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Wanted Concepts

Subject Poster Date
Seeking Friends for the End of the World Marzio 01/21/24
A Rose by any other name... Calista 01/21/24
Need A Hand? Hadrian 01/21/24
Crownlanders for the Win! Sabella 01/19/24
Fairen Leary! Iliana 12/31/23
Wanted: A Husband? Ilmia 12/22/23
House Acheron Umbroise 11/27/23
Sword of Nilanza Lianne 11/20/23
Zaina Pyrani Fatima 11/16/23
Megara Corsetina Mirari 11/14/23
Husband? Maybe? Sabella 11/12/23
ORchid Uses Orchid 11/10/23
Xanthe Advancements Xanthe 11/09/23
Wanted: A Bride Mabelle 10/30/23
Noble Match? Mabelle 10/24/23
New Friends Ilmia 10/19/23
Leary and Vassals! Ilmia 10/15/23
Desperately Seeking Valarian Cufre 10/07/23
Play a Charon! Magaen 10/06/23
Join the Ulbrans! Raymesin 07/09/23
Wanted: CULLERS Raja 07/09/23
Lord Gaspard Blackram Teagan 06/29/23
Are You Neilda Saik? Medeia 06/11/23
Blackram Gaspard 05/19/23
Blackram Gaspard 05/19/23
Cahal Lyonesse Cahal 04/07/23
The Brother's Telmar! Tesha 03/23/23
Reconstruction of Artshall Mabelle 01/21/23
Researcher Returns Appolonia 01/19/23
Social Manager Needed Vincenzo 01/13/23
WANTED: Count-Consort Evander Darkwater Ian 01/08/23
House Clearlake Rosters Acantha 12/28/22
Neilda, a warm, witty, adventurous relic hunter Lucita 09/25/22
Seeking a Patron Gaspard 09/23/22
Talwyn, come home Lucita 09/02/22
Be a Harrow! Cufre 08/27/22
Lady Neilda Saik Medeia 08/22/22
Coming Home Lucita 08/17/22
House Wyvernheart Thea 08/01/22
CRIME! Raja 08/01/22
Kennex OCs! Ian 07/31/22
House Wyrmguard Rosters and OCs Dominique 07/31/22
Redreef OCs Ember 07/31/22
Clearlake OC's Acantha 07/31/22
Seeking Igniseri Characters Quenia 07/29/22
gonna do one of these, sorry Sylvie 07/28/22
Bards Gianna 07/27/22
House Proscipi Wants You! Cassiopeia 07/27/22
Jan Kennex! Ian 07/27/22
House Telmar Vassals! Tesha 07/23/22
OCs for House Malvici Martino 07/21/22
Olivando Igniseri Wanted! Quenia 07/15/22
Wyrmguard House Staff Desiree 07/14/22
Countess of active House looking for the perfect Contract... er... Consort Aella 06/19/22
Wyrmguard-Esque Players Desiree 06/09/22
Looking for a Vayne Giada 05/26/22
Looking for a Husband. Samantha 05/12/22
Duke-Regent Aethan Kennex Ian 05/06/22
Count Consort for Active Org Aella 03/28/22
Legate Vayne Giada 03/10/22
Duke Ansel Telmar Isabeau 03/05/22
WANTED: Legate Cassandra Laurent Cassandra 03/01/22
Anabelle Lyonesse Demura 02/21/22
Kritr and Tove Clearlake Acantha 02/15/22
Redreef Rosters and You: Partners in Freedom Ember 01/09/22
Consider Mailys Mirari 12/13/21
Consider Calla Titus 11/30/21
A Corsetina Invitation Mirari 11/25/21
Hooks for Xanthe Xanthe 11/14/21
Godsworn Scholars Oswyn 10/25/21
Wanted: Clearlake Rosters! Acantha 10/10/21
East Light - Chivalry at Sea! Romulius 09/24/21
House Saik Characters Lucita 09/24/21
Join House Fidante Calista 09/13/21
Family and oathlands connection Kiera 08/19/21
Benedetto Baldessare 08/14/21
Serene as the Deepest Wood Samantha 07/31/21
WANTED: Aethan Kennex Ian 07/28/21
Saik Opportunities Lucita 07/23/21
Mirrormasks Giada 07/22/21
Looking for an Everett Breccan 07/21/21
Wanted: Telmarch Vassals! Tesha 07/19/21
Come Be Grim With Us Valdemar 07/18/21
Marquessa Samantha Deepwood Liara 07/07/21
Grayson family Liara 07/06/21
Isolde Velenosa Meyneth 06/27/21
Saik Family Lucita 06/15/21
A Few Good Women Lianne 06/15/21
Proscipi Rosters Giorgio 06/13/21
Political Union Giorgio 06/09/21
IC Connections Simone 05/20/21
The Paradigm Prodigals, House Greenmarch Simone 05/17/21
Stahlbens and Stahlbens Adjacent! Volcica 05/12/21
Apprentices Away! Apollo 05/09/21
Desperately Seeking Sannas Cirroch 05/06/21
Prince Ainsley Grayson Liara 05/04/21
Malespero Prodigals Lianne 05/04/21
Something's Stirring in the Northern Isles Margot 05/03/21
Wanted: Grandmotherly Type Orland 04/22/21
Art & Culture District - What is it about? Mabelle 04/16/21