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Words: "Facing demon or man, our loyalty is unshaken."
Sigil:Purple War Hound in Spiked Armor
Nickname: Hounds of Lenosia

The Artiglio family is almost synonymous with the guard of Lenosia, as so many of the family have faithfully served House Velenosa in the military of Lenosia, or have had privileged positions as house servants as the closest commoner house. In recent years, the Artiglios have spread and have developed significant mercantile interests and have cousins through the rest of the Lyceum and Arx, but their ties to Velenosa are still exceedingly strong.


Name Rank Title Description
Caprice 1 Head Clothes Hound
Blacktongue 3 Family Harlequin Hound
Ferrando 3 Family
Eithne 3 Family
Lore 3 Family Map Hound
Genevra 3 Family
Duarte 4 Allies
Felix 4 Allies
Eleyna 10 In Memorium