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Vassal of Malvici

Words: "To act without thought is slavery."
Sigil: gold prowling cat on a green field edged with white
Nickname: Saik cats, Saik lions.

Saiks were blessed with the title of nobility, if not ostentatious wealth or large land holdings. The truth is, they're rather poor, their holdings quaint, even idyllic. Considering that they are a Lycene House, it surprises some that the Saiks are not, a fashion-crazed, plot-hungry, conspirator-loving family amidst a sea of such (according to all rumor) that exists within Lyceum. In the past the Saiks were content with what they had, food, serfs, and relative wealth. In 1008 the impact of war losses atop the death of three house rulers (Baron Eos in 1005, Baroness Kima in 1007, and Baron Estaban in 1008) emphasized need for more stability and greater income for the benefit of the barony. Why risk losing a good thing through death and losses, why not make a good thing a little better?


Name Rank Title Description
Kima 1 Baroness
Lucita 1 Baroness The Concertmistress
Medeia 2 Voice Minister of the Hearth
Neilda 3 Noble Family Minister of Warfare
Talwyn 3 Noble Family Voice
Quenia 5 ally
Scythia 5 ally
Denica 5 ally
Felix 5 ally
Zoey 5 ally
Jasher 5 ally
Orland 5 ally
Jael 5 ally
Lyra 5 ally
Thea 5 ally
Isolde 5 ally
Galatea 5 ally
Jaenelle 5 ally
Eirene 5 ally
Duarte 5 ally
Faye 5 ally
Alistair 5 ally
Leola 6 House Saik Retainer Minister of Agriculture
Fortescue 6 House Saik Retainer Minister of Upkeep
Lia 10 Missing/dead/inactive
Marcos 10 Missing/dead/inactive
Ennettia 10 Missing/dead/inactive Married into Igniseri
Nazwadi 10 Missing/dead/inactive
Vicarin 10 Missing/dead/inactive

Ruler: Lucita

Minister Category Title
Leola Farming Minister of Agriculture
Neilda Warfare Minister of Military Forces
Medeia Population Minister of the Hearth
Fortescue Upkeep None

Land Holdings

Saikland Greens

Description: Though by no means large Saikland Greens is named for the lush meadows and vineyards surrounding the village of the same name that comprises the barony. Although it has miles of stunning shoreline beaches, it still was considered to have a relative lack of strategic importance during past conflicts between Southport and Tor, too far away to serve as staging areas, dock facilities sufficient for repairs and provisioning merchants and trade traffic but not to handle a large navy. The Greens have been spared much of the long standing intrigues and bloodshed throughout the rest of the Lyceum. Its primary resources as of 1008 are orchards, vineyards, meadows, and beaches. Trade items include a variety of table, fine, and vintage wines, whiskeys, and particularily beautiful glassworks from stemware to windows to works of art.

Landmarks: In 1007 AR, House Saik funded the Grand Mirrored Ballroom of the Thirteenth, as part of the Pilgrimage Path to honor the Dark Reflection. While the small barony is largely regarded as bucolic, the Grand Mirrored Ballroom is a principle draw to visit the barony for travelers seeking a revel in honor of the Thirteenth.

In 1008 AR, House Saik funded a 'Saikland Remembers' Archive with a special room used for recent history and a memorial to the fallen military of 1006 and thereafter. Fine Gemecitta marble was used in creating the memorial. Dates and names are carved on shelving units and space set aside for non-perishible donations to the archives in honor of the fallen. Scholars curate, research, or make loans if needed. The growing collection includes diaries, letters, maps, heirlooms and meaningful items, a unique memorial that families, friends, and visitors help create.

In 1010AR, the Great Road was built near Saikland Greens.

Trends: Created just in time before the 1007 Eclipse of Mirrors, the Grand Mirrored Ballroom promises to see one of the largest lycene Mirror Masquerades in recent memories, as thousands of revelers visit the small barony in honor of the Thirteenth. This would, of course, put the barony in the middle of thousands of Lycene nobles meeting for their intrigues, and has given the pastoral barony a far more cosmopolitan air than it once had.

Founding member of the Empyrean Trade Route.