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Climbing the Edge of the World

The False Thaw is upon us in the mountains of Giant's Reach. A time when it is clearly still winter though the spirits are feeling playful and they try to break one's will by making some think that spring is right around the corner.

House Sanna is celebrating another of Giant's Reach's false thaw games. This time we're loading up the carriages and taking the populace to Feller Vesi, a little town that sits upon the river runoff from the mountains in Giant's Reach.

Tradition during the False Thaw has the strongest and bravest race to climb the tiered waterfalls that line the edge of the mountains, The Edge of the World. Come participate or watch and visit one of our fair villages.

(OOC information: There is a gdoc setup, for the contest. If you are not available to get to the event, you can still meet with Cirroch to put in prerolls and you'll be included in the preset poses. Mail, or page Cirroch The game in the event will use the check system (new dice) There are four rolls total. You don't have to be a part of the game, you can come and cheer others on or enjoy the ambience of people trying to climb up a not so frozen waterfall.)


April 8, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Aine Shyanne Rosalind Kiera



Outside Arx - Northlands near Giant's Reach - Feller Vesi

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Comments and Log

Feller Vesi is that little town that pops up on the side of the waterfall because it makes good tourism from people flocking to see the beauty of the waters, explore the mountains in the area, and take in the scenery.

However, those that stay long enough to be called locals tend to let go and come up with new means to stay active. Thus the False Thaw festivals were created. This is the time of year where the weather in the southern edge of Giant's Reach experiences a mini thaw of the near permanent winter. Ice blocks on the river start to break up and the falls are a mix of icy walls and flowing water.

Someone years ago started climbing the falls, and in the true fashion of not to be outdone by another, others in the area started to climb as well. Each showing off just how brave they are, all for bragging rights over who climbed which part of the falls during the false thaw. Since /anyone/ can climb the falls when they're completely frozen.

Cirroch stands next to a lower bonfire, wearing his leather leggings with the Sanna sigil hanging from the belt, and bear fur boots, with a large bear fur coat with the hood that is a bear's head covering his own, the coat stands open showing that he's out here without a tunic on.

Another bonfire sits at the top of the triple stage waterfall, several nets with ladder planks have been draped down over the various stages of cliffs offering a more direct route up and down the falls. A switchback path allows access to the town at the top of the cliff with carriages set to take people up and down for the festival. A path from the carriages drop off to the bonfires has been packed down in the otherwise several feet deep of snow that sit around the edges of the river and lower falls bed.

Aine arrives with little fanfare, and some trepidation in her eyes. This is out of her element, northern born, not northern raised, the idea of the festival both interests her and makes her nervous. Yet, here she is, ready to learn, to partake, and to experience a little bit of culture, on her path of self-discovery. Bundled up for the weather, she smiles when she sees at least one familiar face.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Aine before departing.

Shyanne moves into the place, she looks about and she smiles a little at the snow "Snow games... ive been wanting to host something just like this." she laughs deeply as she moves her way over to the bonfire to get warm briefly

Cirroch has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at normal.
Shyanne is successful.
Rosalind is successful.
Aine is successful.

Cirroch has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at hard.
Shyanne is successful.
Rosalind is successful.
Aine is successful.

Aine checks perception and athletics at normal. Aine fails.

Aine checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Aine is successful.

Aine checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Aine marginally fails.

Aine checks stamina and athletics at normal. Aine is successful.

Rosalind is pretty excited about...CLIMBING! She's all prepared too. Dark leathers and boots, long bright red hairs is braided neatly away from her face and out of the way. She comes rushing from where ever she was, a smile on her freckled but scarred face. "Hi,"the Ravenseye greets everyone with a friendly wave.

At the bonfire Cirroch pushes the coat to his sides by placing his hands on his hips, and smiles to those that have made the trip to the edge of the world. He puts his right hand to his heart, "Marquis Cirroch Sanna, of...Here! It is a pleasure to see you today!" Has Cirroch already started drinking? Yes. Yes, he has. There's a nods to the heralds that stand at the ready. Telo in turn nods to a young man, who takes a large ram horn and blows into the end creating a long sounding blast that echoes off of the twin mountains that protect the entry to Feller Vesi and the rest of the march's lands.

Another horn of a higher note echoes back. To this Telo, the Sanna's herald, standing at a mere five-feet with curling red hair and black and red leathers steps forwards to those assembled, a small troop of men and women all stand at attention as she moves. With her booming voice, "Welcome to Feller Vesi. The falls broke part of the ice dam recently. It is a perfect time to climb them! Gather your wits, show us your strength and stamina! Get to the top in one piece, win bragging rights. If you have a horn, bring it with you for the casks of whiskey that sit at the top bonfire!" She points to the top of the three tiers of the waters crashing over the edge of the world. The snows might be moving away in the city, though here they are still several feet deep with some of the ice dam flowing over the edges as frozen water hangs for a moment to then break away and start flowing again. "Cousins! Take to the nets and be prepared for any of our climbers to need a hand shot to them!"

Shyanne is also dressed for climbing, the Eswynd a sexy pirate lady in leathers, she tilts her head as she looks to Cirroch and she smiles a bit, helping herself to one of the whiskies that was either his or someone elses. "Cant wait." she grins looking about and she winks to Rosalind

The young Halfshav is less than prepared, this isn't her forte and it's obvious, but no one can say she's not willing to try. She's no doubt borrowed some appropriate clothing from someone at her House, trading in her traditional lady-like gown, for something that isn't liable to hang her on the way down. Aine seems curious to meet the others, waving a hello to Cirroch, and then turning to Rosalind and Shyanne, and offering them warm and friendly smiles.

Rosalind spies Aine and brightens. A lot. "Hi Lady Aine,"she greets, all while searching out the whiskey. "Oh! I have a horn...somewhere,"starting to search through her satchel. "I'm Lady Rosalind Ravenseye, by the way. If you don't know me. But really, you can call me Ros or Rosa. I like those better." Rosa's large hazel green eyes drift up toward the falls and she already starts bouncing on her feet. "So--we're going to climb that?"

Kiera arrives dressed in her leathers and looking as if she might have a go at this one being theoretically more in control of her own ascent than being shot from a ballistae. no she has not climbed an icy mountain face before but has roamed the woods of blancbier she is also trusting her friend to help her avoid getting killed "Nice and slow" she mutters to herself

Who in their right mind is going to be climbing waterfalls. In the winter, parts of these falls come to a frozen halt, on the surface, water continues to move underneath the blocks of ice that form creating icy walls leading up to the river's mouth that feeds the entrance to the valleys making up Giant's Reach under Sanna holdings.

The town's residents have gathered to watch those that are like them and perfectly // normal enough // to attempt the climb. Some have perches dug into the side of the cliffs leading to the falls allowing some of the less daredevil residents to gain a good view of the race.

Veteran climbers, Vesi, are getting the ropes ready for the racers, checking the spaces where the water seems to be the best frozen. Teams and individuals are given a final check by the Vesi. A hearty slap to the back as the shout to step up to the rushing waters of the lowest pool is made

Cirroch calls over to Rosalind, "Yes! That beautiful wall of frozen water is what you're climbing! I'm going to be over here drinking!" Then Telo shouts from the lower bonfire, "One rule! Everyone gets to the top! See someone fall, if it's safe go help them! Or leave them to the Vesi!" She points out the small army that stood with her earlier. "Grab a rope, find your path. You're in the March now, help your neighbor!"

OOC: Contestants check perception + athletics/survival at difficulty

Aine checks perception and survival at normal. Aine marginally fails.

Shyanne checks perception and survival at hard. Shyanne marginally fails.

Kiera checks perception and survival at normal. Kiera marginally fails.

Shyanne gathers some rope and a grappling hook, and other things that might be available to her. She moves over to race, the plump lady seems to know a thing or two about outdoorsing. She looks to Roslind eyeing up her competition and she smiles as the red haired and white haired Ladies prepare to race. "get to the bloody top!"

Aine smiles as she meets the others, but is in no way competition, not here, not with climbing. Rather, she just seems content to take in the cultural experience and hopefully, not die. This gives her a chance to observe, watching what the others do, and trying to mimic it. The young woman looks lost in a place like this, but it's all rather exciting, nonetheless. "Get to the top. Simple and yet, not at all," she mutters looking up, and her face goes from fair to pale, fast.

Rosalind is a northerner. Born and raised. She grabs some rope and whatever else she may need. The woman looks to scream living outdoors. Rosa grins, looking way too excited,"That's beautiful,"waving over to Kiera too. "Hi Lady Kiera!" Rushing over to get ready, she says quite naturally,"I'll be happy to help if anyone needs it. Promise.."

Kiera waves to Rosa "Thank you. i will likely need she admits, waving to Aine as well, looking up at what she's about to climb and appears a bit dizzied by the prospect "I've lost my mind " she mutters finding her way to the rope behind Rosa and gripping tight. she is definitely following the more experienced climber up

Climbing frozen water is harder than it looks, sure everyone has been outfitted with spikes for their shoes and given hooked knives, and are tied off for safety. Though it still is going to require strength, stamina, and willingness to move fast when the frozen wall breaks free into fast moving water. The veteran climbers of Feller Vesi are sitting upon perches that have been hung with hammocks along the paths for any climber to rest in if they see a need. A couple of the town's residents have set up their own perches with a couple of extra ropes tied off to hooks within the ice allowing them to swoop in and help if needed. Master climbers are positioned along the rim of the first and second falls ready to slide down to any that need additional help or saving.

Then there's the townsfolk, who are hanging off of the cliffs, drinking, some have been tied off thus when they do fall, they are dangling on the side of the cliff. Others might fall into the waters or snowbanks below. The master climbers are prepared to catch any that take a tumble.

And finally, there's Cirroch. Sitting in the snow, back towards the bonfire, a cask of whiskey next to him and the rams horn. A solid drink from the horn, then picking up the ram's horn and giving it a good breath. The roar of the crowds nearly drown out the blast of the horn

Start Your Climb!

OOC: If you'd like to retry your roll: check strength/dexterity + athletics/survival at difficulty

Shyanne checks dexterity and survival at normal. Shyanne is successful.

Kiera checks dexterity and survival at normal. Kiera marginally fails.

Cirroch has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at normal.
Shyanne is successful.
TIE: Aine is successful. Kiera is successful.
Rosalind is successful.

Shyanne watches Kiera and she helps her a bit, pausing to be sure her gear is working and that she was properly secured to the rope. "you want to be sure this here is tight Mylady!" she says as she reaches over to give Kiera's belt a hard yank. She winks before she leans in, steals a cheek kiss and then starts to accend the face of the clif

There is a friendly wave in Kiera's direction, and the young woman isn't shy to ask for help. "I have never climbed anything, aside from out my window, which I wouldn't admit to anywhere else," she murmurs. Aine steps up to grab a piece of rope, she wraps it around her hands, trying to do what seems logical in this situation. "Any pointers would be greatly welcomed, ideally before I plummet to my end," she winks to no one in particular.

Rosalind apparently doesn't need to check Kiera since the other woman does, but she does anyway. Shhhhh. Getting herself properly situated, rope tied, Rosalind starts her climb, digging her clawed boots into the ice. "This is--so fun,"she declares, looking down. There may even be a smile!

As the climbers reach the small length of pools before the next falls, the crowd watching lets out a roar of a cheer, which is loud enough to knock loose the lower frozen wall, waters rush a little faster now. Not too high up, though the bonfire where the lower party is, does start to look much smaller, almost right to fit in the palm of two hands cupped

The next step is the dash along the scattered rocks to the next set of falls. Veterans of the climb stand ready suspended by ropes tied off to the upper falls rocks. Some stand in the water, not showing any sign to how cold it might be. Ice covers portions of the flowing water here, its speed is picking up as the lower wall continues to break up, crashing into the river below. The depths are deep enough to walk in without too much worry of drowning, though be wary if you don't like the cold, as this water is bone chilling ice cold. Veterans of the climb, are either used to things being colder, or are completely out of their mind to stand there waiting for if needed..

OOC: If you'd like to retry your roll: check/dexterity/stamina + athletics/survival at difficulty
NOTE: there is a dodge coming up, I will check/contest.
Pose when ready.

Kiera would be utterlly bemused by her friend's decision not to participate in his own race if she wasn't razor focused on putting one foot in front of the other. Her toe hold is very tenuous and she slips a fe times. Her yep as the ice breaks loose is far from one of jubilation but through the mercy of the gods manages to avoid oncoming ice

Rosalind is pretty long legged and limber. And grew up in the mountains. Here is where it likely shows. Hopping along rocks, she practially flies, hair flying behind her. She laughs, grinning all the while,"This is almost like being home,"she calls. When Rosa finally gets to the end, she's pretty prepared to go again,"Do you need help,"offering to go again.

Shyanne assures that Aine wont fall either, she spots the other as she moves along side a little slowly. She grins a bit as the cool hits her features and the sting of the weather reddens her cheeks.. her fingers grip a rock, it was wet, and she looses grip and falls back down.. dangling by her emergancy rope.. she swings back to re-assess things

Cirroch has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at hard.
Rosalind is successful.
Shyanne is successful.
TIE: Aine marginally fails. Kiera marginally fails.

Cirroch has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at hard.
Rosalind is successful.
Aine fails.
Kiera fails.
Shyanne fails.

Kiera checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Kiera is successful.

Rosalind checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Rosalind fails completely.

Aine checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Aine fails.

The final climb. Climbing, running along icy rocks or trodding through ice cold water, climbing again, all while dodging broken chunks of ice falling or breaking as a knife swings into what was once a solid position. Just one leg left to go, another cheer from the citizens of Feller Vesi roars between the twin mountain pass as the climbers gather to make the final approach. Veterans of the climb have started to pull the netting up to the ledge that was just conquered, a safety measure to catch anyone that meets an icy fall or is taken over by the frozen waters.

OOC: Last Roll! If you'd like to retry your roll: check stamina + athletics/survival at difficulty
Pose when ready.

Rosalind checks stamina and athletics at normal. Rosalind is successful.

It's a slippery slope, literally, and Aine finds her ability to keep her footing is limited. It doesn't take long for one foot to go in a different direction than the other. A gasp escapes her as she falls, the safety line pulls taut, holding her in place, though she dangles off the side of the waterfall. In that moment, a life time of questions are answered, the world becomes clear, only to muddle again, when she finds her footing. The panic still has its grip on her, that will take a lot longer to shed off.

Kiera gets a bit steadier with the climbing that is until her feet are hit by falling ice, sending her dangling off the end of the rope " I was eventually going to be in midair one way or another. I swear he made this up" she reaches upward hoping a hand materializes

Rosalind has been going along just fine. It's slippery. She's used to slippery. But somewhere along the line, Rosa was enjoying herself and her foot slipped and her whole being fell, causing her dangle from the mountain. Just keep swinging, just keep swinging swinging swinging....Eventually, the RAvenseye is able to swing her way back to a ledge, digging her boots into the side and begin her climb again.

Shyanne watches Aine fall and in the moment she gasps a bit and re adjusts her hands and feet. "Get to the bloody top!" she calls after the other before she cintinues on the last leg. Seeing Aine get herself re-attached to the mountian has her looking over to Rosa as she too dangles from the side of the mountian.. she grunts "keep those saftey lines in check girls!"

Cirroch checks perception and survival at daunting. Cirroch is successful.

Cirroch checks strength and athletics at daunting. Cirroch fails.

Cirroch checks dexterity and survival at normal. Cirroch is successful.

Cirroch checks stamina and survival at hard. Cirroch fails.

Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at daunting. Cirroch fails.

Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Cirroch marginally fails.

Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Cirroch is successful.

Whether soaking wet, bone dry, or somewhere in between. All that started the trek of the climb will be brought to the upper bonfire by either their own feet or carried by one of the Vesi. And then Cirroch is pulled up by the nets, he might have completely missed all of the ice, then to only be set flying into the nets. But the Whiskey is safe, and Kiera is along with him. All climbers are led to the center closest ring to the bonfire and given a large horn of Sanna whiskey. Telo walks over from the edge of the falls, soaking wet a couple of the Vesi are pulling the nets up to the first edge of the cliffs where they are tied off to hooks set into the edges of large boulders that look to have been put at the sides of the falls with purpose. Her voice starts off just loud enough that only the climbers can hear her. "You've all made the climb, doesn't matter if you fell, faltered, had your own doubts. You." She points at each climber, "Have made the climb. Welcome to being a Vesi!" Her voice gets loud enough for spectators and to echo off of the walls of mountains. "Welcome our new class of Vesi! With bravery and peril staring at them in the face of a waterfall wishing them to stick to the rivers and lakes, they climbed it fast, chased it to the top, where the rainbow lays waiting for them!"

From the edges of the river, several Vesi blow into twisted ram's horns, creating a melodic thrumming that sets to breaking the rest of the frozen falls, from the sudden rush of water moving over the edge a small mist like cloud forms at the edge, anyone still at the bottom bonfire will see a rainbow glinting off of the edges of the falls.

Kiera checks stamina and athletics at normal. Kiera is successful.

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