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Sanna Dinner IV

Cirroch is opening the doors to the manor and other than airing out the manor, is also having plently of food made. Come join for a meal and light conversation. Ansgar, Telo, and Oscar have locked up the cakes, there will not be any thrown.


May 8, 2021, 6 p.m.

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Aella Ivy Patrizio Mikani Valencia Hadrian Kiera



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Sanna Manor - Giant Hall

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The Giant Hall of Sanna Manor looks typical for any normal day, no banners made of aeterna, no special coverings around the hall, the pillows are nestled nicely in front of the large hearth in the middle of the room. The large table without cloth, though is setup to display many fruits and vegetables all which have been grilled over an open flame, surrounding a large boar which has had its eye sockets sewn open with grilled peaches stuffed into place for eyes and a large grilled apple stuffed into its mouth. Running along the sides of the boar in layers a collection of vegetables from carrots, bell peppers, potatoes, and asparagus. With a top layer of melons, peaches, figs, tomatoes, pears, and pineapple. Each has a glistening glaze of honey and maple syrup, with a bowl set at the heads of the table with more of the syrups.

The chef, Oscar, is just finishing putting out additional plates and is starting to sharpen his very large knife, that could be a small sword, in prep of carving the boar. Cirroch is sitting upon the pillows by the hearth, clad in his seasilk overcoat and trousers. A goat's horn full of the ice water clear Sanna whiskey in his hand.

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, Myfanwy Llanelli - An Alluring Lady's Companion arrive, following Mikani.

Valencia arrives, following Patrizio.

Aella strides into the hall with the confidence only a woman who has defeated the host in a brawl can have. Her gait is nearly a swagger. When she see Cirroch, she lifts both arms in the air with a huge grin. "Cirroch! It smells fucking divine in here. Is that pineapple?" She snags a piece as she walks by, flopping into the cushions with the marquis.

Ivy enters the hall with little fanfare, though the woman has a bestial entourage that tend to liven the mood anyways. She admonishing the skunk at her feet to behave himself while a hand rests lightly on the head of her wargoat Treb. The kite has taken wing to find a vantage spot in the rafters where he can watch for dropped bits of pig. "Marquis! You may need to get that ballista out! I couldn't locate Naz to remind him of the dinner so I'm afraid you're stuck with me tonight!" She offers a wave towards Cirroch with her free hand as she approaches.

Patrizio arrives, without that usual entourage of his - indeed, without much of the usual military accoutrements that he'd be wandering about the city. Clad in silk, a shirt of blue and slacks of a more steel hue - though with the allowance of his peace bound sword at his side, as if he can't always escape all of his duties - and with the princess Valencia on his arm, the pair come wandering in. Ivy's mention of the ballista does get the faintest smirk to cross his face, before he muses, "I thought this was going to be something of a dinner, and not a flying exercise, good Marquis. I am /not/ inebriated enough to consider another flight." There's a look to his companion, and a laugh, before he muses to her, "And I think this hall hasn't the ceilings your arena does, I fear."

Mikani enters in a flourish of sea silk. She actually dressed up for dinner call the town crier. "Marquis! I don't see any small weapons.... what sort of dinner is this?" She teases Cirroch in greeting as she flops down by Aella. "Aella. Good to see you again." She says warmly and gets a glass of whiskey from one of her attendants.

With a soft rustle of southern silk, Valencia indeed drifts in at Patrizio's side. "No, but it is grand all the same, I think. But to be true, this wonderful space is made for very different kind of entertainment, I think," the little vixen beams back to Patrizio. Her face alight with warmth, she offers Cirroch and his guests a bright smile and gentle bow of her head in greeting. "Good evening, all. I'm s happy to see you."

Oscar watches the kite fly into the rafters and with a quick motion at the boar slices an ear off and with a backhand slap with the sharpening tool launches the ear into the rafters near the kite with a smile. Then looking at the boar itself he expertly carves thick and heavy slices from it leaving each slice to be freely pulled from the pig by whomever wishes to have at it. He then sheathes the large knife and takes a step back from the table, awaiting anyone that comes to be served food.

Cirroch looks up to Aella with a little smirk, "I believe it is pineapple. Oscar found several fruits at the market and demanded to be allowed to make them for a crowd." Ivy gets a large smile, "Lady Ivy! If Naz refuses to show himself we may need more than the ballistae to send him a missive. Though I'll take your company. Better looking anyway." He shifts a little upon the pillows to make more room for the others as they come in, "No, Prince Patrizio. We are not planning on launching anyone from the ballistae tonight. A simple come and enjoy good food and conversation is what I can offer you. Then maybe later we can work out a combined missive to the crown to let us keep at least one siege weapon for amusement purposes within the city walls."

Ansgar hops off of his perch in the corner to start pouring drinks for the guests, running around the gathering guests asking what each would like and then giving a small nod as he continues to the next.

Cirroch laughs a little at Mikani, "Just a dinner for friends Mikani. With Sasha and children off in the March still, it gets lonely here. This house is used to noise. So let's make some. Have some food."

"Ah, Your Highness. A pleasure to see you. How is Prince Sebastian? I didn't get a chance to check on him after he woke, and he was spirited off to Pravus not long after. If any injuries still linger, I would be happy to pop down and make sure he's healing properly." Ivy turns, speaking to Patrizio first. Valencia gets a bow immediately after, "Your Highness. A pleasure to meet you. Lady Ivy Blackram." Turning back towards Cirroch, she offers a laugh and gives a nod, "Fair enough, my lord. But I still say you should ready the ballista. A very large arrow with a fluttering flag of Sanna in the yard might get his attention where I have failed." She flashes a brief grin his way before bobbing a nod towards Mikani and Aella, "My lady, Countess."

Whiskey finds its way into Aella's hand, and she lifts the vessel to Mikani. "Mikani, welcome to the cushions beside me." She looks up as others enter and make greetings, dipping her chin as politely as she can in a semi-reclined position on the pillows by the hearth. "There has been no shortage of gatherings since I got back, glad to see little has changed in that regard."

Mikani raises her glass. "To a little noise." She says with a wink to Cirroch. Her head turns to look at Aella and bows her head. "Thank you. They are such a comfort." She laughs as she lounges semi-reclined as well. "I feel like I've been cooped up in my rooms for ages. I should be glad the social scene doesn't change in Arx."

"Bas is doing alright, or at least as he's inclined to be. Stubborn man, my cousin, but if you've had the chance to meet his wife... you'd see how that works in that household. My thanks to you, for your care over him, my lady, and I know not if a visit's needed - he seems like he's definitely on the mend, but I'm not a physician. Which is probably best for all." Patrizio's laughing warmly about the matter, the playful shak of his head about the manner of his absent cousin. Cirroch's promise about not 'planning' to launch people gets a critical eye. "A good thing, perhaps, that I brought a proper drinking horn in case that plan on it's ear."

And still, he's watching Ansgar muddling around, and turns briefly to Valencia, with a graceful dip of his head. "Perhaps a drink, my highness? I think we're both aware of the quality of the good Marquis' whiskey, but perhaps another drink might please."

"Lady Ivy Blackram, a pleasure! I have heard of your valiant work during the battle and of how many men and women you saved. I cannot imagine how many would we would have lost or would suffer now if not for your action. I thank you for it," Valencia offers back to Ivy, her head bowing with graceful gratitude followed by a warm and admiring smile. A little smile presses her lips further as she notes Mikani join Aella upon the pillows. A happy nod to Patrizio, "Yes, I should like that very much. Thank you," she gratefully accepts with a graceful nod. Looking back to Ivy, she smiles. "Will you be joining them?"

"Princess Valencia, you do a wonderful job at hiding when you wish. It is an honor that you've chosen to come back to the manor." Cirroch didn't miss her, just moving around upon the cushions to make sure that there is room for all, as this appears to be where everyone is congregating. He waves to Oscar, "We'll be dining over here it appears." Oscar nods and shouts back, "Still better that each comes to get a plate m'lord."

Cirroch laughs a little, and starts to make the comment, "Well, you could load the plate up and then throw it..." he pauses to look around the room, "No. You're right, wouldn't want to give Ansgar another reason to disappear into the rafters again." Cirroch looks up into the rafters at a very particular hardened spot, almost looks like pudding that has become part of the rafters now. His glance coming back down to the earth he catches Patrizio's eye, "Aha! Another brought their horn. Ansgar, fill the Prince's horn with whatever he chooses. Although whiskey would be suggested, he might not wish to leave his footing upon the ground tonight."

Offering a smile towards Valencia, Ivy demurs, "I did no more or less than any other healer there, but I thank you for the kind words. I had friends there and could not bear to sit back at the hospital while they went to war. So I went as well." She lifts a small shrug, but still seems genuinely pleased that her service was noted. Turning her attention back to Patrizio, she smiles faintly, "So long as he is healing alright, I will let him be. I remembered his being brought in before he woke and wanted to make sure he is still doing alright now that he's out of our care. I am glad to hear he is doing better." She glances to the pillows, then back to Valencia with a chuckle and a shake of her head, "I'm afraid my guard here would eat them..." She motions to Treb before perking up at the mention of food being ready.

"And this is why I feed my centurions, so they're not so tempted," Patrizio says, an impish glint to his jade eyes when he's teasing Valencia and Ivy about the matter of protectors and their dietary habits. But a nod indeed about Sebastian, and his expression sobers. "Though we should be honest about my cousin - he shouldn't have been off to war as it was, but again, like his wife, he's disinclined to necessarily listen to more prudent minds about his care, alas. There's a certain fittingness to his sobriquet of 'the Mad Artist'."

Ansgar's approach gets a laugh from the Pravusi prince, though, and there's a brief wave. "I'm inclined to wait a bit before we switch to my imbibing by the hornful," he says with a bright laugh. "But... wine's probably not a bad idea for starting. Depending on what's being served." And that has his attention turning towards the host's other staff.

"Perhaps it is my vixen's nature to withdraw," Valencia offers back apologetically her expression warm. "If it so, I apologize for it whole heartedly, sir," the raven haired Lycene nods to Cirroch with an soft bow of head and then smile. "But it would seem your bright light draws me to the sun once more. How could I resist such kind invitation? Thank you for having me in your hall. I am so happy to see everyone," she nods again to the others. A more impish smile comes and laughs warmly as she hears Ivy's reasoning. "He is a very fine guard indeed, though perhaps we might entice him with other fare?" she smiles again before looking to Treb and back as Aella and Makani toast and chat, and Patrizo is served. "He is rather magnificent. I have not seen one like him."

Aella is not without some sense, though being in the home of a northerner as relaxed as Cirroch tends to make her forget she's still in the city. She very neatly straightens herself among the cushions, folding one of her long legs over the other at the ankles and turning her coppery haired head toward the crowd. "Countess Aella Ravenseye," she offers to any who don't know her with a raise of her drinking vessel. "Well met."

Mikani sips her whiskey. She whispers something to Aella before making introductions. "Princess Valencia.... is the owner of the Golden Hart. She has these awesome sip and spar nights, you would love." She grins at Aella. "Princess this is Countess Ravenseye. A good friend of mine. She just joined the Explorers."

"Sadly, it matters not how much I feed this one, he is always happy to gnaw on something new." Ivy lifts a shrug, chuckling softly towards Patrizio, joining in the jest. She looks back to Valencia, nodding, "He is a direhorn, we breed them specifically up at the Cloudspine. I brought a small herd of them to Arx with me specifically so they could be 'socialized' and bred to hopefully pass along the trait to their offspring. If it is successful, then we could potentially offer them to family friends or the discerning animal lover as guardians. Treb himself has already been battle-tested and proven." She glances towards the pig with its plethora of vegetables piled up around its base and nods, "Oh I'm sure that he'll be happy with some of those vegetables."

Oscar has been patiently waiting by the large boar which is surrounded by many fruits and vegetables that have all been grilled over an open flame then glazed with either honey or syrups. He's currently swatting at Dado and Esben to give a wait before they just start picking at the grilled peaches. Dado has managed to grab his own bowl of the clover honey and is currently sucking on a spoon that he keeps dipping into the bowl. Almost on cue Oscar turns to the gathered guests of the manor, "Tonight's feast is a little exploration of what I could come up with to go with the honeys that the March's bee keepers have released this season. The Peaches, pears, and tomatoes have been glazed with a Heather Honey, while the boar and vegetables have been glazed with our Royal honey, made from the nectar of wild raspberries that line the paths of the March. Please, come and enjoy. Ansgar will happily grab anyone's drinks for the evening."

Cirroch smiles to Oscar, and nods to his guests. "Please enjoy the food. And we'll find you some wine Patrizio. The spirits knows that we have plenty of it around, the Marquessa has collections of collections." He waves towards the carts in the corner. Cirroch nods to Valencia, "We've plenty of sun when the home is above the clouds. I'm hoping to be able to organize a trip for those interested in what we're up to in the mines someday. Get out city dwellers into the mountains, and teach them how to walk a ridge."

"Patrizio Pravus." The prince's head bobs briefly to Aella when she's introducing herself, as if he's perhaps not quite certain himself who he has or hasn't met about the city. Though the mention of wine does get a smile, as does the mention of honey and... he looks to Cirroch. "It sounds to me like there's the potential for some mead making, with the presence of bees at the March, though that would be an interesting thing compared to the whiskeys. An interesting thing to perhaps offer a different experience on the palette, though again perhaps not offered up by the hornful." There's a glance at all assembled, before he muses, "As for getting out into the mountains, perhaps at least during the summer. Some of us are a little thin-blooded to deal with the cold of winter in such places."

"I hope your new venture goes well, my lady," Valencia nods to Ivy, her dark eyes intrigued by the woman's plans to increase the direhorn population. "I must say, I'm curious as to the development of such a formidable herd." To Aella she nods cheerfully, "A pleasure, my lady. Welcome back to the Arx. I had heard another ravishing northern redhead had returned to our city. I'm pleased to meet you," Valencia offers back gamely to the woman, her smile softening as Aella rearranges herself. As Mikani speaks, her expression brightens again, this time with great fondness, "Lady Crovane, another beautiful face I have great delight in seeing again. Thank you for introduction. It has been some time. You are as well as you look, I hope?" Turning to Cirroch she laughs, "Sir, I beseech you, no more talk of the beauties of the north or you shall set me to pining for it. It is bad enough I miss it as much as I do." But then the food begins to arrive and how could she not be drawn to admire the lavish feast prepared for them.

"Thank you, Your Highness. I have four mated pair in the city, one of which has already borne two kids. I'm hopeful that with some time back in the city, Treb and his mate will grace me with a brood as well." Ivy offers a faint smile towards Valencia before approaching Oscar. "May I have two bowls? One with just fruits and vegetables, one with a mix of fruit, vegetable, and pork? And I would like a plate with all three as well, please." To Ansgar ashe murmurs a request for a crisp or dry hard cider. With a small chuckle towards Patrizio's response, Ivy looks to Cirroch, "I will see your mine visit and raise you a polar plunge. But it should really wait until the next freeze so we have a proper ice layer built up."

Cirroch takes another of his sips from his own horn handing it over to Ansgar to be refilled. "Perhaps to go with the fruits and boar, Patrizio would like one of the fruit wines?" Cirroch glances at the oak wine rack for a moment, "The summer blush should do well, or the Daylight pinot." Ansgar nods and heads to get glasses of the suggested wines poured and served. Cirroch looks back to Patrizio and Valencia with a smile, "We could make a mead, though that would require patience. And unless it was the beekeepers themselves making the mead, I can't think of many in the mountains that would have that type of wish to wait for something. It's why our whiskey is not aged. The second its good enough to warm us at the top of a ridge, it's getting drunk." A little nod to Valencia, "I'll do my best not to speak of the beauty of the north, and will stick to only the beauty that I see before me then." Turning to Ivy, with a broad smile. "That sounds something most amazing. What would be plunging into? Or is it a jump into layers of ice?"

Oscar nods to Ivy and prepares two bowls for her, handing them to Dado and pointing the guard over to Ivy. "Deliver this to her and I'll give ya one of the eyes, yah?" Dado seems quite happy with this arrangement and with his honey spoon still in his mouth takes the bowls over to Ivy. Esben looks at Oscar and is sneaking pieces of the grilled pears while waiting as patient as he can.

Cirroch glances over to his guards with a smirk, then explaining, "Dado and Esben got up into some brotherly antics at Lady Medeia's lecture today. They are allowed to eat with us once Oscar feels that they have learned their lesson."

"Do I need a goat? I think Runa might... terrify it." Runa being Aella's very large raven. The countess likes the /sound/ of a goat. "We've some bigger goats, up around Stormheart, wild things that can climb a nearly sheer mountainside." She definitely doesn't want one of /those/ goats. A messenger arrives and steals her attention briefly, before grinning up at Valencia. "Your Higness, I don't know about 'ravishing,' but you're kind to say."

"I think that we're speaking of having dinner, this Daylight pinot sounds delightful." Patrizio smiles at the suggestion of it, and there's a glance as well to Valencia, as if to gauge if it is to her liking.

Ivy's suggestion about a polar plunge, and Cirroch's taking it up get a distinct shiver from the southern-born prince, and while he does not grow any more pale at the suggestion of its name, there's a mildly murmured, "I care not how much your whiskey warms, Marquis. I think there's not enough of it to get me to do such a thing." And a shiver again, before he takes a breath and.... A laugh, when Aella's commenting on things that might terrify a goat. Or ones that climb mountains. "I think that, I'd like to see, a creature stubborn enough to decide it worthwhile to move about in such a manner." The jade eyes turn in turn, though, to Mikani. "And you, my lady? What interest care you to share this evening with us?"

Mikani nudges Aella with her elbow. "You are ravishing. Just take the compliment." She grins at the Countess before munching some fruits and meat. "When I was Countess of Byrne I made an amazing Mead if you need help Marquis." She adds before looking at Patrizio. "I love adventure, drinking, reading..... sex...... I'm all sorts of scandalous." She laughs softly.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Valencia laughs again as the ante is raised on the northern activities. She wisely does not seem to entertain entering the competition. Instead, she nods to accepting some decadent morsels to snack upon while the others converse. A grateful nod to Patrizio and Cirroch as they sees her set with a glass of good red wine to wash it down as well. The princess seems to be very approving on the whole. "Well, you seem to have an abundance of beauty to enjoy at present, my dearest Marquis. You do seem to have a knack," she suggests with a fond look to the ladies present. "Thought with that charming tongue of yours, it is no surprise that you draw the loveliest of company," she smiles again. "As are you, my dear Lady Mikani. Do not think you have escaped such notice. You are again too modest," she smiles warmly to the Lady of Crovane before turning to listen to the conversation.

"We plunge through the ice and into the waters below. It's an invigorating way to test one's stamina and shock the system. And there's usually warm food and drink waiting on the shore when you find your way out again." Ivy flashes a grin towards Cirroch with a nod. "You would enjoy it, I think." Glancing towards Aella, she motions towards Treb, a wargoat three foot tall at the shoulder and weighing in around two hundred pounds, "These are not samll goats, Countess. For that we have golden fainters. They have a very silky overcoat, a docile nature, and an amusing behavioral trait." Then she's looking to Patrizio with a chuckle, "What, Your Highness... you don't wish to travel to the North in middle of winter to jump through a hole cut into the three feet of ice covering the freezing waters of the lake underneath before climbing out to wrap into furs and blankets while drinking large quantities of warmed liquor and hot foods?" She might be teasing him. Maybe.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy leaves, following Kiera.

Aella's eyes sparkle in Ivy's direction. Bright yet stormy and seeming ready for mischief. "Lady Ivy, you take me to this ice plunge and I'll show you the world's most stubborn goats." It's a promise, even if it sounds like a joke. She's still not sure about this compliment on her appearance - she's a sailor! - but she dips her chin to Mikani and Valencia. "I imagine beautiful women recognize beautiful women, my thanks."

Patrizio shudders distinctly anew when Ivy's suggesting her idea of fun. "Gods, no. It's bad enough being here for the months of snow and winds, and I'm /quite/ content to be in the warmth. 'S'why I tend to hide so much in various baths and the like through the winter, in hopes of ignoring it, and the /one/ thing to commend Pieros in peacetime." A grateful smile to Ansgar when the wine's forthcoming, and a laugh though on its heels. "At least now I have a sufficiently warm cloak for when the Abyssal cold arrives again." Thus speaks he about such things, indeed.

Though Mikani's words get a playful smirk from him. "You say 'scandalous' as if such things are a bad thing," says he, dipping his glass in a salute to her. "Life is too short to be boring and staid all the time. And I wager that we Sins give most about the city sufficient run for their silver in terms of scandal."

Valencia's nod gets a smile in response, though more of an appreciative smile perhaps too for Aella's comment on recognizing beautiful women. "A good argument for reasons for men seeking such to be about beautiful women, and letting their taste guide you to other such examples, no?"

Dark eyes dance as Ivy teases Patrizio, her smile pressed into her lips as though she is trying not to seem too amused by it. Another savory morsel is popped into her mouth and she takes a moment to savor it with a soft sound of pleasure. A nod of approval come and she steals another small bite.

"When I first was escorted north I was told I might have to suffer such indignation of such an icy reception. I was grateful to find it was a jest and that I would have to not suffer such. I think my escort was fond of teasing," Valencia offers to as an aside. "Upon my arrival was rather fiercely disposed. I was resolved to my fate of the agreement, but this? Not if I could help it. It was bad enough to be forced to where I did wish to be, but that?" she shakes her head grins happily. "Fortunately, I did learn, however, that there was little for concern in that regard and that Northern hospitality is among the most warm and generous in all of Avrum," she nods respectfully to their host.

Luigi, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Hadrian.

Mikani winks at Patrizio. "No never thought of it as bad." She laughs and munches more of her food. She listens to the others. "As much as I'm not fond of the cold. The icy plunge sounds like a fun adventure." She perks up with a grin.

Cirroch blushes a little, "Valencia, you're too kind. I simply seek conversation and anyone that wishes to best me upon the field, or muds, or where ever the brawl might take place. Rather simple for life." He nods to Aella, "A proper welcoming to the city, and she's yelling at me to stay down. I can't help it that I like a good brawl." A smile to Ivy, "Yes. Let me know when you have the ice needed, or if it is something that you would need to wait for we could climb along the ridges to the Silver waters in Linnta Valley. Nearly always frozen there, year round. Patrizio would absolutely hate it there, though we'll get him some furs to keep warm with."

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

Treb, a restless direhorn, Rascal, a large striped skunk, Dash, a Kite of the Cloudspine leave, following Ivy.

Aella finally seems to relent, the food smells delicious and whiskey isn't a meal - no matter how much she protests. A piece of pepper gets popped into her mouth as the others talk, and the countess seems content to listen for the time being.

It's with a small entourage that Duke Hadrian Mazetti arrives. That same entourage is left to suffer in the cold; or among other servants in whatever place is set aside for them to congregate, swap stories, play dice, or whatever. Hadrian's personal guard, the Ducklings, so named for their frequent efforts to keep pace with the long-legged Duke are soon left behind as well. Having been shown in by a delightful servant, Hadrian begins to make his way toward the congregation, a small smile plucking at the far corners of his mouth as he offers an apology cast in the direction of Cirroch, "Marquis Sanna, please excuse my tardiness," he begins with an easy-going smile, "matters prevented a timely arrival". He offers an apologetic bow at the shoulders from Duke to Marquis, before glancing toward an available seat, then back to Cirroch as a silent inquiry.

Mikani continues to munch her food as she listens to those around her.

Patrizio laughs warmly when Mikani's retorting about the matter. "It's all in the eye of the beholder, I agree," says he, as he lifts his glass to his lips for a drink of the wine. That grin lingers on his features when his gaze shifts about again, before he muses, "Not that I'd disagree at all with the matter of hating such weather, my good Marquis," says he to Cirroch. "Winter /is/ to be hated. Winter is for a warm fire, good alcohol, and thoughts of the coming summer to improve things."

hValencia's assertion about northern hospitality has him chuckling, before he offers up his thoughts. "Is that where you decided to open your Hart, and offer such to even us poor southerners who decide to alight in these blighted lands in winter?" The tease is easy to his lips, even more so when he hears the new arrival, and his head turns to consider Hadrian.

"Indeed, my Hart is here to offer welcome and great care to all who visit," Valencia smiles back to Patrizio. "One must offer what one can to offer good things to our city, yes?" A bright smile comes between bites of the delicious food as Hadrian arrives. "Your Grace. How lovely to see you again. It's been some time," Valencia offers warmly. "If I may be so bold as to introduce one and all? The good Maquis you know. But may I present, Prince Patrizio of Pravus, the Countess Aella of Ravenseye and the good Lady Mikani of Crovane. I fear you just missed the lovely Lady Ivy of Blackram," she offers by way of introduction, taking time to offer a small but warm smile to each person as they are introduced.

Kiera comes into the gathering at a hurried pace "I'm so sorry my friend. Someoneone set me on a new stream of research and you know how that goes, though given the topic in question, I was probably better served by coming here. at any rate my apologies

Cirroch is sitting upon the pillows by the large hearth in the middle of the Giant Hall. Everyone has taken to the relaxed seating as Oscar and Cirroch's guards work on serving the roasted boar, honey and syrup glazed fruits and vegetables. His face is currently hidden behind the large goat horn that he uses as a drinking vessel, upon hearing Hadrian's voice the horn is lowered quickly and his mouth wiped at with the back of his hand. "Duke Hadrian! Please have a seat. Is there anyone here that you don't know? We've got a near full deck of titles about now that you're here." He comments with a laugh, "Plenty of wine, spirits, there's teas somewhere too if you wish. Everyone, Duke Hadrian! His Duchess took me on as protege recently."

Oscar looks satisfied that Dado and Esben have learned some lesson, what, none of them are quite sure of it. Though its enough that the brothers, (Cirroch's guards,) are given heaping plates of the food and they too join the crowd upon the pillows. Both are nudging at each other to be allowed to sit upon a specific red pillow while the other gets the white pillow. Cirroch is about to glance at them, though Oscar beats the Marquis to it. "If the two of you keep it up you'll be in the kitchen with your meal!" Dado and Esben both look at Oscar and then try to share the red pillow instead.

Cirroch looks to the door as Kiera comes in, waving her over to the hearth and pillows. "Never a problem Lady Kiera! Come sit, enjoy!"

"Well, I account for two titles in your deck," Hadrian remarks with a warm, playful smile for Cirroch's benefit, "Duchess Cambria desired to come to your dinner this evening, but she's tied up with matters of House business. I am here as her Voice. So you get a Duke and Duchess. Now we just need a Godsworn to round us out, I think," Hadrian remarks with a glance throughout the area around the hearth. He considers each of those presented, but concludes with a sidelong smile toward Cirroch following Valencia, "If there were any strangers? That has been remedied". Then to Valencia, Hadrian offers a simple dip of his chin in acknowledgement, accompanied by a brief smile, "It has been some time, your highness. A pleasure, as always, to see you". Each of the named parties soon receives a nod, a smile, and a quiet remark of acknowledgment. Eventually the tall, lean Duke lowers himself down to settle in upon some comfortable pillows near the hearth, his harlequin eyes dancing about with an intermingling of curiosity and good humor practically twinkling in his eyes.

Aella looks up at Hadrian's entrance, nods when introduced, and then gets wide-eyed when Cirroch names him. The tall woman rises and issues a respectful bow of her head and shoulders, thick and long copper hair streaming past her shoulders with the motion. The shine of silver beads and gleam of raven feathers affixed to the ends of thin braids throughout her hair catch the light as she stands. "Duke Hadrian, my apologies for not responding to your unexpected, but generous, note. I did find a tutor..." Her stormy eyes darken as she frowns. "I suspect I may benefit from multiple perspectives on the subject." She's not wrong. Her blade is a much better tested weapon than her tongue. Tool. Weapon, tool, they tend to be the same in the north. She gives a nod of recognition to Kiera before she settles down to return to eating.

"You're going to make me seem like I'm someone important, my highness, rather than Sebastian's poor cousin," Patrizio says to Valencia with a laugh, and a shake of that head with his fabulous coiffure. Though the jade eyes turn instead to Hadrian again, and he's dipping his head in acknowledgement when he's been so introduced. "A pleasure to meet you, my lord."

Cirroch's declaration about his having a patron gets the lift of his glass, and a broad grin. "And we see what effect your patron's had on you, my lord. Silks instead of heavier things, and cooler indeed in the summer days to come. Though I'm /still/ sorry I couldn't stay to take part in your training."

Kiera's arrival gets a smile, and another dip of his head. "My lady," he says with warmth. "Better to be away from your research, it sounds, and have such thoughts lifted for a bit. There's time for work soon enough once again."

A smile is cast toward Aella as Hadrian offers back a nod, "Such things happen and there's certainly no need for an apology. If you wish for further perspectives, advice, and all manner of such things? Then the offer remains. Otherwise? There's hardly any need to apologize, my lady," he offers back with a warm smile before his attention drifts to take in the whole of the gathering once again.

A little smile comes and goes impishly as Oscar speaks, her expression quiet but warm. Turning to Patrizio she shakes her head. "Your cousin is very much an important gentleman to our city, but I do recall that a certain General of Pravus did much to see us safely from the latest battle," she says simply before turning again to greet the latest arrival with a smile. "Good evening, my Lady, It is lovely to see you," she offers to Kiera before pausing to see if one of the others might offer any introductions as required.

Kiera plops down on one of the free pillows "You're probly right " she concedes to Hadrian "I met a fellow with a keen interest in the marinal'far a topic of which i know almost nothing, yet its the third time they've come up in the past fortnight, which is both odd and intriguing to me

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant have been dismissed.

Myfanwy Llanelli - An Alluring Lady's Companion have been dismissed.

"The last time a Godsworn willingly entered the manor was when we were seeking one for Sapphy and Oddmun's wedding. Though there was discussion of having them back at some point. Or that we'd simply welcome them back in proper Northern hospitality in that we'd send Dado and Esben out to collect them and bring him back." Cirroch smiles to Hadrian with how to get the full deck sorted out. He waves to Oscar to have more food brought over for both Kiera and Hadrian, then a nod and raise of the horn to Patrizio, "It is a shame that you had to leave early. It was a lovely night of learning. Master Ripley made this lovely necklace for me even." He holds up the silk and stygian necklace that sits around his neck. "I'd say that I would feel bad about the spar with the man, though he put up a good fight, and that alone is worthy praise, to know that a artisan is willing to take up arms for a silly thing such as getting a Marquis used to wearing silks."

"You didn't miss a step in them at the training center." Aella winks at Cirroch, complimenting the man's choice of attire for their brawl. "No, you did miss one step, the last one what had me win." Her grin widens as she raises her drink to the host. Since Hadrian told her not to apologize, she simply allows the discussion of her tutelage to fade there, giving him a single nod of acknowledgement- which either says 'I'll write you' or 'glad that's settled.'

Mikani continues to eat and sip her whiskey.

"The pleasure is mine, your highness," Hadrian answers back at Patrizio's greeting with a dip of his chin in both recognition and acknowledgment. Then Hadrian's attention drifts back to Cirroch, a faint smile tugging at one corner of his mouth before he answers, "I'm happy to hear that one was able to be summoned to see Lord Oddmun married. I negotiated with him for the marriage that was conducted between our Houses; when he served as your Voice, that is". Then Hadrian's attention drifts from Cirroch and around to Keira. His head tilts to one side for a moment before he asks, "The Marin'alfar? I've found them to be a respectable people," is all that the Duke has to say on the subject, for the moment.

Patrizio arches a brow at the mention of the Marin'alfar, though he speaks not up about them - a hint in his expression that he might've heard the term, but if he knows more, there's not a word from him. But the other matter, perhaps, of Cirroch's sparring by Aella, gets a chuckle from him. "It's good that the good Marquis has not had trouble with such things at the training centre. I'd hate to think that when he and I cross blades again at one of her highness' spars at the Hart, that he's not giving me anything but his best." That, of course, lets his gaze shift fondly to Valencia beside him. "Assuming that you intend hold another spar, that is."

Mikani looks curious, "Marin'alfar?!"

Valencia's eyes widen with delight as something she tastes seems to sit just right upon her palate and she turns to Patrizio to softly murmur and invitation should he wish to try it. Dark eyes lift to answer him with a nod and a smile, "I would like to yes. I was not wishing to distract before the battle, but now that we have prevailed and those injured are healing well, perhaps it might be time to have another Sip n'Spar again. So that friends might meet and enjoy good drink and a match if they wish," she nods warmly to the idea before turning to hear more about the Marin'alfar.

Discussion between the sip n' spars, fighting in silks, and Marin'Alfar has Cirroch smiling as he takes another of his long and deep sips from the horn. Turning to Patrizio, "I always give my full and best attention to a spar. Though, won't wear my full armor in a spar. The full armor is for war, everything else is leathers, or well, now possibly silks." Mikani gets a quick glance, before he turns to Aella with a smirk. "Well it is always the last step that is the one that will determine if one held themselves well or not. You fared mighty well too, it was a pleasure to have the tumble upon the sands with you."

Kiera nods "I had a very nice first acquaintaintence with Prince Raimon Thrax which unexpected turned to the topic. He seemed particular intested in an historic tale, which i'm sure you will not be surprised ,duke caught my attention. he was excited to find i was a scholaw. i told him i would find out what i could or at least point someone with more knowledge in his direction'

Mikani nods, "I will have to write him. I am the Ambassador of the Marin'alfar." She pauses and nods to Cirroch, "well Co-Ambassador." She smiles warmly.

"It all starts with silks, Marquis," Hadrian intones toward Cirroch with a flash of a grin, "one moment you're opening yourself up to the potential that silk offers. Then it's aeterna and umbra. Then suddenly you're thirsting for just another shirt of honeysilk. Then it's steelsilk girding your loins that you crave, and then," Hadrian's hand waggles about at the air for a moment before he concludes, "it's a very vicious cycle. It feels oh so good, though". The Duke's hand rises up and his hand makes an adjustment, shifting the crown worn atop his head to better seat it. Mikani seems to steal the words from Hadrian's own mouth as he nods along with her, "Marquessa Sasha Sanna is the other Ambassador, if I recall. That's who I recall working with the deliver a message or two to them to notify them of an impending memorial service. They made an appearance, too. For that the people of Ostria give them our respect."

One of the Ravenseye house guards comes to collect Aella, there's some sort of urgent countess business.

Runa the clever, seafaring raven, Havard, a battle-scarred gentle giant, Bryndis, another redheaded northern Prodigal leave, following Aella.

A happy wave is offered to the departing Aella and Valencia offers another fine morsel to Patrizio, should he like it and then settles to listen to the others speak.

Patrizio shifts briefly at the reaction from Valencia, his fork venturing forth to try a morsel of the item from her plate, that which drew such a reaction from her, even as he's chuckling a bit about the matter of fabrics. "Admittedly, I'm hardly a fashion plate - enough of my friends, male and female, about the city have reminded me of such. Though that's also to be blamed on my need for armour before the recent events." His gaze lifts, considering the others, before he plows ahead into it. "Perhaps over time, I'll be more accustomed to the various fashions available here within Arx."

Though the turn of his gaze to Mikani and Kiera at their conversation does show he's listening, if only a little bit while he's clearly soaking in the discussion of other peoples as well.

Cirroch smiles with a laugh to Hadrian, "It's funny that is the direction that the fashion goes in. As I already have a aeterna and ubmra robe and silk lounge trousers. This overcoat was made for me awhile ago, I was... shy to wear it prior. Perfectly happy to wear it in around the manor, though out to the city. That was another story. The spar wearing only silks helped, and was a lot of fun. Enough that I look forwards to future spars in silk." He looks towards Patrizio when making this comment with a grin. "I'll still wear armor for you if you wish." A nod to Mikani and Hadrian over the discussion of the Marin'Alfar, "Thank you Mikani. I vaguely recall working with them while searching for Sasha's cure. It all feels forever ago now, and yet it really hasn't been that much time. About four years, in all."

Over the short time that he's present, Duke Hadrian Mazetti takes an opportunity to indulge in a few of the refreshments. Eventually though, he begins to ease himself up from the pillows until he's left standing. Once there he presents the gathering with a bow, before his focus shifts to regard Cirroch exclusively, "Marquis Sanna, it has been a pleasure and a joy. Thank you, from the Duchess and myself, for your generosity and welcoming us into your home. I hate to be a poor guest and enjoy your hospitality for a short time, before needing to depart again, but," Hadrian's hands rise, his palms directed upward as he accompanies with that gesture of his hands with a shrug of his shoulders, "Unfortunately, duties do call and my presence is necessary to oversee some final touches. Thank you again, my lord". He then turns his attention to the rest of the gathering, whom he favors with a charcoal-whitened smile that practically sparkles, "And it has been a joyous opportunity to spend the time with all of you as well. I hope that all of you continue to enjoy your evening". Only then does Hadrian begin to turn in order to make his departure.

Kiera nods to Mikani "My thanks, I'm sure he will appreciate any information" She abruptly falls silent over the plate of deliciousness that cirroch has handed her, but stops shoveling food to note hadrian's departure "I shall see you at the next salon, Duke Mazetti

Mikani is about to say something when Damien comes forward. "Well I best be off. Thank you Marquis."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, Myfanwy Llanelli - An Alluring Lady's Companion leave, following Mikani.

Cirroch nods to Hadrian, "Thank you for coming Duke Hadrian, I'll write to you about our meeting soon." As Mikani gets up he nods to her as well. Looking to those still around and that Dado and Esben are finally being quiet and enjoying their meal without anymore ridiculous fighting.

Patrizio is leaning over to murmur softly to Valencia in the wake of whatever it is that she's encouraged him to enjoy, not so distracted as to not hear Cirroch's playful jibe at him about the matter of armour. "Let me see what I can come up with next time, and perhaps we do it in silks as you'd prefer," he chides back, those jade eyes dancing, before there's a sigh. "I think that this is perhaps it's a sign for me to be on my way as well, lest I overstay my welcome." A smile to all, but especially to Valencia. "I would understand if you would prefer stay, my highness."

Luigi, 3 House Mazetti Guardians leave, following Hadrian.

"Thank you, my lord, for the invitation I was beautiful to see everyone. I hope you will come by the Hart soon so we might return the hospitality," she nods softly to Cirroch as she rises once more. "It was lovely to see you, my lady. We will leave you both to the finest of company. Good evening and thank you again."

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