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Sina Library: Scouting the Hovels

Before the buildings can be cleared out for the construction of the new Plaza, they have to be scouted out. This is the Lowers, who knows what is in these crumbling buildings? (Need 1 of 6 to sign up)


April 18, 2021, 1 p.m.

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Martinique Jhond Tanith Raymesin Evaristo Orland Tython Zyxthylum



Outside Arx - Crownlands near Arx - Sina Plaza

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It is a beautiful spring day! The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Instead of enjoying the beautiful day by going to a beach or a picnic or even a nice walk through a garden, we have all assembled here and staring down a rather gloomy area of the Lowers.

Before you are several buildings in various parts of dissrepair. It looks like a fire had swept through this area at some point. The walls of these buildings are charred and ceilings are collapsed in on themselves. It is this area that has been chosen to host the building of a new library for the Lowers. It is this area that this group has been tasked with investigating to make sure it is safe to bring the buildings completely down and cleared out.

Orland had heard about this project a few times and had come down to assist in whatever help was deemed necessary. "I'd sleep in one of these," he notes of the hovels, "I suspect others who have no where else to sleep will be of the same mind..." His one hand slides into his pocket, looking around at the other's assembled, "I'd think once we clear a place, we should mark it safe but... that won't keep people out at night, either, once we leave." He considers the others who have come to assist in this, deferring to individuals like Raymesin and Tanith, in an almost natural way of looking toward them for direction.

Tanith and Raymesin arrive as close as two people can without holding hands, her shorter and rounder, him taller, leaner, and pale. They're talking quietly, Tanith with a warm smile on her face, eyes glittering with humor, but even as it seems they might be distracted, their eyes never stop surveying what's around each other; Tanith's gaze often darts around Raymesin, behind him, to the left, before returning to pale blues and continuing the conversation. The couple wears scuffed leathers punctuated here and there with color; a ribbon around the wrist, a dyed leather cuff chased with metal, or mirror. Tanith has an ax strapped to her back, while Raymesin appears to be all edges and a weapon himself.

"-but -your- anniversary gift, I just got in," Tanith rounds out, her warm smile flaring into a sharp grin. "You'll forgive me for being late with it." But then there's the air of being addressed and just as if they'd been paying attention all along, Tanith catches the tail-end of Orland's remarks. "There's no nightwatch here?" She glances at her husband. "Shocking."

Martinique is here, representing Redreef in some small contribution to the project. The soldier is armed, but not braced for war--just maybe chasing out some squatters, or otherwise surveying the wreckage. "There really isn't a way to keep people out short of posting guards," She responds to Orland, "And even then it'd be an ongoing challenge." She'll give a nod to Raymesin and Tanith as they arrive, before turning her gaze back towards the nearest fallen structure.

"Well we got two options here." Says Tython to Orland. "We c'n board everythin' up after we got one searched, windows'n doors, an' if tha' boards'er removed we'll know somebody's in there, or we c'n remove all tha' windows an' doors an open them all up to tha' elements, make'm less 'pleain' and then, either way we put upa' sign what says these buildin's are condemed tae' come down." Says the Culler with the pale crystaline eyes.

Zyxthylum has experience with this sort of thing you could say. Up until last winter he was on of the people that would have been staying here. He leans heavily on his cane as he speaks, "There is probably going to be a leader!" He warns. "We should figure out who that is so we can relocate them peacefully- otherwise.. well when you back a rat into a corner.." Rat is not said with any sort of disdain, almost like a scientific explanation, "We should give them a place to go. Is there anywhere close by that can shelter them?" Having the tutors on hand and access to medicines has really cleaned up the old wretch from the last time many people have seen him.

Raymesin is with Tanith, the knifeman keeping up his side of the conversation without ceasing his surveillance of his surroundings; lean and watchful, he's just one of those people who can't help looking dangerous. "Always," he says. "Ain't like I was expectin' anythin'." He looks around the area with some recognition. "Huh. It's lookin' better'n I thought it would this many years on." Familiar faces get nodded to, others don't, but there's no smiling from Raymesin. Apparently Tanith handles that for both of them.

"I wouldn't expect people to be leaving until things are actively being torn down around them." Jhond comments as he looks out towards the hovels and hooks a thumb in his belt, "Best if we find people to let them know, what their options are on where to go and keep track of the places they're staying so they can be checked again when the time to move comes. unless someone plans on fronting the silver towards guarding the place." He looks towards the big Family names, "I'm guessing you and yours and help find places if it hadn't been arranged already?"

Squeak! A pair of rats run past the group and turn down an alley, dissapearing into the shadows.

"Depends on who's in charge of this part of the Lowers," remarks Tanith, nodding to the mercenaries and folk, even the ones she doesn't know gets a quick smirk or even a grin. She tracks the movement of rats, on the lookout for large or small. She points. "Either way, shouldn't take much to get some watchful folk out here on their rounds, right?" Her head tilts back to check with the Ulbran at her side. "And we can talk to other people with more pull. As far as re-homing ..." The woman considers. "Commoners Council's got records of empty spaces closer up the Stairs, better living so long as they can maintain the work we've put in..."

Tanith earns a bit of a nod for the 'shocking' when it comes to no nightwatch. Orland rocks back on his heels, gaze swinging to Martinique which he has lesser passing knowledge of, "Agreed. Posting guards means there's something worth guarding. I don't suppose we have the ability to knock each building down after we search it?" He's not the engineer here. The Culler receives a long look from the Lordling, "I think certain families may have more influence on people staying out, in my opinion. Can you leave your mark on the boards we put up or something? Some weight that's carried to back off. As I think, elbow grease and boarding up places might work better than leaving it all open. Even if it's open to the elements, a roof is a roof." Zyx is wandered up to and given a good arm clasp, if allowed, "I'd offer the Amadeo Villa. I have guest houses." He shrugs, "Depending on how many we find. Bravura could also be an option. Much warmer there than here in the city." SEE, lordlings are good to bring along, especially one who had lived in the Lowers for a time and had an opportunity. Jhond is grinned at, but he shrugs a bit.

"Removing the doors seems easier, given that we don't have any boards with us at the moment," Martinique comments to Tython. She ignores the rats without comment, though her eyes immediately snap to the movement, and then towards the origin, making note. She'll approach the building they originated from, and check the door--locked? She'll knock, loudly, in any case, before pushing the door open swiftly without going through it.

Martinique checks luck at normal. Martinique is successful.

Tython's pale gaze turns from one person to the next, his expression fairly neutral, which isn't as common for him, but a faint smirk or even a smile appears for no particular reason when he speaks, all the same. He also looks a bit less drunk than usual, so that may be related to it as well. "Aye, guards posted would be tha' most costly but tha' best solution fer keepin' folk out. I could get some boys tae' come buy'n check on these places through tha' night, but I got tha' feelin' we'd end up sendin' folk out ta' clear these thin's out each time.." He looks around, giving a nod to Orland about the roof comment, and one to Tanith as well. "I don't got access toa' shelter'er nothin', family-wise, but I'll mark any signs'n tha' like wit' tha' Culler skull an I c'n get some family tae' help out I'd 'magine.. I c'n finda' place fer tha' ones what can't work, if there's no room fer'm closer to tha' uppers. He mentions then, somewhat grimly.

As the door to the hovel swings open, there is a loud creaking sound of the hovel above Martinique. For a moment, it sounded like it was about to come down! Yet, it remains upright. This first building is dirty. There are signs of people having lived here before, but the signs are old. An old blanket is moth torn and the hearth has old cooking equipment long forgotten.

Raymesin nods in response to Tanith's words. "A lot depends on who's in charge'a this part'a th'Lowers," he agrees. "But we got someone from each'a the Families 'ere, so..." So that should be taken care of, gets left unspoken but hangs in the air anyway. "Best bet is leavin' it open, lettin' folks know as the place is comin' down an' there's places ter go, an' protectin' the folks as do the pullin' down. Boardin' it up ain't gonna stop anyone." He says it as one who knows it.

"Then how about we split up and check the hovels..." Orland suggests as he motions for Jhond and Zyx, "Jhond, Zyx, why don't you help me clear out this one?" Might as well start. His sleeves are rolling up and since there's nothing to do, as per decisions of those who have more authority and clout here, searching them is the best way to start!

Martinique's eyes raise to the creaking building as it threatens--she doesn't immediately bolt away, but that's more being unsure which way is best to dodge. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to ultimately be necessary. "Well, it seems unlikely anyone will immediately try to reoccupy this one." She says dryly, surveying the old building. "I don't envy the workers who have to bring it all the way down."

Tanith gestures to Martinique's suggestion. "Places as empty, take down the doors and smudge the outer wall with a mark." She shrugs. "Most people understand that sign." Raymesin's observation on families present has Tanith tapping her nose with a smile. As a few of them start to clear things up, she's quick to snap, "Be careful, you lot; sometimes these places are used as caches and they aren't always pleasant." Her tone is a warning, there's nothing angry about it. "Last thing we need is a cloud of Dust to the face for anybody."

Jhond nods in agreement towards Raymesin, "Boards would just get taken to shore up the other buildings or build on. sounds like the best bet is to talk and lets the folks know what's going on then." He looks towards Orland and gives another nod, "we aren't exactly being quiet about it but might do to yell a bit of what we're about too so no one is surprised when we come knocking."

Orland checks luck at normal. Orland is successful.

"Aye sounds like all good plans." Says Tython. "I say we open all these up, take out windows an' doors so they're open to tha' air, then we geta' few folk from each fam'ly ta' take shifts jus' checkin' on these places an' makin' sure nobody's movin' in 'till we get'm took down. I don't know much 'bout takin' buildin's down." He offers with a shrug, and he clears his throat, before barking out as he moves toward one of the buildings. "Hey anybody in there!?" He calls out and draws his hatchet, so he can knock the blunt part against the door firmly.

Tython wields shadows of whistling death hatchet.

"Hello?!" Orland nods to Jhond's idea about yelling ahead of time, to give the rats a bit of a chance to scurry out from under foot. His gaze wanders over the stability of the hovel he's approaching and instead of actually moving anything that would reduce that stability, he presses through what was already opened, going side ways through a door and managing to only having to squeak the door open slightly large to fit. He makes sure that every step forward is secured, testing with a toe and a boot the weight of the boards. There's a hearth in the first room and his eyes wander toward the figure there, "Hello? Hello ... Ma'am?"

Given the general instability of the building, Martinique is not eager to approach it further--but she does ultimately move near enough to kick at the door, to try and bring it down completely. With that done she'll draw her knife to knock out the windows. Just a bit more to show the place as abandoned and emptied, and about to be torn down.

Raymesin, meanwhile, lurks quietly with Tanith. Has he palmed a knife? It's difficult to tell.

Raymesin wields Elegant Shiv.

Tanith is nosing about outside, peering at a building next door since there's plenty of people to search about. "There's enough of us to check out a few places at once." She pulls out her ax. "Wanna knock on some doors, husband?" she asks, grinning toothily at Raymesin.

Tanith wields The Wheel's Justice, a diamondplate one-handed axe.

Martinique wields a well-loved rubicund poignard.

Raymesin eyes Tanith, then heaves a sigh. "If we gotta. If the place lands on our 'eads, I told yer so."

The hovel that Tython approaches has a male voice that calls out from inside. "Go away!" The door is not opened, but there is the sound of shuffling inside.

The door that Orland opens reveals a bleak interior. In spite of the cold darkness inside, the place looks like it was swept as best as it could be. There are a few things set on a small crate in a neat order. They aren't worth anything, but seemingly loved all the same. The woman is in the corner on a straw mat, curled up with a blanket. The hearth is cold. The response to Orland is a cough and she turns to look back over her shoulder. "Please.. I don't have anything.."

Jhond moves up behind Orland as the noble calls out and waits at the door as he slips inside. When the sound of voices come out he follows through the doorway to give a friendly smile to the woman in the corner. "And we don't want anything. We're just here to find out who's living around these parts. This whole already is getting torn down soon so you'll need to make plans to move along. We can tell you where to go."

Orland is a pretty stoic figure but in the situation, the edges of his face soften. He's been here. His hands raise up, "I'm not here to hurt you. Or even make your life more difficult." He looks toward her few possessions, "My name is Orland. I used to live in these parts." Or close enough. "The Common Council and the Cullers, lead by Raja, are trying to make this place into something better. But to do that, they'll need to build here. I know it's your home. But I have somewhere better for you to sleep. To live." He nods to Jhond, his hands still showing a lack of hostility, "Can we help you?" He lowers a little into a squat. Could this have been his mum? "You must me cold and hungry. Are you in any pain ma'am?" He side glances a little at Jhond, then back to the old lady.

"We can't go away." Shouts Tython, trying to sound more authoritive without relying on the barking orders that he can usually use on a ship. "These buildin's are ta' be torn down, we gotta' clear e'ery body out. All tha' Fam'lies're agreed on't so there's no point makin' it hard on yerself, there's other places ye can live." He holds his hatchet down a bit, not really eager to use it right now, but he doesn't look very pleased in general. He glances around a bit, to make sure nothing fishy's going on around him.

Once she's finished opening the first house, and managed to avoid it coming down around her, Martinique moves over behind Tython, holding her knife at ready, but not looking for an immediate fight. She throws a quick glance around at the other buildings nearby, alleys in particular, just generally wary.

Carefully Zyxthylum picks his way over to one of the houses to offer his own speicaties to the adventure. After all ,the end project is one of the worthiest causes someone can pursue in his opinion. Leaning heavily on his cane he plods next to the bulding he has an eye on. Instead of attacking the door head on he roams the exterior making animals noises and saying, "Excuse me?"

Tanith heads to another building and a door, banging on it like a proper person might. Zyxthylum gets a double-take as he works on terrorizing people out of the building. "That's kinda brilliant, actually," she says to no one, and goes back to beating on the door. "OY!" she calls out.

Tanith checks luck at normal. Tanith marginally fails.

Raymesin grumbles something to Tanith as he makes his way over to the door in her wake. He looks up at the building warily, then over at the others. He's yet to smile, or in fact make any expression at all.

Raymesin mutters, "Bloody Cullers claimin' credit for ... again."

The old woman struggles to sit up. She is sickly. "This is my home.." She looks around the place. "Where would I go? I have no money.." She looks to the lordling. "I.. I.. " She begins to cough again. "You are a good lad."

By Tython's place, an eye peeks out through a crack in the door. "Go away! We aren't going anywhere!!"

By Tanith and Raymesin, there is a strange sound coming from inside. Is that.. growling?!

Now that he has made a full circle and made sure there are no dogs or stabby bums, Zyx goes to look through one of the walls much less inconspicuous this time. Closing his eyes several moment he adjusts them to the dark, peering through a crack or hole that is likely somewhere around the exterior to see what can be seen without barging in. Zyxthylum is not a fighter!

Tython sighs a bit, his pale blue eyes rolling a bit as the man inside persists. "Alright, but I can only hold tha' wreckin' crews off s'long as we're talkin', so how 'bout you tell me what yer gonna' do after this buildin's been took down 'round ya an all yer posessions inside smashed? I don't want that tae' happen t'ya, so how 'bout we find you some housin', an' you c'n move yer stuff out to yer new home an' then I'll leave ya 'lone s'long as ya like."

Tanith mutters, 'Crap' and hefts her ax. "Got any ideas?" Maybe it's something small and the empty house is making it sound bigger than it is. Maybe.

Tython glances over to Martinique and offers a nod when she joins him of course..

Orland looks at the home, the place that she has slept in and the few meager possessions. He can't save everyone and neither can the rest of the Arvum, but what was the point of being noble if he couldn't at least help one person? "Bravura is warm, practically all year around, and we have some very good physicians. The place is brimming with arts and culture. You could nit, you could weave, you could paint, you could sit in the warm sunshine. I'm of House Amadeo now, but I grew up for a while as a Ulbran. I know, this is your home, but you could have better." Imagine if it WAS his mom, then he could understand why she gave him up. "I grew up in the Tragedy before it was rennovated by the nobles. It was a dive, like this place. I think that's the point of what they're doing now, is trying to fix up places so we could all do better. I was lucky. Maybe today is your day too. Can you bake bread? How are your hands and yourt feet?" He looks back to Jhond, then toward the old woman, remembering to ask, "Do you have any family here? If you wish to stay, we could help you get to them, but you can't stay ... in this building. It's coming down, whether we like it or not."


Raymesin's response to the growling on the other side of the door is to growl right back, and try to impress whatever's on the other side that he's bigger and meaner and nastier. It's a technique.

Martinique checks command and leadership at normal. Martinique is marginally successful.

"You don't need any coin," Jhond confirms to the old lady too when Orland continues on, "can take the Lord up on his offer or the Commoners Council can help. if you need help moving what you want to take I'm sure someone can help with that too... but like he said. This place is coming down."

Zyxthylum makes a thoughtful "hrrm" sound and picks his way to the door. Not expecting it to be occupied based on what he spied he pushes the door to see if it has any give. Zyx might not have much physical strength but he does understand leverage, so the cane will be a part of this attempt. It is pretty sturdy after all, right?

Tython checks command and leadership at normal. Tython marginally fails.

Martinique also sighs a bit at the stubbornness of the resident within, but it's not entirely surprising. Not the first time she's had to relocate people perhaps, and nobody wants to be pushed out of home. "You don't have a choice," she calls to the building. "I'm afraid there's no alternative, but we can find you somewhere else! It doesn't have to be today, but it has to be soon."

The older woman turns her gaze to look to her hands. She opens and closes them. "My hands are fine. My knees are not." She admits. "Warm sunshine sounds so nice..." There is a dreamy look in her eye. The comment about family makes her eyes go distant, "I did once. They are all gone now." Her words hold love for her loved ones, but a sadness and despair of missing them. "I will go with you.." She says quietly. "I need help.." She pauses and reaches for a small cloth pouch and proceeds to collect her cherished treasures off the crate.

By Tython and Martinique, the man on the other side of the door is quiet a moment. His voice becomes irritated and he yells at the door, "I said go away!" But there is Martinique who is there and the man peeks through the door at her. He is quiet another moment, "I can't.. Uh.. where?" His voice calms a little.

Zyx has found something interesting in his hovel. As the door slowly opens, creaking eerily on it's hinge, he discovers a deep hole in the middle of the floor. It is deep and one cannot see the bottom.

Suddenly the door in front of Tanith and Raymesin flies open and there is a man! A man in all his NAKED GLORY! He GROWL at Raymesin and yells, flailing arms around all crazy! His hair is matted, his eyes are wild, and his body is covered in filth. Oh the smell.. it is nauseating!!

Tanith checks composure at normal. Tanith is successful.

Tanith blinks at naked filthy man. She's digging into the satchel at her side, her ax still lowered, her features mostly calm. In a minute, she's holding out a stack of chocolate cookies. "Hello! Do you look like cake? These taste like cake."

"I'll help wirh your things," Jhond offers the old lady and moves in to kneel down to assist as she lets him, "if you're knees are bad we can send for a porter to carry you. some big strong lad, bearded or not, you're choice."

Raymesin checks composure at normal. Raymesin is successful.

Not expecting the building to be too stable, Zyx only takes a peek towards the hole. Returning outside he finds handful of rubble and tests the weight of each piece by tossing it once or twice in the air. When he is satisfied he has some things of similar weight, he limps back to toss them one at a time into the abyss. Cupping the other hand around his ear he listens to see if there is any sound when they hit the bottom, moving his lips silently as he counts of the moment to get a rough estimate of the distance.

Tython is getting frustrated now, by the man's utter refusal to even talk to him, he's thinking he might have to get more persistant, but then the tone changes and the pale-eyed Culler blinks, glancing over to Martinique, back down to the eye and his lips part for a brief moistening, and he takes a step back, making a gesture for Martinique to speak to the man instead of him..

Raymesin's weight shift when the door flies open, and he eyes the man revealed without looking too concerned about clothing or the lack thereof. He inhales and pulls himself to his full height, only to have Tanith offer the man... cookies? There's a faintly affronted look on Raymesin's face as he watches /his/ cookies get offered over.

"Then we'll find you something you can do with your hands. Plenty of things to make, so that you can earn your own wage, once we get your situated of course," Orland wouldn't give this chance to anyone but look at her! She's so sad and alone! "I think for now, you can regain some strength before heading to Bravura, at the Villa." There's an empathic look to him, but he tells her, "I don't have any family either, but we can make new family don't we?" Duarte will just love having a grandmother around the house. Jhond's offer has Orland laugh, softly, "In my opinion, bearded ones are better. What was your name?" He asks the old lady, offering arm as well to help her up. The point was getting her out and looked after.

"Lord Orland Amadeo is currently finding guest accomodations, Redreef Shores may have some land you could emigrate to--there are options other than this, you'll have to pick one of them." Martinique calls, stepping forward to continue addressing the man. "We'll assist, but we have to do it." She puts her knife away as an afterthought, at least for now. It can always come out again.

The older woman smiles faintly to Orland, "Thank you. I pray the gods will bless you and yours every day." She does allow Jhond to collect her things. "Beard or no beard, either is nice." She sounds so truly grateful for the offer of help from Orland. Anything has got to be better than dying alone in front of a cold hearth. "The gods answered my prayers this day." A tear wells in her eyes, one falling down a weathered cheek. "My name is Laurin. It is a pleasure to meet you both."

The man holed up inside the building sighs. The door opens to reveal a thin man with a woman and a small child behind him. The woman is holding onto the toddler, looking towards Tython and Martinique almost fearfully. "I want good things for my family." The man says. "I can work hard. IS there work to be found on your shores?"

That hole in the ground is deep. It takes a few seconds before the heavy rock hits bottom. The faint sound of a splash is heard once it hits. It looks like a narrow sink hole or an entrance to some underground cavern!

The stinky, naked man stops when food is offered. Her blinks, canting his head one way, then another, then back. His wide eyes blink rapidly as if he is trying to figure things out. Suddenly, those cookies are snatched and the door is slammed shut!

Tanith elbows Raymesin lightly, dusting off her hands. "Those were Haze cookies. Really, really strong ones. He'll be asleep in less than an hour."

Tanith also pulls out a completely different cookie from the other side of her satchel and offers it to Raymesin. "Regular cookie."

"Oh yes," Martinique agrees to the man. "Plenty of work to be done." She'll back away a bit to let him emerge from the house without being menaced, as it doesn't seem to be necessary. "If you gather your things, we can send someone tomorrow to guide you away." And give them a night to settle on the idea.

Raymesin eyes the man, eyes the door, and then eyes Tanith. Her news has him smiling a smile with an edge to it, and the cookie gets taken with a relieved nod. "Thanks," he murmurs, then sets about eating his cookie while they move to the next door.

Zyxthylum returns to the common area looking for other people to discuss his find with. He is in no shape to be scaling dangerous caverns, but it is a good discovery. If nothing else they could use it for waste similar to the Pit in the graveyard. Zyxthylum is intimately acquainted with that piece of real estate, having almost been tossed down it more than once. "Hello? Is anyone out there feeling adventurous?" He calls, peering in a few open houses.

Jhond grins to Orland and smiles to the old lady before stepping out of the house so he can flag some no-named other guy that is sure to be around for expediency to send off for a strong young porter with the promise of a few silver from House Amadeo.

Tanith looks a little prouder with cookies taken, following along to the next door. "You get to knock on this one."

"Thanks," says Raymesin drily to Tanith; he finishes his cookie, then steps up to the door and hammers on it a couple of times with the pommel of the knife he does actually have in his hand - and then he steps back again, the blade hidden against his arm once more.

"Laurin," Orland smiles quietly, "This is Jhond." He glances between the two, though he sees her tear and his expression tries to hold on, "I'm glad the Gods guided us to you this day." Dying alone in an old hovel by a cold fireplace was bound to happen, hadn't they been there. "The Villa is across the river, in the Pravus ward. Not too far at all. The staff will be excessively pleased to have a new guest." Orland nods to Jhond, "You're welcome to come over any time as well." Though he motions, "If you wish to look around at the other hovels Jhond, I can stay with Laurin until the portor comes." He looks at the old woman, "I imagine you have some stories to tell." Plus he's writing up a missive for the house staff. But, mission success. She was out of the hovel!

Adventurous? Jhond hears the call from Zyx and makes his way on over there too. "What's going on?"

Raymesin checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Botch! Raymesin fails badly.

Zyxthylum grins wide in a polite fashion to Jhond and introduces himself briefly, "Kathrite, nice to meet you." He begins. "I found someting rather interesting. A very deep hole. Not as deep or wide as the Pit, but it sounds like there is water at the bottom. Do you want to take a closer look with some rope and a few lanterns?"

The old lady is helped up by whoever Jhond sends in. She doesn't have many belongings. In fact, they can all be held in one arm. The woman has a bit of a limp and leans heavily on the man helping her. This hovel is now evacuated and free for demolishing!

The family in their tiny little falling apart home all look at each other. The slender young woman steps forward, "I don't need to wait." The man begins to protest but she looks at him, "I hate it here. I hate this place. I am going to the shores. It's gotta be better. You can either stay here or come with me." The man sighs and looks to Martinique, then Thrond, then his wife. "Very well. We can go in the morning. We have a few things to pack."

Tanith and Raymesin's madman goes back into his hole, curls up and DEVOURS the cookies! They are likely the best thing he has eaten in a long while. Meanwhile, they have come to another house. This place is in such terrible dissrepair that when Raymesin knocks on the door, it falls over with a thud. Then, the building begins to collapse!!! Wood, nails, glass go flying everywhere! Raymesin is right in the way....

Tanith checks strength and athletics at normal. Tanith is successful.

"Kathrite, nice to meet you. I'm Jhond" Jhond says by way of introduction and waves in a lead the way sort of gesture. "I'm game. Probably makes sense to lower a lantern down first if we've got the rope... but I'm all for following after if we need to." indeed, he checks the wraps on his hands to make sure they are secure as he looks about for said rope and lanterns. surely they came prepared?

Raymesin is one of the dodgiest gits in Arx, and that's a title with a lot of strong contenders. Unfortunately, with what's left of a cookie in his mouth and the stench of a madman in his nose, he's not quite as quick off the mark as usual. And so, when the house starts falling down on top of him, he just looks up, eyes widening in shock, and starts ducking instead of getting out of the way.

As the building starts to fall apart, Tanith ... starts laughing. "-RAYMESIN- did you need to hit so -hard-...?" But then the roof is falling in and it's all happening right on top of them, and Tanith is cussing up a storm, grabbing her husband by the collar and yanking him backwards and out of the way without permission or ceremony, but only after some of the debris gets him. She's fast but she's not -that- fast.

Orland watches the old woman get escorted out of the Lowers into the hope of a new life. It'll be much easier than the one she leaves behind and there will be much better than dirty straw and a matted blanket waiting for her. The Amadeo sends the letter with the porter, so there's no incident at the Villa Amadeo, or at the ward gates. Either way, when he turns back, he hears and sees one of the buildings collapsing. "Shit..." hopfully everyone is out of the way! He heads that way regardless, to see if anyone needs to be dug out! He's already reaching in his belt for a black piece of cloth, which he ties around the lower half of his face, against the plume of dust and debris! "Everyone alright?!" Hopefully no one was in there!

"Alright, you got 'till mornin'." Says Tython in a more cordial manner. "If ye need help movin' anythin'?" He asks, glancing to Martinique, then to the slender young woman, and back to the man. "Ya jus' lemme' know." He says and he tucks his hatchet away, hefting his toolbag under his shoulder to reach inside and draw out his chisel, so he can make some marks on the house near the entrance so they're obvious, a culler skull. "Thanks fer yer help, I'm Tython." He then says, turning his full attention to Martinique, and offering a hand to her.

Zyxthylum chuckles briefly, "Well no, you probably shouldn't go -down- there, I just don't trust my legs. You'll have to hang over the side and see if the lantern shows anything. We might need another to hold your rope, the sides could be loose." He begins searching for a second volunteer while they prepare the rope and lanterns.

Martinique gives a nod to the man and wife, almost hints a smile at the child. "Someone will collect you in the morning. Be safe this night." She'll step away then, and survey the rest of the block as it is being cleared. "Martinique Barlinnie. I serve Redreef as one might infer," She offers to Tython as she takes the offered hand. Just then, the other building outright collapses onto Raymesin, and she jumps a bit at the sudden noise. "Well, that expedites part of the work I suppose." She'll move over to check if any further assistance is needed, and to look over the wreckage for any other victims.

Laurin has departed with the men. A new hope in her eye that had died years ago. It is never too late to have your prayers and hopes answered. The family goes back into their home, but when the house collapses, you can hear the wife, "See! That's why! This is going to be great for us!" The husband is silent and their conversation unheard as the door closes. Thankfully, there are no screams from inside the collapsed building. This could mean that noone was inside.. one hopes!

Jhond helps gather the lantern and rope and goes back into the house with Kathrite. "Maybe see if we can put the end of the rope around the beam or some other part of the structure?" he suggests, "hang from it a bit. if the whole thing doesn't come down probably good." Probably. not like that other house that just collapsed. "But lantern first!". The other end is wrapped around the handle of the lantern so that once it's lit it can be lowered down.

Raymesin gets yanked clear with Tanith's help, the falling structure only bruising him where it might have crushed or broken bones. A falling board glances off his head, but the hood he wears - shadowing his face - keeps it from drawing blood. He coughs a couple of times, then rises to one knee and starts spitting out dust.

Tanith offers Raymesin her hand, noting the silence within the collapsed walls. She winces. "I don't think anyone was in there," she says, gaze shifting back to her husband, eyes intent on him for further injury. "You alright?"

Zyxthylum is excited for this despite the threat of imminent death should the whole thing come down. "What is so bad about a fresh turn on the Wheel?" He asks enthusiastically. "We'll need more than one lantern. We will have to light it in segments or we will see nothing." He muses and helps do the stuff he can help with albeit at a slow pace, "We could tie different length ropes? I think four to five lanterns should give us an idea what it looks like."

Orland looks relieved that Raymesin and Tanith were out, "Close call," he remarks to Raymesin. An eyebrow lifts, "I guess I'll see if the others need help." The others, meaning Jhond and Zyx.. meandering that way. He catches something about ropes and lanterns, "What are you lot up too over here." And secondly, "Anything I can do to help?"

Feck these thins're'n bad shape."

"Feck these thins're'n bad shape." Mutters Tython as he moves toward the fallen building or at least, the building that just had a cave-in. He's frowning somewhat and he reaches into his pockets for something, but doesn't seem to find what he was looking for so he just settles on wandering around the buildings and trying to be observant for a while.

Martinique approaches Raymesin and Tanith as he is pulled clear and looks over the remaining structure. She gives Tanith a nod to the assessment of others likely not being trapped, and that's a relief. She'll make a brief tour around the area to check for other buildings still in need of evacuation before coming around to the hole and what seems to be a longer excavation.

All the buildings designated to be brought down are visited by the group. All that is left is the buildings themselves and a mysterious hole. They have accomplished their goals for the day! Though, poor Raymesin had a building fall on him.

Tanith is already quietly promises Raymesin some care and more cookies, even as she pulls debris from his clothes. "No more treats until -after- the job..."

At least leathers are easy to clean. Raymesin's a veritable cloud of dust, between his own efforts and Tanith's. A very irritable cloud of dust, too, by his general attitude towards life, the universe, and everything. After all, he meant to do that.

When people go back to check up on the wild madman.. he is gone.. leaving only a small dusting of cookie crumbs.

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