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Sina Plaza: Fountain Design Competition

The foundations have been laid for the plaza. The construction has begun on the Library. A call has been sent out to the crafters of Arx for help in designing a fountain in the middle of the plaza itself! Those wishing to enter the competition only need to submit their designs. This can either be as a tiny replica of their design or as drawings upon parchment. These submissions will be displayed for people to view. A vote will be had on this day from those attending the event and the winner of the vote will have their work displayed for as long as the plaza stands! There will also be a reward! Though, this reward is yet to be determined.


June 13, 2021, 1 p.m.

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Valerian Clover Thesbe Oswyn Samira



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Visitors Gate - Sina Plaza

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Comments and Log

The summer day is brilliant and blue. It is hot, but there are refreshments that abound! Pavilions have been set up as a nice shady respite from the summer sun. Underneath those pavilions are chairs for sitting and tables filled with cool drinks and sweet treats. There is a table set up in the area where the fountain is to be constructed. Upon that table are various entries for the contest as well as a small box for people to cast their lots on which design they like best.

Raja has taken up a seat under one of these pavillions, dressed in silk and fanning herself with one hand and drinking from a glass of cool cider with the other. "Welcome! Come! Sit! Eat and drink!"

Valerian found his way through the city and for today he even managed to not slip his guards, Wether through his own endeavors or those of the exasperated looking guardswoman who wanders along just a few paces behind the corsairs behind the man. As he arrives his dark eyes wide with excitment and curiousity look over the plaza and the table holding entries. When he finally spots Raja there is a small bite to his lower lip, the man moving off in the direction of the pavillion holding the Culler as those guards fall away to relax and take a breather now that the man was clearly headed for a Culler.

The duchess was much like Raja, fanning herself from the scorching sun and mid-day heat. She'd oft kept to herself in her ward taking care of her sickly son as of late but was destined to enjoy the outside that she missed.. -She'd probably had ought to wait for winter.. this heat is terrible- Her first venture was going to partake in the cool drinks and sweets, picking up a pastry to nibble at. Clover looked about, noticing Raja under the pavilions and her too taking a seat, "What a lovely plaza this is." the duchess wearing a bright and cheery smile, one full of serenity. "So are we going to be voting on a fountain to grace this area?" she asks intrigued by the thought of a magnificent work of art being built.

Thesbe no sooner showed up after everyone else. She was sporting her bumble bee themed day dress she'd made only a few days ago, bright cerulean colored eyes looking about the plaza. She was quiet and shy, taking her time to survey the area before partaking in the drinks and food offered.

The plaze is still under construction. Nice things take time to build! But, the white stone of the plaza gleams brightly in the light of the sun. "Indeed!" Raja says cheerfully to Clover. "I have two entries. One made by.." She spots the man and gestures to Valerian, "Lord Valerian Kennex, and the other by the Co-guild Mistress Samira Culler!" She gestures to the two entries. "I thought I was going to have more to choose from, but these were the ones to submit." She sips from her drink before putting it down.

When he spots Raja pointing at him there is a quick dip of Valerian's head, the man making his way over already begining to have his cheeks darkened and stained by a faint blush that begins to blossom across his skin. The Kennex Lord's gaze lifting though as he nears the pavilion, his focus intitally upon Raja herself. "Oh this is just lovely Raja, truly." The man telling her in a softer tone before he is looking to the table, His brow furrowing slightly, "I am sorry more didn't submit pieces." Moments later his focus is quick to shift turning upon Clover, a small reserved smile offered to the woman almost shyly before he offers up, "M'lady.." The young Kennex Lord not knowing any better having not met Clover before as he offers the greeting, "Lord Valerian Kennex." The introduction of himself given short and succinct.

Oswyn makes his way into the plaza, just catching the end of Raja's statement about the number of entries. He squints over thataway and lopes over. "I hope I'm not late. Two entries? That's, ah, well, easy to judge, I suppose." He offers a quick, close-lipped smile

Linx, a beautiful Persian cat with a green collared bow have been dismissed.

Clover says, "Well it's not about the quantity but the quality of such submissions. I'm eager to look at them more in detail. I'm sure there exquisite. If I weren't so busy with business I would've took part." the duchess chuckles before looking to Valerian, "And a great pleasure to meet you Lord Valerian. I am Duchess Clover Farshaw." she says with a polite dip of her head in greeting, "I was told you entered a submission into the competition. Tell me what inspired you? If you of course, don't mind me asking. I always find it intriguing to know what's inspired someone to create beautiful works of art. Myself, being a fellow artist." she says with a cant of her head before sipping at her refreshing drink."

Raja smiles to Valerian, "Wait till it is finished. You know, at first, I just thought a simple one-roomed thing. But, my vision grew. It is my hope and dream to give another tool to the people both great and small to learn and rise." She shifts in her seat, "Though, I do regret not having this event by a pool. I think that would be quite more refreshing!" She laughs. Then Clover is asking questions of Valerian and Raja can't help but to smile. There is a chuckle that comes from her towards Oswyn, "Yes. I thought there would be a third, but the crafter decided against submitting."

When Valerian hears the correction from Clover by way of her introduction his cheeks burn all the more as his blush deepens, "Oh.. my, I am sorry Duchess. My mistake, and indeed. I submitted a small scale replica of the statue I would do. I..sadly didn't think of doing the fountain as I lack the proper flowers for the moment to fully deliver my vision." The man telling her even as his hands move to begin to draw his satchel around to his front, fingers quickly slipping into the protective bag only to pluck out a small flask that is opened, a small sip is taken before Valerian continues. "Far as my inspiration, The woman who the plaza is named after..and the countless journals she penned and others penned talking of her work. While I myself had little direct contact and only ever saw the Archelector in passing I felt it prudent to try and bring the essence of her to life." With that said he falls silent taking another sip before he looks to Raja, "Your vision is a beautiful and honorable one Raja. And if others fail to see the merits of it then they are blind and wasting the space found just behind their eyes and between their ears." With that said he finally looks to Oswyn offering the man a small smile, "Afternoon."

Oswyn smiles faintly as he reaches up to rub the back of his head. "I'd, ah, hope they'd be inspired by Sina." He looks from Clover to Valerian and nods. "Good afternoon. The Archscholar and I weren't close, but we did trust each other and were aligned in interests in the very least."

Clover waves her hand dismissively, "That is of no worry Lord Valerian." she smiles brightly, "How could you have known? It is not like I walk around with a sash along my chest announcing whom I am." there was a gentle chuckle and reassuring nod from Clover before she listened intently to the Lord's inspiration. "Well, that seems a most fitting inspiration then for your submission." taking another sip of her drink she looked over to Oswyn, "Good afternoon. Please come sit, and speak with us. There are plenty of seats to go around. And drinks!" the woman exclaimed towards the heat as if it was a person itself, "A pool does sound refreshing, but surely the water would be as warm as bathwater." she chuckles, "I don't think we'll get much reprieve from the summer heat till autumn."

Raja smiles warmly. "I do prefer the heat of summer to the bitter cold of winter though. So. Much. Snow." She crinkles her nose. "Yes! Flowers! I made these raised beds because of one of her journals." She pulls out a small parchment and sets it down. "I intend to travel to the mourning isles to locate these flowers. I think gardens full of them would be appropriate." She lifts her gaze and shifts back and forth between the people there. "I may need to find someone skilled with horticulture to make sure the flowers survive the trip back."

Raja drops Copy of Sinas Journal on flowers dated July 1011 AR.

The comment from Oswyn over his hopes over what inspired the pieces has Valerian giving a soft chuckle in response, The man's head dipping and raising quickly as he motions to the man. "One would of course hope so, yes." A tone of amusement begining to show itself in his voice alongside the softer spoken words. When Clover offers that assurance that no offense was taken over his mistake there is a soft sigh of relief from the Kennex Lord. His focus returning to her as he tells her. "A pool even on a day like today can be refreshing, if not a pool the sea. A quick dip and catching the right breeze can help alleviate much of the oppression given by the heat of summer." The man pointing out. Moments later he looks to Raja hearing her mention of the flowers and the expedition to find them, "Oh finding them is no trouble at all, I know where we can find plenty to bring back. It's just a question of getting Zoey or Aethan into letting us borrow a vessel for the trip."

Oswyn nods absently to Clover and moves to retrieve a beverage for himself. "I can think of a few possibilities the flower could --- ah, there you go." He peers over at the small statue on the table, squinting at it.

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

Raja gets Archscholar Sina Statuette from an oaken bookcase with glass doors.

Raja gets a fountain displaying a statue of a woman kneeling in prayer from an oaken bookcase with glass doors.

Raja gets an oaken bookcase with glass doors.

Raja drops Archscholar Sina Statuette.

Raja drops a fountain displaying a statue of a woman kneeling in prayer .

A small figure comes trudging into the plaza, paint-stained fingers rubbing at sleep-rimmed eyes. Someone may have overslept, or so it seems. Samira searches the surroundings until her gaze comes to rest upon Raja, the artist redirecting her footsteps to join her fellow Culler. "Sorry I'm late."

Clover says, "I may not be a defined horticulturist but I do know my way around plants and flowers, should you need help." she says softly to Raja before glancing at the parchment the woman laid down, giving it a once over as she leaned in. "They sound utterly beautiful, the flowers that is." she nods in agreeance."

Dark eyes shift to look to Valerian, "I am positive I could convince Zoey. The Cullers have a caravel, maybe I can convince Torian if Lady Zoey refuses. Though, I am sure your family knows the way around the Mourning Isles much better than any Culler. So, that is a good idea." Then there is a Samira! "Ah! Samira! I am so glad you could make it!" She rises from her seat, the red and golden silks shift over her form as she makes her way closer to the smaller woman, "Care for a drink?" She grabs a glass of cool cider from the table and offers it to Samira. "Samira is the crafter of the other piece! Would you like to tell these fine people about your piece and it's inspiration?"

Oswyn offers a small smile and a nod to Samira. He raises his glass to the woman. "The kneeling one, yes? I like that it reflects on her being godsworn."

With Samira's arrival and her words of greeting to her fellow Culler there is a brief glance from Valerian, The man's dark gaze flitting over her features before lowering to the paint stained fingers. The sight bringing a small smile to his lips that only seems to grow when he hear Raja say the woman's name. An almost giddy look showing along with his dimples as that smile grows more full. "Oh Samira Culler, The artist. Oh yes, I have heard your praises from Raja here. Fortune smiles today yes, I had hoped to encounter you meet. Yes meet." The young Kennex Lord shifting nervously where he stands from one foot to the other. As his focus returns to Raja he tells the woman, "Oh well I will have to try and convince her, Or maybe we both can. Oh yes, I may have an idea on convincing her. Don't fret, if not we can Culler Caravel it across the isles!" The young man seeming rather excited for the chance to return to the isles even if just for some flowers. "So you work Torian and I will work Zoey. Together we will find us a ship." With that said he angles his flask towards Clover, "And we have our hortoculturist to help with the transport of plants.. I mean we could leave it to lady Lily.. but she may not be the best hand at it." Hearing her name that satchel shifts and seconds later Lady Lily's head pops out, like her owner wide dark eyes look out upon the world with curiousity.

The solemn regard that so often steels Samira's features is momentarily banished by the grin, grateful and fond, that she sends toward Raja. A lift of her chin gives affirmation of her eagerness for a drink, the glass accepted with murmured thanks as she leans in to bump her shoulder lightly against the other woman's. Her dark eyes flit from face to face, a polite nod to given to Oswynd and Clover, a faint grin for Valerian's effusive welcome. "Today's the today for making acquaintances, then. Pleasure to meet you." Her gaze flits toward her submission for the fountain design, expression growing serious once more. "It would probably make more sense for a piece displayed here to focus upon her love of knowledge and her service to Vellichor given that she was Archscholar and this will be a place of learning and knowledge. Maybe it was a little self-indulgent of me, but this statue -- this is partly how I will remember Sina. One of the last and strongest memories I'll have of her: calm, brave, steady in her faith and her convictions. If people look at this statue and feel moved by any faith and beauty to be found there -- if it helps Sina to be remembered -- it'll have done what it was meant to."

Oswyn smiles a little more broadly at Samira's words, though it's still close-lipped. Still, the corners of his eyes crinkle. "Were you good friends?" he asks, moving around the table to collect a ballot to mark his vote on.

The features on Raja's face become somber as she regards the kneeling woman. There is something deep and meaningful there. Others in the area have made their marks and put them upon the ballots. Raja refrains from casting a ballot. "What if.. What if we keep both fountains?" She says, glancing between the two. "One can be out here.." She turns and looks to Valerian, "Your fountain needs flowers, so your fountain can be out here. The other fountain.. The one of her praying to Vellichor.. can be placed inside the library once it is built up enough?"

Valerian falls silent listening to Samira's talk of her piece, The young man's dark gaze focused upon the artistic Culler as she talks of how she was moved to do the piece and that last memory of the woman. His features softening as his eyes lower briefly. "She will always be remembered by those who knew her and knew of her work. Among the Scholars, and among Thrax for sure and among the Cullers as well and countless other families." The Kennex Lord's eyes finally lifting after offering up the softer spoken words. Moments later he is drawn to look to Raja, her suggestion bringing a warm smile to touch his lips as his head dips and raises. "A lovely idea, one to welcome and another to join in prayer and the worship of Vellichor. I think it would be a lovely tribute to her memory."

Oswyn's question prompts a pensive look from Samira, a flicker of nostalgia and sadness mingling in her expression. "We were becoming close, learning more. It was a little over a year ago when Archscholar Sina and I first met. I wish we'd had more time. She was wonderful." The other entry has captured her attention, a few steps taken toward the statuette. "This is your work?" she asks of the Kennex lord in a reverential tone. "It's stunning. It captures her so beautifully. What a fitting tribute to her." She turns back to face the group when Raja makes her proposal, giving a nod of eager approval. "I think that sounds great."

Oswyn looks at his little paper he was about to stuff in the ballot box. He looks over at Raja. He tucks his paper into his satchel, nodding. "That sounds like an excellent idea to me." To Samira, he adds, "I would have liked to know her better, I think."

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When he hears Samira's words and that tone of hers there is a deeper blush that races across Valerian's cheeks, The Kennex Lord telling the woman in a softer voice "It is.. I am glad you like it and approve. Yours is lovely work as well." A pause is given before he adds, "If you want sometime I can show you my other pieces I've done. Raja has told me about you and your talent before and I had been meaning to get your thoughts on a few pieces and to hear of what methods you have found." Moving closer Valerian's voice drops to a whisper as he leans in to murmur something to Samira.

Samira sends an understanding nod toward Oswyn, opening her mouth to respond before but finds herself interrupted by an insistent urchin pulling at her sleeve. "Sam, gotta go. Important business." The messenger leans in to whisper urgently in the artist's ear. She frowns, flashing an apologetic look toward Valerian. "I'm sorry to hurry off, but I need to go deal with this before it becomes a bigger problem." The lord's low remark earns a faint, lopsided grin. " Ah! I'd very much like to see your work and talk further sometime soon. I'm sure I'll see you around the Kay, but if not, send a message sometime."

Valerian gets Archscholar Sina Statuette.

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