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Silk Control

Come help Marquis Cirroch become more comfortable while wearing brawling in your silks! If you're feeling particularly spirited, there will also be axe dodging. Because if you can dodge an axe, you can wear fancy clothes at a ball.

Appropriately trained medical professionals will be on hand.

OOC: No actual risk involved. If you're keen to participate, the only requirement is 'regular' clothing.


April 24, 2021, 9 p.m.

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Cirroch Medeia Patrizio Thea Hadrian Ripley Kiera



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Mazetti Manor - Training Yard

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Comments and Log

Luigi, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Hadrian.

6 First Legion Centurions arrives, following Patrizio.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant arrive, following Thea.

Cirroch is true to his word and has taken a rather long walk from the Redrain ward to the Lyceum, wearing only his silks. He started with both trousers and a silk robe, but it's HOT out. Thus he enters the training yard after only getting lost four times out in the ward, wearing only the trousers, and even they have been folded up to just below his knees. A little sweat upon his brow, clapping his hands together then crossing arms over his chest. "Hello Duchess, where shall I be?"

The training yard located within the private grounds of the Mazetti manor have been opened up for a day of gaiety and amusement. What is usually a place for the physical refinement of those who serve the Hydra, has instead been transformed into a field for games. Yet true to the nature of the place in which they are being held, the games of this day are physical, rough, and not for the meek. For this very reason, the servants of the Ostrian duchy did not have to work all that hard to make the training yard suitable for the event. In fact, they really did not have to work at all! Much like any other day, there are barrels full of water for thirsty sportsmen to drink from, or perhaps cool down with by way of ladeling some over their heads. The gravel has been raked over to present a clear, precise field for those who which to participate.

There are benches on either side of the field, so that those who came to spectate will have plenty of seating options available to them. The Duchess of Ostria herself, however, stands near the entry to the training yard in order to greet those guest that made their way from all across Arx, to the Ostrian Quarter of the Ward of the Lyceum. For those who plan to actual participate in the game's stated goal, then the rules were quite simple, and not altogether different from any other proper brawl.

Medic reporting for duty, or hopefully just sitting around and chatting with folk. Medeia is there, part of the arrangements of the day to ensure Cirroch doesn't die. She seems to be fairly confident in his ability to not die, as she is wearing honeysilk instead of aeterna.

There is no way that Patrizio Pravus would /not/ be here for this matter, having heard of it from Cirroch some nights earlier at the Golden Hart. That he himself is not perhaps clad for the exercise that's about to take place is more something that speaks to the fact that he is comfortable in greater heat in more clothing than the northern lord, but there's a playful turn of that grin of his when he sees how the good man is sweating. "My lord, look at it this way - at least you're prepared for going further south should you ever be called upon to do such a thing." So helpful, is he.

Thea is here because well...A couple reasons. Maybe three. "Hello family,"she greets first and foremost, eyeing the statue with an amused smirk. "That's the perfect place, yes. Make sure everyone is working on their footwork properly." Seeing Patrizio, Thea nods her head, a smile appearing,"Prince Patrizio, hello. Deia. Marquis Cirroch. Hi,"she greets as well. "I thought I would try this throwing of axes. I haven't thrown one since my auntie Eirene's wedding, so I may be a bit rusty.."

Duke Hadrian Mazetti is present and accounted for, but he is not alongside Cambria while the Duchess is offering greetings to each arrival. Instead he is seated among the pine benches; second row, center. He is clad in simple silks for the time being and he looks perfectly at ease with the weather as it is at present. The arrival of more and more people results in Hadrian sitting up and forward, his feet uncrossing at the ankle, and a subdued smile stoking to life upon his sharp features. He spreads his arms out wide as he offers a droop of his head as though the laziest of bows while he remains seated with arms open in welcome. Though Thea's words earn a bit of laughter from the Duke as he asks, looking about the training yard for a moment, "Throwing of axes? I thought it was dodging of axes!" He then spares a glance in the direction of Cambria, eyeballing the Duchess from afar as though she's told the greatest of lies and he's fallen for it.

The Sanna mini bosses are totally here, (don't read that log and say they're not! See, right there, by the door, with a couple casks of Sanna whiskey!) Dado and Esben look amused that they seem to have been spared from having to wear silks, though both for solidarity with their Marquis have a small strip of aeterna wrapped around their exposed arms, then their usual leather armors. With the whiskey properly secured and ready to be freely poured they settle in for the show.

Cirroch takes a little bite of his lower lip then smirk over to Patrizio, Cirroch laughs a little, "Prince Patrizio, if we're to go further south these trousers are going to get hiked up further. Less I give in to the Lyceum way that I've heard about. Though I feel that would be a whole different discussion than to get used to wearing silks." Cirroch turns to greet Medeia, Thea, Hadrian, a nod for each and small bow with his right hand to his heart. "This should be fun either way, hopefully I become more comfortable with the silks. The brawl or sparring with something good to drink is the bonus of something from home." He goes back to standing with his arms crossed across his chest, "Axe throwing." A little swallow, "Duchess Cambria, I'm to be dodging them only, correct?"

"I feel lied to!" Or she completely just fabricated and wanted to throw them...At Cirroch. Either way---AXES! "May I ask what even--why is this even a thing? What does dodging in silks solve? What am I missing?" Thea goes to grab drink, because if you're going to throw--she I mean, dodge axes, you need a drink!

Patrizio smiles, inclining his head to Thea when he's greeted, and there's the brief consideration of the statement about throwing axes. "Was that the intent of the thing, my lady? Throwing axes at the good Marquis?" He's briefly turning those mischievous jade orbs of his towards Cirroch to consider that, before he offers up further, "I don't think I've actually ever /thrown/ axes. Just been presented with the business end of them." He does, briefly, nod his head to the others about, but moves to make it very clear that barring strong drink, he's leaving this to the 'expert'. Though Cirroch's declaration gets a playfully appalled look. "No, my good Marquis, I beg you. I think many about our city couldn't stand for that."

"No idea, Thea, but here we all are." Medeia smirks at her friend, finds some sort of drink that is strong, and settles to one side of Hadrian. "Duke, shall I entertain you with the occasional witty quip?" A nod of greeting is given to Patrizio before she calls out to Cirroch, "Marquis, you dodge, the others throw."

"Dodging, only," Cambria assures Cirroch. "Thrown by professionals," is the immediate follow-up. Because give someone like Perry an axe, and it might not just be Cirroch (and whomever else wants to volunteer) dodging...

To Thea, Cambria says, "Marquis Cirroch is comfortable in armor, comfortable fighting. Yet he is not very comfortable in silk, so I reasoned that if he can do something he likes, and does well, but do so while wearing high-street fashion, then it will help him become accustomed to wearing silks, and velvet, and damask..." One gets the point. "During regular, every day activities, and not feel out of sorts."

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Toad, a flippity-floppity smoosh-face of a Keaton Hound arrives, following Ripley.

At the mention of -professionals-, Thea sighs at Cambria. "Very well then. I will just sit here and shout words of encouragement." All in the comforts of my leathers and booze." Getting comfortable at her seat, she smiles now at Hadrian and Medeia. "Fortunately he can't dodge the wit and axes. Lucky man.."

"Entertain me with witty quips? My lady," Hadrian remarks as his left arm bends, bringing his hand to rest with his palm to his chest and fingers splayed there as he continues, "I do believe Marquis Sanna is our source of entertainment," the Duke continues with a growing smile. He leans back that his back may rest against the face of the bench seating behind himself, but his arms remain spread out to allow him to make use of the bench behind himself as a back rest. He does, however, spare a look aside to Medeia as his eyes flash wider with humor and the prospect of excitement as he adds, "That said? I'd love to have the entertainment supplemented by witty remarks and quips. I do love a clever wit. It's in such short supply more often than not".

Then Hadrian's attention drifts forward anew, his gaze sweeps this way and that. He takes note of the gravel in the training yard having been raked over, which results in the Duke lifting a hand which knifes itself in the direction of the sand and - what should be - gravel mixed with it, "Heeeyyy! Where's the gravel!? Come on, boooooo!" he calls out. His words clearly directed at his wife, the Duchess of House Mazetti, the Hydra of Ostria.

Ripley's hurrying in, all shaggy of hair in dire need of a trim, carrying a small box in his hand and looking around as he's... okay he's straight up running into and onto the grounds. "DID I MISS IT?!" He yells out.

Cirroch unfolds his arms to put his hands upon his hips, declaring to everyone as they take to the benches "None of you wish to fight?" looking to Patrizio, "Come over to the field, I'll even let you wear your armor." He playfully puts his hands into the air and heads over to the whiskey casks to get a drink, stopping for a moment when Ripley comes in. "Nope! They are all spectating!"

"We are just getting started, master Ripley," Cambria calls out in answer. "But I am afraid that, other than my guards, the Marquis does not have many volunteers with whom to brawl - although Lady Thea has kindly offered to throw axes at him."

Patrizio moves out of the way - clearly, the mention of professionals now even deprives the prince of the idea of getting some experience making things more dangerous with the throwing of axes himself, and he's easing over by where Thea and Medeia are lingering, at the benches. "I have to stay safe, my lord, I fear," he offers apologetically to Cirroch. "My kin need me alive int he weeks to come, and preferably with all my limbs. Soldiers are freaked out a little by generals without their limbs."

"Are you spectating?" Ripley asks Cirroch. 'Cause I came with the thing that the Duchess wanted and then I was gonna get.. well.." He gestures to lack of armor. He looks to cambria then ambles over quickly. "Then, not only am I making the prize I guess I'm rolling up my sleeves and decking a silk." Ripley states, looking over his shoulder to Cirroch and winking. "I'll be gentle!"

From among the tiered benches comes a long, annoyed sigh. It arises from Hadrian. He even seems to be standing up to announce his willingness to engage in naked knuckle romance. Then Ripley's declaring that he'll brawl the Marquis of House Sanna. That results in Hadrian settling back into his seat anew and announcing loudly, "I withdraw my sigh of annoyance!"

Briar, a quiet young woman arrives, delivering a message to Patrizio before departing.

Cirroch in in mid /Sanna sip/ (it's a gulp of nearly half a flagon of whiskey,) as Ripley declares that he gets to punch a silk, smiling as the drink is put down. "Perfect! I'm the /silk/ in this scenario." The smile on Cirroch's face as Ripley steps up to be the one that wishes to step onto the field with him is one of joy. There's a glance over to Cambria, "There's a prize?" And a look to Thea and Patrizio a little shake of his head, "I'm willing to let you both throw the axes if that is what it'll take."

Cambria gives Hadrian a sour look as he boos at her, lips pursing significantly. And then she looks away, as if she could not be bothered to /deign/ to present him with a reply. Instead, she focuses upon Ripley, accepting that which he had crafted for the day's award in both hands. "Thank you--" She blinks, then does a quick look between Ripley and Cirroch. "Master Ripley, are you very certain that you wish to do this?"

Thea gives Ripley a wave. "Master Ripley. Not yet. I thought I got to throw axes, but apparently that's not it,"pausing to take a drink. "So I'm leaving that to the profess--,"pausing to look up at her cousin. "Wait a minute! Were you really going to---brawl? I was going to have you pause this so I could write Caly and auntie and likely Dom. Because well..might as well turn it into a family affair too!"

A concerned expression appears on Patrizio's features when a young woman delivers a missive to him, one that he spends several moments looking over... and it only deepens to a genuine frown when the reading goes further. "As much as I would /love/ to throw axes and try my hand at it," he says to Cirroch, and there's a shake of his head, tucking the note into his belt. And an apologetic look to all as he's once more rising to his feet, and motioning to his centurions. "Duty calls, I fear. Please excuse me, all."

"He can't hit any worse than my mum giving me a cuff off the back of my head." Ripley states, starting to roll up his sleeves. "How hard can the Marquise hit?" Ripley shrugs and nods to Cirroch. "Just finished making it. So my fists smell like forge. Or well, all of me smells like forge." And then he's moving forward.

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6 First Legion Centurions leaves, following Patrizio.

"I will do my best not to disappoint, Duke," Medeia says, a twinkling laugh underpinning her words. She looks in Ripley's direction as he burts in and gives a wave, then wonders, "But do your fists burn like the forge?"

Toad, a flippity-floppity smoosh-face of a Keaton Hound have been dismissed.

Cambria gives Patrizio a look of understanding. "Another time, Prince Patrizio." But the Pravosi is hardly out of the training yard when the Duchess has her attention returned to the upcoming brawl between Ripley Thornburn and Cirroch Sanna. She then looks down at the small box within her hands, and almost looks...guilty.

Cirroch takes off his jewelry placing each piece upon a nearby table, then heads to the center of the field. A little bounce and stretch. "Ready when you are Ripley, and don't hold back."

A fight has broken out here. Use @spectate_combat to watch, or +fight to join.

"Mm," Hadrian answers back at Thea with only a sidelong glance. He considers her for a moment before a soft smile returns to his features, "Your courier would have to race me. See if they can reach them, before I reach my guard to bar their entry. It'll be like a competition within a competition". His smile grows yet further before his attention drifts away from Thea, then onward to regard Medeia as he continues on with their brief exchange only a moment ago, "Was that the best you had? Fists burn like a forge?" Hadrian asks with raised brows and a lopsided grin creeping across his face. He nods once before he leans aside, speaking from one side of his mouth in an audible mumble to Medeia who has taken up residence beside him, "I get it though. It takes a little warming up to really find a witty stride. No judgment from me."

Ripley checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Ripley is successful.

Ripley remains capable of fighting.

Ripley checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Ripley is successful.

Ripley remains capable of fighting.

Ripley checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Ripley fails.

Ripley is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

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Thea looks a bit nosily at Cambria's prize, but doesn't ASK just yet. No, she watches the fight instead. Though a grin is given to Hadrian for the briefest of moments. "I have faith in Finn."

"They haven't given me much to work with yet," Medeia's hand holding her drink motions toward the not-yet-started festivities. Though, her attention flicks to Cambria. "Duchess? Are you well? I could swear I just saw a very un-Lycene expression cross your features."

Ripley has something for going for him when he fights. He's average height for a man. He's on the leaner side and pretty good on his feet. Sleeves up, the jeweler engages with Cirroch, both of them trading a few blows or at least moving around him. Growing up in the uppers and lowers, with lots of siblings, you learn to swing a punch or two.

Toad has ambled in and settled by Cambria's feet, going where the little jewelry box was deposited.

He manages to get off one fist at the Marquise after he takes a hit that leave him a little stunned. Trades another blow that actually lands. But Cirroch is a warrior and Ripley isn't swinging a hammer to smack around steel. But he remains on his feet, even if he's a little dazed, a smile on his face that could be the sign of a few brain cells packing for vacation to never return. And then there's another blow and Ripley just sort of stiffens, then falls backward into a scraggly unkempt pile of thornburn flesh and bone, unconcious.

Rripley Thornburn is not going home with his prize he made.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Lady Medeia," Cambria replies, holding her head high, nose in the air, though it is clear that she is only putting on airs, and is not serious. "I would absolutely never..." But then the brawl is well and truly starting, and it is a breathless few minutes (at least for Cambria) as the two combatants go at it. In lieu of saying anything else, Cambria merely reaches down to pet Toad.

"I shall have a lot of the poison stew made for that man," the Duchess eventually mutters.

As Ripley charges at him, the smile on Cirroch's face slowly fades away as the first swings are exchanged. He doesn't hold back for himself as he requested that the jewerly not hold back either. A couple of swings and Ripley is getting a good solid connection to his chest, then he finds his opening and throws a solid punch at the man. The fact that Ripley stays standing through the connection gets Cirroch to smile and laugh a little, offering "Keep your head down, you'll last a little longer." Even as he is in the fight, Cirroch will still attempt to help others fight better. It's a spar after all, though in the next exchange of swings as Ripley stiffens falling backwards, Cirroch is quick to take a knee next to the man. "You still with us Master Ripley?" A little fan with an open hand looking to the jeweler, then offering a hand to help him up if he chooses to take it. "Well fought Ripley. Now go get yourself something to drink, and we can possibly go another round, eh?"

It takes a moment for the man open his eyes, blink at the light and then mountain of a man over him. The offered hand is taken and he stands, a little wobbly and needing lock his knees so he doesn't keel back over. There's going to be bruises. "Sure!" He happily states, looking a little winded. 'Sure. Sure. Just a drink and then... and then sure!" He looks for his dog and seeing Toad happy and content, gestures. "I'm just going to get something to drink!" Saying to everyone and no one in particular and looking a little pained, starts to do just that. He needs a moment.

"There is such a thing as overconfidence," Hadrian answers back at Thea with nary a glance in her direction. For the moment the majority of his focus is cast upon both Cirroch and Ripley as the two begin to engage in their brawl. Though he does smile aside to Medeia as he offers back at her, "Fair enough. Though I may have to wander off and attend to this matter or that".

"Thea, are you still up for throwing axes?" Cambria calls out to where Thea sits upon the benches with Hadrian and Medeia. "It will give both Cirroch some more to do, and Ripley a chance to have something to drink!" Yes...That was it, a break for a drink. And maybe a quick look over by Medeia

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cirroch before departing.

Thea smiles a bit, not really bothered. "I suppose there is, yes. Or a person just has that much faith,"looking for whatever injuries from her perch. Hopping from her seat, she grins at Cambria,"Sure. THAT I know have not much confidence in, so I hope Cirroch is ready to duck a lot." Walking past Ripley, she skims him,"How are you feeling?"

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

'I'm fiiiiiiiine" Ripley states, puffing out his chest then wincing. "Perfectly fiiiiiiiine." He finds a seat and thumps down as someone's bringing him something to drink. Toad by Cambria's feet just whines, followed by a very soft awoooo. He may or may not be up for a second round.

Medeia checks perception and medicine at normal. Medeia is successful.

Of course Cambria pets Toad some more. Look at that precious smoosh face!!

Medeia's attention is fully on Ripley as he moves toward a bench, critical in her distant inspection. "Mm, you do, in fact, seem to be fine. You will bruise, though. I have something for that."

*** Cirroch has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Cirroch is successful.
Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at easy. Thea is successful.
*** Cirroch is the winner. ***

*** Cirroch has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Cirroch is successful.
Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at easy. Thea is successful.
*** Cirroch is the winner. ***

*** Cirroch has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Critical Success! Cirroch is spectacularly successful.
Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at easy. Thea is successful.
*** Cirroch is the winner. ***

*** Cirroch has called for an opposing check with Thea. ***
Cirroch checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Cirroch is successful.
Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at easy. Thea is successful.
*** Thea is the winner. ***

"You have something for everything!" Ripley states to Media, letting her poke and prod at will, wincing here and there while watching the axe throwing and chewing on the inside of his mouth. Toad seems to calm some when Cambria tends to the smoosh face.

Thea is looking pretty giddy at throwing axes, and like she said, she may be a bit rusty. Lifting the handle of the axe, she shifts the weight a bit in her hand. "You ready for this,"the Wyvernheart asks with a slight grin. Lifting the axe and with a look of sheer concentration, Thea begins her throws, one right after another, all going quite smooth and with precise aim.

Cirroch turns to look at Cambria for a moment as Thea is called over to throw axes at him. Wiping a little sweat from his brow then another bounce to loosen up and get ready for, well. Arx Dodgeball! with Axes! (tm)

He seems ready and is bouncing back and forth, "I'm ready, should be no different that dodging my children's plushies, right?" The smile on his face is the start of the ribbing, "We've got Medeia and you, so you go ahead and throw. I'll do my best not to get hit."

Kiera walks in just in time to see thea's display, a skillmshe did not know her sister-in-law possesed "You do realize my friend had your first message said I've been stabbed send help I'd be looking at a corpse

Thea watches Cirroch and snorts. "You're like a fucking ball, bouncing all over the place,"pausing when she hears her sister-in-law. "Hey Kiera,"Thea says with a smile. Winking in her direction, she chuckles. "Who do you think has been teaching Drake how to throw knives,"she offers out. Wiping her hands on her leathers, Thea admits,"I should get going, but thank you for allowing me to throw things at you." Looking at Hadrian and Cambria, she nods her head,"Thank you too for allowing me a visit,"a slight smile curving on Thea's lips. Medeia and Ripley too get a wave. "I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon.." The latter mostly for Deia.

"Take care!" And then Ripley's standing. A drink having helped him, claps his hands together. "Another round Marquise!" he calls out!

"I do, yes," Medeia says in response to Ripley. "It is my duty to do so." She seems content that the man will live, however, and leaves him with a bundle of things from her medic bag to handle the pain and swelling. Then she watches Thea throw axes, grateful not to have to stitch anyone up.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

"It was a pleasuring seeing you," Cambria says to Thea. "And my thanks to yourself and master Ripley for being good sports today. I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves." She begins making her way over to Cirroch, and should Toad like to come along with her, well...she won't mind! "If you'd like to go for another round with Ripley," Cambria says to the Marquis. "I can wait."

Cirroch waves to Kiera as Thea starts making her throws. "I'm not supposed to let you hit me. That would defeat the purpose." Though Thea must have had something to work out as one of the axes connects upon Cirroch. Shaking off the collision with a little shake of his leg. "Great throw! Ouch." a little pause to look at the pant leg and to undo a part of the rolled up leg to cover over to his shins. "Right. Who's next?" He looks back to wave to Thea as she leaves. Looking back to Ripley. "If you're good for another round, I'm getting a little more confortable here."

Winter, A Highhill Puppy leaves, following Kiera.

Is he good for another round. Ripley has to think on it and looks like he might say yes, but then Toad is there, shoving that wet cold nose in his hand and bumping into his leg. "Actually, probably better not. Don't need caprice giving me a stare." The man states. "You hit like a horse."

Cirroch nods to Ripley, "Bear. Not horse." Then a look to Cambria, "This has been helpful, I'm even thinking of something in duskweave perhaps." Back to Ripley, "How about a drink instead then? And we can talk about honeys?"

"Good," Cambria says, smiling brightly. "I am glad that it served its intended purpose..." She glances between Ripley and Cirroch. "And perhaps more." Like a new friendship! "Now, Marquis, before you run off for that drink and talk of honey, I have something for you. It is a bit...unorthodox that your gift should have been forged by the man that you pummeled today, and is entirely poetic, too." Cambria then holds forth the small box Ripley had presented her with earlier.

Cirroch checks composure at hard. Cirroch is successful.

Medeia peers curiously toward the box, once she is assured that Ripley will not be fighting again.

Cirroch looks at the item in the box and is speechless. A large smile across his face as he looks to both Ripley and Cambria. "I... I've... This is amazing Master Ripley!" He is then immediately putting the necklace on, the piece of stygian sitting on display upon his chest with the silk holding it around his neck. "We really must have that drink now."

'Lets drink. I think you knocked a tooth loose." His hand on Toad's head, ripley bobs his head for Cambria and walks off - little wobbily - with Cirroch. "Coming Duchess?" Then hands cup around his mouth "DRINKS ON THE MARQUISE!"

"OOoh..." Medeia appreciates the prize from a distance, then finishes her drink. "Congratulations, Marquis Sanna! And, well, amazing work as always, Master Ripley." She hands her glass off to a servant and begins to move toward the exit. "Pardon me, but now that everyone has survived the occasion, I should get back to my children. Thank you, Duchess, for the invitation."

Ripley is overheard praising Cambria.

"Thank you for coming," Cambria says to Medeia, smiling happily. "I was glad that you were ready to act as a medic for us, should it be called for - and happier still that it wasn't. I hope you had a good time while you were here. Give my greetings to Haakon, and some kisses to the children."

And, of course, Cambria only looks to pleased to see the reaction of Cirroch to the necklace as well. There's a sly wink for Ripley, as the master artisan. "I may yet make it for a drink. Where do you two plan to go?"

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Cirroch looks very interested in having a drink with someone...anyone?

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