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First Ever Event! Farmer's Market! City Center! Today! Yummy Food! Flowers! Fresh Cider!

IC: Ever and Breccan are famers. Ever is selling fresh veg from his farm near Acorn Hill from a tent stall type kiosk at an impromptu open-air market. Come and visit City Center today to buy fresh produce, chat, meet people, and drink fresh cider. Or if you also grow herbs or have veg to sell, please join us also!

Various fresh veg and fruits will be on display for sale at the Farmers' Market. Apples figure prominently, as well as potatoes, onions, garlic, beets, carrots, chives, chard, spinach, red lettuce, kale, and broccoli. Oh and tomatoes. Of course there's tomatoes. And fresh - cut flowers. Dahlias, day lilies, sunflowers . . .

OOC: Brand New PC! We may be selling 'work resources' to represent the food, at below market costs during the Farmers' Market hours if we can figure all that out in time. If we can't, we'll try for sure by next week!


June 30, 2021, 6:30 p.m.

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Jamie Zakhar Anisha Breccan Vega Delia Amari Adalyn Scythia Ilira



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The City Center

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Leila, the sullen Suspire arrives, delivering a message to Zakhar before departing.

3 Thrax Guards, A stealthy, Sugar glider arrive, following Vega.

The old man murmurs, "More likes nervous nelly baron. Terrified of a little wind howling, and don't get me started on the statues." Then looking over to Breccan and Everett, a little twinkle in his eye, or is that more stain?, looking from Anisha to the two young men. "Gots any potatoes and onions? Need to cook up a cock that is an ungrateful little terror."

Anisha raises a brow at what she's overhearing, but keeps her face otherwise mostly schooled. "I believe that falls away from my area of expertise, but perhaps Dame Leola or Lady Sunaia might be able to enlighten you on the subject," She suggests. "And yes, of course, no sense in buying a cow if you can't keep her safe." She concludes - glancing over to Zakhar as he draws closer. "I trust you are doing well, dear Messere Zakhar? May I introduce the brothers, messeres Everett and Breccan Malere," She offers, gesturing to the two farmers. "Messere Zakhar is a bit of a dapper hand with many a thing. I've been showing him the finer elements of gemwork of late," She explains, with a smile.

"I'm glad to hear you know Lady Mabelle. I consider her a dear friend," Anisha pivots effortlessly to Breccan, and beams. "And the apiary does sound rather lovely. "As I understand it, the Baron has not forgotten his roots, so will be more than happy to aid you."

Everett nods quickly and flashes a bit of a grin toward Breccan as the comment about livestock seems to have been entirely timely. For what should appear next but an aged gentleman with a rooster on his head. Followed by a herd of cats. Surpise! Everett meets this new customer with the vestiges of the grin still upon him. "Howdy, there! Potatoes came out on time and rightly wholesome. I've just been eating them baked. Or in meat pies. Onions had a rough spell during the heaviest rains, but they pulled through. So they're a little smaller and bit sweeter than last year's batch. Garlic to go along with that? Rosemary for a bit more flavor?" Everett still isn't entirely sure if the old man is jesting. Still, either way, it can't hurt to have soup.

Leila, the sullen Suspire arrives, delivering a message to Zakhar before departing.

"Potatoes we have plenety of." Breccan confirms along with his brother as he gives a smile. As Everett goes into salesmen mode, he will mind the stall and the coin to collect from the customers that gather before them. He looks pleased over towards Anisha. "Lady Mabelle is one of our fondest friends. I see her quite often at Clement House. I've come to find out recently that she is quite a physician as well. Lady Amari was injured badly the other day and she tended to her."

Vega comes into the market to find the cider, someone said she could find them. She smiles a bit as she moves along to look at what the market people are selling. She simply meanders a moment to peer at the tents that have been raised and the veggies that are for sale

Zakhar nods to Anisha, "The hushed speaker is a good teacher for how to sort out gem work. 'specially when a thought won't get out of me head, an old dream, or memory?" He picks up a burnt ember cat that has been nudging at his leg and holds it over his shoulder causing the black and white cat to bite at his hand as the siblings are now being forced to share a shoulder on the man. Zakhar doesn't even flinch as he's bitten. Looking over to the Breccan and Everett, "Soups are good. I've got a little garden behind the shop, just thataway." He nods down towards the Queen's Shrine. "Emporium of Curiosity, serving up best kept secret meals this side of the gates. Plus a few other fun things...puzzles, some tailoring..." He trails off near the end.

Anisha glances over at the Thrax Princess, giving her a look, and any signs of her allegiance. Glancing over to Zakhar with a smile. "You are very kind, Messere Zakhar," She replies. "And I am given to understand you have something brewing for just about every occasion." She inquires. Or concludes. It's uncertain which. Pausing to look to the brothers again, she gives a small smile. "She's a very cunning one, our Lady Mabelle, good sense of industry and entrepeneurship. I am sure there will be many more delights to come from her and hers - which, I suppose, include the two of you."

Delia's lips turned up in an easy smile as the Whisper made her way towards the City Center. There's an easy grace with which she moves, a casual stride that lets her take her time even on this leisurely stroll and the air about her is one of absolute enjoyment as she makes her way towards the collection of tents that have sprung up for the affair. Dark eyes that almost seem to match the hue of her gown drift from one display of artistry to the next, for surely that's what such a bountiful display is, isn't it? A feast for the senses? Effort gone into both the growing and into the presentation itself? It delights her and that's plain to see by the way her smile grows the deeper into the little market that she wanders.

Everett looks from Zakhar to Anisha and, selecting an apple from the bounty before him, begins to peel one for munching purposes as they talk. "I s'pose we'll be getting to see 't. Can't say I'm all that much good at the cunning parts, but I do my level best at industry." Everett tilts his head towards, and then winks towards Breccan, in a way that looks like a compliment. Probably giving his brother due credit for being the smarter, more clever of the two of them. Everett seems to be one of those people who peel apples in one go, generating a long lazy spiral of appleskin which trails from the knife as his huge work-worn hands wield the tiny blade. Everett looks back to Zakhar "Emporium of Curiosity, then?" Everett wonders. "We'll have to stop by! Seems to put the adage that curiosity kills cats to a falsehood, though, wouldn'it? Either that or you carry a great many spares." Everett comments, completing the attempt at good humor. "How many cats do you have right now, good sir?" Everett keeps the conversation flowing at a nice and easy informal relaxed pace while adjusting the display crates to catch the eyes of new customers.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

Vega moves from tent to tent to see what trinkets she can find. Pausing to talk to the venders as she manovers down the road, her eyes catch Anisha and she waves in that directions. "Whisperer Amari!" she calls out, "i need pointing to the cider tent?"

1 Clement trained guards, Alphonse, Maggie, an energetic Mistward Labrador arrive, following Adalyn.

Rylan, a distracted scholar, Captain Bryon Gethrys, 2 Seliki Pikemen arrive, following Scythia.

Walking through the market at a slow pace, with a slightly stiff gait is Amari, holding the leashes of two massive dogs. One is a happy, slobbering bloodhound and the other something like a brindled bull mastiff, but uglier and stinkier. A tiny goat tippy taps alongside her, because why not. Maybe she thinks she's a dog too. The motley little group parts the crowd easily enough, all the way to the farmer's market proper where she stops to look around, naturally. When or if she spies Breccan, she'll lift a hand to wave.

A funny sly grin slides across Zakhar's lips then tucked back away for another puff on the haze roll stuck between his lips. "Curiosity does in deed find a way to kill anyone, not just cats. Though these have been trained...mostly. Still very arrogant little shits, and will find a means to destroy all that they come across. But we haven't lost any since they ere just a small litter. There's...erm." Zakhar looks around the market, able to pick out most of the cats from what is or isn't knocked over or who is shooing them away or shaking a fist at the old man, "Ten?... that sound right. ten-ish." He wavers his hand about.

As he welcomes to the new faces over, Breccan gives a warm smile to Vega and Deliia as he lifts a hand upwards. He blows some long bangs away from his face. "I agree, soups are very good. A bit of potato into makes some of the more creamier soups all the the more delicious." He gives a pause in conversation as his eyes track towards the sight of Amari. He lifts his hand back and excuses himself from his brother for a moment, heading over towards her. "Lady Amari. You look to be feeling a bit better I hope. Do you need a shoulder to lean upon or are you okay?" He asks softly to her. He offers his arm to her if need be. "My brother Everett." He says as he gives a motion towards the taller red head. "He is charming the stalls."

"Darling Delia! How good to see you," Anisha declares as she sees her fellow Whisper join the markets, gesturing for her to come closer. "Are you familiar with Messere Zakhar? With the Brothers Malere?" She inquires, pausing briefly as her name is called out, and she sketches a curtsey. "Well met, your highness. Messeres Zakhar, Everett, Breccan, Whisper Delia, please allow me to introduce Princess Vega Thrax." Aptly identified through her signet ring and a careful study of her features, the Radiant offers a gentle smiel. "I think the cider tent is a bit closer to the fountains, your highness, but the Brothers Malere have some rather lovely apples," She offers, brightly. Casting a glance to the lady Keaton, and offering a curtsey to Amari as well. "I admit, I kind of lost track of our conversation," She admits, quietly ignoring the haze cigarette in the old man's lips.

With murmured apologies and disarming smiles, one Adalyn Clement weaves her way through the crowds of the marketplace in an attempt to catch up with Amari and her motley crew. "I thought that was you I saw! How're you holding up?" she questions of her friend once she has managed to fall into step beside her, slowing her pace considerably. As she talks, her observant gaze is quick to make note of the surroundings, a cheery wave sent in Breccan's direction in a bid for his attention.

Of all the things to catch Delia's eye and keep it, it's the careful way that Everett's peeling that apple and the way thus far, the skin seems to stay whole. "Oh!" It's a delighted sound that spills past the woman's lips and amusement that colors her dark gaze. "Oh I've not seen that done so neatly in ages," she reminesces, offering up that useless bit of trivia to all who are near. "When I was a girl we had a game with apple skins and if you could peel it thus, without making the peel break and you let the skin fall if you were lucky, then it might reveal the inital of the one to whom you were to marry," it's a memory that makes her laugh and when Delia laughs, the sound's an infectious thing inviting others to join in. "Oh we must have spent hours trying to make them fall just right to suit whomever we happened to have our eye on at the moment."

With a grin turning impish, she catches hints of the ongoing conversation and something Zakhar says, about the number of cats draws wide curious eyes. "Ten? My gracious, they must be a handful!" No sooner spoken than Anisha's voice draws her attention and she casts a warm and welcoming smile in the Radiant's direction. "I'm unfamiliar with the lot," Delia admits, before offering the group at large a charming smile, "With the exception of the lovely Princess, of course." And to Vega Delia offers a low curtsy. "It's a pleasure to see you again, your Highness."

Scythia steps along, starting just a little at the crowd in the area, and the tents, her dark eyes trailing over the contents without venturing too near the crowd.

There's a lot of familiar or at least familiar-ish faces around, so Amari offers up a smile to the group, "Hi, Breccan - is that so? Hello, everyone. Whisper Anisha, it's nice to see you. Your Highness." Breccan's offer of an arm is taken up, if only by her reaching up to rest a hand on his shoulder more for balance than to support her weight. She's peering beyond him at the indicated brother Malere when Adalyn approaches. "Adalyn, in truth, it still feels like I wrestled a bear, and lost. Did you know Breccan's brother, Everett was in town?"

Everett and his brother Breccan are farmers. As such, they've set up a Farmers' Market, and a few other cloth tent style kiosks have sprung up alongside. The air is generally relaxed and festive. Harvest season is a farmer's best friend. It also means a heck of a lot of work, and a heck of a lot of food that results from that labor. So why not share the bounty? Why not indeed. Everett bows to the newcomers and makes sure to move back a bit so that there's an unobstructed view of the crates of produce with their colorful contents. And now that that market is 'officially' open, Everett proceeds to break out the pies. Two apple pies. One strawberry rhubarb. Which Everett proceeds to slice carefully. At the conclusion of Delia's story, Everett politely asks her, with a bit of a grin: "Did that trick ever work? For any of your friends? With the apple peel and the initials, that is? Me, I've always been too eager to start to make the pies to watch with much an eye for the falling peels!"

3 Thrax Guards have been dismissed.

A stealthy, Sugar glider have been dismissed.

Adalyn's lips curve into a slanted grin, sympathy legible in her expression. "Well. I guess we can cross bear-wrestling off of our list of ideas for future adventures. Not as fun as it sounds." Funny that she assumes bear wrestling actually sounds fun to most sane people. Her smile widens, attention turning as she searches for the brother Amari mentions. "Oh? No, I had no idea, but I'm eager to make his acquaintance. And my goodness, this is a feast for the eyes. Looks lovely. I bet Papa would enjoy seeing all that's on offer."

As he walks with Amari back to the stalls, Breccan gives a smile, lifting his free hand up to Adalyn as well. "Lady Adalyn! It is a pleasure to see you as well. We have been entertaining the Radian Anisha for quite some time now and she has graced us with her presence. She is quite popular."

Zakhar turns away from the conversation with Everett and smirks at Delia, "Not too much of a handful anymore." Of course he says this as there are two of them trying to fight over the perch on his shoulders and the others are causing mayhem in the market. The rooster is NOT giving up its perch atop of his head and is clucking at the two cats so that they understand this. "How would an apple hold the initials..." He trails off there as the black and white cat wins the fight over his shoulder by batting the burnt umber orange one off of him. "Shekies! You don't treat Pyre like that." He is then spun back towards Adalyn, "How many statues are you up to now?" With a nod to Scythia as she nears.

Scythia's dark eyes find Anisha, as the young lady steps over, addressing her, "Radiant Anisha, I feel congratulations are in order," she greets in a velvety voice, touched with a slight Isles' accent.

Ilira strows up from a shadowed sidestreet, appearing as if out of nowhere. She pauses at the edge of the crowd, surveying with cool, blue eyes and a musing smile. In her scant aeterna, decadent jewelry and diamond heels, she cuts a striking figure despite her diminutive height. Brushing past one of the goers with a warm, "Pardon me," she slips down an aisle between tables and stops at the last to ponder a fresh display of red apples, placing herself just within earshot of the conversation with her Radiant. She doesn't interrupt, but flashes both her fellow Whispers a vivaciously bright smile as she lifts a pale hand to flutter her fingers hello. Her gaze skims for a moment to Zakhar, lips briefly pursing.

"Lady Scythia. Thank you most kindly," Anisha offers with a smile and a curtsey. "And I trust you are well, too?" She inquires. "I was just seeing the goods the Brothers Malere had for sale" She explains. Giving a little wiggle of her fingers to Lady Adalyn, and a nod of greeting - looking to Amari. "And good to see you as well, Lady Amari. Do you know everyone?" Gesturing to the group gathering. "As Messere Everett says, he and his brother Breccan have been quite the wonderful hosts - and their goods are of good quality."

"You appear to have quite a deft hand for it," Delia compliments, when Everett mentions his eagerness to have pies over peels. Who could blame him? "Those smell absolutely delicious." And indeed, she gives herself over to the experience; eyes falling closed as she lifts her head to draw in the scents that spill free with every slice through the crust. "It's like breathing in a memory," she admits opening her eyes once more. That smile turns impish as she continues, "Rebecca Lynn /swears/ she found her beau that way." With regards to answering the question. "But mostly I'm convinced they told us the tale to encourage us to help our more with the peeling," she grins. "And for the most part, it worked! Now...,"

Del rocks back on her heels, casting a considerate glance over the growing number of assembled. "Were you Everett or Breccan, by the way? I apologize if I've misplaced a name but there were quite a few of them banded about." She grins, though the quarreling cats earn her grin. "No, not a handful at all," is offered in Zakhar's direction, though her tone is sweetly playful. "As for the question how the apple held the initals, it was all in the way the apple skin fell if one could peel it without letting the chain break, you see." Ilira's presence earns a warm smile, and the faint dip of her head while Del attempts to place a name with the face.

Scythia almost smiles at Anisha in kind, her head dipping in a nod, before the half expression clears and relaxes into impassivity. "I expect her Highness, my most generous patroness will enjoy the rose leather as well. And I am as good as may be expected with all the late news." She responds. She turns to look over at Breccan and Everette with absolutely no familiarity in her dark eyes. In fact, the only person the young lady in her wine red honeysilk seems to recognize seems to be Zahkar, to whom she does return a nod.

"It's right off the list." Amari agrees on the way over to the stalls to meet this brother of Breccan's. "Hello, Everett? I'm Lady Amari." She greets somewhat tentatively, as she's also checking out the produce at the same time. There's so many vegetables. "I suppose I should get a jar of honey, as a gift."

Adalyn's smile conveys cordial warmth as she bows her head to the Radiant of the Whisper House. "Radiant Anisha, a pleasure to see you. I've been meaning to send you a message, perhaps have a more in-depth chat one day if your schedule allows." The question Zakhar poses earns a look of pure impishness, although there's pride there too. "Eight, I believe? Nine? You'll have to come by and see them some time. We have some truly stunning pieces of artwork on display." She sends a familiar smile toward Breccan before allowing her gaze to follow Amari's path toward an unfamiliar face, whom she assumes to be the aforementioned brother. "Amari mentioned that your brother is in town," she notes to Breccan. "Here for a visit or has he come to stay?"

Everett moves over quickly to help with the selection and the packaging. "A pleasure and an honor, m'Lady!" Everett volunteers, as he prepares to wrap up the jar of honey securely for transit. Don't want that breaking, as that'd be a mess. "If you're fond, there's blueberries and raspberries and blackberries to pick from, and if you're in a rush there's strawberries already baked into pie. Just finished that one this morning, and it cooled as we drove here." Everett points with his chin toward the strawberry pie, while his huge and heavily work calloused hands work carefully to protect the selected items. Everett bows next to Adalyn, "M'Lady, I've needs be here for the harvest season, as we've had a great year on up at the homestead on back a ways out toward Acorn Hill. Plenty more than sufficient for us, and that makes a bounty that is ready to share. Pumpkins next week, too, or else the week after." Everett notes. "Oh, and there's pie."

"I do have to get going," Anisha admits to Adalyn, with a rueful smile. "But please - do send me a letter. And better yet, come visit me at Whisper House. I should be delighted to have your company," She assures the Clement. "The Brothers here speak most well of the Baron, by the by," She adds, with a bright smile. Inclining her head to Scythia. "Oh, I have high hopes for Rose Leather," She agrees. "And I expect that Princess Graziella will be able to make the most wonderful things with it - do have her reach out if she's in need of decent deals, mm?" She offers with a wink, and a squeeze of the arm if Scythia will allow, before beaming bright at her two Whispers - Delia and Ilira. "Darlings. So good to see you both," She coos. "Are you enjoying the markets? Do you have a need of anything? Please don't hesitate to ask, I do love spoiling my dears." She assures. "At the ver least, try the pies, mm?" She pauses. "...I should try the pies before leaving. And the cider."

Once he escorts Amari to the stands, Breccan gives her a smile, then drops a nod of his head towards Adalyn. "My brother is looking to stay with us at Clement if possible. He and his young son. We wish to continue growing our farmer's market into a more regular affair." He says as he blows some red bangs away from his face. As he plucks up a jar of honey, he gives a smile and passes it to Amari with a wink. "It came from our garden." He says with a tap to the lid of it gently. "My brother is just as skilled a farmer as I am, as we came from a long generation of farmers from our parents and on. It's the only life we know, so, with him at my side, our gardens and fields will only become more beautiful and bountiful." He says, rubbing the back of his neck. He offers up a smile to Delia as well. "I am Breccan by the way. The shorter one." By two inches, even though they are both very tall. He gives a nod of his head towards Scythia, one that is welcoming. "If you find anything you desire m'lady, let me know."

A crash from a neighboring cart pulls Zakhar's attention and he's quick to start heading in the opposite direction. The rooster keeps clucking silently to declare its nest. He waves the femur as a means to say goodbye, and as a stall begins to erupt in a litany of curses against the cats that knocked things over, Zakhar is well on his way out of the market with a small cloud of haze following him.

Clowder of nine 1-year old cats, Shekies, Capt'n Waddles the small cock with a bell leave, following Zakhar.

If the bounty of the market offered a vibrant display of color then what was offered now to be found in the attire of those present surely made for a feast and Delia found her attention wandering even so, for the gleam of pearl and pink and gold in Scythia's attire certainly drew the eye. It warmed the smile too, as Delia eased back to make more room at the stall. "You look absolutely lovely, by the way," she compliments in Scythia's direction, before Anisha's words draw her attention once more. Does she need anything? "The warmth of your smile," Del coos in response, adoration and affection easy in the tone. "I think that should serve me well for now."

"Breccan," Del repeats the name, tucking it into memory and matching up the other in the process. "It's a pleasure to meet you, both of you," she angles that to include Everett. "Delia," her own name is offered up in turn. "And who is your fine company?" Inquired, with a dip of her head in Amari's direction, lips curled up in an easy smile.

Scythia, of course, allows the arm squeeze and dips her head to Anisha, a hand raising to pat her hand in answer, "I will pass along the message." Her soft, velvety voice addresses Breccan next as she agrees in her usual quiet manner, "Thank you. I will be sure to do so." At Delia's compliment, those intense dark eyes turn as well, and to the Whisper she speaks next, "Thank you, it was a gift from Princess Graziella. I seem to have lost most of my autumn wardrobe in their travels from the Pearlspire to me, so it is about the only thing I have appropriate for the season at the moment." She raises a slim, manicured hand to her collarbone, fingers feathering over it as she introduces herself to Delia, and whomever else cares to take the introduction, "Lady Scythia Redreef."

Amari gives Breccan's shoulder a light pat to signify her thanks, but needs that hand to accept the jar of honey and tuck it into her satchel. There's some silver found in her jerkin pocket to pay for it shortly after, and while she's trying to find the proper amount, listens, "I said Whisper didn't I? I'm sorry Radiant." She catches that mistake belatedly, and dips her head to the woman before her brow rises at what Breccan's telling her, "Everett, you have a little one? Or is he grown?"

Before even getting an answer, she notices Delia's opening to offer a polite introduction, so cheerfully does so. "Delia? Hello, I'm Lady Amari and this is Lady Adalyn, we're almost cousins. Aren't we?" She asks the blonde Clement with her as if she's trying to work out the exact connection.

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrives, following Svana.

Ilira beams right back at Delia and bows her head to her in kind, eyes sparkling. She crosses to her table, her diamantine high-heels click-clack-click-clacking daintily across the cobblestones. "I was just coming to restock on honeysilk," she remarks with a humorous twinkle in her eye, "And here I am stumbling upon this. Now I'll just have honey." She gestures to a nearby stall, lips quirked in an impish half-grin. Leaning her hip against the edge of the table, she turns halfway to regard her fellow Whisper, pondering the vivacious woman with glimmeringly kind eyes. "Ilira," she offers to her searching expression, one corner of her mouth quirking higher than the other. "And you are, darling?" She speaks with Lycene velvet in her voice, but the lilts and trills of a Saffron native. At the call of her Radiant, her gaze skims left to meet hers, sparkling. "I will try the pies!" she assures her, laughing, "And congratulations on the leather! We'll celebrate proper later on when I'm wearing an outfit of it." Holding eye contact, she adds in a lower tone, "I gotta talk to you sometime soon, too."

"I will be sure to do just that and gladly so," Adalyn remarks to Anisha with a broadening smile. "Soon, then!" Breccan's explanation captures her full attention, gold-flecked eyes sliding to settle upon the farmer. "But of course! Your brother and nephew are most welcome to stay with us. In fact, I insist. Family ought to be together and I'm certain my father would agree." When her focus slides to Everett, she offers a bow of her head in answer and flashes a cheery smile. "I'm Lady Adalyn Clement. It's a true pleasure to meet you, Master Everett, and to see the lovely bounty you and your brother have in store for the city. You'll have to come by the house afterwards and get settled, whenever you wish." Hearing Amari supplying introductions, she turns to waggle her fingers in a wave of greeting to Delia, her eyes momentarily narrowed in thought. "I think so. Practically, and if we're not, we may as well be," she answers to Amari with a laugh.

Everett nod-bows to Ilira and demi winks with a 'wait until you see these!' spark in his eye. Turning back to the padded case, Everett unpacks a blueberry pie and a black raspberry walnut pie to go along with the strawberry rhubarb already on display in addition to the more standard honey-glazed apple. All in all, it's a lot of pies. And it's starting to smell dangerously delicious in here!

The Radiant chuckles, and does indeed grace Delia with her smile, and another incline of the head. Giving her arm a gentle squeeze. "Well. I am always happy to aid, if you do decide you need or want something," She asserts. Giving Scythia a nod of thanks, and Amari a shrug. "Whisper is still correct. In order of Most to Least Formal, I may be adressed as Most Radiant, Radiant, Whisper, or simply Anisha. If you want to be exceedingly formal, it is Anisha, Most Radiant of Whisper House. And Radiant Anisha Whisper for a common introduction, and then, well. Just my name will do, if we are close friends. And I am always looking for more friends," She assures. She glances over to Adalyn, and inclines her head again. "Soon," She promises - then smiles to Ilira, and gives a little nod. "I look forward to seeing you. I'm afraid I must take my leave - but I assure you, dear messeres, Svana will no doubt be thrilled to try out your produce."

And with that, and another curtsey to the assembled, a wave of her hand, she moves to slip away.

All Scythia has to do is mention a lost wardrobe and Delia's expression turns empathetically mournful. "Oh that's dreadful," she all but sighs the words. "And yet, it was gracious of the Princess to supply such a wonderful gift and one that you wear so well. The colors compliment you perfectly! Perhaps," and there the smile blooms anew and easy, full of charm. "As I find myself inclined to add to my own wardrobe with the turn of the weather, we might take a day to go shopping together, hm?"

Invitation delivered, Delia's easy smile extends to Amari and Adalyn both, warming by the moment. "It's a pleasure to meet the pair of you! And at such a fine display as this. I fear I'm going to break weak and end up taking a pie home with me if I'm not careful," she teases. "You'll save me from myself, won't you, Ilira?" Asked, as those dark eyes implore her fellow Whisper for assistance. "I'm Delia, by the by." Thus spoken, one hand drifts absently to adjust the settle and gleam of the sapphire in her right ear, before she tucks her hair back. Anisha's affectionate squeeze is returned with one of her own and a low dip of her head as the Radiant retreats.

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With his brother currently busy, Breccan tries to wave down his attention. "His son is named Tristan and he's ten years old. When his mother .." He says softer now to the pair of Clement women. ".. Was killed by the shavs, it was really rough for Ev'. We joined the Keaton Timberwolves for a time and we both raised him until we went our own paths. You know mine, obviously." He says as he puts the honey in to a small bag for Amari, then gives a smile to Adalyn. "I'm really glad to see him again after so many years. He looks so much happier and full of life. Like a newly created sunbeam. He looks like a natural at the stalls."

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Laurent veteran guards arrive, following Cristoph.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Laurent veteran guards leave, following Cristoph.

Everett looks around for Tristan, just with the edges and the corners of his eyes. Tristan is shy, so, that's the best way. The child is soon spotted, hunkered down out behind the potato sacks, with a purloined smallish slice of honey - glazed pie. Apple pie. Good lad. A bit of a smile, and now reassured, Everett returns his attention to Amari and Adalyn. "He's ten. So, that'd be right in between. Not quite little, nor yet full grown. We can call him littleish, but, that would distress and annoy the poor lad." Another grin. To Adalyn, Everett responds "I'd be rightly honored to see it, and, indeed will look forward m'Lady!"

"If that's strawberry rhubarb... I'm not sure how anyone could possibly resist." Amari quietly replies after she's listened patiently to Anisha go through the intricacies of her titles. She gives a quick nod of acknowledgement. She's got it - for next time. Her willpower, if she had any to begin with fails soon after. "I'll have one of those too, please. Could you bring it to Clement House, I'm not sure I can carry it so far, and I have another garden to visit."

Silver given, she flashes a quick smile to the people still around her near the stalls, "Cousin, I'll see you at home. Delia and Everett, it was very nice to meet you both. I hope you and Breccan, and Tristan will find a place with the Clements. If you need anything, don't be shy."

Amari is overheard praising Breccan.

Amari is overheard praising Everett.

Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog leave, following Amari.

Ilira exchanges a wink and a smile with Everett in that brief glance, flickering quicksilver across her features. She turns back to the gathering group around she and Delia, but her little nose lifts, sniffs, and twitches at the scent of the pie as it wafts. "Hmmh," she hums. She wiggles her fingers to Anisha as she departs, snickering to herself at her overexplanation of the title. "In my shining armor," she remarks to Delia, flashing her a smirk before she turns to Scythia, her lower back still leaned against the table. "Lady Scythia," she greets her warmly, "A pleasure to know you." She bows her head graciously to the Redreef, a loose curl slipping over her pointed ear. "I am Ilira Whisper, if you didn't catch."

Scythia gives her head a slight nod of greeting to Ilira at the greeting, though the young lady seems to be venturing away from the activities.

As he watches Amari head off, Breccan gives a wave to his friend and housemate. As he watches Synthia head off, he lifts his hand. "Thank you for stopping by m'lady!" He rubs his neck again, then goes about to tend to Delia and Ilira as well as they remain the last of the customers before the market is to close. If they purchase anything, he will quickly bag them and even carry them over to any of their retainers.

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