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Lord Angelo DiFidante

Life and death are related concepts. Without the other, each would be meaningless.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Intrigued Introvert
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: DiFidante
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 10/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: gray-green
Skintone: golden olive

Description: A classically handsome man, Angelo bears a deceptive softness to some of his masculine features. His full lips bow to form an almost imperceptible smirk, however in a moment of rare brilliance, his smile could light an entire room. Dark brown hair is often charmingly disheveled by the unconscious rustling of his fingers while deep in study. His expressions are often measured as he is known for being a serious man, yet his eyes have the ability to stare into one’s soul while maintaining his own mysteries. Tall and lean, he carries himself with quiet distinction, becoming of a nobleman of his status.

Personality: The uncharitable might call Angelo lazy, but it's not fair. He's far from lazy. Once he finds something that traps his interests, he can be deeply passionate about it: about words, word games, philosophy, human stories, and more recently about diplomacy. He can be intense on the subject of Tehom and the other gods. Those who don't 'get it' might call Angelo aloof, but he is not that either. There is a warmth behind his reserve, an alert interest that allows him to listen to others in a focused way for an extended period of time, so that he can share his wisdom to their needs. The aggressively Lycene may call Angelo prudish, but he merely prefers intimacy to wild abandon. He's just not interested in debauchery for its own sake. He can be very sensual and deeply, imaginatively romantic when someone has his interest. The hot-tempered might call Angelo cold, but he's not cold; he's merely controlled, composed, and rarely does he lose his temper over an imagined slight.

Background: The son of a lesser Fidante line, first cousin to Duke Leo and Lady Calista, Angelo was born to be a superfluous son, and like many, found expectation suggested him for soldiery or the priesthood. He lacked interest in spilling blood, and he lacked the devotion of the early priestbound. As a youth, he was irresolute, frustrated, sometimes reckless. He defied expectation in every way he could think of. He eschewed parties for books. He eschewed priestly training for quiet, private meditation. He eschewed dueling and getting in people's faces by being more than ordinarily diplomatic. When assigned military tasks, he would generally find ways of fulfilling a support role: aiding in quartermastery rather than combat, for example.

When he just coming of age, his father got stabbed in the chest during the Tor-Southport War, returning home alive but with troubles breathing and many fits of illnesses which he fought through for the following decade. Despite the struggles of a kind of depressed and reactive teenagerhood that he mainly spent getting in the way and being discontented without particular aim, Angelo began to develop a direction despite himself, mainly inspired by spending time devoted to his dying father.

That direction became the laity. A little disturbed by the mirrormasks, perhaps because of spending too much time near the Oathlands, he nevertheless grew in his heart a fascination for the reflection and for Tehom. Spare nobleman that he is, he has flirted with becoming godsworn, but never gone through with it. Skillful diplomat that he is rumored to be, mainly because of the deftness of his vocabulary and the imaginative and deeply perceptive nature that one develops when they have listened to many stories and many problems, he never quite decided to opt that way.

Some say that he didn't have a good time in Tor, and it could be true: when his father died two years before the King's Rest, his reaction was to seclude himself in his chambers and the number of public appearances he could be counted with a couple of hands. It was until mid-1005 AR, when he traveled to Arx at the sudden request of Duke Leo Fidante, who was in need of diplomats for the Voice of the Compact and had heard rumors of his cousin's vague interest in diplomacy. Like many other times when Angelo finds something that fascinates him, it might seem like the chance to escape from Tor, from his past, has made him truly engaged with the idea of putting his empathy and vocabulary to the service of House Fidante and the realm.

Just prior to House Volkov's destruction, Angelo was there as a diplomatic envoy. Perhaps he felt responsible for their fate, because not long after the new Difidante cadet house was established, Angelo entered these lands again, and vanished for a month. Wardens within the cadet house found him, thin and haggard and wandering, with long-dried blood on his hands and arms, and not a mark on him personally. They took him in let him recuperate in silence, and he emerged much as he had been, a bit remote and thoughtful and verbally gifted, but thinner, more haunted, restless, as if awoken by some impulse that would neither let him withdraw or rest.

Relationship Summary

  • Valencia - Vixen with a Golden Heart

  • Family:
  • Calista - The Steel Rose Duchess
  • Esme - Cheerful Cousin

  • Parent:
    Name Summary
    Acacia Clearly a deep thinker and clever man of words back in the city to assist his family. I get the sense there's more to this book than the cover.
    Medeia Certainly a bookish fellow with a tendency toward nervous energy, but he is polite - even engaging - company.