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PRP:Whisper on the streets

Part 2 of the picketpocket.

A name is all you have found, but now there are whisper leading, thus that seek to a warehouse.


Jan. 14, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Clarisse Kiera Emberly Drake Thea



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Merchant Road Central

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Rumors, word on the street say this is a spot where they like to fence the stolen goods. They say it's run by the Shadow Master, his men running it through a little shop called the Golden Hammer. It is a blacksmith shop in name only. The inside is bare, with only a few old rusted items. Things made long ago, nothing burning in the hearth no avail, no tools. It is a bad front. This is where you meet up outside of the shop. It's an old dull green door, with little windows in the center covered in dirt and dust.

Clarisse is following where the word is leading them, though as they approach the dusty and quiet Front of the Golden Hammer, her doubts that they will truly find who is behind this group starts to grow. The hopes of recovering her sisters stolen gold, slipping away. She looks around carefully trying her best to see if there any unsettled dirt, or sounds that may be coming from inside.

Kiera stans outside the door. She has made modest atempts to hide her genteel upbring a plain blue cotton cloak with a hood concealing mosst of her features. Her blond hair unkempt and hanging toward her eyes, should the hood not do the job of concealing them. she seems uncertain of how to proceed not much accustomed to subterfuge. She keeps keen eye to the surroundings, watching to see if others go in and out waiting to see if there is some code or trick to getting people to appear

The door has a brand new iron lock on it. But everything else appears to be so old.

Edmund arrives, following Bridget.

Edmund leaves, following Bridget.

Emberly is in her simple clothing and alchemist belt that holds her supplies, she has come to see what more they can find to at least get back some of the stolen items. She looks over to the others that she has traveled with her eyes flickering to the door to examine it.

That lock is the only thing that is not coated in dust. Even the door hinge is coated in it, but this lock has been open and closed often.

Clarisse is dressed more simply, with a hood and cloak also covering that mass of hair as well, pulled back under the hood, trying to blend in with her friends. Beneath her cloak a pouch of medical supplies is kept close at hand. She looks between Kiera and Emberly though and nods at the lock not coated in dust indicating someone has been there recently. She is no lock pick though, and she is doing her best not to stick out like a sore thumb amoung the two lady's, also trying not to stick out like sore thumbs. She whispers quietly, "Do you think they may return soon? It appears they do frequent this location."

with the lock firmliy in place, Kiera looks for windows to peer in alternative entrances or activity around the shop while also listening for sounds

Emberly considers the lock and the fact that its been opened a few times she tries to see if she can fiddle with the lock with her hairpin, as Kiera looks for anotherway inside.

Emberly checks dexterity and legerdemain at normal. Critical Success! Emberly is spectacularly successful.

The lock is quickly opened, the trap is within it is ignored. As Emberly's talented fingers spring it open, the real door opens leading downwards, into the dark.

Clarisse decides while they focus on the lock, she does keep an eye and ears open for any sign of others watching the door, to warn Kiera and Emberly if she needs to, glancing back to see Emberly seems to have cracked the code of the lock she just shakes her head, clearly impressed with the lady's skills.

Emberly seems to have had good luck with her today, she looks shocked when the attempt was a success and she reviels a hidden door, quietly she waves over to Kiera

Emberly checks perception and survival at normal. Emberly fails.

Clarisse checks perception at normal. Clarisse is marginally successful.

Kiera checks perception and survival at normal. Kiera is successful.

Clarisse tips her nose looking at the two ladies to see if they also smell what she does, trying to keep her sandaled feet quiet with each step, she looks around to see if the other ladies can smell it, indicating her nose to both of them.

Kiera nearly chokes on the smell of blood rising from the basement "Someone or something is badly injured down there or likely dead and i do not want to follow suit. if we're going down there, we need some muscle behind us" she says keeping her voice low

Emberly dose not seem to notice anything abnormal, she looks to Kiera and she nods her head "I agree, lets turn back

The sound of a something metal hitting something that sounds wet, fills the stairwell.

Clarisse is not going to risk her life either over objects and seems to agree with the lady's, pointing back towards the exit where they can regroup and perhaps call the Iron Guard to the scene, backing out slowly, leaving room for the lady's to do the same.

Emberly backs her way out and sees if she can find a guard

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Thea arrives, following Drake.

The group is standing outside of a broken down old shop, called the Goldem Hammer. The main door is closed, but after someone fiddle with a lock a door leading downwards is reveled. The smell of blood is filling the air, from down there as everyone is waiting for the heavy back up.

Kiera stands in the vacant upper shop, looking vaeguely about to vomit and wincing

Drake came in a rush. He did at least take the time to grab his weapons, since it seems like they were needed. Apparently he was with Thea at the time, as he's still with her now... in a hurry, but he stops running as soon as he gets to the place in question. He looks at Kiera first. "...Are you all right?" It's hard not to smell the blood, so this is a concern. "Who was injured? Do we know?" It's coming from below, he realizes. He pulls out his sword, holding it warily.

Drake wields Breath of Fire, a Rubicund Broadsword.

Emberly looks completely shellshocked and she looks to Drake "we sortof followed some pickpockets here, dared not go inside further"

Clarisse is used to the smell of blood in the work that she does, and that smell makes her worry, about the chances that the person below may have if they are alive still, but she is also not foolish enough to run into a possible trap either. She shakes her head, "We thought it could be a trap, but there is concern someone is down there hurt badly or worse."

Thea is close behind Drake, because yes. That's who she was with. The smell of blood hits her first and her she already already looking for the source. "But are any of YOU hurt,Thea asks first, skimming them all.

Kiera nods "we're all fine but worried we wouldn't be if we went down there by ourselves"

Drake looks at Emberly, nodding to her with familiarity. Then he looks at Clarisse, who he does not know, and says, "Hello." Awkward time to meet new people - this is usually something he does at a party. "Well all right. I'll take the front then. And if we need another medic--" Right, Thea is already looking into it. "Okay." One more deep breath, and he heads to go down the stairs toward the possible trap or violence. "Warning - whoever is here. If you mean any harm to any of these ladies, I'll cut you down without mercy." Pause. "So this had better not be a trap." He's working on his speeches.

Emberly nods her head a little as she looks over to Kiera, she looks to them before Drake bellows below, and she giggles a bit snorting, well no one told him to be quiet about things

Clarisse nods to Drake and offers her name, "Lady Clarisse Charon, healer." She offers quickly and motions to the supplies she keeps with her at all times, and stays back to let Drake take point, but doesn't keep him from going down the stairs, but now whoever is here, knows they are coming, so this could go from bad to worse quickly.

The stairs are light up with torches burning low, each step is brings more blood assualting the sense. At the bottom is a door, with blood pouring out of the bottom of it, the sound of wet meat chopping over and over is on the other side of the heavy wooden door.

Thea smirks a little at Drake. "Really need to work on your speeches,"trailing after him, reaching for her own blade.

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 3 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Sina.

Drake tries not to laugh at Thea's comment, because this is a serious situation but...

He knows.

At the bottom, he hears the sound of chopping. Chopping? That... sounds bad. "...Could be an... underground butcher?" he asks, looking back over his shoudler again.

Maybe that person didn't even hear him coming, despite his shout of warning. So Drake just... opens the door. Slowly. Sword still out.

Kiera quietly takes the rear shaking her head back and forth as she waits for what's beyond

Emberly trails along after the others a little scared but wanting to liberate the stolen purses, she looks to the other ladies and she looks over to Kiera with a careful step

Inside is a large man hacking into meat hanging from the rafters, each one is dangling there as he is slicing down into it over and over, with heavy hand. He is 6'8 large muscled, dull face working that clever up and down, as he is moves the meat from one side of the large marble slab to the other, branding over an existing brand of each slice, remarking the stolen meat.

Clarisse can hear that sound of chopping and the sight of the blood from under the door, causes her stop still as she watches Drake moving forward and the butcher working each slab of meet, trying to discern if it is animal or human that he is in the middle of butchering.

Drake turns around and looks at all of the people behind him.

He lowers his voice slightly, because, well, apparently they haven't been noticed. "...Okay, I have context here, but he seems like a pretty large obstacle to deal with. Do you, ah, want me to negotiate? Are we looking for somebody?"

"Do you--know how to negotiate,"Thea murmurs to Drake quietly. She looks behind her to, at the others. "Someone may be better. We could just--keep an eye out."

Helpfully Emberly murmurs softly hopefully to someone who tells someone, who tells... eventually Drake. Hopefully it stays somewhat the same but we have all played telephone.... we all know things get mixed up and butchered and re-told. "We caught some pickpocketers that made off with peoples coin purses, part of a Shadow guild to get the purses back, they had kids fencing for them." she murmers

Sebastian, an adorable gray and white tabby, Jacinthe, Arindais, a dour-looking Scholar, 3 Templar Knight guards leave, following Sina.

That man is still working with that blind need to get the task, assigned to him done. As he lifts another pig down on to the butchering marbel table, as the blood spurts all over.

Kiera hms "I seriously doubt he's the leader of the gang. however we have to deal with him somehow. i suppose. What would a guy like him want to help us

"...Do I know how to negotiate," Drake says, looking back at Thea... squinting in perhaps a teasing way, and then... stepping right forward. He walks up toward the very large man... for now, putting his sword away again, but resting his hand on it. "Pardon me. Sorry if we're interrupting some important slaughterhouse business. But you wouldn't have happened to see-" Huh, this sounds stupid when he puts it this way but now Drake is committed. "A pickpocket. Or three."

The large man grunts at Drake."No. Drop off meat cut meat, brand meat. They take meat." His voice is cold, slow dull each word spoken with that roll of his tongue. Each word seems to take mintues between as, his clever is starts back to work now."Go."

Clarisse is watching them remaining quiet but studying the technique he uses to cut the meet to see if she can pick up on his technique and intentions, watchhing carefully incase the man reacts badly to Drake coming up behind him while he is at the business of butcher, "Careful, Sir." Not truly familar with Drake to call him by title.

Emberly mmms listening to Drake then the man as she comes into the blood soaked room she winces and shutters closing her eyes to the scene before her. "I know they came here... is there another part to the building?" she asks

Emberly checks composure at normal. Emberly is marginally successful.

Kiera hms "We just want our purses back. Can you tell us how to get them back or who to speak to and will let you to your work

Drake would speak out, but the ladies are asking questions now, so he keeps calm and looks wary for any signs of possible aggression from the man. Maybe this was all a big misunderstanding.

The large man is keeps on working."No. I cut meat." His voice is cold, slow as his clever is bashing into the marble cracking into it."Try find Gunther. He knows stuff, he hard to find. Gunther Greencloak."

Emberly looks around the room as the man speaks and she frowns a bit trying to figure this out, just one more look before she heads back upstairs

Emberly checks perception and investigation at normal. Emberly is marginally successful.

Clarisse takes notes to right the name in her journal, "What is your name?" She directs her question at the butcher, curious of his name and taking note of the way he talks to see if there is a mental condition he may have she can recognize.

Drake looks back at Kiera. "You sure you saw them come this way? Can you ... describe them?" Drake looks at Clarisse again, and nods to her. Now that the... threat of actual danger has passed, it seems, he's a lot more cheerful. "It's Drake by the way- I'm her brother," he adds, nodding toward Kiera once more. "...but, ah, I know you were asking him. Just to catch you up."

"Lennie." The big dude is speaks in that slow fashion. As he picks up the clever quickly, his hand is pushing more meat down on to the marble slab, as he starts to cut into it.

Kiera checks perception and investigation at normal. Kiera is successful.

Emberly p :was hoping for leads on the pickpockets shes going back up

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

Lamora leaves, following Auda.

Axelle, a personal valet, Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider, 1 Iron Guardsmen, Mira, Betty arrive, following Felicia.

Axelle, a personal valet, Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider, 1 Iron Guardsmen, Mira, Betty leave, following Felicia.

Clarisse offers a reassuring smile to Drake as he introduces himself to her, "A pleasure to meet you Lord Drake, Lady Kiera's brother, Lord Teague Charon, is my brother. Thank you for coming to help us." Her attention is then drawn back to Lennie, "Lennie, thank you for your help. Do you know of any place where we might find Gunther? or anyone who may know how to find him?" She will try to get that answer before she follows upstairs.

Kiera looks about and nods her head head sideways to three caarts of slabs of meat "I think we out to test the quality of the wears

"No he aint been bye for a bit. He likes the leaky rabbit. Good ale and pie. He buy me drinks der." Lennie nods slowly, his hand is bringing down that clever, back down into the meat over and over again."If you want meat, take it you may have Lennie's cut pretty lady."

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

Drake looks relieved a bit and takes his hand off his sword. "Well. Didn't have to get into a fight after all, but, glad I was here to help. Drinks?" He looks back at all the ladies who are still present. He does mean it as a means of investigation, so, he gives Lennie a bow. "Sorry to trouble you. Get back to all that... butcherin.'" He smiles at Kiera. "Should do well at the house, eh? We'll pay fair coin for it. Least we could do for the interruption."

Clarisse nods to Lennie, "Thank you Lennie, I am sure our cooks will appreciate the fine cut of meet to serve and we may be able to bring more business your way as well. Thank you for helping us. We wish you a fine evening." She smiles at him reassuringly, as she turns to join the others.

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