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The Honey Festival - Beeware

It is Autumn which means the Laurents are hosting their annual Honey Festival again. After two years of absence, Lady Mabelle Laurent and Lady Elsbetta Farshaw are happy to welcome you to a celebration that is all honey, bees and fencing. Fencing? Fencing!

Guests are encouraged (though not obligated) to attend with bee costumes to win a special prize for best costume! Games will ensue. Physicians will be in attendance. No, you will not be harmed. Mabelle is a physician. So she will be there. No, they do not need armor. Go away, Maurice.


May 27, 2023, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Mabelle(RIP) Elsbetta


Ryhalt Vandorean Sabella Delia Lucie Patrizio Cillian(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Estate Grounds

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Comments and Log

Glimmer, a snow white dove arrives, following Delia.

Mabelle drops a large wooden beehive.

Ico arrives, following Vandorean.

Glimmer, a snow white dove leaves, following Delia.

Glimmer, a snow white dove arrives, following Delia.

The Laurent Estate Grounds has been adorned with its festive gear to celebrate the honey festival. Golden honeysilk streamers are hanging between food booths celebrating all that is honey, bees and deliciousness. This year, in addition to the food and regular decor, pieces of art are arranged throughout by several artists of the city. A fire pit is set with some stools on the side and a pretend arena has been bordered by some temporary planks. There are also musicians present, sitting before what seems like an impromptu dance area but you can swear they are humming. YES. THEY ARE HUMMING throughout the entire entry of the guests. There are no actual bees here, are there?

Well for certain there are not - only people dressed as bees and like the hosts, Lady Elsbetta Farshaw and the Lady Mabelle Laurent herself who is wearing a lovely golden gown of honeysilk embroidered with bees along its torso, with a trail so long she will likely remain standing at the same spot all evening. Thank goodness for Elsbetta. She is also adorned with bee wings, honey diamonds and flowers and a huge tiara that has recently joined the family heirloom, "Welcome! Please come in, have a drink, eat something sweet before you know you will be bee-at", she then quickly adds, "By something, not people, well maybe people but its harmless. Mostly. There are physicians on the ground", she jerks her thumb at herself. This is her first social engagement in quite some time.

There is a beehive beside the entry-way with door tokens and a weird basket with belts that has sharp sting like things attached to them. SO WEIRD. Its like you are supposed to take them and wear them. SO WEIRD. Good thing there are physicians here.

Bright smiles and a pleasant affability are the mantle worn by Elsbetta today. She's positioned herself near to the entrance to the festival so that she can assist with handing out favours to the guests as they arrive. Her outfit has been carefully chosen in accordance with the theme, though she doesn't wear an actual bee costume as so many of the guests might have done. Instead she's resplendent in liquid gold honeysilk, her hair worn up in a glossy crown braid that's woven through with aureate ribbons. She might be short of stature, but there's an arresting presence about her that means she's the /perfect/ person to guide the guests into taking not only a favour, but also that terribly weird looking bee sting!

6 Grayson House Guards, Maureen, an unflappable nanny, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Delia takes a gold-plated bee shaped fire stoker from a large wooden beehive.

Elsbetta takes a gold-plated bee shaped fire stoker from a large wooden beehive.

Vandorean takes a gold-plated bee shaped fire stoker from a large wooden beehive.

Lucie takes a gold-plated bee shaped fire stoker from a large wooden beehive.

Ryhalt makes his way through the Laurent gardens and laughs as he sees the belts with the singers upon them. He'll take one, but just holds it loosely in his hand as he strolls on over to where the hosts are standing. "Hello Lady Mabelle and Els. Everything looks lovely, not least yourselves. I see you weren't joking about torturing us with some weird game again." He lifts the belt with its stinger, laughing softly.

Ryhalt takes a gold-plated bee shaped fire stoker from a large wooden beehive.

Vandorean is all for bees, he grew up in Artshall after all and the Laurent's are quite up on their bee lore. However, he refrains from wearing a bee costume. Instead he wears his Artshall Velvet Cloak which does have the Laurent Bee symbol in gold on the back. Otherwise the young lord wears an off white poet shirt, navy leather pants and a pair of black kidskin boots. As he enters from elsewhere in the estate, he escorts Delia Whisper who is on his arm. "Have you ever been to the Bee festival before? Ah look here, fire stokers..." He takes one of the bee shaped stokers from the wooden hive and gives it a look over. "Everyone needs a fire stoker, this will look good in my little room." He looks to Delia then. "I do like that dress, goes well with the shoes." The knight continues walking in, moving over towards Mabelle and Elsbetta.

The Grayson Princess walks in with a /Bee-utiful gown made of Artshall's own honeysilk! Within them of course, little flowers appliques and honey bees are embroidered along the dress ~ bodice with patterns of honeycombs designed into it! Sabella has really tried to go all out, especially on such short notice arriving back into Arx by only a few moons ago. Her golden blonde hair is done up in a fountain braid little cupridium pins sit in her hair that glitter and shine in the right light.

She's bubbly and all smiles today, waving to everyone about as she walks within the Laurent Grounds. Cerulean blues look about ~ taking in the festive decoration before she approaches Mabelle, "Lovely to see you again Lady Mabelle, it has surely been some time I'm afraid. I still have a jar of Laurent honey in my tea cart back at Grayson Manse. Delicious as always! I hope to nab a bit more of the children, I have to hide the one jar I have." she snickers quietly, her attention drifting to Elsbetta and Mabelle both now, "You both have outdone yourselves. Your outfits are /Bee-utiful./"

Dressed in a sparkling sapphire blue strapless silk gown with matching heels and a set of honeysilk stockings, Delia Whisper enters with Vandorean, her arm through his. Her red curls have been left down today, one side secured behind one ear. To celebrate the occassion, she has comissioned a pair of honey onyx earrings from her stones recently gifted by the Laurents."What beautiful weather," she says to Van as they enter, accepting her fire stoker and her own stinger. She smiles to Elsbetta, curtseying to the Farshaw Lady. "Whatever are thse for? A game?" she wonders. "No .. I've not been to a festival in some time." She smiles to Vandorean, dipping her chin with gratitude. "It is a beautiful gown. Thank you." Is it just the imagination, or is the Whisper completely dressed in Laurent colors?

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Ryhalt as he enters, "Duke Farshaw, your sister Elsbetta has been quite an asset", she winks to her, "It is a pleasure seeing you anew, already taking to the toys", she indicates the stinger belt in his hand as she wiggles her fingers to Vanodrean and Delia, "Are you two looking lovely, Lovely gown Delia". Sabella's entry captures her attention, "Princess Grayson, I did not realize you are back in the city. Oh you know what they say when about honey - honey is forever. And so are diamonds. So imagine honey diamonds", she laughs. Her hand moves to caress her trail of silk, showcasing her lovely gown since everyone is doing it.

As Lucie enters from the front, she quickly finishes lacing some simple headwear into her hair. Her hands tousle at the artificial attachments, a pair of faux-antennae meant to mimic the grace of the Laurent bees. She casts a glance around before reaching out to the pile of belts. Grabbing one with caution towards the stinger's sharp tip, she draws it up to inspect the weird device. Snickering to herself, she ambles towards her family, loosely grasping the toy.

Elsbetta beams at Ryhalt as soon as she spots him. "You're looking rather good yourself today too, Ry. And no, we definitely weren't joking. I'm glad to see you'll be entering into the spirit of it all." Lifting herself onto her toes, she quickly dots a kiss to her brother's cheek, then turns to smile at Vandorean and Delia. "Absolutely a game, and one that Lady Mabelle and I hope that everyone will very much enjoy. I'm so glad to see you're going to be taking part today. Please, carry on in and help yourself to refreshments." Sabella is next to be seen, and a deferential curtsey is given the Grayson princess. "Welcome to the festival, Your Highness. Would you care to take one of these?" A gesture is given the bee stings.

Vandorean inclines his head to the assembled guests around Mabelle, which is where everyone who is anyone seems to be. He will introduce himself to those he does not already know, or for those who might not remember him from the last time. "Vandorean Laurent, a pleasure to meet you." He looks to Mabelle, Sabella and Elsbetta. "Everyone has such beautiful gowns on today, the bee festival is certainly a high fashion event this year." The knight walks up to Lucie then, gesturing towards Delia. "Lucie this is Delia whisper. I know we spoke of her but I do not believe you have been introduced?"

"For the children." Ryhalt winks to Mabelle. Surely he isn't considering have his children play with the dangerous-looking thing? "Oh, yes, I agree. Els is quite sharp with this sort of thing." Not a bee pun, probably! He grins at his sister, Elsbetta. Leaning down a bit, he allows her kiss on his cheek and returns it in kind. "Oh, yes, I do participate in most of the Honey Festival games, unless it involves setting ones rear on fire." Laughter in his eyes indicates he's mostly joking. Prompted about refreshments, he leaves them to greeting other guests and checks out what sorts of delights the Laurent cooks have crafted today.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields arrive, following Patrizio.

Delia does a little twirls for Vandorean, showing off her outfit before turning to Mabelle with a curtsey. "Oh Lady Mabelle! What a beautiful gown .. and the wings? How very clever!" She turns to drop another curtsey, this one for Sabella. "Princess Sabella Greyson, a pleasure to see you again. I know you had mentioned you would attend today. Oh! That does remind me that I have a token for you but I've left it at my flat. I'll have to have it sent along later." That leaves her to curtsey Lucie and Rhyhalt each in turn. "How do you do?" she greets the familiar faces before giving Vandorean a smile. "The Duke has the right of it .. let's get some refreshments."

Sabella is eyeing fashion because that's her thing ~ obviously. Those cerulean blues take in Mabelle's outfit first, she's admiring it with a wide smile that graces her lips, noting the absolutely long train of it all. "Absolutely stunning! You'll have to tell me about the tailor you commissioned to make such a lovely dress. All of you actually. I managed on such short notice to get my own made. Oh.. and just a few moons prior. We unfortunately missed my cousin, Keely's wedding due to one of the children being sick." she quips, "But all is well now! And back in the city definitely, I plan to stay for much longer than previously."

Elsbetta gets recognition with her curtsy, a sweet smile on the Princess' expression. "Lady Elsbetta, a pleasure ~ thank you." the woman looks to the bee sting belt and cants her head, "Oh my.. Don't mind if I do? I assume this is for a game as the others have stated. Everything Bee-utiful and Buzzy must be dangerous as well. They guard the most absolutely delicious Laurent honey." she grins.

Delia catches her attention and she waves towards the red head. "Oh Whisper Delia, it definitely is a pleasure to see you again as well.. I'm glad you had Lord Vandorean accompanied home after the evening's shenanigans. It was very fun." She then waves to Ryhalt, offering a dip of her chin to the man before moving along to grab refreshments but then Patrizio waltz in and she waves to him too. She's doing that juggling of greeting everyone ~ absolutely beaming.

Mabelle defends herself somewhat to Ryhalt, "I do not -always- set my guests on fire. Sometimes I just ruin their clothes or make them bleed", she touches her tiara ever so innocently, batting her eyelashes. "Elsbetta cannot be found innocent either, she enjoyed my wickedness in thinking up the games". Lucie and Vandorean both are greeted warmly, "Cousins. To all of you who do not know", she introduces them, "My Cousins Lord Vandorean Laurent and Lady Lucie Laurent have returned to the city for quite some time now". She regards Delia next, "Oh if I had a piece of silver for every piece of jewelry I have which is a play upon bees, I'd have... 40 pieces of silver", she laughs. Mabelle's eyes travel along Sabella's dress, "Oh this is very very impressive, who catered to you so beautifully last minute?", she then lowers her voice a moment to Sabella to whisper a cheeky response.

Sabella takes a gold-plated bee shaped fire stoker from a large wooden beehive.

There's an unwritten law /somewhere/ about how for any occasion, a prince of Pravus must be late. And with Sebastian back in Setara, this duty seems to fall to - and be wholeheartedly endorsed - by Patrizio, who is not as artful at being tardy as his cousin, but certainly seems to be giving it what panache he can. Resplendent in blue-and-steel silks for a change, he appears with his familiar escort - an escort that's left close to the entry and to their own devices - as he gives one last twist to the cord binding his sword for the moment so it's behind him like an almost-stinger as he arrives, before moving in the direction of Mabelle and Elsbetta to offer his greetings. "My ladies, what a lovely festival you've arranged." His grin only spreads when he's hearing of fire, though, before he points out to Mabelle, "Are you /seriously/ trying to steal my strategies, my lady? For shame. For /shame/."

Patrizio takes a gold-plated bee shaped fire stoker from a large wooden beehive.

Lucie stops next to Vandorean and waits for him to finish his introduction before replying. "We have, have we not?" She pauses to look at Delia directly. "In the garden." Her head bobbles, the antennae rooted in her hair following along. "Remember?" A growing smile streches across her face. "It's nice to see you again." She says politely, turning as Mabelle addresses both her and Vandorean. With her free palm, she offers a wave to the group, then a curtsey in respect.

Ryhalt smiles to Sabella as he heaps up a plate full of candied bacon. Just bacon! "Welcome back to the city, Princess Sabella. I'm sure Princess Liara is delighted that you've returned." He returns Delia's wave with one of his own and a smile. "Good to see you again, Delia. And, Lord Vandorean, too. Good to see that Belle didn't make you dress up like a bee." He smiles to the man. Mabelle's defense about that game makes him laugh. "I'd rather be stabbed than set on fire, sue me."

Mabelle murmurs aside to Elsbetta, "Do you know a good lawyer?", she eyes Ryhalt then before smiling at Patrizio, "Oh please, Prince Pravus. I do not steal, I borrow. Besides, I'm pretty sure I lit behinds on fire before you even came to the city", that did not sound good at all. She then turns to the humming band, "Oh goodness, you are louder than actual bees, do not hum! Just play!"

Sabella looked down to her own gown as Mabelle eyes it. "Mistress Vashtalyn of the Wild Plains Bazaar. A former protege of mine." she quips out to the Lady Laurent's question. The Princess leaned in to hear the woman's lowered voice and she grinned devilishly. A waggle of her finger, "How come I hadn't thought of that... very smart indeed, Lady Mabelle."

When Ryhalt looks up from his plate of candied bacon, Sabella's brow arches and she chuckles. "Already finding the best foods it seems. And yes, I haven't spoke to my cousin but I'm sure she is. My sister, Lou, has already reached out. Absolutely ecstatic to have me back and I am the same actually. It's been a much needed break but the kids are enjoying being back in the city once more as well." she smiles sweetly - acknowledging Lucie's wave to the group, returning it with one of her own.

"Goodness! Has that actually happened?" Elsbetta queries of Ryhalt and Mabelle, smothering a laugh with the tips of her fingers before her brother beats a retreat in search of refreshments. "Well, I don't feel /quite/ so terrible now about today's." She hands out more pokers to various people that filter past her, pairing them with the stings so they'll be hard to refuse. Attention then to Sabella's gown, and Mabelle's question about it. "That is truly stunning. I'll have to steal the name of your tailor from you, my own wardrobe requires a little refreshing. I've been too long from the city and fashions change so quickly!" Patrizio's arrival is noted with a bright smile. "Isn't it perfectly lovely? Lady Mabelle has outdone herself, as usual. I'm Elsbetta Farshaw, thank you for coming today."

Vandorean looks to Lucie and Delia, grinning a bit. "Well, I suppose I had completely forgotten that. You were hacking away at shrubbery or something like that?" Then as Lucie turns to talk to Mabelle he leads Delia over towards the refreshments. First they move to the festive drink stand as he Ryhalt calls out to him. "I am glad she did not try, we might have fought if she wanted me to wear a bee dress. I do have a stinger though." He pats the dueling sword at his side. Now he peruses the choices. "Caramalized mead, sounds delicious. What would you prefer to drink Delia?"

Playfully, there's a bob to Patrizio's brows. "Clearly, I must then be in error," he offers playfully, before letting the matter of use of fire go between himself and Mabelle, before there's a chuckle to Ryhalt. "I think it depends upon where one's stabbed, versus burned," says he gamely. "I'd rather remain intact entirely, to be fair, and find my fun in other means." That grin lingers, even as he's looking over to the band.. and playfully clucking his tongue before bringing his attention back to Elsbetta. "A pleasure. Patrizio Pravus, Voice to Belladonna. And... no, indeed, this is a triumph, this festival."

Mabelle looks at Lucie quite horrified, "Were you cutting down shrubs in the garden?", her crystalline eyes grow alarmed but she is quite distracted by Sabella, "Its my theraputic place", she explains to her, "A work away from work", she laughs, mostly at herself for not knowing how to rest. Her eyes bounce between Ryhalt and Elsbetta, "I cannot confirm nor deny, truly". Mabelle grins at Patrizio now, "Oh well today's game is not so bad, its funny though. TO ME", she grins and notes, "Eat something, we shall start shortly".

Delia laughs at the memory of Lucie's gardening tactics. "Yes, that was the day," the Whisper shakes her head at Van's memory. When he asks about drinks, she surveys the table. "Mmn? Oh, well there are so many choices. I'll simply have to try them all. Let's start with the honey apple whiskey first. Then perhaps the mead. Now," she eyes the tables of food laid out, choosing some of the stuffed mushrooms to nibble on, "I'll have a harder time with the food. So many delicious dishes and I must save room for dessert." She grins a little, popping a bite of mushroom in her mouth.

Vandorean takes a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb from a large wooden beehive.

"It wasn't anything the shrubs couldn't handle." Lucie responds to Mabelle. She looks to her alarmed cousin. "I wasn't hacking away...they were controlled swipes. I promise." Her glance flicks to Delia, then back. "I was cutting flowers for myself. Each swing was made with grace and skill." A laugh escapes her lips, her attention shifting to everyone else present.

Sabella takes a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb from a large wooden beehive.

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Ryhalt says, "Hmm..." Ryhalt scratches his sidewhisker from Elsbetta's question, a mischievous light in his eyes. "Yes... I can say with absolute authority being burned was far worse than being stabbed. I'd rather neither, mind you, but if I get to choose..." He laughs at Patrizio, but inclines his head to the point. "Of course, I haven't been stabbed all over before... that seems like something I'd rather leave to speculation on which would be a worse or better place." Squinting slightly, he glances to Mabelle and Elsbetta. "We are stabbing a target and not each other today, yes?" Not eager to find out about his stabbing preferences! He just groans at Mabelle saying the game is going to be funny to her. Not good! "Man, can we see you try to get Lord Vandorean into a bee gown instead?" Chuckling, he smiles to Lucie and laughs at her explaining how she'd been 'trimming' the garden."

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A sound passes from Patrizio. "I think more perhaps that I should get a /drink/," counters he, in that event, as he's moving to get himself a refreshment, though that does give him time, in passing, to offer a dip of his head in greeting to Sabella, Vandorean, and Delia in turn as he's doing so. "Fancy running into you all again, your highness, my lord, messere," offers he with a low chuckle. And a sound towards Ryhalt. "That wasn't encouragement to offer yourself as a pin-cushion, my lord. I assure."

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Mabelle soothes everyeone around her, "No one will turn into a pincushion. Much. Lady Elsbetta, care to explain?"

Sabella looks to Patrizio, "Indeed, your highness. The Honey Festival just as lively as the previous time we met." she smiles sweetly, moving to grab a honeyed jasmine tea before handing it to Patrizio. Her other hand cradled one of her own, "Very delicious and refreshing!~" she exclaims before taking a few idle sips.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Elsbetta laughs to Patrizio, allowing the bon homie of the festival to suffuse her demeanour. With the trickling off of people arriving, she steps away from her greeting duties and collects up a glass of mead from which a quick sip is taken. She holds it in the framework of her fingers, glancing around the gathered guests as Mabelle announces that the games will shortly be starting. "Oh! My cue!" She takes a spoon from the table she stands beside and 'ting ting tings' it to the side of her glass. "If those wishing to participate could make their way towards the arena," She lifts her glass to indicate the makeshift one that's been assembled, "we can begin. You have probably worked out that you will need to strap the contraption around your waist? You will then be called in pairs to step into the arena, where you will stand back to back. Have you ever observed a bee when it dances? That is what you'll be doing. You'll be wiggling this way and that, fencing with your bee stings. Bee-have, and no cheating!"

Delia laughs at the thought of Vandorean in a gown. "Well, that would be a sight to see. Almost worth comissionining a painting to commerate the event. I know just the person," she teases before falling silent to listen to the game's explantion with keen interest, sipping from her glass now and again.

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"So very true." Patrizio smiles warmly to Sabella, toasting her with the tea, before he's taking a sip and... a laugh slides from his throat at Elsbetta's explanation of the rules. "We /all/ behave all the time, my lady," calls he, helpfully, even as he's clearly contemplating the manner of the game. "Whether it's for good or ill, none of us can promise, you realize."

Vandorean gives Ryhalt a glance and a sardonic smile when he mentions getting him into a dress. "Even Mabelle would not try that. Not that I would not look good in a gown." As Elsbetta brings attention to herself he looks up, waiting for instructions even as he moves into the line. "Well, now we will see it. If only we could capture this event, we need a sketch artist quick! Everyone wiggling bottoms with stingers on them." He takes a sip of his mead then looks over to Delia. "How fares the whiskey? I may try that next, the mead is good but very sweet if you like that."

Mabelle points at Delia amusedly, "I want that painting! The scandalous portrait of the nobles of the city butting... butts", she fans her face playfully, "All to the sound of music. I will have them play the beesong throughout the entire thing, oh so lovely!"

Ryhalt groans softly as his sister explains the rules of the bee fencing they were to embark upon. Mumbling aside to Sabella he says, "I don't know if even bacon can fix this..." He chews down a piece as he makes his way over to the fencing area however. Chuckling he nods to Vandorean, "True, true... but I'm going to argue that none of us is going to look better with these belts on."

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Elsbetta crosses over to stand beside Mabelle, keen to assist in the decision making as to who bests who in the pairing. "Oh this is going to be such fun! Thank goodness those stings aren't actually sharp, I'd not like to be replacing some of the fine silks on show here today." She's holding back her mirth as she watches the contestants strap on their stings, knotting her hands behind her back and rocking on her heels. "We should have had a wager on who we think the winner might be, but to be honest, I feel that it's anyone's game!"

Sabella is intently listening to the rules and expectation of the game, shes grinning. Grayson Princess' are surely competitive, she sips casually at the tea nodding to Patrizio's words. Then Ryhalt grabs her attention, half snorting at his comment. "Come now, Duke Ryhalt ~ bacon makes everything better." she chuckles. Sabella moved closer to the line, gesturing the rest on over. "More the merrier ~ "

Elsbetta raises her voice. "The first pairing will be Whisper Delia and His Highness, Prince Patricio. If you would both care to make your way into the arena?"

Lucie gives her belt one more inspection, poking at the 'sharp' end of the stinger with her index finger. She wrestles the contraption around her waist buckles the stinger in place. Her feet shuffle forward as she joins line, casting a glance over her shoulder to make certain the dulled point isn't going to jab someone as she steps.

*** Patrizio has called for an opposing check with Delia. ***
Patrizio checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Patrizio is successful.
Delia checks dexterity and performance at easy. Delia marginally fails.
*** Patrizio is the winner. ***

Mabelle is not at all laughing behind her whiskey glass. Alas, she is trapped in place by a train of her gown so one of the servants physically picks her up and moves her closer to the arena. That is wild.

"I might have one comissioned anyway -- more of a creative piece." Delia winks to Mabelle, sparing a sympathetic look to Vandorean. I'm sure pose claps her hands together, delighted. "This sounds like it'll be fun .. oh no wait. I'm up first? How did this happen?" She chuckles again and buckles the contraption around her waist, twising at the hip to peek back of her stinger before moving into position.

Delia looks up to her opponent and grins. "May the best bee win!" She bites her lower lip in concentration and gets to wriggling her hips, causing the stinger to go everywhere except where she wants it, causing her to laugh.

"I'd rather /not/ have such an image commissioned," insists the prince of Pravus as he's fastening on the stinger-thing for the moment, giving it a twang - and, indeed, un-bonding his sword for the moment to make sure he's not possessed of two stingers. A glance over his shoulder - not just at Delia, to ensure he knows where she is and that he doesn't run into her accidentally, but at that stinger to get some idea where it is, before he shakes his head. "Let us do this thing," insists he, before there's the parry and slash with the device that's attached to his derriere.

Ryhalt finishes off his plate of bacon as he watches Delia and Patrizio get ready. To Sabella he says, "Well, I guess I'll get more bacon after this. To wash away the horror." He chuckles softly. With his hands freed he puts on the stinger belt and looks a bit like this is probably one of the least dignified things he's ever done for sake of friendship.

Mabelle claps her hands in delight at all the butt shaking going on in the middle of the very respectable honey festival. She is cracking up over there, but hey, at least no one is on fire. "WooHoo! Good Game Delia! But at least you get to go back and eat and create mental images".

Turn in line: Ryhalt

Turn in line: Lucie

Vandorean smirks as Delia and the Prince spar or twerk or whatever you want to call it. "A shame that, I thought for sure you would win that one." He eyes the stinger and bottom, a devilish little smirk on his lips. " That is also his cue to put on the stinger, strapping it around his waist and then testing his dexterity with the weapon. "Yes very undignified, I agree. Wait...I think I see a conspiracy. Dear cousin, are you not going to participate as well?" He looks to Mabelle and then Elsbetta. "They invented this game then want to watch us all participate."

One or two times, the Grayson Princess is having to cup her hand over her mouth so tea isn't splattered out everywhere as she giggles uncontrollably. Her cerulean eyes are lit up with mirth, watching the two hash it out with fake bee stingers. She looks over to Ryhalt. "I'm cheering for you Duke Ryhalt ~ maybe I shall get a commission done for you and send it to your wife." she snickers. "It'll make a fine dinner conversation piece, I'm sure."

Mabelle stops laughing at once and looks at Vandorean, "I would cousin, but I am rather stuck in place", she blames the dress, of course.

Elsbetta laughs as Patrizio and Delia turn their backs on each other and start furiously wiggling. "Oh!" She claps a hand to her mouth, though laughter continues to filter through her fingers. "I think... " she confers with Mabelle. "Yes? Yes. The win to Prince Patrizio. Congratulations Highness!" A quick ripple of a clap is given, and she turns and surveys who remains. "Next up will be my brother, who is rather looking as if he's regretting indulging us, and Lady Lucie Laurent. If you could both take your positions? Sorry Ry!"

Patrizio does offer an elegant bow to Delia after the spar, and the offer of an escort to get drinks while he's clearly going to have to do this again. "I know not which one of us came out the true winner in this," admits he to the Whisper with a teasing wink.

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Delia says, "Good game, your Highness!" She smiles to Patrizio, nimble fingers working at the buckle on her belt as she's escorted to get a drink. "I can see what you meant about it being funny to you, Lady Mabelle. I can't wait to watch the rest." She snags a drink from the refreshments table. "Were I dishonest, I'd say I let the Prince win but I'm no liar. It's harder than it looks .. no wait! I have aa better excuse. I didn't want to damage my dress ..? That seems more respectable.""

*** Ryhalt has called for an opposing check with Lucie. ***
Ryhalt checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Ryhalt is successful.
Lucie checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Lucie is successful.
*** Ryhalt is the winner. ***

Mabelle grins entertainedly at Sabella, "I want a copy of a portrait of his wife receiving this portrait!", she declares to the Princess, while watching the contestants walk over to the Arena, "Duke Ryhalt never regreted joining my contests, its how I keep him youthful. For another Duchy. Politically its damage, I should stop", she teases him and his sister Elsbetta both. Welcoming Delia to her side, Mabelle assures her, "You behind did great", toothily grinning at her and announcing to Patrizio, "So did yours", with a cheeky grin.

Ryhalt laughs at Sabella's intent to send a painting of this to his wife. "Oh... I better make this good, then." Chuckling to Elsbetta as she announces him and Lucie as next, he grins lightly. "Sorry, huh? I don't think so. I bet you two were cackling as you planned this." Taking up position in the fencing arena, he turns his back to Lucie and stretches out his hands to his sides like wings. When they're given the signal to go he starts capering about, wiggling the stinger back and forth like he's trying to bat with it rather than stab. All the while he flaps his arms like bee wings and makes buzzing sounds.

Akkar, 2 Blackwood trained guards, Haldir, a Rottweiler arrive, following Cillian.

Lucie steps forward as the first pair finishes their round in the game. She glances over her shoulder as she takes up position for her own fight. "Good luck!" Her voice is lit with a broad smile, wishing well to Ryhalt before the dance like the bees. "May the best bee win." She adds with a retreating smirk before they begin. As soon as the game starts, she puts on an expression full of intent. Through all of the wiggling, squirming, and twisting, she tries to make the sport look as animated as possible. The Laurent performs her best, attempting to best Ryhalt in Mabelle's and Elsbetta's game. The Duke's flapping and buzzing is too much for her, an uncontrolled laugh resulting in her loss! With a simple yelp, she signals her defeat, turning to face Ryhalt with a smirk.

Mabelle grins widely as Ryhalt dances upon the arena, feeling bad to Lucie, but she murmurs to Elsbetta, "See? He does not need our help in embarrasement, he does well on his own".

Ryhalt laughs merrily as he and Lucie fence. This is truly ridiculous. He turns to face her and extends his hand to shake her hand. "It feels unfair to beat a Beekeeper, but I like flying things too." He laughs softly and heads back over to the line. He looks longingly for that bacon. Strength!

Patrizio bobs his brows to Mabelle. "I see now what you are getting out of this game, my lady," teases he to her, before he's chuckling to Delia. "I rather like the excuse. The gown is quite fetching as well, stinger attached or no." Though there's that glance back at the others already sparring, as if the prince is contemplating what tactics he might 'borrow' to do better in the next round.

Ryhalt has joined the line.

Turn in line: Sabella

Turn in line: Vandorean

Cillian has joined the line.

Again, Elsbetta can barely maintain her mirth, especially given that it's /Ryhalt/ now prancing around the arena! She lifts her voice, her words threaded with giggles and laughs. "Come on, Lady Lucie! You can do it! Ryhalt! You're /killing/ me!" She's wiping a tear from her eyes by the end of it and grins broadly as Ryhalt is announced the winner... if only by a sliver of a margin. "Oh DEAR!" She commiserates. "What a SHAME Ry, you're through for another round." She feigns sympathy whilst altogether looking like the cat that got the cream. "Okay..." she wheezes, finding her breath from somewhere deep inside. "Next, Princess Sabella and Lord Vandorean! Give them your support everyone!"

Mabelle grins at Patrizio quite innocently, "When do I ever subject myself to the tortures concucted by my deviant mind?"

A snort like chuckle comes from Sabella, she's finally putting down her second cup of tea ~ rather opting not to wear it on her gown. She grins to Mabelle and offers the woman a wink. "We'll make it the least expected time so he's caught off guard. Or.. perhaps making a dinner party out of it. An unveiling if you will." The Princess looks to Ryhalt. "I'm sure Duchess Clover will be so happy to have it hung on the wall. We can have a golden plaque engraved. It'll say ~The Bee-est of Dukes.~" she grins before stepping up and into the arena for the next round. A few clicks of belt along her waist and she does a little test wriggle. If it's one thing Sabella is good at it's performing... hopefully. "I hope this doesn't end up like the night at the Golden Hart." a brief snicker bubbling forth from her.

Delia applauds as the round comes to a close. "Good show, Lady Lucie. I was rooting for you. Sadly, it helped you about as much as it helped me. Perhaps I shouldn't cheer on anyone anymore. Seems like a sure way to lose. I know .. good luck to you both! They can't both loose if I cheer them both on, can they?" She can't help but laugh at Ryhalt's demonstration of a bee dancing in flight. "Thank you, your Highness. It is a poor excuse but one I'll accept. "

Vandorean moves up to the arena as his name is called, double checking to ensure his stinger is properly attached. "Do not expect to defeat me easily princess." The knight gives Sabella a formal bow, as if preparing for a duel. Now we two shall see who is truly the master of bee stinging. Hopefully my time around bees has somehow rubbed off on me." He smirks as Sabella wiggles, it's hard to look very regal when one is shaking their bottom after all. "Ah, perhaps we should have had a few drinks first. That might make this whole event all the more interesting."

Mabelle lifts her drink at Lucie to commiserate and then at Vandorean as greeting, "I dont know what you've been doing but...", she sips her whiskey. "What did I miss at the Golden Hart?", she looks between Ryhalt and Sabella curiously

Cillian comes walking onto the grounds, he is dressed in his leather as normal. His intense hanzel eyes look around as he walks along, hearing voices he heads in that direction. There is a smile on the mans face, someone seems to be in good spirits, it is getting cooler after all and he no longer has to worry about feeling like he is going to melt. He has his guards with him and a pup held in his arms, Is that a Caribou that his guards stand with out of the way? It sure is, his smile widens as he see's some of the people he know, the bells in his hair giving off a soft song as he move in towards Mabelle.

Lucie accepts the handshake and leaves the arena, marching over towards Mabelle while she removes the belt from her waist. She offers the contraption out with a wink. "Are you sure you don't want to give it a try?" Her question is left alongside a glance to the line. "I'm certain Vandorean will do a fine job but you wouldn't want to let anyone other than a Laurent win your bee themed game, would you?" Eyes look over her cousin's gown before returning Delia's appreciation with a smile and nod.

*** Sabella has called for an opposing check with Vandorean. ***
Sabella checks dexterity and performance at easy. Sabella is successful.
Vandorean checks dexterity and performance at easy. Vandorean is successful.
*** Sabella is the winner. ***

Mabelle sighs quietly at Lucie, "If no Laurent wins, I will battle against the winner. They would still win, but just to make a point", her grin is huger now.

Sabella says, "You've never gone against any Grayson princess, have you? We are far too competitive for our own good, dear Lord Vandorean. Maybe it is you I'm not going to take it easy on." she grins devilishly ~ sticking out on her tongue in a little light hearted blep of a tease. So Sabella puts up her very best act as a Bee. All the performing and stage time has brought her to this point!! She's wiggling those hips and that bottom, her honey silk gown ruffling up as the stinger swishes this way and that. Side step here and side step there ~ she's making a small wriggling dance out of it all whilst she's giggling uncontrollably."

Mabelle looks aside at Cillian, "Lord Blackwood, just in time for the entertainment, pleasure you could join us, will you compete?"

Sabella has joined the line.

Turn in line: Patrizio

Turn in line: Ryhalt

Cillian smiles at Mabelle, "Lady Mabelle, I thank you for your invite." his eyes light up with mirth as he watches what is going on. He looks to the others then back, "I would say yes, I will compete." he grins as he lets the puppy gnaw on his fingers.

Vandorean is trying to be strategic here, he moves to line up his stinger then presses back. The goal would be to poke her as soon as possible, not worrying about how bee like he behaves. Instead he manages to trip as he is moving backwards, landing on the ground and impaling the stinger into the dirt. He stands there a moment, looking a little put out before straining to stand and removing said stinger. "Good thing these are pretty good quality, glad that did not break off and impale me. " Now he turns to the victor of the contest, bowing again. "A pleasure as always Princess Grayson. Perahaps a rematch at next years Bee Festival is in order? I myself am parched, I fight much better when properly innebriated." The lord flashes a smile at the princess then heads over for some much needed whiskey. "Mabelle, you are going to have to fight for the famiy's honor!"

*** Patrizio has called for an opposing check with Ryhalt. ***
Patrizio checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Patrizio is successful.
Ryhalt checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Ryhalt is successful.
*** Patrizio is the winner. ***

Mabelle claps and laughs as Sabella and Vandorean battle in the area, "Yes, shake that... stinger!", she exclaims happily but when Vandorean asserts that she will have to compete, she sighs, quite dramatically, "I have to do everything around here!". She clearly is joking.

"A win for the princess!" Elsbetta announces, clapping hard for the closely fought match. "Truly, Your Highness, you have just brought /elegance/ to this whole affair. Who knew a bee could dance that way? Commiserations, Lord Vandorean, you so very nearly had her." She inclines her head to Mabelle, and after a quick check announces, "Thank goodness Lord Cilliann has arrived to solve the problem of an odd number for the next round. First we will have Prince Patrizio and Duke Ryhalt, then Princess Sabella and Lord Cillian." Lips quirk and she looks eagerly to the pair, waiting to see which of them will rise, and which will fall.

"Yes, yes... a shame I'm sure." Ryhalt grumbles at Elsbetta in brotherly affection. Hearing Sabella he groans softly. "Oy, Clover's been wanting to replace my paining in the Aerie hall forever. This is not going to be it. I refuse!" He starts to take off the belt just as he's called up again. "Ugh..." Looking over to Patrizio. "Well, let's give this a go. Fast like so those painters can't catch us!" So he bolts back into the arena. This time he seems to be pretending he's an angry bee as he hops and jerks about, making the stinger wiggle but it's completely ineffective at reaching Patrizio. "Bzz...bzzzz BZZZZZ!"

Sabella looks to Vandorean and offers a small polite dip of her chin at his bow of defeat. "Definitely a rematch." she chuckles softly at his comment of needing a drink. "Who knows maybe Lady Mabelle enjoys this so much it becomes a monthly event." she snickers deviously ~ looking over to the Laurent Lady to give her a wink. Then Ryhalt's grumbling takes her attention and she's laughing again. "Come now, happy wife ~ happy life. You surely wouldn't want to disappoint her, hm?" the Princess teases before waving to Cillian. "Lord Blackwood, a pleasure. I hope your ready to battle for the entertainment of others." with that Sabella takes her stand in the arena again ~ giving that test shake again. Her stinger has taken a beating but she'd still at it. She aims up to do battle! She probably couldn't swing a sword as good as her cousin, Liara but she certainly go outperform!~

Turn in line: Cillian

Turn in line: Sabella

"If painters catch us..." Patrizio's laughing already, even as he comes back over from where he's been lurking, another twang to that stinger of his as he turns around and... that laugh gets louder anew. "It's hard to take you seriously, my lord, when you insist on making the sound that goes with it." His attempts, indeed, are perhaps a little more effective, but that's as much when he's looking to the audience about them and... "I still want a dire bee as the prize for all this."

Mabelle indicates the bee on the pole, "I can make you something like that. Prince Pravus", she notes to Patrizio. She begins to waddle forth, by the time it she reaches the area, it might be her turn. "Aw Ryhalt, I wont get to compete against you, oh the shame, oh oh". She then winks to Sabella, "Bi monthly".

Cillian looks over to Patrizio he says nothing but there is a playful smirk on his lips, his eyes look to those who were just battling and he claps for them. His eyes fall to Ryhalt and the Prince now, he watches as they get ready to battle. He opens his mouth hen closes it as he laughs at something, its a dep Northern laugh as he watches Ryhalt wiggle about all angry like.

Elsbetta is /again/ wiping her tears from her eyes. "Congratulations Your Highness, and Ryhalt? Sorry... not sorry!" Her words are full of mirthful glee as she calls for Cillian and Sabella to sally on forth. "Good luck!" she calls with an uplifted voice before accepting a glass of mead from a server and taking a sip.

Patrizio has joined the line.

Ryhalt laughs and looses the angry bee sound altogether. "Alas, I'm so hard to take seriously." He flaps his harms madly some more but accepts the loss with a laugh and extends his hand to congratulate Patrizio. "Congratulations, condolences for having to carry on with this nightmare." He clears his throat, glancing over at Elsbetta and Mabelle. "Er, completely fun and wholesome game!" Smirking, he heads over to the bacon station to reload a new plate, taking off the belt with all due haste! He groans loudly as it sounds like there's a plot to make this a periodic thing. "I say we have Els and Belle fence each other when this is done. So they can see how fun this is. So fun."

*** Sabella has called for an opposing check with Cillian. ***
Sabella checks dexterity and performance at easy. Sabella is successful.
Cillian checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Cillian is successful.
*** The rolls are tied. ***

*** Sabella has called for an opposing check with Cillian. ***
Sabella checks dexterity and performance at easy. Sabella is successful.
Cillian checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Cillian is successful.
*** Sabella is the winner. ***

Vandorean chuckles as he sips his whiskey, watching the next set of contestants and the next. For now he stands alone, watching and thinking as he gazes on. Finally he turns to Mabelle with a smile. "An excellent event dear cousin, I am glad to have seen this. Never in my life will anyone believe me that we had royalty and nobility out here wagging their bottoms for prizes. I have not laughed so much in a long time, so all the better."

Mabelle grins aside at Vandorean, "Oh, all my events are damaging to images of perfectly normal nobility and Royalty. I provide lots of work to Whispers", she winks to him.

Sabella is obviously having too much fun with this! She's getting more competitive as time goes on and she's really delving in acting like the best bee she can be. Cillian might not have a chance against the Grayson Princess, or does he? They battle ~ stingers swishing this way and that. There is poking, wriggling of hips from the Princess. She's taking a pointer from Ryhalt to flap her arms about ~ buzzing like those busy little bees. There is a time where is having to hold her ribs mid way through because there is nothing but snickers and giggles coming from her. Just when it looks like Cillian might have the upper hand Sabella reigns in her bubbly demeanor and takes the win for Grayson!

Cillian puts the puppy down and pets his small head, "Stay Haldir." he steps up with a grin and puts the sting on, he gives it a practices shake to make sure it does not slip off before he looks to Sabella and grins, "I am always ready, Your highness." he moves to step out onto the area, his hips moving a bit as the stinger sways. The Northern Lord is quick on his feet, as he starts to battle Sabella, there is a grin wide on his lips as he laughs. His hips sway and he pokes at the princes, he can't help but be distracted and laugh. His hand coming to his side as it hurts from giggling and did h just snort?!? He is not match for the grays son as he tries so hard to win but it just is not happening.

Delia laughs and finishes off her drink. "Oh, I don't know. I don't think this is too damaging. It's all in good fun, and intentional too. Though, I do need to remember not to cheer for anyone next time least I jinx them." She pauses for a moment to take in the scene. "Truely Lady Mabelle, Lady Elsbetta, you two have done a wonderful job tonight. The events were as much fun to watch as they were to participate in. While I'm not certain about the previous events I do know I'm already looking forward to the next one." She grins, watching the Greyson princess flit this way and that doing her best bee impersonation.

Mabelle holds her side and she cannot stop laughing, "Oh Goodness, oh Goodness", she holds onto Elsbetta's arm as she laughs and then looks at her, "Do you want to give it a go too are you leaving it to me?"

Sabella has joined the line.

Turn in line: Patrizio

Turn in line: Sabella

Ryhalt returns to watching the fencing, armed with his comfort bacon. Even so he claps and laughs as Cillian and Sabella take a round, looking like he's content. He has bacon, definition of contentment.

Elsbetta makes a 'v' of her index and middle fingers, pointing them first at her eyes, and then at Rylands. "I see what you are doing, brother... Oh!" Her attention is blessedly distracted by Sabella and Cillian as they face off in the arena, and it seems for the longest time that they are perfectly matched in the coordinationn of hip-wiggling and sting-swishing. "Yes! No! Yes. Ohhhhh!" The Grayson princess comes out on top and with a laugh she announces the winner and collapses into Mabelle. "Oh no. No, no, no! Despite my brother offering me up, there is only one Queen Bee. You will decimate me out there, so I politely decline." Lips quirk with good humour. "Ah! I think we have Prince Patrizio and Princess Sabella up next."

*** Patrizio has called for an opposing check with Sabella. ***
Patrizio checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Patrizio is successful.
Sabella checks dexterity and performance at easy. Sabella is successful.
*** Sabella is the winner. ***

Mabelle looks entertainedly at Elsbetta, "You realize I cannot move right? but certainly , I understand", she eyes Ryhalt from afar, "Need to work on your sister".

Patrizio sketches a bow for Sabella when it's their turn to spar in the ring, such as the sparring is. "Your highness," he offers with warmth, before he gives a ceremonial twang to the 'stinger' behind him and pivots to offer up his weapon. "I swear, though, I'd best not give my cousins and kin ideas with this one. They'd end up still trying to skewer each other with them." A swivel of those hips of his, and he's attempting as he'd done before, the swing and swish of it behind him, clearly with thoughts upon his mind of the dire bee he should claim, should he win.

Mabelle begins to ask one of the servers to tie the train around her which makes walking even more challenging. This will be great.

Ryhalt chuckles at Elsbetta and tilts his head towards Mabelle. "Oh, didn't Belle told you that I'm the meanest, worst person towards her? I can't help but plot to make her do this! Fine, fine don't let yourself fence. But, if a Laurent wins their own event, how will we ever bee-have after that?"

Cillian moves to pick up his pup and to get a drink, taking a long sip from it he looks to watch Patrizio and Sabella battle now. He cheers the prince on in his battle as he chuckles finding this all amusing, his eyes bright and filled with that mirth!

Sabella rubs her hands evily ~ Pravus vs. Grayson in the arena of all arenas, surely!~ Not with swords or wits but rather stingers. She grins deviously as she looks to Patrizio, this time the Princess offering her own curtsied bow in return. "Your Highness." and then she turns on her heels, bringing the stinger to swish behind her. She's ready to take the man on ~ not faltering once or at least /trying/ not to. She doesn't have a dire bee prize on her mind like Patrizio does. Instead she's leaping around ~ buzzing about like a bee until finally she wriggles her hips to her little heart's content to take the winning position.

Mabelle narrows her eyes over her shoulder at Ryhalt and then at Cillian for no reason as she begins to waddle toward the arena ever so slowly, "Oh gods, the things you do for honor", she makes her way toward Sabella as one of the servers help her tie the stinger around her behind.

Mabelle clarifies, "Princess Sabella is the winner yes? She will get the prize! This is about Pride, not a Prize!".

"Everything is about prize." Patrizio, clearly with enough pride for anything he might need it for, laughs warmly even after his defeat to Sabella, which comes with another bow for the Grayson princess. "Honour is its own reward, however, and one would argue that one can also never have too much of that." Though this, too, is a good excuse for him to retreat to get another drink, and something fortified at that.

*** Sabella has called for an opposing check with Mabelle. ***
Sabella checks dexterity and performance at easy. Sabella is successful.
Mabelle checks dexterity and performance at easy. Mabelle is successful.
*** Mabelle is the winner. ***

Elsbetta clap clap claps. "Well done!" A glance then to Mabelle in her leg-hobbling gown. "Just try not to fall over!" Her giggling advice given, she takes a rather large mouthful of her mead, thankful perhaps that the game has gone smoothly and the physicians haven't been called on. "Ry?" She addresses her brother. "I think /I/ might set pen to parchment after the event and send Clover a sketch of your wonderful bee dance."

Mabelle shakes her behind once to check the balance of the stinger. She did not do this alone in her room before. No. Why would she? She's a well adjusted adult who did not spend a week in the company of stingers. Once certain, she starts wiggling her behind in round motions. The issue is though, Mabelle is wearing A LOT OF JEWELRY, so her behind doesnt just WIGGLE WIGGLE, IT JIGGLES TOO. She is making a lot of noise behind Sabella with each hip movement and its quite possible that is what throws the princess off and allows Mabelle to save the honor of the beekeepers.

Delia watches as the Sabella-bee wins another round. She looks to Mabelle and arches a brow. "Surely you're not going to attempt to battle in your gown? Oh, no. I can't watch!" She laughs and covers her eyes with a hand, fingers splayed apart because she can't -not- watch it either. She grins and steals a glance over to Patrizio. "Good show. I thought for certain you were going to win but my strategy of keeping it to myself didn't seem to help you at all." She shakes her head, smiling ruefully, sapphire gaze returning to the battle before her.

Cillian smiles, "Prince Patrizio." he moves to join him in his walk to get a drink, a hand moving to clasp his forearm in a greeting, "It has been a while, good job out there." he grins. "I hope you have been well?" he looks up and over to watch Mabelle and Sabella and shakes his head. "Hello." he says to Delia.

Ryhalt laughs and claps as Sabella wins. "Alas, Prince Patrzio won't get a dire bee today." He laughs some more as Mabelle claims her match will be about pride and not prizes. "Hey, how can any of this be about pride, this is... so.. so... undignified!" Glancing over to Elsbetta as she calls his name he groans and all but buries his face in his plate, gobbling up bacon. "I am plotting how to burn all these paintings. None of them will sting our eyes." Wow, weak bee pun.

Vandorean claps as his cousin finally succeeds and restores the family name. "Bravo Mabelle, the Laurent's are indeed superior bees!" Though how she managed it with that gown and jewlery he isn't quite sure. He wanders over in the direction of Delia then, sipping his whiskey as he walks around and socializes.

It is here that both woman are equally matched ~ impeccable fashion sense: check. Hostess extraordinaire: check. Similar names: check. Competitive and determined: check. This the final showdown! "I would say may the best bee win, but everyone already here knows that you are the best bee! I cannot fathom to win against the overseer of the best honey in Arx." her tone of voice genuine as she readies herself to go against Mabelle. She starts to wriggle back and forth, leaps side to side.. but it's the jingling jewelry that makes Sabella snort. Right as she does, Mabelle takes the win and she laughs A hand clasping at her side before she turns to approach Mabelle, "I shall learn the trick of wearing a lot of jewelry to throw my competitors off." she winks, "Well done, absolutely lovely!~"

Sabella is overheard praising Mabelle: The Best Laurent Queen Bee~ The Honey Festival was an absolute success!

"Alas. The gods give, and they take away, Messere Whisper," offers Patrizio to Delia with an easy smile, and a twinkle to his jade eyes as he's sipping his drink. Though Cillian's hail gets a warm smile, and he clasps the man's forearm in return for the moment. "It has been quite a while, and I'm well, thank you. I hope you and yours are likewise." A breath slides from him, watching the goings on, before there's a teasing cluck of that tongue to Ryhalt. "Alas. The Laurent will do anything to ensure I don't see one, because I would be dashing riding one into battle as a mighty steed."

Ryhalt between the image of Patrizio riding into battle on a mighty dire bee stead and the way Mabelle jingle-buzzes around the ring, he can just stare, stupefied. As he said, not even bacon can fix this.

Sabella is overheard praising Elsbetta: Lovely co-hostess of the Honey Festival!

A young woman comes out to the yard in a timely manner and offers Sabella a little velvet bag and then goes to untie Mabelle from her train, "Well played, Princess Sabella, and all of you", she cheers for the competitors before commenting to Ryhalt, "Undignified is my special trait", her tongue sticks out to him as she grins at Vandorean, "We need to send you to derriere wiggling lessons". There is no such thing. She waddles back toward one of the drink booths and informs Patrizio, "We do not refuse, we are fresh out!". On her way to the booth, she winks to Delia and Cillian, "My secrets now revealed".

"Lord Cillian .. a pleasure to see you again." She smiles to him and gives his puppers a little fingerwave rather than a patpat even though the pup is rather well behaved. "I saw your performance with the bee-stinger. It's not nearly as easy to do as it looks," she laughs, reaching up to tuck a lock of hair back behind an ear, "I lost on my frist round to Prince Patrizio... and indeed they do, your Highness. Easy come, easy go, as they say?" She spies Vandorean wandering around and waves him over. "Lord Vandorean, it looks like Lady Mabelle may be the most skilled Laurent with the bee-stinger dance." She smiles back to Mabelle, congratulating her on her victory.

Cillian smiles as something goes through his mind as he imagines Patrizio ridding into battle on a bee, he laughs. As he brings the cup up to his lips drinking it. "Yes, all are well indeed." he shakes his head at Mabelle and chuckles, looking to Delia. "No it is not so easy, but it was fun and here I thought perhaps being a scout would help." he chuckles, "It gives you a work out thats for sure." he grins at her, "Its his hair, it was distracting you wasn't it?" he side eyes Patrizio with a smirk on his lips.

"I think you should ask her highness Sabella if it was all that distracting, though if you're looking over your shoulder during this..." Patrizio's laughing warmly, though there's a lift of his drink in salute to the Grayson princess in the wake of her win against him, and the for-pride-not-prize loss to Mabelle. "At the very least, it gives you appreciation for having to think in manners that aren't perhaps connected to being face-to-face with one's opponent, and it takes a good deal of grace and intelligence to do so."

Ryhalt shakes his head, shaking off his daze and claps for the end of the fencing. "I'm horrified how this will be topped next year. I don't even want to imagine it."

Mabelle reminds Ryhalt entertainedly, "My birthday comes prior. And the Winter Wonderland if I dare host it", she notes before admitting to Patrizio, "My strategy is always distraction"

Sabella accepts the velvet bag humbly and thanks the young woman before looking to Mabelle. "To you as well, Lady Mabelle~" the Princess offered a brief dip of her head in respect to the winner and hostess. "Even more praises for the way you wiggled around with your train tied around you. That is determination to keep the title of Queen Bee." she teases before taking off the bee stinger belt buckle.

"That is definitely a work out. I thought running after the children was enough but /that/... it's an understatement." she chuckles ~ getting a cup of tea and looks to Cillian. "It was a pleasure to battle against a Northern lord. You did well.. very well indeed." Patrizio's comment elicits a grin as she finally takes to gathering about with the others. "Prince Patrizio's hair is a fashion statement all on it's own. Distracting, not so much but definitely an eye catcher." she winks to Patrizio. Sabella calls out to Mabelle, "I'd be more than happy to co-host with you!"

Delia turns to Cillian, "Oooh. That's a good excuse too, though I settled on not wanting to damage my dress." She winks. "Next time will be equally spectacular, I'm certain," says she to Ryhalt and Mabelle with a resolute nod, "Though I'm at a loss as to how this could be bested. This was a lot of fun."

Elsbetta simply stares as Mabelle demonstrates exactly why she's Queen of the Bees. After clapping wholeheartedly for both her and Sabella, she peels away and goes to hug her brother, one arm wrapping his waist as she steal a bit of bacon from his plate. "Well done Ry. I have had things burned into my brain that I don't think I'll ever forget. Thank you for that."

Mabelle looks between Delia and Ryhalt, "Do not challenge me", she grins and then bows her head to Sabella, "Noted!". Her glass rises to Elsbetta, "To my gracious Co host, who lets me take all the blame for this game as if she wasnt doing it to you too!".

"A good cohost is hard to find." Patrizio agrees from where ehe's standing, with that lift of his glass, and then a quaff once more, before he's shaking his head and smirking at Mabelle. "I'd be wary of what comes from your birthday, my lady. We know what kind of baking appears for it." He's grinning, but there's a wink back to Sabella at hers, and then a chuckle when he's listening to the baiting about those famous tresses of his. A few moments pass, before he does, finally, decide to take off the ornamental stinger. With some regret.


Ryhalt chuckles at Elsbetta. "Hey, wasn't this your idea in the first place? Can't blame me for the bad images!" He chuckles at Mabelle. "Oh, I wouldn't dream of giving you ideas anymore, I know how they turn out!" He fetches a glass to answer Mabelle's toast of Elsbetta, though. "Cheers to that! So true!" He is trying so very hard not to laugh.

Cillian takes a gold-plated bee shaped fire stoker from a large wooden beehive.

Delia throws her hands up defensively, smiling. "I wouldn't dare to, Lady Mabelle. You're well suited to being the Queen Bee. I'll stick to my own talents," she laughs before nodding in agreement with Patrizio. "Indeed it can be but Lady Elsbetta did a wonderful job." She'll lift her glass to that but first she needs to get one. This time it's hard apple cider that she chooses from the festive selection of drinks.

Cillian takes a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb from a large wooden beehive.

Delia gets a scrumptious whiskey infused honeycomb from a large wooden beehive.

Cillian is overheard praising Mabelle.

Cillian is overheard praising Elsbetta.

Ryhalt is overheard praising Elsbetta: A wonderful host!

Ryhalt is overheard praising Mabelle: A wonderful host!

Delia is overheard praising Mabelle: So much fun at the Honey Festival. Thank you!

Delia is overheard praising Elsbetta: So much fun at the Honey Festival. Thank you!

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