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Vassal of Fidante

Words: “Through tragedy, we triumph.”
Sigil: A wreath of white roses laid over the hilt of a sword.

History: After the destruction of the Volkov in 1012, House Fidante took the land and surviving people under its direct protection: most of them are prodigals who bent the knee with Ruslan and his family, but they remain vassals of Fidante, and it has not forgotten them. This borderland between the Oathlands and the Lyceum requires stability and oversight, and that winter Dante and Lora Fidante were named Marquis and Marquessa of the new cadet house of DiFidante. They in turn gave the territory a new name, the Roseward.

House Volkov was completely destroyed during early January 1012 AR, supposedly due to an Abandoned attack that was angered by their bending the knee. Their house words of "All Can Be Broken" has taken on a particularly poignant meaning in the Lyceum. Their sigil was of a sprinting horse in a royal purple silhouette upon a gray ground with a white background.


Name Rank Title Description
Lora 1 Marquessa, Countess of the March Marquessa of the Roseward
Dante 1 Marquis, Count of the March Marquis of the Roseward
Angelo 4 Noble Family
Giulio 5 Noble Vassals Count of Iasu
Vasile 5 Noble Vassals General of Iasu
Rodica 5 Noble Vassals
Eris 7 Roseward Commons Sword of Iasu
Sorina 7 Roseward Commons
Vulpiano 7 Roseward Commons

Ruler: Lora

Minister Category Title
Dante Warfare Minister of Resolve
Josephine(RIP) Income Minister of Prosperity

Land Holdings

The Roseward

Description: The Roseward Keep was built atop a hill on the open plain where the horselords of House Volkov once pastured their stock. A town has sprung up around it, lured by the promise of protection from the army quartered there, and by sturdy walls, and by a budding community of artists and craftsmen. It continues to trade in horses and livestock, as well as berry wines, hardwood and exotic woods cut from the expansive forests to the north and west.

Trends: House Limeranshi has bent the knee after a battle, and other shav craftsmen and previous allies of the Volkov have all sworn to DiFidante.

Goldenwood trees grow here.

The Roseward Lodge of Petrichor has been built, providing agricultural development and survival training.