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Leary Dinner: January 21'

Lady Ilmia Leary is hosting a dinner for House Leary, their Vassals and anyone who is a friend of the family and would like to attend. This will be a mostly social scene with some clue sharing to get folks back in the swing of things.


Oct. 23, 2023, 9 p.m.

Hosted By



Jasper Sabella



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Leary House - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

Ilmia's made quick work of getting settled back into the Leary Home in the city and that meant hosting a dinner for those that have returned to get back into the swing of things within the city. The dining area of the main hall has been made to welcome those that are attending. The fire in the hearth has been built up to battle the cold that might try to invade from outside.

On the table there is a plethora of different roasted meats, vegetables, breads and other sides that can be paired with the different meats. There is wine and other drinks provided as well as mulled wine to keep everyone warm. Ilmia's been busy greeting people like a good hostess with Marla trailing her and taking cloaks and coats that are needing to be hung. "Please everyone come in and have a seat, make yourselves at home and feel free to partake of food and drink as you like." she tells them.

Jasper has arrived early; punctuality being an Oathlander trait he has taken to all too well. With a nod to Ilmia, he chooses a chair towards the center for himself once he has bowed in thanks to his hosts of House Fairen.

Princess Sabella Grayson arrives with too-large an entourage of guards for having traveled approximately four feet from the Grayson Mansion. She doesn't even seem to notice them

House Leary, that is. Silly Jasper.

Princess Sabella Grayson arrives with too-large an entourage of guards for having traveled approximately four feet from the Grayson Mansion. She doesn't even seem to notice them, though, nor does she seem to notice the cold and snow. The blonde princess' expression is set with a bright and friendly smile, eyes wide and sparkling. "Lady Ilmia!" Her voice is sing-song as she greets the Leary woman. "Hello, hello, how are you? How are you settling in?" There's a pause for breath and to look around the Leary home while shedding her cloak. "Isn't this just wonderful? A dinner! I love when I get the chance to spend time among our people." Then she looks at Jasper and realizes she doesn't recognize him. "And hello to you! Are you another Leary? I'm afraid I haven't met you before. I'm Princess Sabella. Grayson." The last names comes as an afterthought, as if she just remembered someone might not know who she is.

Ilmia gives a radiant smile to Jasper when he arrives early, "Lord Jasper, I hope that everything is going well this evening?" she asks him. Then there is Sabella arriving and Marla steps forward to take the womans cloak carefully. Ilmia gives a bow to the woman, "Your Highness, it is always nice to see you and I hope that the fare is up to your standards." she offers. "And I'm resettling alright. I hope that the walk over was not troublesome?" she asks her. She doesn't interject to introduce Jasper, she lets the Knightly man do that for himself!

Since he has to greet royalty, which should have been expected, Jasper rises to his feet and bows to Sabella. "Jasper Steelhart, Your Highness. A pleasure to meet you." With a nod to follow, he holds up a goblet as a servant pours him some wine.

Sabella's lips bow into a soft 'oh' as she surveys the offerings when Ilmia says she hopes they are up to the princess' standards. "They are, of course they are," she insists to the Leary woman, her sparkling eyes wide like a doe's. Even if the food was terrible, the princess would never saybsuch a thing in front of her hosts. "The walk was lovely. So brisk! I only slipped twice!" She grins at Ilmia, clearly set upon making the best of the weather. Then she looks at Jasper and grins wider. "/Not/ a Leary. What a pleasure to meet you, Steelheart you said? His walk would have been much worse than mine, coming from the Valardin Ward. How kind of you to join us."

Ilmia gives a look between Jasper and Sabella when he introduces himself and there is a smile. She was glad that he was out meeting people! "I will hope." she states to that with a smile. "I think the Marquis might have been set upon by small criminals again." she tells those gathered. "Not actual criminals. There are some kids that like to pelt Marquis Fairen with snow balls it appears." she sighs to that.

"How was the walk from the Valardin ward, Lord Jasper?" she asks him. "If there are any special requests that anyone has please just let us know." she offers to them.

"Lady Ilmia has been very kind to me as of late, I thought I would attend, maybe learn something from Arvum's best and brightest." Jasper replies to Sabella, asking for a servant to refill his drink before lifting it to her as he seems to include her in the compliment. "The walk was fine," the knight offers in reply to both Princess and Lady. "Although it is chilly outside."

Sabella looks over the offerings for something sweet while requesting a cider to drink. "Ah, yes, the small criminals," the princess laughs, turning her attention back to Ilmia. "Did he not catch the ruffians on his way home the other evening?" She looks deeply amused by the marquis' troubles with youthful snowball throwing. Her smile flares enough to make her nose wrinkle for just a second. Then the princess is glancing between Ilmia and Jasper. "Has she? Good. Crownlanders are exemplary citizens of the Compact, and I would expect nothing less from one of the greatest." She extends the None Greater Than Grayson to all within the fealty, it seems.

Ilmia gives a bit of a sheepish look when Jasper mentions she's been treating him kindly, "I would expect others to do the same, Lord Steelhart." she states to that. "Though I believe your company is also great." she smiles to that. Ilmia finds herself a seat and there is a sip of wine while the others talk. "I don't think the ruffians were ever caught. I'm guessing that others might have fallen victim to their snow shenanigans as well." she tells Sabella.

"Lay a trap and pelt them with snowballs once they are where you want them, I say," Jasper says, on the proper application of strategy to win a snowball fight. With a deep nod to Sabella, he drinks a shallow sip from his wine. He understands pride in one's home region, after all. "I appreciate that compliment very much, Lady Ilmia," he states in response to her finding his company also great. "In fact, I propose we should be endeavoring to rescue the poor Marquis from his assailants, lest he is buried under a pile of snowballs, which would be uncomfortably cold, should he not appear soon."

A touch of mischief comes to Sabella's eyes as talk of laying traps is made. "A snow ambush for the snow ambushers? I love it! They'll never see it coming!" She accepts the cider someone poured for her with a gracious murmur. "We could," she begins to offer an alterantive, "Join them, instead. How mad at us could the marquis get, after all? We're all so very likable." She gives them both a wink.

Ilmia seems content to listen to the guests as they speak and there is a smile at the idea of ambushing the ambushers. "I think we just need to have a snowball fight. I know they had something like that the other night at Saikland." she admits. "Though I think it might be fun and bring some joy where all of the sorrow has been." she admits. "Oh I think the Marquis could get rather mad...but not at you." she comments to Sabella with a laugh.

"To be arranged." Jasper says, non-committally, though Sabella's suggestion draws a reaction from the knight. Completely straight-faced, he scratches at his jaw as if giving her words their due consideration. "Perhaps."

Grandt, Captain of the Leary Guard have been dismissed.

4 Leary House Guards have been dismissed.

Harper, an overworked assistant have been dismissed.

"Did they? A southern house?" Sabella shakes her head at what Ilmia said. "I agree that it could bring some joy. Shall we host one? Maybe on Defiance Hill?" She gives Ilmia an expectant glance before turning to Jasper. "I'm no strategist! Maybe it wouldn't work at all." She flashes another grin his way before setting her mug down on the table. "This was such a nice diversion, and itbwas so good to meet you!" That last said to Jasper. "But I should be going. Don't be strangers!"

"It was likewise, Your Highness." Jasper sets his wine aside and rises when Sabella does, bowing to her in infalliable Oathlands fashion. "Have a great night."

Ilmia gives a grin to Sabella, "I think it's good to embrace the changes in the weather here, really. I heard there was ice skating as well." she states. Though when Sabella is getting ready to make her departure she rises, sending Marla to collect the Princess' cloak, "Thank you for taking the time out to attend dinner, we enjoy having you here." she tells her.

6 Grayson House Guards, Maureen, an unflappable nanny, Clark, an exasperated guard leave, following Sabella.

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