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Marquessa Lora DiFidante

Tell me where then I should go. To the left, where nothing is right? Or to the right, where nothing is left?

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Songbird From The Sea
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: DiFidante
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 24
Birthday: 6/24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Gold-threaded Brown
Eye Color: Sea Blue
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Voice of House Fidante, Countess of the March of the Roseward

Description: A shade under average height and slim of build, she is good genetic stock schooled and refined and distilled until what is left is grace and elegance. Large, wide-set eyes are the color of the sea, shading blue or grey with mood and fashion. They soften the aristocratic sharpness of her features, and ever lend her an expression of open innocence. Her chief glory is her hair, a thick cascade of tumbled waves spilt below the small of her back. Golden threads through rich brown, so that when she wears it plaited and coiled, it becomes a crown upon her head.

(Three Torean Dawn roses, golden hearts that follow an ombre darkening to crimson outer petals, are woven into her ornately braded hair.)

Personality: Gracious, decorus, serene. Not a wallflower. Lora carries herself with gravitas, a stately reserve that some mistake for shyness, at their expense. She plays the innocent well, relying on the perception of herself as a bit of a backwater ingenue to disarm opponents. But she is neither meek nor innocent. There is iron under her skin and a quick mind backing each turn of words that has made her a negotiator of some renown.

Background: A child of the Mourning Isles, Lora was born and raised in Grimhems Point, where trying to Out Thrax House Thrax is no rumor, it is the way of life for House Grimhall.

She is one many children between Anton Grimhall and his wife, Helena Grimhall nee Hawkmour. From a very young age, Lora exhibited her love for the arts, specifically music. Before she learned to speak, she was humming the songs her nannies would sing in order to lull her to sleep. By the time she was three, she could play simple tunes on the piano. The dull, overcast skies would suddenly brighten whenever Loralei would entertain her family with music. She has a way about her, an energy, an aura, that draws others to her and as a result can count on many she considers friends. Like her siblings, Lora spent many years under the tutelage of myriad instructors. Her training, while mainly consisting of social graces, often dabbled in a few lessons that focused on the high seas and adventure.

It is no surprise then that the young Grimhall lady often jumped at the opportunity to join her mother during diplomatic visits to the Lyceum. The Southern city-states held an exotic flavor to them that resonated deeply within Loralei. Tor in particular held her interest with their rich history, their location on the opposite side of the Lycene split, world renown roses, emeralds, and apothecaries, one can say the city seduced her and she found herself quickly married to Nico Fidante, cousin to former Duke Leo and his sister Calista Fidante.

It was a gorgeous ceremony that took place in Spring proper while all of the roses were starting to bloom. Like most marriages, Lora and Nico fulfilled a political arrangement, but there was genuine affection between them as well. As a Fidante, Lora continued to excel in all areas of social decorum. It has been noted quite a few times that her style and fashion is copied time and time again. As for her love of music, she founded a small school of the arts in Tor that provides education for less fortunate children.

When Nico died at sea during one of the heinous battles against the Gyre, Loralei was heartbroken. The story of a young widow is sadly not an uncommon one. After what seemed like an appropriate time to mourn her husband, Loralei set off to Arx from Tor to reinvent herself, offer her assistance to her Fidante family, and keep her promise to Nico that she would accomplish all the things she originally set out to accomplish while they were married. A transplanted rose from the Mourning Isles by way of Tor can surely set roots in the capital city. Come abyss or high water.

Name Summary
Ajax A Former thrax woman, she seems alright. With all the strife on the isles, I can hardly blame one for wanting an out.
Alejandro Not entirely sure what to make of her just yet. She has just arrived and seeks to help the family of her marriage. I must know more. In time, I will.
Anisha Marquessa Roseward, formerly Fidante. A sight to behold, with a lot of shine from both her jewellery and her personality. A shame she's already chosen herself a protege.
Brigida Sweet and thoughtful but a fretter. She needs to relax a little bit more and not be quite so formal.
Calista Fidante by marriage but a rose nonetheless. I look forward to seeing her grow and bloom in her new surroundings.
Caspian The first person I've met with a relation to a Hawkmour. And she was talking about my favorite Metallic! I hope her search proves fruitful.
Dante One of these days we'll meet when someone hasn't died or some crisis isn't waiting to explode right in our faces. And on that day, I'll drink tea. Until then, I shall endeavour to work with her, and ensure that should she have to go through my things, at least she'll have less to send off.
Dante Time apart has only sharpened my appreciation for her powerful intellect, dry wit and peerless beauty. A Rose of a most unique quality.
Dianara In a city with so many nobles competing to be the liveliest, most popular, and most intriguing, that she carries herself in a way that defies that hungry desire for notice makes her stand out in a crowd.
Dianna Steel; the Marquessa is aeterna over steel - not merely silk. Quite glorious to behold, in fact.
Emrys As ever, there's more to the pretty face and magnificent hair. I'm sure it appeals to some, but I find her intellect and will far more interesting. We'll see how long it takes for that particular flame to die in the long night.
Esme I think we are going to make a wonderful trio. She rounds out Dante and I so fabulously. In Dante, I have a brother, but in Lora I have a partner in crime. I cannot wait to see what we can get up to.
Evangeline Well poised and not intimidated by Emrys. Color me impressed!
Faye A composed and intelligent woman. I find her determination to see things through to their finish is quite admirable, and I hope to speak more with her in the future.
Galen A proper and lovely lady. She is most definitely welcome.
Gaspar A gentle soul with the spirit of a bird. A tender dreamer and most pleasant company. We will work on her aversion to the sea.
Gerald She seems somewhat reserved, but, I sense something else there. And she knows more than most might think. And she must be a talent with such a well-trained, intelligent bird.
Giulio It is rare that a first meeting leaves one so filled with interesting thoughts and revelations. Later meetings have not changed that at all.
Grazia The Lady Fidante is a wise woman, willing to work with the Inquisition and clever in her own right. I look forward to continuing to work with her on matters pertaining to both the Inquisition and the Lyceum.
Harlex A wide eyed little bird. Ponderous mind.
Josephine In her, there is this thread of commonality that transcend rank and birth. There will always be a drink and a warm fire for her, no matter where we are.
Katherine It seems to me that mutual tragedies have both driven a wedge between us, and brought us back together again. Let that be the last of their kind, so we can weather what comes next in stronger, better company.
Kenna What a curious woman. She seems to have an inquisitive mind, though she would be much better served if she stayed AWAY from the lowers.
Laurel Thoughtful. Kind. Responsive even to a commoner, the Marquessa is a fine example of good grace and poise. Her company is delightful despite my normal misgivings about comingling with nobles.
Lycoris A gracious and knowledgable woman, and someone I am very happy to call family but even happier to have on my side. I look forward to getting to know her better during my stay here in Arx.
Mabelle Beautiful young woman. I think I distressed her with my choice of conversation but it seems we have a common path.
Miranda Thoughtful lady! And very kind to be concerned with helping me feel at ease in a crowd. Gracious, certainly.
Petal Supportive of crafters and the arts. Is of the house of roses and seems very much like a rose and helpful!
Raimon My Sister even still. I hope that I will adapt to my new home as she adopted to hers
Ras She gets uncomfortable when things are too serious. Can't blame her if she's as good at seeing feelings as she is at seeing sneaks like me.
Reese An intelligent and deeply thinking Lady. Who has a charm, but also a subtle sort of grace. It is hard to explain exactly. She seems confident and a bit different than many.
Reigna A mystery within a mystery! Who is this engimatic woman with her magical wren? And how did she come to know of the Will? So many questions and never enough answers. She is gracious as a hostess and not as confusing as many Lycene. It would be very nice to make a friend.
Rukhnis A woman whose look of sweetness turns to deadly venom in the interrogation room. Not a one to cross, I think.
Rysen A noblewoman with a precise, searching intellect, and a powerful will, though not devoid of warmth such that her minutest expression conveys warmth, and the desire to trust.
Sabine She holds herself so still, so poised in silence, that there can only be a tempest hidden beneath that surface. Oh, to see her unleashed. Away from me, naturally.
Sanya It's been so long since we have seen eachother. She's still as intelligent and insightful as ever.
Sorrel Clever and charming, this one's a quick study, always knowing the right questions to ask when it comes to gaining further information. Quite scholarly and smart.
Sylvi One from a pair of Fidante women that I met as I finally arrived here in Arx. Far more brilliant than she gives herself credit for, and is effervescent and charming as I ever could have hoped. Not so scandalous as I had been led to believe of those from the Lyceum, but I am hoping she may help me to understand the city in a way that books will undoubtedly fail me.
Talwyn Willing to make a jest at my behalf within minutes of meeting, though I certainly did invite it.
Thomas In the years since we've seen each other, some things have changed but others remain the same. I'm proud to see just how far she's come up in the world.
Tyrus Her burdens are heavy, but still she carries on, even when the greatest odds are set against her. It takes a particular strength, of heart and soul, to do so. She has my respect. And my most sorrowful sympathies.
Vanora It's like we've led the same life in reflection, her marrying out of Grimhall and into a duchy of the Lyceum, me marrying out of Setarco and into a duchy of the Isles. One day we really ought compare stories.
Vasile The poise of the woman far outshines that of the songbird that follows her. Both are eerily sharp and analytic, however; good as guides through rocky and uncertain roads, but fraught with their inner storms.
Vega A perfectly wonderful young woman in the Fidante clan, I look forward to getting to know her better.
Verity I admire people who are willing to broaden their horizons, even if they find immediately find what they discover to be lacking allure. Really, I wouldn't touch a glass of Fizz-Key either.