything without question. I gave more than you asked. I regret nothing.
  • Jackson - You idolised him and look what it got you.

  • Spouse:
  • Savio - A Brother in jaw. He's so fascinating. And one time, he...
  • Name Summary
    Arman This young woman possesses a unique charm coupled with a biting wit. Plain and to the point but with required grace to pull it off. One to watch.
    Asralyn Cunning. Snow white. A secret heart behind that veil of black hair. I would learn to fly, just to brush those wings.
    Audgrim She has big goals, and as part of the Corsetina family, she'll likely reach them.
    Brady Shrewd, layered, and mysterious. Dangerous. Not like the talons, take you away to feast on in a comfy nest dangerous. More like, claws, hunt you for sport dangerous. Did I mention mysterious?
    Calista The very lovely Corsetina has an eye for style and design. What beautiful young woman living in the city of Arx doesn't wish to be swathed in steelsilk? She might also have some insight on what is buried beneath the Grayson gardens. She has a passion for adventure it seems.
    Cassiopeia Clever and sharp, truly a unique gem. I am glad to have her part of the family, and even more so, that she helps keep my family together.
    Ember She will go far. She will achieve much. And the world will not be ready for her.
    Gerald An interesting young woman and a potentially intriguing business partner.
    Giorgio Madame Mailys Corsetina. She is truly a pleasure to spend time with. She possesses a keen mind and goals that run parallel to my own. A new protege, at least for the time being, but I hope that our friendship will grow and lead toward a prosperous future for the both of us.
    Martino Met in the Archives and, my, they brought such a good energy to the studies needed. Curious on some fascinating matters and, certainly, one to aid in the future should they wish it.
    Miella She may be the least physically dangerous of the Corsetina tribe, but no less adored. Everyone would do good to remember SHE might not hurt you but her family wouldn't think twice about it. Step lightly, folks!
    Mikani A woman of many talents I'm sure. Popping men's egos... that one impresses me the most.
    Mortimer Not only a quick mind but laid back as well. We will make a brilliant duo working under one roof.
    Noah She appears to have a good head on her shoulders, maybe understands economics. This could be useful to me and that means, she could be useful for me. Needs further study.
    Orland A talented woman with a mind for business. I suspect she'll go far and find places to reach that most couldn't dream of finding.
    Porter It's very possible I introduced myself to this woman three times. Sometimes that happens. SOMETIMES.
    Raja I have to enjoy a person that will debate my ideas and questions and philosophies when I am drunk. I hope we can have more discussions in the future.
    Savio Everything you'd hope for in a Setarcan -- clever, stunning, wicked in the best way. But this particular Setarcan has something more valuable on top of that: asking the right questions, and paying attention to the answers.
    Titus Hungry for knowledge, I wouldn't call her keen but instead like a predator looking for the next meal of knowledge to consume. Wonderful.
    Tyrus To survive and thrive forces one to be familiar with necessity, or die. She chose the former to the latter.
    Vitalis Great at first impressions, less great at voice impressions. Maybe it was the tea. It was very strong.
    Wash I do believe this woman cannot tell the difference between striped pants and pants with a stripe. Excellent. People who fixate on such tiny details are intolerable.