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Lore Artiglio

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go!

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Adventurous Cartographer
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Artiglio
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 6/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Cartographer
Height: average height
Hair Color: deep chestnut
Eye Color: jade green
Skintone: bronzed

Description: On the tall side for a woman at 5'9", Lore is a hard woman to miss. From the loose waves of deep chestnut hair streaked with bronze and toffee streaks granted by the sun, to the changeable green of her eyes that range from their usual jade to a deeper malachite with the change of her moods, she is easy on the eyes and knows it. The sort of indescribable beauty that will last long after her hair starts to turn gray and her skin starts to thin. Dark, slashing brows, a slender nose, and a mobile mouth with a fuller lower lip completes that eternal allure. Her body is neither slender nor full-figured, falling somewhere between with both a slight show of muscle under the skin, curves to fit her frame, and legs that seem to go on forever.

Personality: Gregarious and free-spirited, there is little that gets Lore down for long. She lives for adventure and travel and making a few coins doing it. Outgoing and friendly, occasionally a bit crass or uncouth; Lore loves a good story, a good drink, or a good fight in any particular order. Conversely, she also appreciates those quiet times that let her indulge her artistic urges, charting the seas, creating maps of the known world. Imagining up new ones to make maps for.

Background: Born abroad to Carabelle Artiglio, sister to Giovanni and Blacktongue, Lore didn't reach Arx until she was in her fifth year. Her mother brought her home to the family without a mention as to why, refusing to speak on the matter, ever. It lead Lore to being raised in the Lyceum ward, growing up alongside her cousins, and indeed, being sad when Talen was sent to 'the Big House' to live after Giovanni's death.

Still, she found herself with plenty of playmates, growing from childhood to adulthood, travelling here and there with Velenosan merchant ships. She discovered a penchant for drawing, and a love of cartography, learning quickly to chart the lands and seas where she traveled. Lore even gained a bit of a reputation for knowing the best people to deal with, how to get where they wanted to go (quickest routes don't always mean safest, though!).

A few years back, she sent a messenger to her family saying that she'd found a ship bound for Eurus and that she planned to sail with them, come Abyss or high water! And then nothing, for years. Not until a ship sailed into port bearing a young woman claiming to be Lore Artiglio!

Name Summary
Adora Map maker. Trying to steal my business! I don't like her.
Agostino A sharp, lovely woman who will no doubt go far here in Arx. I look forward to seeing it happen.
Alarissa A fine Artiglio, just like Talen was.
Aleksei Apparently I have a fan club!
Auda She seems like fun! Pretty, too, and who doesn't like that? I may need to get to know her better.
Berenice She's given me a marvelous gift rather on accident, although I rather think she shouldn't _borrow trouble_ for others.
Calandra Full of vigor and excitement. It's contagious! With a wicked sense of humor, and a quick wit.
Caspian She did a real good job in woo'ing and seducing me. Started off a little distance, and now she basically invaded my home and my bed and hasn't left. Not that I mind.
Delilah Incorrigibly gregarious and very enthusiastic, the warmth that Lore sheds is certainly the kind of light that we need more of in the city. I'm going to remember her name, for certain, and recall her when I need a mapmaker.
Domonico Flamboyant but with a keen eye for detail and knowledgable about her potential customers. As merchants go she has definitely impressed me."
Eddard Pretty, bound to catch a cold. Commoner with uncommon duties.
Evaristo Buys drinks. Sails, is a cartographer and an explorer. The most perfect combination!
Faye I'm always fascinated to meet someone with tales from Eurus, and I'm sure she has many. She seems bright and sensibly cautious, and I'm sure her advice to avoid Eurus is wise.
Gianna A boisterous woman, unapologetic about that fact. As it should be. Lively.
Gilroy Bold and fashionable.
Giulio The Artiglio are most talented individuals. I've little doubt that she will be one worth knowing. Her Eurusi adventures alone pose... much of interest.
Harlex A cartographer that has the scent of a good adventure trailin' behind her--damned if I won't find out.
Helena Warm and friendly and a good companion to share a warm beverage, cake, and conversation with on a snowy day.
Jeffeth A new lifelong friend! Well she seems energetic at least. And she draws maps. That seems neat. She seems very nice, and enthusiastic which I definitely approve of. So who knows, maybe we will be lifelong friends!
Jennyva Interesting woman I met at the Black Fox over mulled wine. I can't wait to see Mal's outfit to see if she's just as talented as she is devastatingly gorgeous.
Leif Companion to Caspian, when I met them in the Sweets shop. Interesting lady.
Luca Another Artiglio, come to Arx. This place is going to dogs all over. This one seems to have some spirit to her. That's a boon for anyone looking to pull a House full of southerners like that in a good direction. She fits into a conversation easy, I like that.
Macda What a marvel to watch in action!
Mikani A mapmaker! I'm impressed and would love to see their maps!
Mirk An entrepreneurial young explorer. An interesting sort to hire, though I'm not sure she'll thank us for the experience of a northern winter - or even a Northern spring.
Modi I would trust her to back me up in a fight. Especially a brawl. I enjoy the fact that even one with a penchant for a violent romp can also find good work as a merchant.
Niklas Fashionable! She even manages to make wearing Caspian as an accessory look good.
Reese An energetic woman who makes maps. She seems to have spirit.
River She has a gift with language and it makes me wonder if she is being snarky or honest. I love it.
Sparte Her name is AMAZING. My gosh, I want to know how they came up with it. She has cousins named all sorts of things with too many vowels but, uh, what was I trying to... Oh right, Lore! She is also amazing, but I don't want to spoil it by explaining why. Just bring her a tame goose and three different fruit pies and ask her to explain that, and you'll figure it out.
Talen About as annoying as she was when she left, and slightly less loveable. Still a hound. I can't say the bad word, but she's family.
Victus A Lycene with bloody fists. Rare you see one of the southerners who aren't versed in hits below the belt or a knife in the back. This one seems keen to punch right in the mouth. Respectable.