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Wine Walk - A Saikland Release Party

Join the Saiks for a "wine walk" (like a cake walk or musical chairs) to celebrate the release of their newest white wine, Sabbianca! Bottles will be given to all who attend, and a special prize will be awarded to the winner of the wine walk. All are welcome regardless of fealty, rank, or station.


Aug. 26, 2023, 4 p.m.

Hosted By



Lucita Patrizio Aconite Titania Mikani




Arx - Upper Boroughs - Seawatch Sanctuary - Courtyard

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Comments and Log

The late spring afternoon has proven to be a good one for an outside celebration on the front lawn at Seawatch Sanctuary, with just the right mix of warm sun and fluffy clouds and sea breeze coming up off the Bay of Thrax. Sea birds can be seen and heard wheeling through the air, meanwhile a trio with stringed instruments is playing lively music on a temporary platform that has been set up at the edge of lawn. A temporary bar has also been arranged, sitting on the path steps away from the doorway to the estate as a sign that guests should refrain from entering the building. A pair of of bartenders have been retained for the afternoon to see to all the guests' drink needs. Plenty of additional seating has been arranged so people may relax and converse as they please, more hired hands circulate with trays of finger foods, and a juggler and an acrobat have both taken up space upon the lawn to entertain onlookers as the event gets underway.

Close to the gates, which have been thrown wide open to admit guests, Medeia greets people as they arrive. The Saik lady is dressed in vibrant purple starlight silk with pink floral accents, as if to embody some of the vibrant spring blooms that fill the courtyard's garden beds. Her smile is as bright and inviting as the day itself. "Hello, welcome, thank you for coming!" One guest stops to exchange cheek kisses with her, and she murmurs a well wish for the woman's family before she continues speaking. "I am so glad you all could be here to celebrate another Saikland wine coming to the city. We are proud to share Sabbianca with you!" At the center of the lawn, some chairs are being arranged in a circle, and Medeia explains, "The wine walk will begin shortly! Do let me know if you plan to participate."

Lucita has arrived early, her grooming impeccable, a warm smile on her lips. She stands beside Medeia after giving her a hug and cheek kisses in a greeting."Love the outfit, Lady Medeia. You always look stunning." She turns and extends her smile toward the others arriving.

Clearly, something is not right with the world, when one of the house of Pravus arrive on time, and not a moment late - and it is, clearly, more than the matter of wine being available. Clad in silks of blue and steel as befits his house, Patrizio Pravus smiles as he greets Medeia, the warm smile for her as he's arriving. "My lady, thank you for having made sure I did know of this lovely event today, and of /course/ I intend to participate," offers he with warmth. And then a wink on its heels. "Wild horses couldn't have kept me from appearing, or so the saying goes. An unexpected art piece, though, knowing how my cousin might've put it...."

Aconite enters the Seawatch Courtyard with a bright smile on her face. The tall Whisper's dark eyes scan the garden and the various decor. As she approaches Medeia, her expression brightens even more, and she leans in for air-kisses, exuding warmth. Returning to her full height, she casts another appreciative glance around. "The atmosphere is lovely, Lady Saik. I'm thrilled I am able to be here and I am absolutely going to join the walk. I wouldn't dare miss it," she remarks enthusiastically. After the warm exchange, she gracefully steps back, allowing other guests to greet the hostess. She then drifts towards the source of music, swaying to the rhythm, causing her rose gold gown to dance in the sunlight. Soon, she transitions to procure libations, sharing a smile and wave with Patriozio and Lucita while waiting.

Titania was not in the mood for a dress today it seemed, nor was she in the mood to come alone. Dressed in her leathers, with her sword at her side comes Titania with the new Countess on her arm. She is leaning in to whisper something soft to Mikani as they stop at the entrance for a moment, there is a soft smile then her blue eyes look around taking in who is there. "I am so happy we could come together Countess." she moves to step in guiding them both in the direction of Medeia.

Medeia returns Lucita's hug and gives the baroness' hands a squeeze. "Thank you, and you as well, Luc." For Patrizio, her smile grows brighter, somehow, and she dips her head respectfully. "Your Highness, thank /you/ for coming. I will be giving instructions for the wine walk shortly. Please, find a drink and enjoy the entertainment." She presses a hand to his arm with light laughter at the mention of his cousin, nodding her agreement. Then she shifts her attention to Aconite, returning those air kisses happily. "I am so glad to see you, my friend. Thank you so much." She gives the Whisper another nod before turning her attention to Titania and Mikani. "My lady, Countess, hello! Welcome! I am so happy you are both here!"

"Baroness." Patrizio offers up warm greetings to Lucita in the wake of his greeting Medeia, with the press of his palm to his chest, and the dip of his head. "It's been too long since we've shared space with one another. I'm pleased to see you well and unencumbered by work, and able to celebrate this triumph from your vineyards." Aconite's wave gets a smile in return, before the bow of his head. "Radiant Whisper. Likewise, it's been too long, though I imagine the fault is mine, for being constantly waylaid by those matters of duty to which we all must attend."

And a grin for Mikani and her escort. "My lady Titania, it's a delight to see you again, and moreso to see that you've managed to draw the Countess from her bridegroom's side." Those jade eyes of his twinkle merrily, before he offers Mikani a wink.

Mikani smiles at Titania. "So am I gives such a good excuse to hang out with you." She says warmly before she moves to greet Medeia with the air kisses. "We are happy tk be recieved." She laughs and bows her head to Patrizio. "Your highness. I needed to stretch my legs a bit." She winks back.

The juggler has taken to spinning several wine glasses in the air, drawing murmurs from the gathering crowd. One man wonders loudly if the juggler is going to break anything. But no, the juggler is skilled in their sleight of hand and keeps the sparkling drinkware twirling in a dazzling display, until he spins and catches one each in his hands before the last balances perfectly on the tip of his nose.

Lucita says, "Radiant Aconite, am so glad you could get to the gathering and Countesses Titania and Mikani, it is delightful to see you. To Patrizio she gives a beguiling smile and steps where she can give a quick one-armed hug before stepping back. "We'll have to manage a visit again soon." Her head turns as she catches sight of the expert movements of the juggler and she claps for the performance."

Titania bows to Patrizio, "Your highness." she smiles watching him, "It is good to see you as well, always welcome a moment to say hello." she grins at him and looks to Mikani,"I also enjoy the moments I get to spend time with my dear friend the countess." she looks to Mikani then to Medeia, "Thank you for this, I need much like the Countess to get out and stretch my legs." she looks to Lucita smiling, "Please, just Lady Titania." it is said in a soft word, "It is good to see you as well Baroness."

"Baroness, it's an absolute delight to see you again! The time apart has been far too extended. How have you been?" Aco's gaze briefly drifts towards Medeia before executing a deep curtsy in response to Patrizio's address. "Your Highness, it's as if fate is favoring us today, allowing a preview of what promises to be yet another exquisite Saikland creation. Missing out on this would be inconceivable. May this moment grant you respite from the burdens of duty and the tomorrow's affairs."

Turning her attention to Mikani and Titania, another brilliant smile graces her features as she dips into another respectful curtsy.

Medeia looks over at the chairs being set up, which is now done, and she gestures for the guests to gather around as she moves closer to the circle. "Hello, again! If you intend to participate, please stand in front of a chair." She smiles brightly as people begin to move toward the chairs.

Mikani smiles warmly at the Whisper and bows her head. "Yes Lady Titania is pulling me away so I dont get blind from all the books Ive been delving into. Learning Lycene .... ettiquette is unique and Ive never been good at Ettiquette lessons."

Patrizio, too, takes moments to take in the act of the jugglers, even as there's that chuckle of his. In the wake of Lucita's brief embrace, he dips his head anew. "Just says," he offers, "that we oughtn't be such strangers, and remember to set aside our works, as the good Radiant Whisper reminds both of us." This comes with a smile for Aconite, and a lift of his glass once he's liberated one from a server and /not/ from the juggler. As he might be tempted to do. And a chuckle for Mikani. "I wouldn't know, having not yet been wed, but there is the aphorism that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder', and even as newlyweds, there's always the joy of reconnection after a brief one, yes?" Though the jade eyes turn back to Medeia, as he lifts the glass in salute. "Though to be fair, all of us ought thank the hostess of the hour for encouraging us to come forth." Though with her direction, he moves to stand before a chair, an arch of a brow as if to wonder what's afoot.

Titania smiles nodding her head to Aconite, she dips her head in a greeting then looks over as Medeia speaks. "Countess shall we?" she grins at her friend as her ocean blue eyes, eye the chairs that people are moving too. "I do also believe your highness I also remember the words a friend told me before." she winks at him this time and starts to drag Mikani over to the chairs.

Lucita watches the wine walk being set up and moves to the side near Medeia where she can watch. A hand movement encourages all there to participate. "This looks like it should be fun."

When all are stood in front of their chairs, one attendant steps in to remove a chair from the circle so that there is one less chair than participants. The musicians pause their music so that Medeia can explain the game. "When the music starts, you will all move to your /left/ around the circle of chairs. When the music stops? Sit! One among you eill not have a chair to sit in and will be out. Rounds will continue until one last person is able to sit." She looks around at all who are in front of the chairs. "Any questions?" If there are none, she will signal the start of the music.

Aconite sees the chairs are opening and so she throws back the rest of her drink and moves to set the glass aside after wiping the rim with gloved fingertips. She makes her way over to the circle of chairs and picks one to stand in front of. She smooths her hands over her dress and she looks over to the Hostess and smiles with a nod.

Patrizio checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Botch! Patrizio fails completely.

Aconite checks perception and investigation at easy. Aconite is successful.

Mikani whispers something to Titania before taking her seat. She gets ready for the music.

Mikani checks perception and investigation at easy. Mikani is spectacularly successful.

Titania checks perception and investigation at easy. Titania is successful.

After a long moment, the music STOPS.

To some, grace comes naturally. To others, it is schooled. In both of these cases, it's something to behold in a public setting, and most often on the dance floor, Patrizio Pravus at least exhibits that he actually lives in the latter of those two groups.

This time, however, is a third group - the group where grace abandons you at the most inopportune time. Or, perhaps, not /the/ most inopportune time, because he could be in his armour, but all the same, the prince reaches for a chair when the music ends and... clearly, there is no chair beneath him when he drops into it, finding his way with a thud to the ground. Moments pass with a clear tightening of his jaw and clenching of teeth and... then through said clenched teeth, "I think that means I've won myself the opportunity to enjoy more of the vintage while those with more grace than I continue the game."

And yes, it takes him a moment to get up onto his feet again, after having waved off his guard, preferring to do it for himself.

When Patrizio lands with that thud, Medeia presses her lips together tightly to suppress surprised laughter. She does, instead, collect a glass of wine and hold it out in offer for him, saying something quiet when he is close enough.

Aconitefinds a seat quickly, the Whisper looking around to see who's missed the seat only to look down and spot the Pravus Prince. She blinks for a moment before turning her attention elsewhere swiftly.

Mikani does amazing at the game. Its like she knows the count of the music. She slides into a chair at the last minute.

Lucita gasps as Patrizio falls and takes a half step his direction before folding her hands at her waist and watching closely enough to make sure he is not injured. She remains otherwise silent at the moment.

Titania grins at Mikani as she whispers to her, nodding her head. She moves to her seat as well and waits for the music, once it starts to play she moves listening to the rythm of the song, she is quick and knows when to sit! Its only then that she looks and spots Patrizio fall, she winces and looks away quickly. A breath, in and out so she does not giggle! No she is a Lady and she will not laugh at her friend the Prince!

Patrizio is not so preoccupied with what impression he might've made as to not be dusting himself off, the smile on his features a little less pained as the moment passes, and he's taking up the wine glass graciously offered by Medeia. He can be seen to be murmuring back, even as he takes a sip, and then lifts the glass in toast to those who've not followed his example. "Best of luck to you all."

Aconite checks perception and investigation at normal. Aconite is successful.

Mikani checks perception and investigation at normal. Mikani is successful.

Lucita gives a discouraged glance toward Medeia as Micana slips into the gathering and murmurs something to her. She quietly turns and makes her way out. "Sorry, something unavoidable has come up."

Lucita is overheard praising Medeia: Organizes lovely events!

Lucita is overheard praising Patrizio: Such a good sport

Titania checks perception and investigation at hard. Titania fails.

Medeia gives Lucita a nod of understanding before she had the game resume. She signals for the music to start again and sips her wine as she watches. The lady looks pleased to be where she is, and with the success of the event so far. The music plays for a few more seconds and then it suddenly STOPS.

Once more Aco stands and prepares to walk around the ever dwindling circle of chairs. Though she might just be half-walking, half-dnacing with the music as she does so. Perhaps it helps her keep good time because she manages again to find a seat, planting herself in one fairly quickly.

Mikani stands and moves around. when the music stops she finds her seat easily. Though it was a bit harder this time. less chairs and all.

Titania checks perception and investigation at normal. Titania marginally fails.

Its when the song starts again she gets up to move, and she almost mosses it. She stumbles and grabs her seat sitting down barely! It was perhaps the shock of Patrizio falling that sent her off balance for the moment.

From his newfound spot as a spectator, Patrizio smiles while he's watching the goings on, admiring the grace of Aconite and Mikani in finding of seats once more as the music halts and sends them to swiftly settle. Titania, though, he offers a commiserating smile, noticing her difficulty in getting herself into place.

Mikani says in Marin'alfar, "Good Job! Titania have a drink for me."

Another person is occupying the seat that Titania has sat in, really resulting in her sitting on someone. This results in her being out of the game. Attendants move forward to ensure there is at least one fewer seat left for the next round.

The smile on Medeia's face is indelible, though she hides it behind her wine glass for a lingering moment so she can sip the white wine within. "Lady Titania, come enjoy some more wine." As the music starts playing again for the next round, she makes sure an attendant is bringing Titania refreshments.

Mikani checks perception and investigation at hard. Mikani fails.

Aconite checks perception and investigation at hard. Aconite marginally fails.

Mikani checks luck at normal. Mikani marginally fails.

Aconite checks luck at normal. Aconite marginally fails.

The music STOPS.

Titania says in Marin'alfar, "You did good!"

Titania looks at Mikani when she ends up out, she moves over to Patrizio a hand moving to his arm with a smile, "Good Prince, I hope you are alright?" she gets a glass of wine and sips from it.

Patrizio favours Titania with a smile when she's coming to join him and Medeia on the sidelines, while they await what's to come of the latest round of the game. "My pride's hurt more than anything else, or shall be at least in the fullness of time," voices he with an easy chuckle. "All the more excuse in the meantime to enjoy Saik hospitality and their delightful vintage."

There's a seat and the Whisper has been half-dacing the whole way. Maybe that's how she manages to get half her bottom in the chair before Mikani does at the same time giving her a scoach more room and perhaps that is what allows her to cling to victory as she locks her legs as she perches on the corner as dancing flows into eerie stillness. It's literally a win by an inch and a half.

Mikani isnt paying attention and winds up on the Whisper's lap/chair. She bursts out laughing and stands to give Aco the whole seat. "Well done." She bows her head to the winner.

Medeia sets her wine glass aside to applaud Aconite's

Medeia sets her wine glass aside to applaud Aconite's narrow win. "Congratulations to the Radiant!" She beams at the other woman as the crowd cheers for the winner, as well. Attendants come to clear the chairs so that the whole of the lawn can be used for mingling, now. The servants woth tray continue to circulate and the music begins again - this time for the purpose of dancing or entertaining. The juggler and acrobat take back up their acts.

Mikani claps as she moves to go get a drink.

Aconite's laugh is bright and uninhibited return and lets Mikani stand before she does as well. "You nearly had me." She replies and curtsys to Mikiani again, "As Countess Fireviper says, you did quite good. It must be my lucky day." Another curtsy to the rest of the opponents is given before she sways her way over to get herself a drink.

"Bravo, Radiant Whisper," calls Patrizio as well, the handing off of his wineglass to one of his soldiers for the moment to free his hands to applaud, and there's a smile for Mikani as well. "And to the countess, who was quite nearly a match with her effort." That said, he does reach forth to take up his glass anew, and there's a warm smile that finds him as he briefly stills his voice to quaff the drink, though in the wake of it, he does briefly lean in to murmur to Medeia.

At a subtle signal, another attendant comes forward to present an unopened bottle of the new wine in a lovely bag to Aconite, along with another pouch. Her prize. Medeia gives Patrizio a nod before turning to Mikani and Titania. "Ladies, you did admirably today, thank you so much for participating. I do hope the wine and company are worth your troubles." A glance to Patrizio, then, "And yours." Her lips twitch in amusement - at the entire situation, not at the prince.

Titania claps at everyone as the game is done, "Bravo!" she smiles looking to Mikani, "You did wonderful Countess and congrats Radiant!" she finds a place to sit down and holds her glass of wine, "It was fun Lady Medeia!"

Now armed with a drink, Aco elegantly drifts over in Medeia's direction. Her gaze acknowledges Patrizio and Titania with warm smiles. Addressing them both, she beams brightly, saying, "Thank you." Then to Medeia, "I find myself excelling in both dancing and, surprisingly, the art of sitting, granting me a slight advantage." With her drink in hand, she turns her attention to everyone, allowing Alejandro to seamlessly take the bottle as he appears at her side in response to her unspoken cue.

"Wine and camaraderie are my undeniable weakness, Lady Saik, making resistance futile. Thus, I couldn't help but succumb," she confesses with a playful tone. Transitioning seamlessly, her curiosity takes hold, and she directs her focus back to Medeia, inquiring, "So, may I inquire about the inspiration behind this opulent vintage?"

"A good time had by all is never a trouble, and the mild bumps along the way are spices for the story to be told of it to those who missed out." There's a twinkle to Patrizio's eye when he's assuring Medeia of such, the devilish grin lingering behind his wine glass as he takes a sip. Aconite's words about the art of sitting do get a genuinely surprised laugh, though it's a good excuse for him to take a half-step back, as he does warily eye the chairs that are about, as if they might move on him.

"I am so glad you had fun," Medeia replies to Titania, lifting a fresh glass to the woman. She turns a grin toward Aconite. "The inspiration? Our sand beaches, of course. Growing up, it was always such a delight to run along them. Are you familiar with the feeling of fine sand between your toes?" The lady has a dreamy air about her. "There are few moments more peaceful than those spent on the beach, watching the waves and the sunset - or sunrise. That is a moment I would love to share with someone." She blinks twice, gesturing to the wine and getting back to the point. "It is a good wine for those moments. Or any moments."

Titania mpves to Mikani and leans in to whisper to her softly, she smiles. "I will find you later." she smiles as she looks to Medeia, "I need to head back." she says with a smile, "But I thank you, yes this was fun." she smiles. She looks to those here and gives a wave, "I hope to see everyone again soon."

Aconite casts a playful smile to Patrizio's laugh and bows to Titiania's farewell. Then the Whisper's brows raise in agreement, and Aco nods appreciatively, her voice tinged with sentiment. "There's an undeniable delight in the sensation of Saikland's sun-kissed beaches. The warmth they radiate is truly enchanting." Another sip of the wine touches her lips, and she briefly closes her eyes, as if relishing the memory of sandy shores beneath her toes. Her eyes reopen, and an encouraging smile graces her lips as she regards Medeia.

"You've undoubtedly shared the experience," Aco comments with conviction, her tone carrying a sense of assurance. "I can already foresee its prominence in vintner discussions throughout the summer. I'll make certain that Whisper House secures a number of barrels, ready to grace our future events."

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