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PRP: Mysterious Waters of Pearlspire

Pearlspire is often popular among the divers of Arvum, not just for the pearls that one can find in their waters, but also for the rather surprisingly warm waters that one might expect for a holding that's relatively far to the north. Ladi Peri Seliki is curious about what makes the water warm, and so she's put together a team of people to explore around the cliffs of Pearlspire to solve the mystery of the warm waters of Pearlspire.

OOC: This plot is primarily for the Society of Explorers and members of the Seliki family; the cast is set. However, if you wish to be on the waitlist, please @mail Lou. Priority will be given to members of House Seliki on the waitlist, otherwise it is first come, first served.


March 28, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Clara Colette Miranda Peri Mikani Kaldur



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Pearlspire - Seliki Cliffs

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Comments and Log

Travel up to Pearlspire has bene uneventful. The journey on the sea has been as normal as things go. Choppy waters. Tufts of cold snow. Sharp, cold winds. Every now and again some of the sea critters rise to the surface to jump out of the water, and then dive back down again, and a pod of dolphins might have follows along the ship during the several day journey for a time. And, everything seems normal, until they get to Pearlspire itself, and the temperatures upon the waters start to rise, moving from the cold, brisk winter air to something much more warm and appealing. And, even as they move closer to the ports there, they can already see - atop some of the cliffs are some of the daring dos who go diving into the waters. But, that's why they are here, right? To do a bit of diving, and maybe explore the reason for the warmer waters?

Peri has been welcoming and solicitous to the crew of explorers who have come with her to explore the waters and cliffs of Pearlspire. Her demeanor on ship has been more somber than her usual eager energy. She's has been extra vigilant during the journey here. As they debarc, she offers her thanks to those who have volunteered to help explore. "In these times it has become even more improtant to understand everything about the eastern approach to Arvum."

There is one thing that does not trouble the Mazzetti Lady and that is choppy waters and freezing cold winds. She has a cloak to keep her warm and Miranda uses it to keep herself wrapped up. Insulated. She is often found on the top deck of the ship, maybe by the rail and looking out over the water. Sometimes with a sailor who is taking the time to teach her something about how a ship is run. She is a very pleasant traveling companion indeed. She likes to tell jokes and is playful, but also finds delight in bawdy sea shanties that may be quite scandalous to delicate sensibilities. Lycenes, right? Once Pearlspire comes into view, she moves to the side to watch their approach, pulling her cloak's hood from her head to enjoy the warm salty spray on her face. As the temperature warms, the cloak is discarded and Miranda looks down to the water and towards the port, focused when they disembark.

Clara rarely leaves the edges of the ship, keen to watch the dolphins jumping by the edge of the ship. Her hand comes up and touches the dolphin choker on her neck and a smile crosses her face. She looks day dreamy while she's not needed for actual exploring. She is wearing her cloak to cut through the chill of the air, though she looks rather comfortable in the cold. Her white eyes watch as the Pearlspire can finally be seen on the horizen and the excitable young woman looks over to those around her. "Here we go!"

Kaldur has spent most of his trip staring overboard. Peri's seen that before. Though new is that he's drawn and withdrawn, heavy thoughts as he looks into the leaden waters. Not the cheery Sword of Pearlspire whose chief concern was Peri's safety, the Duke-consort of Stormwall. Though the sight of Pearlspire's cliffs and divers atop them does bring a smile. He offers a prayer to Mangata and thanks to the crew as they get into dinghies for the trip ashore.

Colette sits back on the boat. Relaxing as best she can. The sailing no matter how smooth makes the girl from the plains of the Oathlands sick... When do we get there.... will the swaying and bobbing ever stop? Questions running through Colette's head.

Miranda asks, as they disembark, "Is there anything we know already? Any clues? Times when this warming started?"

Mikani spent most of her time basking in the water spraying upon her face. It was good to be back on the water and around the water. She grinned the whole way. If she could have swam by the ship she would have. Mikani sang to herself little Northland and Isles songs she has picked up. These moments she cherished in her life. Those moments of freedom and the sea.

When they reached Pearlspire, Mika looked around with interest. It wasn't her first time to Pearlspire but her first time in this capacity. She nodded at Miranda's question. "I know Lady Peri has been talking about it since I've known her ... so at least 2 ... 3 years ..." Her mind tried to do the math on that one.

Kaldur looks up at the cliffs as they approach. "It's been this way as long as anyone knows." He looks to Peri, "Unless you've uncovered something in your research."

The party disembarks. There are some rumors of some caves over by the cliffs, Peri and Kaldur have heard, that might be interesting to look at. There are a few ways they can go about things in doing their exploration. They could choose to go up to the cliffs and be daring dos themselves, and dive into the waters below, or they could make use of one of the smaller row boats and make their way over to where they'd like to start exploring.

Peri shakes her head at her brother. "It's been this way as long as I remember, and even before. I've never managed to figure out why."

Clara looks sympathetically at Colette since that was not long before today herself leaning over the edge throwing up her breakfast. Instead, today, the woman that's classically known for disliking ships looks happy to be on the water. When it is time to disembark into the dinghies she looks to Kaldur. "Ya know. I'm startin' ta like the seas." Of course she was... She looks at the boats and the cliffs. "Last time I went explorin' down the side of a cliff someone nearly fell to their death. How do we feel about the row boats?" She suggests.

Peri gestures at the row boats. "I imagine that most of you will be happier taking the boats. We'd be able to take any gear we've brought if we don't dive."

Colette makes a face at the mention of more boats... "As long as you do not need me to captain one... I am just 'ere to 'elp..." She looks up the cliffs, and tugs her harness, "I could climb those no problem though."

Miranda ooohs softly with this news. "An old mystery then." She looks delighted at this, nodding a bit to herself. She draws in a breath, eyeing the cliffs and divers, "That looks like so much fun." Naturally. Always a crazy in the group, right? She glances to the others, "I'll be glad to help however you want to do this."

Kaldur grins at Miranda and Peri, but looks at Clara, "I've not been diving in two years. I'm not missing this opportunity." To those going in the boats, "We can meet at the entrance. He scratches at his wrist, where a wave-patterned tattoo peeks from his sleeve, and looks out over the water, "Tide's high, about to turn. We'll have to wait for boats to have clearance, or swim in." To Colette, "A damp cloth and deep breaths'll help."

Miranda reaches into her pouch and pulls out some mint to offer to Colette, "I had need of this for awhile. Not on boats, but it might help ease the sickness while on the boat"

Colette takes the mint and slips it in her mouth casually. "So we are swimming no?"

The white-eyed medic looks to Kaldur. "Very well." She crinkles her nose. "I'll be at the bottom ta make sure ya don' belly flop." She smiles. "Not that I'm afraid of the dive but I'd rather not take the risk an' make sure ya have a living medic." She nods to Colette. "Seems that way."

Peri smiles at her brother for his movement to dive, but looks at Colette. "I'll take charge of the boat for you, if you'd rather go that way." She doesn't want to leave anyone behind.

Kaldur looks at Peri, "We have sailors can guide them. Come dive with me, sister mine."

Colette smiles once at Peri, "I can swim just fine. I just don't want to be 'alf way up the cliff and see you all diving below me." She says with a grin, shedding some of her extra layers of leather until she is just in her steelsilk and cloth. She ties her hair up in to a bun. "Shall we?" Her voice flat. Monotone. But not distant.

Kaldur checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 43 higher.

Colette checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 34 higher.

Miranda checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 14 higher.

Mikani checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 22 higher.

Peri checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 38 higher.

Miranda smiles at the siblings with a bit of a fond look, perhaps thoughtful and wistful both! She will follow Duke Kaldur up the cliffs for the opportunity to dive. She's clearly not missing this chance either! There's even a bit of a "Woo hoo!" exclaimed at the idea. Her own dive is quite enthusiastic. She flies off the cliff, seeming to linger in the air with an excited, "Yahooo!!!!" And then down she goes... not particularly graceful or pretty, but at least she doesn't kill herself on the way down!

Peri dumps all of her restrictive stuff into the boat and scampers up the cliff to take a swan dive off of the cliff. YAAAAAHOoooooo!

Colette dives in as well. Although with WAY LESS MIRTH than everyone else

Peri checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 27 higher.

Clara checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

Mikani checked perception + investigation at difficulty 30, rolling 3 lower.

Colette checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

It might be his first real smile of the trip, when Peri agrees. He is quick to climb up, grinning all the while. Whistling and clapping for Miranda as she makes her enthusiastic leap, "Feet first!" He should have said that beforehand. And then, from his chosen perch, Kaldur looks down, studies the water. Breathes slowly, and with focus, and leaps... a graceful arc and down, like a knife, into the churning water. He surfaces after with a wild hoot some distance from where he dove, long easy strokes taking him towards the cave entrance.

Kaldur checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 21 lower.

Mikani dives of the rocks and screams with joy the whole time. She grins as the water wraps around her and is probably the water around her that she's focused on and the swimming that she takes several strong presses before she surfaces.

Miranda checked perception + survival at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

The top of the cliffs are are cold, as can be expected, but not so cold that it's exactly freezing. It's a biting uncomfortable cold, but only just that, and most people seem to be tolerating it just fine. However, when they enter into the water, that cold is instantly turned into a lovely, silky warmth that might be reminiscent of the warmer Lycene waters of the year; definitely not temperatures to expect in the north during a frigid wintery season; or a welcoming warm bath that hugs a person close and relaxes them. And, part of the charm of diving from the cliffs is also the possibility of finding pearls; Peri, Clara, and Collete manage to just that, nice, round, shiny Seliki pearls. One each. They are within easy grasp under the waters, should they wish to take it.

Peri's head bobs back up to the surface, water streaming over her matt of hair. She is holding a pearl and tucks it away in a pocket. She looks for the others and asks, "Did anyone else see the mouth of a cave down there?!"

Kaldur definitely didn't see the mouth of the cave. He's looking for the fastest way back up the cliff to dive again.

Peri shouts from nearby, "KALDUR!"

Peri sees her brother leaving and shouts for him. "KALDUR! Come back!" She waves enthusiastic ally

Miranda pops up out of the water, squealing in delight! No pearls for her? so sad!!! But the dive off the cliff is awesome and ohh! Kaldur's going again! She follows him until Peri calls and she turns to look her way. "Only once, my Lady? I could totally do that again and better!"

Colette grabs the pearl underwater and holds it close as she heads up to surface moving twoards the cave. "I found the thing... Is this why we are 'ere?" The ever clueless Laurent asks as she surfaces... holding the pearl out as she threads water.

Clara, no shame, looks into the water with a child-like wonder. Seeing a pearl she holds up a finger indicating she'll be right back. She drives into the water and comes back up with the pearl. She smiles and when she resurfaces hears Peri yelling for Kaldur. "If I don' bring ya back to me sister she'll kill us both!" She yells as she swims along side the boat now.

Peri grins at the encouragement from Colette and Kaldur and calls out, "NEVERMIND!"She climbs back up again herself. She ever was more of a dreamer than a daredevil like her brother, but he was definitely an influence.

Kaldur turns when Peri bellows, eyes wide. What? He was just looking. Fine. Wait, now they're going again? "The tide! We need to explore while it's going out!" He puts those Seliki lungs to work.

Miranda sighs as she waits for the Duke and Lady to decide -what- they are doing. She looks UP at the cliffs, longingly. Maybe before they depart she can do it again. She grins brightly, tossing her very long, very soaked braid behind her and looks to the pair. She, too, has not seen a cave.

Mikani follows Clara about as she continues to look around. "This is amazing." She murmurs as Clara comes back with a pearl. "Awwww ... I need to focus ...."

Peri sheepishly stops on the way up the cliff and returns to the water. "As you say!"

Rosalba, a creamy-white raven with strikingly-alert azure eyes arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Rosalba, a creamy-white raven with strikingly-alert azure eyes arrives, delivering a message to Mikani before departing.

Colette looks at the cliff then Miranda looking at them, "Race you to the top?"

Miranda grins at Colette, "Yes!" She cheers and nods, "Ready? Set..... " She grins and is ready to go. "Go!" And off she runs to the top!

Kaldur is the last person in the crew who should be doing it, but - helpfully probably the best swimmer - he starts looking for the entrance to the cave. Colette called it from somewhere over here...

Colette checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Miranda checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Miranda checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 32 higher.

Colette grunts as the Lycene woman gets the jump on her and goes to follow!

Clara makes her way over to the cave entrance with Kaldur. White eyes scanning the area for possible danger. "Well, this will be a good siblin' bondin' experience." She looks over at Peri. "An' I get ta meet yer family as well. A nice experience, hopefully."

Colette checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 20, rolling 28 higher.

Peri sees that Kaldur is swimming to find the cave, and dives down to search.

Miranda does one last race up the cliff, Colette getting ahead of her. But when she jumps down, she is enjoying herself way too much. Ok. Enough play! She swims off to catch up with the others! But that was fun!

Mikani swims after Kaldur towards the cave. "Come on Clara ... this could be a good cousin bonding experience ... beat you to the cave ..." She winks at her cousin by marriage and swims off towards the cave.

Mikani can have a headstart, she'll need it. Kaldur is still searching.

Kaldur, Peri, and a few others start toward the mouth of the cave entrance Peri found. It is underwater, so she has to lead the way to show them. Meanwhile a few others get in a few last dives, though no other pearls are found. The cave itself is big enough to swim through one by one, and while some light does move into the cave from the surface above, it does appear to get darker the further it goes back.

Peri swims as far as she can with a reserve of breath, hoping to find a way up into an open part of the cave.

Colette follows along!

Clara laughs a little and nods her head at Mikani before she dives down into the waters after Peri. Once she surfaces she looks around, not specifically interested in who won the little dash... probably Mikani! Instead, she's looking around the cave curiously.

Miranda swims into the cave, behind everyone, keeping an eye on their rear. She follows about, noting the cave's darkness growing. "We should hold onto a wall or each other somehow in case it gets too dark." SHe suggests.

Kaldur rummages supplies from the boat and swims like an otter, checking up against where everyone has alighted.

Colette just keeps following!

Kaldur drags what he brought to somewhere dry, or at least not submerged. "Tide's about half out. We've got as long again as when we arrived before the this cave fills.

Miranda swims about, trying to find where the water is warmest as they swim, perhaps looking for some sort of bubbles or underground vent of some kind. What's heating the water?

Peri dives underwater, holding her breath, to swim through the cave. Colette follows behind her, and presumably everyone else does as well, with Kaldur bringing up the rear with some supplies; which may or may not include a lantern sealed in waterproof bagging for walking around underground, underwater caves. They emerge within a larger cavern, which they can tell from the sound of the water lapping against the edges of rock, and the sound echoing back and forth. A lantern is brought out, lit, and then the cave bursts into light. Everyone can fit comfortably within, and it seems like a normal underwater venture. There are some markings on the wall that cannot be quite made out. Years of the tides working against them seem to have done some damage. There is another tunnel at the back of this cave, with stairs leading from the water to the tunnel.

Kaldur will hold the lantern and let the avowed Explorers in the group do their thing.

Mikani fixes her hair back as she moves to get a closer look at the markings on the wall. She even gets out some coal and paper from a waterproof pouch to take a rubbing.

"Look at the stairs!" Peri says with surprise and excitment. She waves an arm in their direction. She wanders by the mysterious markings on the wall. Disappointment can be heard in her voice. "I can't make out anything. Can anyone else? I think it best we climb those stairs." She gestures at Kaldur to bring the light so that they can see. She looks for the level of water damage to see if the stairs will be higher than the tide and looks questioningly at Kaldur.

Miranda peers at the markings with some interest and touches those within reach, fascinated. However, she takes a moment to go into a small water-tight container she brought -- clearly thinking about treasures she might collect -- and pulls out a piece of parchment and charcoal to take a few rubbings. Sure they're damaged, but what if... She grins at Mikani who had the same idea! She takes several rubbings before the parchment is rolled up, put back into her water-tight container and sealed, charcoal inside. Then she looks at the stairs and nods, "Looks like fun!"

Clara looks in the direction that Peri declares stars in. "Oh, fun." She looks at the walls and shakes her head. "Nope, not really helpful, those markin's. Maybe Lady Mikani's efforts will give us somethin' there." She makes her way to the stairs, securing all her own gear.

Kaldur looks at the stairs, swinging the lantern that way, arm holding it aloft covered with stylized crashing wave forms. "We'll see how high the watermark is, above that, with some supplies, we might be safe long enough?" Kaldur shrugs, he's not the survivalist here - he has quartermasters (and Explorers) for that.

Colette follows the other divers.... She is tensed as always... eyes always looking around... Scouting, even with no territory to range.... She is quiet... waiting for her job, which she always assumes will come.... Everyone needs a mindless meat shield.

Mikani looks at the writing and twitches her lips before she wraps up the paper and puts it back in the water proof pouch. "We better hurry then." Mika says though her voice isn't rushed. "I just had a mission of free diving ... I can hold my breath for a good long while if needed ....."

Kaldur sidles up to Peri and peers up the stairs.

Miranda offers, "Shall I take the lead, my Lady?" To Peri. "I'm all armored and armed. Seems I ought to at least protect you." A glance to Kaldur, "You both, at least." She smiles.

Peri looks at Miranda and nods. "Please. and best we get started."

Miranda nods and, recognizing another fellow fighter.. "Lady Colette, care to join me in taking point?" She pulls her sword out, just in case! And begins to lead folks up the stairs, trusting Colette to join her or find her own place.

Miranda wields Kindling, an alaricite curved sword.

Mikani wields Rhapsody's Requiem Diamond Plate Ingi Axes.

Colette cracks her knuckles, "I was worried no one would ask...." She follows Miranda closely.

Clara looks at the stairs and then waits to see who is going to start up the stairs. She follows behind people, bringing up the rear.

Mikani looks at Colette and laughs softly as she takes up the rear and watches their 6 and the water line.

Peri follows her brother close behind. She watches the stares hoping to see a waterline soon. "I wonder where they go." She whispers. Somehow the mysterious stares have her whisper as though she is in a library.

There is nothing tainted here. Nothing that seems out of place, or at least what could be considered out of place. The waves sparkle in the light, making wave patterns on the cavern wall as the party talks options. Then the stairs are noticed and mentioned. Miranda and Colette take lead her, and make their way into the tunnel. It's large enough for two to walk side by side. Though one might think that moss should grow on these stairs, or some other slimy fungus, nothing grows there. For now, the stairs are dry, and should one touch them they are warm to the touch. The tunnel tilts up at a slight angle and goes about 20 feet before it opens up into a much, much larger cavern than the one before it. There's clear signs of water left behind in the larger cavern, but it seems it all has drained out back the way of the tunnel, except for puddles here and there about the room. Four or five other tunnels lead from this room, suggesting that there is a large system of tunnels to be explored underneath the caverns; though how deep, or how far they go, that's hard to say. In this room, there are also drawings, but unlike the room before the drawings are not smudged or marred. There is a pattern to the drawings that does not seem quite so obvious at first.

The drawings themselves feature people and symbols of waves, wind, and fire.

Colette takes point next to Miranda, clearly ready for the worst by her posture, not evening make note of carvings....

Miranda does not rub the markings this time, but studies them a moment. Waves. Wind. Fire. Huh. "Lady Colette?" She turns then to join the Laurent lady. "We should scout the tunnels a bit, see if they go anywhere. Let's just say I want to find a way out in case these puddles indicate how high the tide goes. "What say you? We take a tunnel at a time? Mark them with charcoal to keep them straight?" She pulls out her charcoal and gestures to them, "One, two, three, and so on?"

Colette looks to Miranda, "Cave Diving is new to me... point me where I go... 'ope if I go alone you do not need someone 'oo 'as the silver tounge..." The Laurent Pugilist grins.

Peri stops to puzzle over the markings on the wall. "These have not been ruined by the water. Waves, wind, and fire -- Mangata, Petrichor, Lagoma?" She speculates. At Miranda's suggestion she nods. "We should, before the tide starts to change. It is low tide, for now. I wonder if these markings would give any hint for what lies above."

Peri adds, "We should go up soon, to find dry stone, lest we be taken by the tide."

Miranda grins at Colette and takes a moment to number the tunnels, one through five. Then says to Peri, "My Lady, would you and the others be willing to stay here whilst Lady Colette and I scout into each a little ways?" It is Peri's expedition after all.

Peri checked intellect + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

Mikani murmurs that she wished she had fire that couldn't burn out and half glances at Peri before looking more at the drawings.

Miranda checked perception + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Mikani checked intellect + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 20 higher.

Clara checked intellect + occult at difficulty 30, rolling 31 higher.

Peri begins to get antsy. "It's getting to be the midmark for dealing with the tide. Exploring caves without a good plan is terribly dangerious. We should go back and plan better."

Colette glance back to Peri, "If you wish.... no risk no reward..."

Mikani takes a rubbing of the waves wind and fire motif for record and puts it back into the waterproof pouch.

The drawings, it seems, are all around the room. People. Then People with waves. Then people with wind. Then people with Fire. It is a pattern that repeats, and repeats, and repeats, in a circular motion around the room, starting at the top of the room, going round and round the room until in the middle of the cave, the symbols are on the floor, until there's people, waves, wind, and fire all around each other at once. Only, the wind, waves, and fire, they look more like they have shapes. Those shapes look quite a lot like spirits, and the patterns seem to tell the tale of people working with the spirits in some way.

Peri is firm. "I'll not have you harmed on my watch due to poor planning. Exploring unknown caves is a dangerous venture, and we are at the midpoint where the tide will begin to get dangerous. We should go back in time. We will come again."

"Aye, its not a good idea ta get trapped down here but we should at least get what we can from this room." Clara puts her skills to work! This is what the Shaman does, works with Spirits! She looks fascinated. "I wonder if there are Spirits or related information down here then..." She smiles and starts to look around with a bit more interested. "If there are... I'm a Shaman. Perhaps I can speak with them."

Mikani checks that, they are drawing, not rubbings, so she draws them onto her paper before putting the paper away.

Miranda eyes the drawings a bit, noting the patterns around the room. Water. Wind. Fire. People with each. Spirits? She frowns a bit at the images, shaking her head. She considers the tunnels a moment, then moves to the floor near a puddle, kneeling and offers to Clara, "Give it a try." She'll do something else. A prayer for Mangata as she lets her fingers trail in one of those puddles.

Colette looks to Miranda for her opinion on the matter before turning to Peri. "As you wish.... But do not worry for my safety.... I prefer danger... Is the only time I feel 'uman.."

Peri tells the shaman. "I think you are right that these depict people working with spirits. I will insist we go once I know that we must due to the tide."

Clara looks around at the floor and walls and after a while she offers. "So... From what I can tell... This was part of a pact between people and the spirits. It looks like the pact was ta keep the waters here warm." She pulls out her own notebook and starts drawing out what she is seeing and starts taking notes. "It's very interstin'."

Colette looks between the other adventurers, "Look.... I say this nicely... if a fight starts... Keep away... I can not promise you can reason with me.... I can not even promise you will not become a target... I rarely remember them... and more often than not...someone ends up dead...." She shrugs.... "Let me fight if we need.... do not 'ope for more from me is all..."

Miranda looks up at Clara and grins to herself, then rocks herself up to her feet. "Seems that's an answer of a sort." She looks to Colette and lifts a brow. "That sounds like quite the warning. So if you fight, we need to make sure you are aimed to the bad guy." She nods, "Or else ... what? How would we get you out of your... battle rage?" Clearly she's not sure what to call it. "At any rate, Lady Peri, if you are ready to depart, we should then. You're right. No one wants to get caught in the caves if the tide comes up here."

Mikani goes to Clara's side and helps to take notes with her and helps Clara with whatever she needs. "Wonder if this has to do with that one thing ..." She asks out loud not wanting spill much of anything she continues to take notes in her journal.

And, just as Miranda mentions the tide, it certainly does sound like things are starting to roll in one more. Investigation, figuring out riddles or occult matters, and exploration take time, and that time has run out. The party would be able to make it safely back to the waters outside, and resume their cliff diving fun should they so desire, but only if they leave sooner than later, or things will get very, very difficult.

Clara looks at Miranda. "Aye, seems we have an answer." She smiles over at Peri. "Though, perhaps explorin' these caves later will give us a reason as to why they made the pact." She looks then to Colette. "Furyborn, perhaps?" She looks to Mikani curiously. "One thin'?"

Kaldur shakes himself from study of the interesting carvings. He nods at Peri's suggesting, "Aye, now that we know this is here, we can come back better prepared. G'wan," he waves everyone out.

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