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Velenosa Wine Tasting

Princess Isolde Velenosa has ordered a great deal of the finest Velenosa wines, and would like to share them! All nobles are invited, and well behaved commoners can come have a rare treat in tasting the luxury of the Lyceum vineyards! Mix and mingle, and above all, drink and be merry!


July 4, 2016, 7:45 p.m.

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Edain Kieran Fergus(RIP) Bliss Dagon



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Ballroom

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    A number of days ago, I caught wind of a wine tasting being held. Of course I simply had to attend, but I'd also soon found myself with an invitation from the hostess: Princess Isolde Velenosa, expressing intent to have the House purchase some of the wine. I accepted. I had a grand and glorious time, meeting quite a number of influential nobles. The Princess and I hit off wonderfully, teasing a few others present; particularly Prince Kieran Redrain, who had apparently made advances upon Her Highness. The wine was second to none as well! In the end, I think I secured a patron for more than just the Whisper House at this event. I look forward to what the future brings. Such new and interesting possibilities from a single party that I originally attended just to sample some alcohol.

The Prince of Sanctum makes his way into the Velnosa ballroom, like the Lamb walking into the Lion's den. Despite being very much out of his element, the Valardin Prince seems to have brought him with an offering however. A tray that is covered with a cloth, as he makes his way into the ballroom and and tries to find the host. "Faith bless you today." he says with a bow to the heralds that admit him.
Isolde looks up as Edain is the first (only?) one to arrive to the impromptu event and she brightest, motioning to the servant she speaks with to send them scurrying. She approaches Edain, extending her hands, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek. "My Prince, thank you for coming. I promise this will be nothing but enjoyable for you. There is no pressure, and what could be more enjoyable than wine and company?" She loops her arm with his, motioning around. "I have no idea what sort of tastes you may have, so what I would suggest is looking at the pairings, and seeing what might interest you."
Bliss arrives.
"Well, I'd very much like to see what goes well with olives and cheese." his favorite snakes... "However I thought I might contribute something that I thought might pair well with any desert wines you have." Edain says as he removes the cloth from the tray he carries just before Isolde's arm loops into his. "These are just simple pastries, that are glazed with the finest maple syrup in the Oathlands, from the proud forrest around the Telmarch. WHat wines do you think I should set them with?"
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Kieran arrives.
The Velenosa ballroom is grand, beyond compare. And today, it is a flurry of activity. Various tables are arranged tastefully around the dance floor, with attendants at each, displaying maginficent bottles of wine, and pairings of cheeses and olives at each. Some have fresh fruit from the Lyceum lands, and still others some hearty bread and bits of meat. Isolde has just greeted Edain, and there are guards to announce guests, regardless of rank.
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"Well, I'd very much like to see what goes well with olives and cheese." his favorite snakes... "However I thought I might contribute something that I thought might pair well with any desert wines you have." Edain says as he removes the cloth from the tray he carries just before Isolde's arm loops into his. "These are just simple pastries, that are glazed with the finest maple syrup in the Oathlands, from the proud forrest around the Telmarch. WHat wines do you think I should set them with?"
"His Highness, Kieran, Prince of Redrain," is announced by the heralds as the named man enters the ballroom. He look about all the fancy decorations and decides that, even though he is wearing his beast silk clothing, he is still probably underdressed for the occasion. He needs to rectify that. He makes his way among the servants and nobles in attendance and finds his way towards Isolde to greet the hostess. As he approaches, he gives a bow, "Good evening, Princess Isolde, Prince Edain. Thank you for the invitation to enjoy your hospitality."
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The Velenosa ballroom is grand, beyond compare. And today, it is a flurry of activity. Various tables are arranged tastefully around the dance floor, with attendants at each, displaying maginficent bottles of wine, and pairings of cheeses and olives at each. Some have fresh fruit from the Lyceum lands, and still others some hearty bread and bits of meat. Isolde has just greeted Edain, and there are guards to announce guests, regardless of rank. (Reset for the last time)
"Oooooh, a -challenge-. Prince Edain, you are truly are improving on your Velenosa relations." Isolde's eyes brighten from behind her mask and she motions about. "Now, let's see. Are they hot or cold treats, and is there a specific season you traditionally eat them during? Or are they a general delight from your home?" She looks over as another is announced and she brightens once more. "Why Prince Kieran, I was beginning to think you were a thing of fiction, a tale of a legendary beast. But now I finally get to meet you in the flesh> Welcome to House Velenosa. Be welcome. Are you familiar with wines? Or just hear to taste and socialize?"
"I believe them to be best warm and gooey, and thus is the state I brougt them in, but t here are disenting opinions. Duke Arn prefers them chilled and chewy, and insists I am a nincompoop for thinking otherwise." Anyone that knows Duke Arn knows that Edain is politely editing here an 'nincompoop' is certainly not the word he would use. "Why don't you taste one and your far more sophisticated palate can better determine which wine to pair them with." He turns then and bows to greet Kieran, "Prince Kieran it is good to see you again, I hope that you are well."
Arriving late, or was it fashionably late, or was it something else? Dagon couldn't quite recall the timing of things regarding that. Either way, he's here now, after having left his guards outside and escorted by a servant to the ballroom where it seems the tasting is occuring. He waits to be announced, his eyes scanning the room to make note of who is present. He spots Edain and Kieran, smiling at the presence of the former. It was good to have a friendly face here, or rather two friendly faces. Hearing his name announced to the room, Dagon moves forward to join Isolde and her group, smiling pleasantly and toying with a new ring on his right hand.
Strangely, Fergus is clad in armor, a sight that hasn't been seen in many months. As the Prince comes walking into the ballroom, he looks to be on the brink of furiosity, his neck slightly red. He's so close to furiosity that the strangest oddity happens, upon noting the sight of his cousin, Fergus moves towards Kieran. "Kieran" He greets and stands there.
Kieran rises from his bow and grins at Isolde. "A legendary beast? Now I must work extra hard to live up to expectations. Perhaps I should devour a third of your guests, terrorize another third, and capture the remaining third to take back with me to my lair." He eyes the attendees and notes a bit more quietly, "I think the prettier ones should be the ones to go to the lair..." The red-haired prince's attention moves to Edain and he gives a polite nod, "You, as well, Your Grace." His grin grows and he is about to say something more to Isolde and Edain, when Fergus greets him. Eyeing the man's armor, he raises a questioning eyebrow, "Prince Fergus. Did Morrighan's warnings set you to this?" He glances then to Isolde and Edain, "My apologies, have you met my cousin, the Sword of Farhaven?"
"I will absolutely have to. But if my fingers and face gets messy, we may have a political crisis on our hands. Well my hands." Isolde laughs and she looks over the pastries, carefully, daintily tearing off a piece of one, nibbling at it, savoring it, with a masked look of light bliss on her face. "These are -marvelous-. Maple is such a unique flavor to me. Hmmm." She motions for the others to try one, and then to join her as she guides them around the tables. "I think this might be the right one. They come from a small barony west of Lenosia. It's a rich sherry, with notes of caramel, and would pair well, especially on a cold evening, with a warm pastry. If Duke Arn likes them cold, I might suggest something a touch lighter, but this would still work well."

She looks over at Dagon and she smiles brightly. "Prince Dagon! I was hoping you would come. This is all a veiled attempt to find out your particular tastes, so I may randomly present you with a bottle of your favorite and, therefore, maintaining my status as your favorite Velenosa." Isolde laughs warmly and she motions. "Join us, try one of these delightful pastries, or anything else you like."

"Prince Fergus! Oh, I wasn't quite expecting you, but I am pleased you've come! I know just the thing you'd like. It's a heavy red that will make you use your head. Not that I seek that out for my own amusements. Please, join us." She smiles brightly to Kieran. "Actually we have. I forced my attention on him, and he quite gallantly rescued me from a little troll of a man. He was quite honorable in his actions. And his taste in ale is unparalled."
Wine tasting? Yes. This Whisper would definitely have to attend, even if she would be doing so alone. It took her a little longer than it might otherwise, getting turned-around or distracted once or twice, but now the guards announce her arrival: "Champion Bliss Whisper." At that, she sweeps into the room, letting gaze sweep over the offerings and ears begin to pick up on those conversations already begun, trying to pick out something or someone interesting to entertain. The hostess of the event seems to draw, as one might imagine, a fair share of attention. Then she catches something that makes her grin, "A legendary beast? Good thing I'm here now to slay it."
Edain bows his head to Dagon, "Prince Dagon, always a pleasure to see you. I hope that all your misadventures as of late have been exciting ones." His hazel eyes turn to Fergus then, recognizing the look of a man on the brink, a place he's been more than he would care to admit. "Prince Fergus, I hope that peace finds you today." he says in a calm tone. "We have meet in passing only, Prince Kieran, but even so his inherit honor makes an impression."

He turns then and smiles at Isolde's praise and says, "We have plenty of maple syrup for trade, and it is a very versatile ingredient if you think Lenosia would be interested in some." Edain points out helpfully. He looks to the newly arrived Bliss and bows to her, "I hope that will not be neccessary, Champion Bliss, but I feel I have missed something." he looks between the other recent arrivals, "What is this of a legendary beast?"
The offered dark red is taken in a big hand and then Fergus grunts at Isolde's words. "That little slug nearly got me into a duel with Lord Victus, I made the mistake of asking him if it bothered him that such a worthless being sends men to their deaths..." He shrugs. "Apparently asking such a question when I am not buying him a drink and sitting at his table sets him off." Taking a long drink of the wine, not going through the whole swirling, sniffing and gurgling motions of trying a new wine, it is nearly half empty when he is finished. "Very good." He comments before looking to Kieran. "I just had the armor made, I am making sure it is comfortable."
Dagon's brow raises at the sight of Fergus in his armor. That wasn't something he would've expected here at this little gathering. Turning to face Isolde, he bows to her, reaching to take her hand, and if permitted, to gently brush his lips over her knuckles. "Of course, Your Highness, how could you not be my favorite of all Velenosa?" He rises from his bow, smiling. "It will not be difficult for me to tell you my favorite, I am certain you will surmise it and use that information how you will." Glancing over to Edain, he grins. "Misadventures in the Archives of Vellichor mostly. Seems my sister was dragging poor Prince Aurelian all over the place. Luckily, Princess Alarissa and I arrived to distract him for a while and to give him some rest. I hope you are doing well too, Your Highness."

Talk of slaying a beast drags his attention to Bliss, and he stares between her and Kieran. "Prince Kieran, it appears you have your work cut out for you this evening."
Kieran looks between Isolde and Fergus and raises both eyebrows this time. "Did he now? He hasn't realed us with his tale of heroics yet. Though it all sounds very believable and in character for him, especially the ale drinking." At Edain's question, Kieran raises his hand somewhat. "Me. Isolde referred to me as some legendary beast." He looks down at himself, before adding, "I don't think I live up to the title." His eyes look over to Bliss and his smirk grows. He clutches his heart and begins to sway as though seeing her alone is enough to have done him in. Yes, he is one for theatrics. He pauses before he falls and notes to Fergus, "Rather dashing! Who is this slug that's getting you into fights? I'll have to fight him, as it's my job to get you into fights."

"Ahhhhh! Champion Bliss! Please, join us, let me introduce you. I'm so glad you could attend." Isolde holds out a hand to Bliss with a warm smile behind her mirrored mask. "This is Prince Edain Valardin, High Lord of the Oathlands, Prince Dagon Thrax, Heir to the Iron Island, Prince Kieran, of house Redrain, the delightful Prince Fergus, Champion of Farhaven. Your grace, my Lords, this is Champion Bliss of the House of Whispers, and soon to be a good friend of mine. Be welcome, dear, and let me know if there's anything you'd like to try specifically."
"Duke Eugine something-or-another... Look for the shortest fattest man you've ever seen and that is likely him. He will eventually begin to brag to you about how good he is as a commander, I surely hope he is at least clever, because I doubt he's actually seen a battle." Fergus watches Kieran fall, there is no trust, so he doesn't break the man's fall in a trust fall manner, in fact he steps a half step away to allow him to fall completely if the man goes that far in his theatrics. "You will not be getting me into any fights, Kieran. I am here to avenge the death of your father." He looks to Isolde. "Isolde is so very pleasant, but she is jumping around the truth, I got drunk and flirted with her, I was not dashing or respectful." He clears his throat and glances at his wine and decides against another drink. His dark gaze falls on Bliss. "You are a champion?" He asks, curiously.
"Well then I thank you and Princess Alarissa for saving him." Edain says with a nod of his head. "Ahhhh Yes Duke Eugine. He is an... interesting man. If he boasts so, I imagine he will eventually have his chance to either put up or shut up. I am glad that nothing came to blows." Edain then pours himself a little of the winee that Isolde recommended and takes a sip, followed by a bite of his syrup glazed pastries, "You are indeed right Princess Isolde, and excellent pairing." And that said he sets down his drink and pick sup the tray of pastries and offers it around to everyone gathered.
Duke Eugine. There's a moment when a flash of disgust crosses Dagon's face and anyone looking at him might see it, but he quickly masters himself. "Duke Eugine was trying to orchestrate a fight between yourself and Victus, Prince Fergus? How unfortunate. Be assured that I will report his actions to my grandfather." Dagon lets out a sigh, slightly annoyed now that he had to deal with business relation to Eugine. "A good evening to you, Champion Bliss. I have not had the pleasure of meeting many Whispers yet, I am pleased that I get to meet you first." Dagon smiles at her, nodding his thanks to Isolde for giving the introduction.
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A brazen wink is passed along to Kieran in response to his theatrics, given by that same Champion Bliss who had just playfully jested towards slaying the 'beast.' "Easily slain," she teases further before leaving it there, moving to approach Isolde next. She takes the offered hand, if allowed, to give it a light kiss as the noble had, giving a sort of a curtsy in the process, "Thank you for having me, Your Highness." She rises to face the others, giving a grinning smile to each as they're introduced, as well as another curtsy to the group as a whole, "Lovely to meet each and every one of you!" And then, "All of it, probably," answers the Whisper playfully regarding trying the wines. Then attention goes towards Fergus and she gives a firm nod, "Best duellest you'll ever meet, if you ever feel brave enough to have a go, your Highnes."
Kieran gets a brazen wink out of his antics, so that goes into the win column for him. He walks over to Isolde to get a glass of wine. "I apologize for not answering your question. I know nothing of wine. Ale and whiskey are the drinks found in the Redrain ward. Supposedly there is wine, but I have never dared try it." He looks to Fergus then and shakes his head, "I have yet to meet the man."
"No, Prince Dagon... Eugine was not present, I was sitting at the back of the Salon and asked Victus if it bothered him that Eugine led men into battle, He was angered I did not ask the question to his face, which is understandable..." He shrugs, letting out a long breath, that look of near fury has faded and just annoyance, his usual look, shows. "I should have sat with the Lord and asked him man to man, but it has been eating at me that people die when his fat a.." He cuts off and waves a hand. "Regardless, Eugine had no role in nearly causing a fight between Lord Victus and I." His haunted gaze falls on Bliss and his eyes drop down to the Alaricite weapon at his hip, where a noticeable peace knot is tied to keep the weapon from being drawn. "I fear if we ever fight, it will be in the training center, with blunted weapons." His gaze turns to Isolde. "I apologize for bringing this to your party."
"I knew it. I know more about wines than most thing. Velenosa wines are the epitome of refreshment. I know in these trying times, our merchants are worried about trade. I'm hoping the assuage them of their concerns, by showing them off to my friends." Isolde nods and she laughs warmly. She grins brightly at Fergus. "Do not sell yourself short, my darling. You were quite chivalrous. I will hear nothing to disparage that." She nods to Dagon, and wrinkles her nose. "Duke Eugine should not even be discussed over such fine wine. He sullies everything by breathing the same air. Let us put him from our mind and enjoy the company, shall we? We can dine on cheeses and olives, wines and fruits. The libations flow freely and this should be a joyous time." She places a kiss on Bliss' cheek and squeezes her fingers lightly. "You are even more lovely than promised. Let me know if there's anything I can do to make you feel comfortable. Though, I don't think you'll have any issue." She laughs brightly and nods to Kieran. "Then just start trying. Reds are my favorites, but there's plenty of whites, blends and other delightful things. If it's straight alcohol content that interest you, we have those as well." She laughs and moves to Fergus, kissing his cheek as well. "Darling, it is all right. Now that we are putting him from my mind, choose some wine and enjoy."
"Of course it bothered him." Dagon says, staring at Fergus. "The Duke is not one to lead men into battle, that much I can tell you. Ask any Thraxian that recalls the Tyde Rebellion, no one will tell you that the Duke was anywhere on the front, no, he sat as far away from the fighting and organized campaigns at his dinner table. So for a man like Victus who has gone and fought and put his life on the line, I can understand why he was bothered by the question." He sighs, nodding at Isolde. "Fine, Your Highness, there shall be no more talk of people who are so fat that they could not fit through the entrance hall of your estate. You have my word on that." He stares at one of the red wines, picking up a glass and taking a sip. "A fine flavor." He voice a little plain, his mood slightly soured by the previous discussion.
Edain considers Bliss for a moment and says, "Well then if that is true, I'd very much like to see just how impressive your skill at arms is, I hope that I will have the chance at some point." He offers the tray of pastries around again to see if anyone wants one. "Thank you very much for the invitation, tonight Princess Isolde. Temples and chapels throughout the oathlands that use wine for any number of sacrements. They are not rich, but perhaps we can offer some trade. I have plenty of maple syrup." almost as if expecting an awkward pause after this Edain says, "No really, we do."
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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.
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Kieran stays out of the discussion of battle and who was where. Fergus built that minefield so now he can dance through it. The prince takes a bottle of red and pours himself a glass at Isolde's urging. "What goes well with game, Your Highness. Us northerners tend to eat a lot of elk, rabbit, and such." He takes a sip of his glass and considers the flavor. "Hmmmm, that's rather nice." His attention turns to Bliss then at her statement that she can last against Fergus and that she is a Champion herself. "Does the Whisper House have a Champion? Interesting."
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Edain sets down his tray and holds up a hand and says, "Excuse me." As some messengers come for him. and he goes to the side of the room to deal with them and whatever missives they are bringing him. "Just a moment, I apologize!"
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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.
As Edain passes around the tart tray, he moves to grab a tart, but the man moves to excuse himself and he grunts, slightly humored that the man is moving away just as Fergus' large hand is reaching. The Prince finishes off his wine and looks at the empty glass. "Very good, Isolde... it is scary how well you have figured me out as well, as I do not really enjoy wine like a proper Prince."
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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.
"You are too kind, your highness!" announces Bliss Whisper back over at Isolde with a flattering smile at the kiss and the squeeze, "Where would you recommend a discerning young woman begin sampling your delightful stock?" The noble called Fergus gets a curious look, particularly that weapon being glanced at, then a smile is given, "I'll take you up on that." Then Edain, as well, takes the bait towards martial conversation. "I wouldn't interrupt such a lovely party. Well, not today, anyway. But name the time, Prince. You'll find your match in me, I promise you that!" With the tray being offered around, she plucks one away for a nibble with gusto. A nod then passes to Kieran, "Champion Bliss Whisper. Part of both. Some might think that makes me a jack-of-all-trades, Prince Kieran, but I promise: I'm a master of both." Another wink is passed to him, this time joined by a cocky grin.
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"Prince Dagon, you are a delight, I thank you. You are a good man to humor me so." Isolde, in her way, kisses his cheek as well, before handing out more glasses of wine. "This is a lighter, fruity thing that I doubt you from the North will enjoy in any meaningful way, but I absolutely insist you try, in any case. I do know my cousin Valencia misses our wines, and it may give you ideas on how to appease the Southern Star." She laughs and shakes her head. She grins at Edain. "I would rather see my wines on your dinner tables and at events. I fear they may be too... decadent to serve in your chapels. We have rituals to the Thirteenth where we hold orgies to bless the casks." For a moment, her expression is serious, and then she bursts out laughing, unable to help herself. She grins at Fergus, beaming proudly. "It is true. I have a knack, even if that knack is to simply demand people humor me, out of fear, or because I have a nice ass." She pauses, considering. "Probably both." She looks to Kieran and considers a little. "You'll want something heartier, with a full body. The lighter wines pair with lighter fare, though the whites are excellent with wild game birds. I don't know if I've ever had Elk, though. Perhaps you will have to invite me to a feast. Do you hunt yourself?" She turns to Bliss and hands her a glass. "This is an excellent general vintage, less specialized, but one of my favorites. I lose my head so easily when I drink an entire bottle." She laughs and she grins, sippign her own wine deeply.
Edain finishes dealing with his deluge of messengers and returns to the gathering. This time he fetches a small dish with some olives and little pieces of savory cheeses and pairs it with the recommend dry red that is placed next to them. He is returning just as Isolde explains that they have orgies to bless the casks, "OH.. well... yes. Ok." he drinks his entire glass of dry red in one gulp. "Alright, so yes, those might not be appropriate for our chapels..."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.
Just as he is about to take a drink of the fruity lighter wine, Isolde talks of Orgies and the lord chokes on the initial taste of the wine, coughing hard, his eyes begin to water and when he cannot get the coughing under control, Fergus places the fruity wine on a serving girls tray and walks away from the group, the sound of rasping coughs trails him until he manages to eventually get it under control. Fergus slowly makes his way back to the group. "When I told you that you had a nice ass, that was to be kept private, Isolde."
"Of course, Princess Isolde, I do endeavor to entertain whenever possible. However, this wine is rather go..." He trails off, mouth hanging open at Isolde's talk of rituals. Even as she begins laughing, he still stares at his wine, trying to decide how to respond to something like that. He glances over at Edain, nodding at his response. It seemed appropriate. Dagon downs his glass of wine in one gulp too, and then puts the glass down. He finds himself standing next to Edain all of a sudden. "Now, that hardly is a way to compliment a lady with such language, I think. That sort of talk belongs out at sea while on a ship." It's about all he can manage right now.
"I have to apologize, Prince Dagon. Perhaps I shouldn't partake of my own wares so deeply when I am trying to be a good hostess. I am quite incorrigible."
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Edain nods to Dagon and says, "however being honest and truthful is a virtue with Prince Fergus was."
Even the brazen Bliss cannot help but do a double-take as Isolde starts talking of orgies and the princess's 'nice ass'. Her eyes are full of mirth, watching the woman. She tastes her wine, properly. While she avoids gulping it down with that first sip, she takes the balance by procuring a second sip shortly after, a little deeper. "I think you are right, your highness," she notes to the other woman with a playful smirk, "We are going to be lovely friends."
Kieran holds back from sputtering into his wine at Bliss' words, but Isolde's causes him to sputter and begin coughing.Eventually when he gets his composure back, he asks Isolde, "How does one get an invitation to one of these rituals? I ask for a friend of course." Of course. He takes another sip of the wine he has, eyes still watering, before continuing. "I hunt only on the rare occasion. My skills are not as martial as Fergus or many of the others in my House." His blue eyes move back to Bliss and he regards that cocky grin for a moment. "Words are cheap. I should know as I employ them frequently. Do you care to demonstrate this mastery?"
"I have to apologize, Prince Dagon. Perhaps I shouldn't partake of my own wares so deeply when I am trying to be a good hostess. I am quite incorrigible." Isolde laughs brightly and shakes her head, utterly unashamed by her chosen words. "I believe, Prince Fergus, I actually agreed with you on that point, and decided to appropriate it for my own. I didn't intend to implicate you in the origination of the turn of phrase." She grins at Edain and squeezes his arm gently. "You are too easy to scandalize yet, my dear Prince. I am glad you came, so you can have practice and become inured to the Velenosa ways. If such idle things can set you both off balance, then the Assembly of Peers will eat you alive. I am doing you all a service." She laughs and shakes her head. "There are no orgies, I assure you. I am simply being scandalous to illustrate the... dichotomy of the Lyceum ways and the virtuous chapels of the Oathlands. Do not get your hopes up, my dear Prince Kieran." She winks at him, shaking her head. She grins at Bliss moving to stand beside her, and link arms with hers. "I thought as much. It is all too easy with them, is it not?"
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To Edain, as an aside, Dagon murmurs, "Yes, but there are better ways to phrase that particular compliment. Tell her that her dress accentuates her form nicely, or something. I don't know. Something." Coughing, he glances at Isolde, and offers the best smile he can. "Of course, Your Highness, I admit I was a little surprised, that's all. Might I also say that your dress accentuates your form quite nicely? You are looking particularly lovely this evening."
Looking over at Dagon, Fergus grunts. "Have I made another Thraxian mad?" He asks. "WHen I told the lady she had a nice ass, it was in private, and her face is covered, so I had to compliment something, and what she wore was... as you say, accentuating her form." He looks around and clears his throat. "Well, I have had enough of society for the day, I might go for a walk." He gives a pat to Kieran's shoulder and a nod to Isolde. "A pleasure, as always."
Edain clears his throat and says, "Easily scandalized is just what I do, Princess Isolde. I would just being boring and no fun to be around where I not." Edain says with a smile as he bows, "However I should take my leave. Thank yo ufor the wonderful wine tasting. I will definatly be seeing about placing and order with some of your vintier's soon." He looks around the the others gathered, "I wish you all health, happiness and prosperity and may the Faith bless you all."
"Hardly even any sport in it," Bliss almost pouts over to Isolde, though she just can't keep grim enough right now, arms linked indeed. She looks back to Kieran with a keen glance, taking another sip of wine, "Do you have a challenger for me to demonstrate against? I assume you don't mean you, Prince Kieran. I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself." Her tone is good-natured taunting, ribbing the noble fearlessly. A light wave is given towards the departing Fergus and Edain, "It was lovely to meet you both!"
Kieran give a no to the departing Fergus, his face more serious than before. "Be safe, Cousin." Just as suddenly, the goofy grin is back. He looks to Bliss and considers, "Well, Fergus is out as he said he wouldn't fight for me. I guess Brianna might be a good challenge for you. Of course, I would have to witness to make sure you meet the standard you have set for yourself." He takes another drink of wine with that same smirk from before.
Isolde bursts out laughing at Dagon's words and she dips her head. "Why thank you, Prince Dagon. It is always pleasant when one's assets are appreciated." She grins at him, laughing, before handing out more wine. She pauses though, looking to Fergus. "Prince Fergus, a quiet word, before you go?" She steps over to murmur to him quietly. She laughs and nods, squeezing his arm, before returning to the group. She nods to Edain. "And I will have to steal your baker from you. Those tarts may be one of my favorite things now, and will quite go mad if I do not have any more. I will put in an order for your fine syrups as well. Perhaps we can even learn how to make wine from it. My your reflection make you strong, my dear." She links arms once more with Bliss and nods to her. "We will have to work on them. If I ruin them too much, whatever fun shall you have with them?" She grins brightly.
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Calling over his shoulder. "Kieran, if you cannot spar a girl, I will uphold your honor in a training spar with the woman, but using only blunted weapons... not a true duel" He is pretty adament about not drawing his weapon unless absolutely positively needing to, and harming others permanently or killing them. With that, and his quiet words with Isolde, he leaves.
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Dagon offers Isolde a small smile, bowing his head. "Of course, Your Highness. You know how I do like to compliment you." He takes the offered glass of wine and gives it an appraising sip. "Wonderful, even better than the last." He takes a second sip as a messenger approaches him. Nodding, he sends the man away and then looks at their hostess. "Please forgive me, Your Highness, but there is something I should go take care of. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this." He bows. "Soon House Thrax shall have to show you our own hospitality." He nods to Kieran and Bliss in turn. "Prince Kieran. Champion Bliss, I hope the two of you enjoy the remainder of your evening as well." And with that... he departs!
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"Most gracious, Highness," Bliss answers back to Isolde with semi-solemnity. She sets to finish her first glass of wine, returning it to a tray before noting to the hostess, "You know, the Whispers are always looking for patrons. A few of your wines to let the guests sample might get the word out even further. Plus, we're a very good cause." A roguish grin is passed over before she nods firmly towards Kieran, "Name my challenger, and I'll put on an exhibition match you won't soon forget! I mean, if they don't fall flat on their backsides like a fool after my first blow. It's happened."
Kieran loos to Fergus and shakes his head. "We're not talking about actual sparring. It's innuendo!" He shakes his head at his cousin. "You get used to the cold hard truth of the North and it makes you blunt and unaware of nuance and wordplay. Still, they're family and they have their charms." He downs the rest of his wine and looks at the rest of the selection. "You mentioned something stronger for gae, Your Highness? What would you suggest, because stronger means whiskey to me. The kind you keep hidden away for really bad days." He looks to Bliss then and shakes his head. "First blow? Hopefully you gave them some pointers on how to avoid that in the future. A matchs isn't any good if the challenger has already expended their efforts so early." He looks to Dagon then and offers a bow to the man, "Your Highness, be safe."
"Prince Dagon, thank you so much for coming. It is always a delight to see you. Here." Isolde moves to give him two bottles. "One for you, and one for your sister. I thinks she'll like that one quite a bit." She laughs lightly and dips her head. "Thank you for coming. It means a great deal to me." She looks to Bliss and she laughs warmly, nodding. "I agree, you are a very good cause. Be careful, I might patron you myself. I find the Whispers to be ultimately charming companions. It's just nice to spend time with such people." She ahhhhhs to Kieran and she nods, motioning for a servant. "The 18 year Setarco please, darling." She waves the servant off and looks back to the Northerner. "This is a secret of the Lyceum not often shared, but I think you have earned it. It is rather expensive but... shall we say... worth it, in every way."
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"Innuendo, is it? My, my," Bliss observes of Kieran with an amused grin, though soon she finds herself distracted by the lack of wine or glass in her hand, frowning some at the appendage. She shrugs, "I suppose it depends on the point of the match! I can be quite a performer, when I set my mind to it, too!" Is there anything this gal can't do? Not if you listen to her! "But your highness! Perhaps that's precisely what I'd meant to do. Lovely excuse to spend more time hanging around, buttering you up, no?" that wicked and playful grin returns.
Kieran looks from Isolde to Bliss as the princess calls for the fancy bottle. "See? This is how it works. She brings a charming young woman to her event to distract me, corners me by myself, and then starts bringing out the expensive stuff. Maybe I should ask her to reconsider wearing nice, expensive ermine furs for the winter. Fresh from the North!" He chuckles a bit and waits to see what this wine that's almost as old as he is is like. Bliss earns a smirk and an ahhhhh. "I see. Just how much butter are you planning to spread?"
"Butter spreading betweeen two women should remain between to women. Men could not handle the rich, creamy, butter." Isolde's tone is rich and heady and she turns her head to kiss Bliss' cheek slowly, eyes sparkling as she looks at Kieran. The servant returns with three glasses of golden whiskey, expensive, smooth, and powerful. She waits for the other two to choose their glasses, before taking her own. "And whatever duel you're planning, make sure I bet on the winner, because I am terrible at gambling. I shouldn't gamble at all, but... such things happen."
"I am capable of quite a lot of butter, when I want. But how much this time is as her highness says," Bliss smiles pleasantly over at Kieran, "It is butter of the highest quality, I assure you." A wink is given to Kieran as her cheek is kissed. Then, she takes her glass, giving a bit of a lingering, mischievous and subtle grin towards the hostess. She swirls the wine a little, "Bet on me. Never go wrong. Should we toast? Wine this fine feels like it needs to tast."
Kieran bites back a snerk at Isolde's comment about butter spreading. He watches the kiss with mild amusement, before taking the glass of the golden whiskey. "Now this looks more like what I normally drink." He takes a whiff and nods, "Yes, very much so." Once they all have their own glasses he reaches toward them to clink glasses, "Cheers." Then he takes a sip and blinks. "Woo! That's fine indeed. A couple of these and you two could spread as much butter as you please without me caring that I'm missing it." His eyes shift back to Bliss, "Though, on the topic of butter, how are you at churning?"
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"To new friends and sweet cream butter." Isolde clinks glasses with them, and she laughs warmly, looping an arm around Bliss' waist then. "Very well. I shall have to pout ever so endearingly if I bet on you and lose. But, I feel that you could make it worth it, in any case." She nods a little and lifts her brow at Kieran. "I wouldn't dare have her soft hands do such rough manual labor as churning butter, you cad." She laughs, however, shaking her head. "I hope you both enjoyed yourself. It's always lovely to see the ballroom full of life and enjoyment, even in these dark times."
"I can churn for hooours and not tire a bit," Bliss answers to Kieran playfully, "Why, did you have some churning needs doing?" She clinks her glass to Isolde's and Kieran's, should he participate. She leans in shamelessly against the princess, even looping an arm back around her waist in turn as she takes a sip. "I bet it is a pout most endearing, indeed. I shall endeavor to procure a glimpse of it some other way, however, for I do not lose," she boasts after her sip is taken. She wiggles the fingers on the embracing hand, giving a considering look, "Mm. But the princess is correct. These are far too soft and dextrous hands for something so brute as churning butter." A cheery smile is given to Isolde, "Remind me to come to all of your parties. This has been grand indeed, thank you."
Kieran looks to Isolde with surprise, "Cad? We're discussing butter. What are /you/ discussing, your highness?" He sighs then and shakes his head, "That's a shame. Rough and hard is the way of the North, and if she too soft for that, well, we wouldn't want to break her now would we." As Isolde shifts topics, he nods. "Indeed. It is why I held the memorial bonfire. It still did honor, but it hopefully lightened the mood and gave people good memories. That's really all one can ask." He takes a long drink of the whiskey and blinks again as it burns its way down. He looks to Bliss then and laughs, "What swordswoman has soft hands?"
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"I would have it no other way, darling. We shall have to make some time to discuss things in private, business or otherwise. Parties can be so complicated to talk about real things." Isolde nods once and she leans against the other woman lightly, comfortably. "I am so glad you came. I have meant to make overtures to the Whispers for some time, and you are a treasure. I shall keep you for my own." She grins at Kieran and she winks at him. "I can't tell you that. If I told you, it wouldn't be between girls anymore." She nods once and laughs, kissing Bliss' cheek again, then releasing her. "I need to begin to organize the clean up. Please, stay if you like, and drink as much as you want, but I must take my leave. Thank you both so much for coming."
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"We shall," Bliss answers back sweetly, squeezing around the woman's waist, "Send for me any time. I'll make myself available if at all possible." She accepts the kiss to her cheek again before withdrawing as she's let go, "Be careful with such offers, though. I can hold more wine than looks would suggest." More of that expensive alcohol is downed as if to make her point before she sweeps into a bow, "It was an honor and a pleasure, your Highness." She spare Kieran yet another wink, "Trade secret. Only Champion Whispers get to know."
Kieran finishes off his whiskey as well since the party seems to be winding down. He sets the glass aside and gives a bow to Isolde, "Thank you for a wonderful time, Your Highness. Please take care of yourself." He rises from the bow and snickers at Bliss, "Oh, I see. Then if you can handle swordplay you can handle churning." He gives her a wink and starts to collect himself to depart.
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"Best me in a duel if you want me to do your churning for you, your highness," the Champion Bliss Whisper answers back in a teasing tone with a slight grin, "but if you lose, you can churn your own butter." She pats her sword at that, which seems almost like a pat to the hip, really. She finishes her own drink, grabbing another glass to taste before she departs her own self later, "It was lovely meeting you."
Kieran laughs, "Ahhh, I am never in danger of churning my own. No worries there." He gives her a bow of his head, "A pleasure, Goodwoman. Be safe as well." Once he has everything together he heads out.
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