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The (Last?) Saikland Mirrorball

The semi-regular Saikland mirrorball returns, with the people of Saikland Greens welcoming one and all to the Grand Mirrored Ballroom that serves as a shrine to the Thirteenth along the the Pilgrimage Path. Food, drink, entertainment, and maybe some Lycene intrigue to be had!

(OOC: As has become tradition, I host this event on RL new year's eve for anyone who wishes to come. Everyone can be assured to have a valid IC reason toncome, as the event should be considered well-advertised by the Saik family.)


Dec. 31, 2023, 9 p.m.

Hosted By



Eirene Ferrando Mortimer Noah Aconite Titania Jaenelle Jan Duarte Fatima



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Saikland Greens - Grand Mirrored Ballroom

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Comments and Log

Medeia drops a table strewn with honeysuckle.

Medeia drops mirrored bar with velvet stools.

Medeia drops polished dance floor.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Aconite before departing.

It's a gorgeous late spring evening in Saikland Greens, where guests from across the Compact have come to attend the semi-regular mirror Ball held in the Grand Mirrored Ballroom that is part of the Shrine of the Thirteenth along the Pilgrimage Path. The agrarian barony has been welcoming, and the Saik nobles have ensured transportation is provided to those who wish it from major ports - including Arx. More notable guests have been giving lodging within the noble keep, while others have access to comfortable and well-appointed inns.

The ballroom itself has been decorated lavishly, with this year's theme being spring blooms. Each table is sprinkled with different types of flowers. All the mirrors within the ballroom have been draped in semi-sheer silks, a caution not previously taken. Medeia is standing ready to greet people, while a handful of Mirrormasks are prepared to lead a starting service.

Eirene enters, dressed in exotic silk with a web pattern on it to preserve modesty. The gown is, of course, otherwise sheer and cut in a slinky Lycene style. One would expect no less of Eirene on a night like this. She may not dress up much, but when she does, it's always stunning. She seems to notice the mirror draperies and nods in a quiet approval. She then goes to greet Medeia with a smile. "Look great," she compliments. "I haven't seen this place in some time."

Ferrando is at full maximally unobtrusive (to the extent a dude the size of The Rock can be) background presence duty, mostly working to do a bang-up job at making Aconite look important (she is!) and not somebody to mess with (you better not!) and also nobody that is going to have to deal with a stuck jar that won't open for very long (this is probably much farther down the list of actual concerns than third place). Nothing about this really requires him to look all grim and serious, though, so he's basically all smiles as he escorts the Radiant whereever she decides they're going. Because it's the Lyceum! Aconite might even want to go hit up a REAL BEACH before they go home. It's going to be a great trip (even if he doesn't end up having to bonk any hot pirates).

Mortimer pauses, dressed as best as a merchant of his position can, on the threshold of the ballroom. For some seconds, both hands for the moment settled atop his cane, a glance about as a wistful smile finds him. "My wife would have loved to have seen such an event." Soft clicks of his cane announce themselves on the floor as he's in motion again, moving out of the way as he bows reverently from the waist to Medeia. "Lady Saik," he says with gravitas. "Thank you for the hospitality."

Noah checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Noah is successful.

Sometimes it is good to be away from Arx. It is good to celebrate the seasons changing. It is good to be in front of mirrors. Maybe less good right now. As the Grand Duchess of Lyceum and the Grand Duke are 'more notable guests', Jaenelle and Noah have been afforded the luxury of a stay in the noble keep. It is an epic adventure (once the Grand Duke recovered from the sailing part). "I am telling you this is the /only/ way to do it. Would I lead you astray?" The deep voice of Noah carries from somewhere near and yet very far. There is a slight noise of protest from one of the staff that are within the house. Almost like something was taken against will. Then the sound of running feet. This is followed by a metallic clang.

Should it be questioned? And it will probably be told to the hostess, the Archduke has decided to 'surf' down the stairs with the Grand Duchess in his arms. Luckily, he doesn't drop them and lands on his feet. Unluckily, this means that Noah is not learning his life lessons properly. Thus into the grand ballroom strides an overly cocky Archduke and in his arms being carried a beautiful Archduchess. He may have lowered his voice to murmur a "told you so" to her ear.

Aco arrives with her retinue in tow, gracefully approaching the Hostess with a warm smile and a deep curtsy, paying her respects. Cloaked in hues and fragrances reminiscent of a midnight sea, she remarks, "Lady Saik. You've outdone yourself as usual. It's quite ethereal." With genuine admiration, she surveys the surroundings, her smile widening. "A wonderous garden." Politely excusing herself to allow others to greet Medeia, she strides away alongside Ferrando, their destination set for a select vintage from the Saikland wine cellar. "I'm glad you could make it." She says softly to the large man. "These events are usually quite the treat."

Medeia checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 38 higher.

Medeia drops Baffello - an oak-barrel aged grape spirit from Saikland Greens.

Medeia checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 62 higher.

Medeia drops Estanotte - a Saikland wine of blackberry and peach.

Medeia checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 50 higher.

Medeia drops Sabbianca - a Saikland White Wine.

Medeia checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty 9, rolling 27 higher.

Medeia drops Salmascuore - Saikland's rum-barrel-aged red wine.

Gracefully moving into the ball room her ocean blue eyes look around to see who has arrived, her steps are slow and very light as she moves, her Starlight silk dress flows around her as she moves, her dress is done in the hues of the ocean. She has a smile on her face and a air of command about her.

Ferrando bows almost literally in lockstep with Aco's curtsy, down when she goes down and up when she goes up. It's the Whisper House, they're really big on detail. "M'lady," he basically dittos the Radiant as they step away. Bodyguards aren't there to hold up the line, after all! "I'm quite glad I could as well, Radiant. Not the least because of there not being a war going on at Harrow Hall any longer. But it's always nice to return to the Hundred Cities, even if we're a little closer to yours than mine. I'm looking forward to this as well! Shall I procure a drink for you?"

"I don.." is heard from Jaenelle before it is apparent that she was outvoted due to what could only be a lost bet or a promise of one single decision he can make at any time that she can not decline. Or maybe it was a need for an evening of things she would never do and has agreed to say yes to everything asked of her. Maybe she had no idea what was happening when it was happening and ended up on a serving tray heading down a flight of stairs praying that her husband doesnt release her at some point so she end up at the bottom of them instead with something broken. The told you so when they safely reach the bottom is met with a wide-eyed look that her life may have flashed before her eyes and it was something she may never agree to again. "Medeia is going to kick us out and never invite us to another thing every again, and I feel like I said this the last time we went to something she hosted." She did.

Noah strides in as if he owns the room. "She will always invite you." Her. Not him. Her. There is a deep laugh at the wide-eyed look thtat Jaenelle gives to him. He opens his own blue eyes rather wide in a feigned look of shock or a silent question of 'what'. His eyes then sweep the room and land on Aconite who is given a nod before walking over towards Medeia. He's still rocking Jaenelle in his arms as he hasn't put her down quite yet. "If we get kicked out, I'm going to say it was all your idea. Or. Hear me out. If we get kicked out, we just go door to door asking if anyone will take in a stray Archduchess and her timid Archduke." He nods to this idea. Then he does actually drop his voice which could mean it's not public appropriate.

Noah mutters, "At least ... aren't conceiving a child this ... I mean, ... you want to."

"Auntie!" Medeia seems very pleased to see Eirene outside of a war council or a hospital or a battlefield. "Look at you, amazing!" Then her attention is on Aconite and Ferrando. "Aco, hello hello, welcome to you, my dear friend. And you, as well, Ferrando! Please, enjoy everything." She turns to Mortimer then, smiling invitingly. "Messere Mairelli, I'm so glad your travels could find you in Saikland again." Then there is /very suddenly/ a Noah and a Jaenelle. "Archduchess, I would never kick /you/ out." A very sweet smile is turned to Noah, then, adding, "Nor my former student. How ungracious that would be. I'm happy you're both here!" Is she? Yes. She actually is. Even Noah. "And Lady Kennex!" She gives a wave to Titania. "Hello! Welcome everyone!" The Saik lady is beaming, even as she stands alone currently. "Tonight, I encourage you all to speak with someone you may not know well. We have faced difficult times, and I would love for this night to help us continue to build strong and lasting connections as we face the future." Around the edge of the ballroom, servers begin to circulate with trays of finger food and a buffet table is uncovered with treats. All of the cheesecakes are... Fine. Don't pay attention to the fact that they all have suspicious swipe marks on them.

Jan arrives more than fashionably late wearing a dress and shuffling along in slippers, arms strait down her sides as she snuffles in and tries to hide in the gaggle of people waiting to greet the hostess.

"I would not have missed it, my lady, especially so close to familiar grounds. But I should allow you to greet others of your guests." There are at least some others that Mortimer recognizes, as he steps back gracefully, both hands again finding his cane, in the wake of greeting Medeia. Titania's arrival is greeted with a bow as well, and of COURSE Jaenelle and Noah get deeper bows befitting their station, and his clear recognition of them.

Observing the arrival of the Archduchess and Archduke, the Radiant pauses momentarily, a curious glint in her wide-eyed blink, before refocusing on Ferrando beside her. "Oh, rest assured, I'm more than capable of getting my own drink," she remarks with a knowing smile, already aware of her drink of choice. Selecting a fruitier concoction from the array of offerings, she waits for Ferrando to make his selection. "Indeed. It's a relief to have a reprieve from... such matters at a ball," she adds, acknowledging the shared sentiment of momentarily escaping the weightier issues. Aco gracefully acknowledges Noah's nod with a distant curtsey before meandering away, taking in the opulent decorations with a sense of appreciation.

Eirene does a little twirl for Jaenelle to show off her spidersilk gown. She -was- told to make herself something nice and lo, she followed the request. She sniggers at Noah and wriggles her eyebrows. She heard enough of his murmur since her attention was on the two. A glass of the fine Salmascuore is taken off a tray and she sips the fine beverage.

Tregva Emili, a colorful ravashari performer arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Once the food has begun to come out, the Mirrormasks wait a few more minutes for everyone to settle in. One will eventually call for attention and offer a short explanation about the shrine's purpose and a prayer to the Thirteenth. Once done, the band comes out to play! Dancing is encouraged.

Titania stop where she is and gives Jaenelle and Noah a low bow, holding it a moment and then stands back up, she smiles looking to Medeia, "Lady Saik, I thank you for the invite." she smiles wide and spots her cousin, she moves to find her and grab her arm. "No hidding." she winks and moves to pull her along smotting Mortimer, "Master Mairelli." she smiles to him, "Have you Meet Lady Jan Malespero?"

Medeia waves Jan out of the crowd, smiling brightly. "Lady Malespero! Why, if I'm not mistaken, is this your first Lyceum party as a Lycene?" Her eyes sparkle at the thought. "Come, try the baffello, it's like whiskey, just made from grapes instead of grains." She nods to Titania. "You might like the Salmascuore, my lady."

Ferrando does the concurrent bow thing in Noah's distant direction too. It's almost like a game to match up or something, but no this is his real actual job which he gets a real actual salary for. It's also his job not to look disappointed when he can't usefully fetch something for the Radiant, so he doesn't. "I mean, a battle at the ball would drastically change the tenor of the evening," he deadpans before raising an eyebrow and looking around. Just in case. "But I do think that we earn reprieves like these via our toiling in the field in times of need."

Mortimer positively beams to Titania at her words. "I have not so had the honour, my lady, and it is kind for you to present me." Both hands of his are resting on that cane, with its end firmly on the floor before him, as he bows deeply to Jan. "My lady. Mortimer Mairelli, of the Mairelli Mercantile Company. Any friend of good Lady Titania, I should hope, is a good person to know." His voice kept low while the explanation of the shine's purpose given, though nothing is holding back his smile. It is a good night, yes.

Duarte slinks in not unlike the cat who ate the canary. The count who ate the cheesecake? He's licking his fingers clean but missed a crumb or two on the corners of his mustache. Easy to see because his mustache is beautiful to look at it. He steps around an lord, sideways squeezes through a group conversing about politica, ducks under a serving platter, spins to avoid someone choking on an olive, and eventually arrives to Medeia's side. He accidentally steps all over the skirt of her gown in trying to make it from her left side to her right side so he can put his most photogenic side forward. He gives her a kiss on the forehead and squishes his floppy hat brim into her hair while doing so. "Amazing decor, love! Why are the mirror draped?" (The first sentence makes the second one easier to accept, that's a courtier trick!)

Jan approaches as she's waved along. There's a wry grin "Your home is beautiful, Lady Medeia, thank you for hosting. I shall certainly have to try it. Sometime I may have to wonder why make spirits with it instead of wine." She bobs her head politely "Well met, Master Mairelli, a pleasure to meet you. I assure you my cousin-" her chin dips to indicate Titan "-has most excellent taste in people." she gives Duarte an odd look at asking after the mirrors.

Aconite lifts a hand to laugh quietly behind it. "Every Lycene event is abattle of sorts." The Whisper jokes quietly. She takes a drink of her wine, standing nearby a draped mirror. "But I think this one might be a bit more light hearted. Definately a reprieve from the last few months." When she spots Jan in the distance the Radiant waves her direction before looking back towards Ferrando. She waits and watches as the Mirrormasks give their

Duarte has joined the a table strewn with lilac blooms.

Ferrando checks strength and medicine at normal. Ferrando fails.

Medeia has joined the a table strewn with lilac blooms.

Aconite lifts a hand to laugh quietly behind it. "Every Lycene event is a battle of sorts." The Whisper jokes quietly. She takes a drink of her wine, standing near a draped mirror. "But I think this one might be a bit more light hearted. Definitely a reprieve from the last few months." When she spots Jan in the distance the Radiant waves her direction before looking back towards Ferrando. She waits and watches as the Mirrormasks give their 'blessing' before turning her attention back towards the party as a whole. For a few silent moments she smiles to herself, seeming to enjoy the atmosphere.

Eirene quietly turns her attention to the Mirrormasks to watch the ceremonial portion of the event in a quiet contemplative silence.

"Indeed, I'm already having a lovely time--" Famous last words! Ferrando grimaces and can't help but notice some poor person from Duarte's pose choking on an olive nearby. Intrepidly he steps forward. "Don't panic, m'lord!" Maybe he's a noble, maybe not, but he's choking on an olive and can't really talk back and definitely can't talk with Ferrando open-palm slapping him on the back. It, uh, doesn't work.

Or it works too well! The olive, rather than being hacked up in a manageable fashion dislodges and goes soaring through the air clear across the room to....... (check luck at normal)

Jan checks luck at normal. Botch! Jan fails completely.

Duarte checks luck at normal. Duarte is successful.

Aconite checks luck at normal. Aconite marginally fails.

Eirene checks luck at normal. Eirene is successful.

....the olive hits Jan square in the eye. Ferrando has averted one medical disaster and caused another!

Titania checks luck at normal. Titania is successful.

Mortimer checks luck at normal. Mortimer is successful.

Noah checks luck at normal. Noah marginally fails.

Medeia tries in vain to get her skirt out from under Duarte's feet but gives up when that kiss finds her forehead. Her nose wrinkles as she smiles and then turns her head up to brush a kiss to his cheek. "The Mirrormasks insisted in the wake of... All the unrest." Which is a very polite way to sidestep the terror and confusion and murdering thst followed the Blood Moon Eclipse. Which was largely quelled in Saikland! Saik did a Very Good Job keeping the people calm and the shrine from being corrupted by overzealous people. Then she's watching as Ferrando becomes a bull in a mirrored ballroom. "Oh... dear." She blinks. "Are you alright?" The call is made to Jan.

"Noah" Jaenelle says and it isnt until she looks around that she can tell that he spoke a little too loudly and others have heard some, if not all, of his softer spoken words to her. "I think the act of conceiving a child this very moment might be a little difficult considering the audience, and later when I have a headache." She might be able to tell the future, though the wink she gives him is one of amusement and not annoyance at all. She dips her head towards Medeia as they greet the hostess, and Jae taps Noah to set her down so she can do all the things she needs to do without being carried all night long. "Thank you for your warm welcome and I am certain this night will be lovely without any major issues." This is directed towards Noah and she makes I am watching you motions with her fingers. "Beaituful!" she calls towards Eirene when the woman twirls, "I absolutely love seeing what people make of the cloth, it is such a beautful fabric." Mortimer's greeting is met with a warm smile and dip of her head as well because she is still being held and the amount of ways to greet someone is limited. She points then towards Ferrando, and someone is bound to tap him to indicate that he is definitely being pointed out, "you look less wet than the last time I saw you. I am not sure if I am disappointed or not."

Mortimer blinks, for what it's worth, at the folly of the olive and... wisely, perhaps, he takes another five steps back. Because that's safer, yes. And it allows for others - younger others - to do something to help while he's availing himself of a wall to lean against lest he be the next to need aid.

Jan is spared the indignity of choking on a secondhand olive but rears back with a sharp cuss and lifts a hand to cover the eye "Turd-licking, queef-sniffing snot-farmer!" she straitens up and calls back somewhat more calmly "I'm fine, not to worry, Lady Medeia!" a hand still pressed to her eye.

Ferrando checks composure and etiquette at normal. Ferrando is successful.

Noah puts Jaenelle down, a bit slowly. Very slowly. So very slowly. "You know what they say the best cure for a headache is." He lifts his brows to that and then looks around as she plays hostess. He just nods in all the right (and probably wrong) places. His eyes do sort of look towards the barrels of drink. A look of consideration before he looks at Jaenelle. There is almost a silent permission being asked. Then she's talking of being disappointed in the dryness of men. He lets his eyes slide over the man for a consideration. He takes in the mans's looks and his stature. "She's disappointed, don't let her fool you." His eyes are then drawn towards Jan's --- colorful -- comment.

Somehow, none of the Saikland staff faint dead away at the sound of Jan's colorful language, and the lady is brought a cold compress for her eye.

Titania smiles to her cousin when she was about to turn when she heard her name and Medeia but then she watches the wayward olive fly through the air. She blinks and then moves to pull Jan closer, "Let me see your eye." she goes into medic mode as she looks to her cousin.

Aconite observes the olive saga unfold, her wine glass lifted as if about to sip, cleverly masking the amused smile trying to surface on her face. Clearing her throat lightly, she lowers her glass, suppressing a chuckle. "Goodness," she murmurs softly, turning aside as Jan reacts to the unexpected pickled projectile. She turns abruptly and her gaze drifts toward the covered mirror, her reflection caught in its surface, as she indulges in a moment of private amusement.

Duarte is besotted all over Medeia, trampling all over skirt (accidentally of course) with suspiciously muddy boots. He only 'hmms' for a moment to look over to Jan with an academic gaze, then quickly puts his attention back on Medeia. "Oh, she's fine." A beat. "...snot-farmer is a new one."

Noah is overheard praising Medeia.

Jan is overheard praising Medeia.

Jan is overheard praising Samira.

Noah is overheard praising Ida.

Luckily for Duarte, there are several expert healers in the event something does go entirely wrong. Eirene, one of said healers, arches her eyebrows. Poor Medeia with those muddy boots on her gown.

Noah is overheard praising Aconite.

Noah is overheard praising Jaenelle.

Jan is overheard praising Jeffeth.

It, uh, actually did work! For some definition of working, anyway. Well, the guy didn't choke to death and Jan probably won't become a cool eyepatched pirate he may or may not have to bonk to go back home to Arx, so Rando will take the W and get the non-dying person a drink and then straight up pretend he didn't touch off any of this chaos AT ALL, taking up a spot behind Aconite again. Though of course when boss lady #2 points at him, he definitely answers the call. "Ah, hello, Your Grace," he declares with yet another professional bow. "I owe my currently dry status largely to the excellent Lyceum weather today. I hope you and the Archduke have been enjoying it."

"Darling, why are your boots muddy? On my spidersilk?" Medeia looks down, frowns, sighs. "Thank goodness I'm an alchemist and get those stains out." When she looks back up, she's smiling. "Shall we?" There's a nod to the dance floor.

Jan accepts the cold compress and presses it to her eye "Oh, I'm fine. Nothing's bleeding or falling out, I'll be fine. Go have fun."

Eirene mutters, "If it hurts, I can ... ... ... -not- hurt."

Mortimer looks to Jan worriedly for a moment, before he offers sagely, "It's all fun and games until one loses an eye, my lady."

"I was enjoying the marshlands," Duarte answers Medeia, and making it sound sexy with his thick Setarcan accent of suaveness. But no, seriously, it was just muddy wet lands. He immediately gazes over to his archrival - the dance floor - with no dearth of anxiety. "Uhm...."

Medeia mutters, "... ... stepped all over the dress, how much worse could it get?"

Fatima arrives, but she arrives late, which seems to be the story of her life these days. She is, after all, a very busy woman. Still, she is here, clothed in a lovely arrangement of blue-green snakeskin and flowing skirts of starlight silk. Even her delicate sandals are made of shimmering blue-green snakeskin, and serpentine gems of muted blue-gray gleam in her perfectly styled black hair. Her sea green eyes scan the ballroom as she arrives, a pleasant smile touching her lips. She gives a nod of the head to Medeia, but seeing the lady seems to be about to step out onto the dance floor, she moves off to find a drink, and mingle among the other guests.

Titania looks at Durate her blue eyes settling on him then looking to Jan, "Are you okay cousin?" she asks her making sure she is ok.

Ferrando is overheard praising Medeia.

Eirene checks intellect and medicine at easy. Eirene is spectacularly successful.

Eirene murmurs to Jan and then lightly touches her hand to the Malespero's cheek. She smiles and closes her eyes. A little touch of silver-blue light seems to shine in them when she opens them.

Titania smiles at Eirene, her eyes look around. "We should find you someone to dance with cousin." she smiles.

Jaenelle grins towards Ferrando even as Noah is settling her down, "why ever complain about the weather when it is one of the only things we can not control? It could be terrible outside, but I shall always call it beautiful. No point in tempting the weather to be worse tomorrow. Enjoy your evening," she then ends with before smiling at Aconite, "you as well Radiant." She knows as she was speaking Noah went off to go find some sort of bottle of alcohol and waits for him to return, blissfully unaware or paying attention to who might be dying around her.

Noah checks dexterity and legerdemain at normal. Noah is successful.

Aconite shifts her focus toward Ferrando, drawn by the attention of the Royal couple momentarily directed at him. "Your Grace." Aco answers with a genuflection and offering a warm smile in their direction, she then returns her attention to the Whisper House head of security, exchanging a murmured conversation and patting the large man on the arm in a gesture of reassurance. As her gaze drifts back over the festivities, the Radiant is momentarily intercepted by an Apprentice who hands her a message. Reviewing the contents briefly, she returns her attention to the ball with a peculiarly contented smile gracing her features. Despite the allure of the dancefloor, she makes no immediate move toward it, remaining rooted in her current vantage point.

Mara, the loyal lady's maid arrives, delivering a message to Aconite before departing.

Jan lowers her cold compress and blinks away the last of the reflexive tears and looks at Eirene in surprise, "Petrichor's holy untamed bush-that's amazing." she marvels. she points at Eirene and wonders to Titania "DID you see that?"

Medeia gives Fatima a finger-wave of greeting before slipping her hand into Duarte's and leading him to the dance floor. "May as well make sure your mud gets everywhere, no?" She seems purely amused by the situation. "Besides, I'm given to understand that sharing a dance with the hostess of a ball is a high honor."

Duarte is someone to dance with, but he has Medeia in hand and there is only so much Duarte to go around. He steps onto the dance floor and with a deft lift and kick of one muddy boot, Medeia's skirt is free! "Shall we?" he asks the hostess and gives a nod to the orchestra that is already playing and definitely not taking cues from the likes of him, no matter the ridiculous plumage on his head.

Jan is overheard praising Eirene.

Duarte has left the a table strewn with lilac blooms.

Duarte has joined the polished dance floor.

Medeia has left the a table strewn with lilac blooms.

Medeia has joined the polished dance floor.

Duarte checks charm and performance at normal. Duarte is successful.

Medeia checks composure and performance at normal. Medeia is successful.

Noah moves over to the Salmascuore barrel as people are distractedly watching Jan juggle the olive with the poor other person. Surely, there's no reason to watch the man in the shadowmeld by the barrel. Surely, nothing can be done. He gets himself from Baffello and then goes to get one for Jaenelle. Then he stops and looks at his wife. He gets a glass of Salmascuore. Then offers it to her. "Did you want to dance?"

Titania chuckles nodding to Jan, "I did cousin." she looks to Mortimer, "If you excuses me I am going to get us some drinks." she looks to Eirene and then moves off her silk dress fluttering as she moves.

Mortimer rejoins to Titania, "There is never any need for excuse to get drinks, young lady. It's the purpose of a party, yes?" Yes.

Ferrando remains watchfully behind Aconite, making sure nobody hounds her too closely for an autograph or anything. His lips do move slightly. If you suspect from after they're having a little after-action report regarding the Olive Incident, that's probably just your imagination.

Fatima manages to find herself a drink, and settles herself at the bar, perching on the velvet-padded bar stool nearest to hand. She sips her drink, and glances around. Her gaze pauses on Eirene, and the silver-blue light. She lifts a dark eyebrow at this, looking impressed. Then her gaze is moving on. She gives an inclination of the head and a smile to Aconite, and another to Jaenelle and Noah. Titania and Jan, too, receive a warm smile, before she lifts her drink for another sip. Pretty much everyone here gets a soft smile, a nod of recognition, a gleam of the eye, though for the moment, she seems content to watch those who are on the dance floor, and settle into her drink.

Fatima has joined the mirrored bar with velvet stools.

Jan makes a face at Titania, "I'll be fine and don't you try to make me dance in these confession-goaders they call shoes."

Duarte leads Medeia in one of those lame court dances that all the little lords and ladies of the Lyceum are made to practice at youth until their eyes bleed. Basically, it's near impossible to not get the steps right. This is where Duarte lives when it comes to dancing. But at least there are no more medical emergencies being caused on account of arch stepping or squished toes, and Medeia's skirt is marked safe. "Oh my Gods, you dance so marvelously..." Duarte croons to Medeia right as he reaches for her face and runs his fingertips all over it... "You feel amazing. I'm so happy right now!"

Medeia checks perception and empathy at normal. Medeia is successful.

Eirene bows her head to Titania. "You're welcome. It's good for me to get used to using it. The more I do, the easier it gets." She lifts her glass to Fatima as well, acknowledging the nod. Then she settles aside to drink her wine (which isn't from the special batch) and enjoy the show.

Jaenelle blows a kiss towards Fatima as she notes her cousin's entrance and smile in her direction even as Noah approaches with something for her. With a beaming smile for him, she accepts the glass and asks, "I am not sure you have ever met my cousin Fatima. Perhaps later I will introduce you both if you have never had the pleasure." The glass given is passed to off to someone else without Jaenelle even mentioning it or taking a sip. There was mention of dancing and that is so much more important than anything else. "Could we?" she answers Noah's question about whether she would like to.

Noah checks composure and etiquette at normal. Noah is successful.

he murmured words from Ferrando prompts a quiet laugh from Aconite. "Indeed, now we know," she replies with a hint of amusement. Acknowledging Princess Thrax's presence with a respectful courtesy, she diverts her attention toward the dancefloor and the vibrant atmosphere of the gathering. Slowly, she begins to navigate her way through the crowd, setting aside her empty glass in a suitable place before continuing her path. "General," she greets Jan warmly as she approaches, extending a nod of recognition. Turning her attention to Titania and Eirene, she offers them quiet yet cordial greetings, acknowledging their presence with a respectful bow.

Noah watches the drink get passed off without so much as a drink. His eyes trail the drink almost forlorn. Then he looks at Jaenelle, "But--" He looks back towards the drink. Then back towards his wife. A sigh and he downs his drink in one go and nods. "Only because I like you the most in the room." One more glance to the drink and then his arm reaches out to wrap around Jaenelle's back to lead her to the floor.

Titania smiles as she spots Aconite and waves to her as she is heading for a drink, she looks and spots Fatima, moving over to the princess she offers a hug to her and a soft whisper to her.

Jan smiles wryly, "Lady Jan or just Jan. I handed over command of my armies when I got married. I now understand why I should have just accepted convention "Enjoying the festivities, Radiant Aconite?"

Fatima is sipping the Sabbianca, because she liked the name of it mostly. She glances around, studying the decor and the various interactions among the guests. She smiles as she watches Jaenelle's interaction with Noah, but she seems content not to intrude upon any of the couples. She does return the air-kiss though, before she lets her gaze drift on. She does lift an eyebrow at Duarte as he starts feeling Medeia's face, and she lifts her glass, lips curved in a smile, sea green eyes amused as she glances away. A nod is directed toward Mortimer, as she notices him among the guests. For a time, she watches Aconite moving among the guests with all the skills of a Whisper, and smiles softly. Then Titania is near her, and Fatima returns the hug that is offered, holding her glass aside in one hand. "Titania," she says warmly. "How wonderful to see you."

Ferrando follows Aconite somewhat like an outrageously incorrectly-sized duckling. "Despite not having any intentions of finding out in the first place," he murmurs a bit helplessly before grinning. His close following behind her functionally allows Aconite to basically navigate a straight path through the crowd, who tend to get out of the way less they get genially trucked by the Radiant's security. There's the mirrored nodding and bowing to Jan, Titania, and Eirene from his as well, of course, although his grin gets more than a little apologetic when it's turned Jan's way.

"I do, yes," Medeia replies to Duarte just before fingertips are all over her face. There's a few blinks of surprise. Gently, she redirects his hands to her hips and dances him toward a table. Her gaze flicks to Noah, considering. Then, Duarte is deposited in a chair with a sweet kiss. "Good. I like when you're happy. Let me bring you some cheesecake."

Jan grins "Ah, hello to you too, Master Ferrando. On duty, eh?"

Titania smiles at Fatima her hand moves to touch the princess cheek, her own cheeks turn a pink as she speaks softly with her.

"Delighted to see you again, Lady Jan. On duty, but not working! If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life," Ferrando quips. It certainly would be hard to deny that he does look like he genuinely enjoys standing near Aconite looking big.

It really is a sweet gesture, but while being walked off the dance floor something else caught Duarte's eye. "Really love, I'm /fine/. I haven't felt this good since 1004!" He unseats himself as soon as Medeia departs for cheesecake and floats back to the dance floor, eyes locked on Noah - or rather, his hair! He drifts closer to the Archcouple and reaches out his hand. "Archduke! So lovely you came. May I touch your hair? It is so beautiful!" He looks at Jaenelle and smiles a drunken smile, "Do you mind?" Jaenelle is the sovereign and her authority extends to her husband's scalp. That's in the rules.

Medeia flips a coin and it lands on heads.

"Absolutely. It's a pleasure to bask in the ambiance of such a delightful gathering. It feels especially uplifting tonight, given recent... events," Aconite remarks, her gesture trailing off without further elaboration. "Not taking to the dance floor?" she inquires, directing her attention to Jan. "Have you had the chance to meet Whisper House's Head of Security?" she asks, introducing Ferrando. "Ferrando, this is General Jan Malespero." Then, turning to those in proximity, she adds, "And this is the charming Lady Riven, Countess Titania, and Princess Thrax," each introduction offered with a genial nod or a polite smile. Sensing a degree of familiarity between Jan and Ferrando, she brightens her smile, pleased by their apparent acquaintance.

Fatima smiles softly, bending to whisper quietly with Titania from her seat at the bar.

Fatima turns her gaze toward Aconite, realizing that the Radiant is introducing someone. She gives a nod to Ferrando, with a gracious smile and a lift of her glass toward him.

Titania looks over to make sure her cousin is doing okay but then her name is heard, "Please, I am just Lady Titania." she says over softly, then she looks back to Fatima and whispers softly.

Medeia has moved off toward the buffet table and put together a delightful plate of cheesecake. Then, she turns around and sees Duarte attempting to fondle Noah's hair. She collects a glass of Sabbianca - it goes great with cheesecake! - and goes back to the table she /had/ left the count at. After a moment of settling in, she takes a bite and watches what unfolds on the dance floor.

Jan grimaces and reiterates, "Not a general, Lady Jan Malespero. Pleasure to meet you, Master Ferrando. I am glad the Radiant Whisper is in such capable hands, she's a very dear friend of my husband's and mine." she has not yet noticed people petting people.

Jaenelle laughs at Noah, "that is not true. I would," she looks around the room for a moment, "say that I am your third favorite in the room right now. Maybe second, I will give myself that." Duarte is approaching and she loves this for them. "Oh I am fine with it if he is," she takes a step to the side to allow Noah and Duarte to have this very important conversation, but of course she is close enough to hear the entire thing because it is really nice hair. "You can touch mine if you are turned down," she offers though her hair is not as glorious.

Eirene snorts in amusement at being called charming. She bows her head to Aco's introduction all the same. She pauses to note some of the weirdness going on and she cocks her head. "Is this party going sideways or am I imagining it?"

Noah stares at Duarte. His left hand comes up to run through is own hair, letting it fall back into place. "You want to touch my hair?" The hair that Noah just touched. Then he looks over the room. Then back towards the man. "Sure?" He looks at Jaenelle and then back around the room. "I think you are my favorite, currently."

Ferrando smiles amiably. "Delighted to make your acquaintances, Princess Fatima and Countess Titania. And hello again, Lady Eirene and Lady Jan," he declares with polite bows in return. Insofar as Eirene's sideways observation goes, he mostly tries to look innocent. "Well, a Lycene ball does tend to have more than its share of, ah, unscheduled diversions," he observes diplomatically.

Fatima glances over to Ferrando, and inclines her head. "A pleasure, Chief of Whisper Security Ferrando," she says, showing that she really was paying attention. Then she lifts her glass after another whisper to Titania, and downs the rest of the drink, before setting it aside and offering her hand to Titania.

Bower, a barb-bothering butcher bird arrives, delivering a message to Jaenelle before departing.

Observing the assembled guests, Aconite's head tilts slightly. "Mmm. This is the first major Lyceum event since everything happened. People seem eager to escape, even if just for a while. To let loose and relax," she muses, her demeanor curious yet unruffled. Turning her attention to Jan, she grins knowingly. "I couldn't help but notice your adept sidestepping of the question. So, allow me to pose a different one. Would you care to join me for a dance, General?" Aco proposes, offering a warm smile along with her invitation, her demeanor friendly and inviting.

Titania grabs a quick drink (from that doomed spiked liquior) she downs the drink quickly and moves to look to Ferrando, "A pleasure, please I am not a countess any long, just Lady Kennex." she grins and takes Fatima's hand in return.

Duarte laces his fingers into Noah's luxurious locks and exhales such a satisfied sigh. He stage whispers to Jaenelle and breathy 'thank you'. He closes his eyes and inhales deeply as he grips a nice mass of Noah's golden hair in his fist. "It's like golden spide silk and..." he leans in and takes a whiff... " that lavender and..." sniff sniff "...lanolin?!"

Ferrando casually remains at the periphery of the dance floor, noting a servant going by with a tray of Aconite's favorite fruitier drinks and deftly snagging one in case she'd like a refill when she comes back. Seems like it's down to just him and Eirene as the other two pair up, so he asks quietly, "-Is- there a proper technique to backslapping?" It's medical stuff, she'd know it, right?

Aconite is overheard praising Medeia.

Jan's eyebrows lift and she summons a chagrined grin "Certainly, if you like, you should guard your feet. I am dangerous in these slippers."

Eirene blinks at Ferrando. "You mean the throat-clear? Uhh, there's a way to hump-hug a person to get it out of them..."

Aconite shakes her head, "I have taught many." She replies to Jan, "It's a little known fact that I no longer have toes." She teases. The drink from Ferrando is snagged and tossed back before she steps to lead Jan towards the dancefloor.

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Fatima smiles sweetly to Titania, and turns to take a drink of the potentially spiked Salmascuore, because she already tried the Sabbianca, and now she's moving on to try the others. Perfectly logical. She grins at Titania, and throws the drink back all in one shot, before taking the lady by the hand, leading her toward the dance floor. She turns to Titania then, pale blue-green skirts swirling about her legs, and she keeps one of Titania's hands within her own, while her other hand slips around the other woman's waist. "Let's dance," she says, throwing all caution to the wind. "Know any good ones?" she asks, as she gets a feel for the rythm of whatever music is currently being played.

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Ferrando relinquishes boss lady #1's drink long enough to take the empty glass back from Aconite, and tries not to stare -too- baffledly at Eirene. "A -what- hug now?" he asks, apparently not convinced he heard properly. On the other hand, it's Eirene, so maybe he did? "Should that even be done in public?"

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Noah is overheard praising Eirene: Humphug

Medeia is smiling still, which might be because the cheesecake is phenomenal, or it might be because watching Duarte ravish Noah's hair is entertainment she never could have secured with coin. She finds her glass of wine empty all too soon and collects another. This time? Something red and rum-barrel-aged.

Titania checks charm and performance at normal. Titania fails.

Jaenelle checks composure at normal. Jaenelle is successful.

Fatima checks charm and performance at normal. Fatima is successful.

Aconite checks charm and performance at normal. Aconite is successful.

Jan's eyebrows lift "Most impressive, whisper. I had a Colonel when I first wiggled my way into a mercenary company who'd lost a big toe and walked like he was fresh from rolling seas but it didn't matter where he'd been he always walked like he'd just made landfall."

Eirene says, "A hump hug. When someone is choking, instead of slapping them, you come up behind them and grab just below the ribs and heft. It dislodges what's stuck in their throat."

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Jaenelle watches the interaction between Noah and Duarte with the softest looks on her face, as if this is not the first, now the last time someone has stopped them on the street or in a tavern, or in a ball room and asked to grope her husband's head. So many people have groped his head that Jaenelle is quite used to watching it happen and smiling without the bubbling hint of amusement that she would love to release because thats rude and she is never rude when head is involved.

Noah checks composure at normal. Noah is successful.

Jan checks charm and performance at normal. Jan fails.

Titania breaths when Fatima and she make it to the dance floor, she watches Fatima with her Ocean blue eyes, her own blue green dress fluttering around her, "I do." she is pulled in to the woman, her hand traces over the material of the princess dress as she seems to find herself distracted, "You may have to lead us, your highness." she says in a soft tone.

Aconite leads Jan over to the dance fearlessly. "Poor fellow, perhaps he should have taken up dance. It's a wonderful way to keep in shape and one's center of balance." She begins to lead Jan in the dance with ease, even when her slippers are stepped on and a pearl breaks free and bounces along the floor, rolling off thankfully before tripping anyone. She murmurs lightly to Jan as they dance. She's careful not to bump into any of the other dancers who are starting to feel those muddled warm and fuzzy feelings.

Noah does not hit the person touching him, even if he allowed it. He has regrets. "I'm not---" He runs his hand through his hair and then tries to sniff it all subtle like. "You know, I think that ---" He points to Ferrando. "--he has some fake arms in his sleeves. You should go see if they are real muscles or fake ones. I have to dance with my wife." He may be moving Jaenelle in between them like a human shield. His head drops to her ear.

Jan grumbles under her breath, trying to look down to monitor her willful feet "Jayus holy pucker." another heavy sigh "Mangata's tits." she tries really really hard to avoid Aconite's feet, "Quick, try to kill me, that's the only way this gets any better for you." she laments in frustration.

Aconite checks composure at normal. Aconite is successful.

Aconite shakes her head, Jan's words of protest draw an amused smile. Caring not for the mangling of her shoes. Maybe she really doesn't have toes. "Nonsense, General, I'm enjoying myself. Besides I'm fairly certain the killings at Lycene parties happen nearer the end, it's very rude to do too soon."

Duarte's grip on Noah's hair was not easily broken, but the Archduke was wise to move his wife between them. Duarte release his GI Joe kung-fu grip on the floral and sheep wool fat scented golden tresses. He jumps back about three feet and doffs his ostentatious wide brimmed hat and gives an overly flamboyant bow to Jaenelle - feathers thwicking backward and potentially accidentally swatting Fatima on the dance floor. "Archduchess! A thousand gratuitidunouses thanks for the sheer honor of feeling such fine locks." He stands and makes a move to put the hat on Jaenelle's head with that euphoria-stricken swooned smile plastered on his face. "These are Bravuran ostrich feathers...."

Ferrando raises one, then both eyebrows listening to Eirene's succinct explanation. Definitely changes the arrangment of his mental picture of the whole process. "Really!" he marvels. "And it works? Hmm. I guess it sounds like a reverse hiccup from that description of it. I'll have to remember that!" He casts his gaze out to the floor. "Do you think I need to start guarding the Radiant's hair?" he asks casually.

With her new glass of wine in hand, Medeia get up and moves toward Duarte, making a very half-assed attempt to collect him. "Darling, come, I got you cheesecake. I already ate some, though." She takes a sip from the glass and then looks down at her outfit. It still looks marvelous, even muddied. Before Jaenelle and Noah are off and dancing, she adds, "And thank you, Archduchess, for the gift."

Fatima checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Critical Success! Fatima is spectacularly successful.

Eirene shrugs at Ferrando's question. "I don't know, but I think you're being eyed..." She looks over at Noah's pointing over in their direction. "You may be in more trouble than she is."

Fatima smiles softly, and, keeping one of Titania's hands in her own, the other around the other woman's waist, she does begin to lead them in a graceful dance around the floor. "Don't worry, lovely," she murmurs, "I've got you. It's been some time since I have danced, and I have missed it. I'm glad it's you," she says with a smile.

She helps the other lady find her steps, guiding them around, skirts flaring beautifully as she twirls out, then twirls back to Titania, her hand coming to rest once again on the other woman's waist. That spiked drink does start to kick in right about then, and she melds her body close to Titania's if allowed, her hand sliding up the not-Countess's back, lost in the feel of her clothing and hair. She has a lovely scent about her, a mix of sandalwood and spices that have an exotic sense. Somehow, with a preternatural grace, she manages to avoid Duarte's feather-thwacking, weaving around the dance floor and avoiding other dancers, guiding the dance between herself and Titania with expert grace. Her sea-green eyes slant toward the Count, a smirk forming on her lips, before she turns her attention back to Titania and their dance.

"Hmm? Oh, I'll be fine," Ferrando tells Eirene unworriedly after sighting the direction of her look and the inbound point. "I assureldy don't have nearly enough money to be the target of Count Duarte's exotic interests," he deadpans before checking on Aconite with a grin and glancing back at Eirene. "Are there any other hugs I should know? Is there one for, I don't know, headaches? Or calf cramps?"

Titania checks charm and performance at normal. Titania is successful.

"A hug isn't usually useful as a medical device," Eirene replies with a snigger. "They can help with back aches if you squeeze tight enough though." She has a second glass of wine which may or may not be spiked.

Jaenelle lifts her hands up at whatever Noah says to her as if she is promising something to him, "I would never." As she is slipped in between the two and Duarte is overly gracious for the chance to touch Noah's hair, of course Jaenelle will take full credit for it. "You are so welcome. Come again soon!" She lifts her attention to the hat placed on her head, and looks impressed as she turns to Noah, "remind me to give this back to him, I am sure he likes it, but look I was given a gift for my generosity. How wonderful!" Yup all the credit goes to her. "A dance?" she reminds him, now looking even more charming in the hat, and who would say no to such a delightful woman wearing a hat!?

Noah checks dexterity and performance at normal. Noah is successful.

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Titania finally finds her grove as she moves along with Fatima, is it good that both woman have had the spiked drink? It is kicking in and she lets her body be pulled into Fatimas, her hand in hers and her free hand moving along her hip and up her side and back. She bites her bottom lip as they move along gliding along the dance floor, her silk dress flaring out as they spin out and them back in. Her head tilts in to Fatimas ear and takes a sniff of her neck and whispers something.

Aconite maintains her dance, appearing absorbed in the rhythm and movement, though it's improbable that the perceptive Radiant is oblivious to her surroundings. Speaking softly to General Malespero, she engages in conversation while gracefully navigating her self-inflicted trampling on the dancefloor.

Duarte just looks at Medeia and smiles at her words. He reaches out and smooshes her cheeks with both palms and plants a big, sensual, lingering kiss on her mouth. He doesn't wait for her to catch her breath after before he is drifting with bliss toward Ferrando and Eirene with arms open. "Something about hugs......?"

Jaenelle checks charm and performance at normal. Jaenelle is successful.

Fatima checks charm and performance at normal. Fatima is successful.

"So hug therapy is only for upper body/trunk maladies, then," Ferrando theorizes. "Interesting. I wonder who came up with the therapeutic hugs? It seems decidedly difficult to have just been lucked into by somebody." There's a quick glance to Aconite to make sure she hasn't been waylaid by any oversized hats before glancing back to see Duarte's approach. "Ah, hello Count Duarte! Did you know that specific hugs can relieve choking and back pain symptoms?"

Jan checks charm and performance at normal. Jan fails.

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Medeia checks willpower at normal. Medeia is successful.

Noah watches Duarte. Then he looks up at the hat. His lips curve upwards. "It's suiting, but I don't want feathers in my nose." He winks and then moves to sweep her into a dance. It's almost like he's gotten use to this. Or that whole prince upbrining, but it's one of those. Noah leans in at a point to duck under the brim of the hat to kiss her forehead and then sweeps back into the dance.

Eirene bows her head politely to Duarte and lifts her glass in greeting. "It's a medical technique only for emergencies," she says reassuringly.

Aconite checks composure at normal. Aconite is successful.

Medeia's face smooshes, and then she's left reaching a hand out for a chair or a table after Duarte walks away. "Oh." Her cheeks flush bright pink as she smiles and watches after him. Clearing her throat, she takes another sip of wine. Then, she quietly slips to the side of the party and checks in with her staff while everyone enjoys themselves.

Aco stumbles a little up a little but but it's hard to say wether or not it's Jan or simply her reaction to the party. She had said only one more song anyway. She beams at Jan and steps back to curtsey to Jan before offering to walk with the General towards the edge of the dancefloor and in the direction of Medeia.

Fatima's hands are roaming over Titania's silk at this point, fingertips lost in sensation, thanks to that pesky spiked drink. (Blame Noah!) She tilts her head, letting the other woman inhale her scent, and doing the same. She lifts her hands, letting her fingers run lightly along Titania's face, and she smiles warmly, her sea green eyes focusing on those of the Kennex lady. She whispers something in return as her hands resume their original positions, guiding them through the dance steps, which become quite pronounced. Her skirts flare as she turns, her eyes locked now on Titania's, lifting their arms, and guiding the other woman to twirl beneath the arch of their interlocked fingers. A slight curve of her lips, and she twirls again, before they come back together once more. Whispers are shared, fingers touch, bodies move with grace and in concert. At last, Fatima begins to lead them into winding down, with a final soft whisper to Titania, before she smiles, taking the other lady by the hand to lead her off the dance floor if she'll go.

Jan is briefly distracted and chats lowly with aconite on the dance floor but looks relieved when the dancing is over and shuffles carefully almost as if she were walking on ice. Ever put booties on a cat? Jan is the human version when it comes to fancy slippers.

Duarte frowns when he learns these 'hugs' are for medicinal purposes. He lowers his arms and veers off onto a different course. He takes a glass from Lord Frumperton on his way back across the ballroom to Medeia, draining the wine completely along the way and handing the empty glass to Lady Pretoria Jr. He wraps his arms around her waist and uses her shoulder as a chin-prop to he watch the dancing going on.

Eirene wriggles her eyebrows at Ferrando. Duarte diverted by the mundane nature of the power of hugs.

Medeia notices that Aconite and Jan are headed in her general direction and she gives them a welcoming smile, should they wish to join her. Then there's Duarte, and she leans into his embrace, tilting her head slightly to whisper in his ear.

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"I guess he's not having a medical emergency, at least?" Ferrando observes to Eirene in a querying sort of optimistically. "Or his back feels just fine, anyway." He glances back out on the floor where Aconite has finished up her dance and left the floor. "Ah, pardon me, back to work!" he says apologetically as he rises and gets back into position.

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Titania looks to Fatima with a gasp as she stops looking into Fatima's eyes, her lips cruck up into a smile as she listens to the whispers nodding her head, "Yes, I will." she says softly her hand still in Fatimas.

Aconite eliberately aligns her steps with Jan's, attuned to the General's stride. "My Lady," she greets Medeia with a respectful nod, then offers a warm smile to Duarte. "Count Amadeo," she acknowledges him as well. As Ferrando approaches, she reciprocates with a nod and a smile. Turning her attention to Lady Saik, Aco's expression turns slightly apologetic. "Lady Saik, I hate to impose, but I disembarked from the ship early this morning and had a restless journey. Would it be possible for me to use one of the rooms for a brief nap?" The tall Whisper requests in a soft tone, seeking a moment of respite.

Duarte smiles at Aconite but is clearly more interested i

Jaenelle smiles as Noah dips his head to kiss here because of, or despite, the hat. He probably just really likes the hat and that makes all the difference whether someone will kiss her. "I wonder if more people want to kiss me because of this feather," she asks Noah because sometimes the inside voices should be outside ones. The dance is sweet, nothing too fast or wild as they move with the music.

Duarte smiles at Aconite but is clearly more interested in if Ferrando's arms are indeed real and how they feel in a hug of the not life saving variety.

Noah seems to consider this question. It is a weighty one. Then he slowly nods as he spins her. It doesn't really matter what music is playing, he's keeping her pretty close regardless. It could be be a festive reel. "I think that the hat will indeed do that. It will make everyone instantly think how much they want to kiss you."

"But of course, Aco!" Medeia gestures over a member of the staff, but as she does, a scarlet hue washes over her skin, creeping from chest to neck to cheeks. Her knees briefly buckle. Thank goodness Duarte is holding her up! "Ahh! Sorry. Uh." She laughs softly and finishes off her glass of wine, handing it to the staff person who comes over. "Could yoy see to it that the Radiant is given one of the guest rooms in the keep, please? In the quieter wing. Away from the family suites." The flush isn't fading from her cheeks as her now free hands wrap over Duarte's.

Fatima smiles gently, lifting her hand to cup Titania's cheek affectionately. Then she guides the other woman to the bar, to settle into a seat once more. "Hmmm, maybe the Baffello, this time," she murmurs to the tender, and takes the glass. She stares into it a moment, then beckons to her maid, Mara. "Please to test," she says, and the maid eyes the drink, then takes a decent sip. She hands the glass back to Fatima, and the Princess waits to see if there are any other effects resulting from the new drink. She casts a glance to Titania with a brief smile in the meantime. The maid, it seems, is used to these sorts of requests, and patiently sits on a stool, waiting to see if there are any effects from the Baffello. If nothing untoward happens, Fatima will enjoy the drink, chatting quietly with Titania. Then she will make her polite goodbyes, and prepare to head out, back to her many plots and plans.

Jan claims a seat glad to be off her feet and watches Aconite work her whisper magic with keen interest. Fatima is seen leaving and given a cheery wave.

Titania walks to the bar with Fatima, he smile bright as she looks to the princess, "I will come find you tommorow." she says to her, a hand moves to touch her cheek, "GO on, thank you for the dance." she grin and her eyes turn and fall on Eirene, oh look her dress looks like it will feel nice. She moves over to the woman, "lady Eirene, you look amazing in that dress." she moes her fingers along the side Eirene dress.

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Aconite genuflects to the Nobles with a quiet goodbye , "Thank you." She demures to Medeia and moves to follow to her guide to a nap.

Ferrando smiles encouragingly to Aconite. "Rest well, Radiant!" he says cheerfully before giving the Medeia/Duarte duo a slightly cautious look as if he needs to be ready to intervene in case they both just spontaneously start tumbling to the floor.

Jan is overheard praising Aconite.

Jan is overheard praising Medeia.

It's spider-silk, so it likely feels buttery soft under the fingertips. "Uh, thank you?" She eyes Titania curiously. "Archduchess Jaenelle gave me the fabric..."

Titania steps in closer to Eirene a hand moving to rest on her hip and she takes a inhale of the woman, that is standing in front of her, "Its so soft." oh noah see what you have started!

And to think, Jaenelle has not touched the wine when she keeps herself securely wrapped in Noah's arms but calls over to Medeia, "do you think I look especially kissable in this hat?" She cant exactly trust her husband in the matter, he has probably kissed her /without/ a hat on so his opinion does not matter in the moment.

Duarte lifts his eyes lazily to the Archduchess. His CHIN is on Medeia's shoulder, it's an easy mistake. He smiles a grand, warm smile. "I would certainly kiss you in the hat, yes."

Noah did not drink the wine. No one needs a touchy feely Noah. He does pause to try the blow the feather out of his face. Short girls. Tall guys. Feather problems.

Once Medeia has seen to securing a room for Aconite, she's just sort of not moving from Duarte's hold on her, glowing in that blush that has likely spread to her whole body. But then Jaenelle has her attention. "Hm?" She blinks, wriggles slightly. "I would, too," she agrees with the count. Then she laughs softly, arms wrapping tighter around herself so her fingers can brush over the brocade of the man's doublet. "I might kiss anyone in that hat," That last is murmured and probably not meant to be said out loud.

Eirene does look good in the silk, but she's still baffled. "Uh, yeah, T. It's nice..." She frowns as there's discussion of hats and someone playing with her dress. "Maybe I should get back to my room and lie down before I end up batting at imaginary things like when we'd have parties in the Velenosa manor."

Jan looks amused as she watches Medeia and Duarte with amusement and her gaze then sweeps the rest of the revelers with interest.

Ferrando scratches the back of his head absently. Sans a Radiant to guard, or anyone to haul up off the floor, he mostly seems kind of relived that he doesn't drink on the job. "I'd model an interesting hat," he comments. "Though probably not very -well-."

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Titania smiles, "No, please don't go." she moves to touch Eirene's hair, "Your hair feels so nice." she smiles, "Your dress, I just want to touch it." her touch is light as fingers caress over the supper soft material.

Jan lifts a hand and waves at Ferrando, beckoning him over before stopping when she notices he's engaged in conversation.

Ferrando has joined the a table strewn with lilac blooms.

Ferrando is definitely ready for a beckon to get him out of his current predicament as he heads over to the table.

Eirene gently pushes Titania's hand away. "Ooohkay, yeah, you're blazing on something. I'm not a hugger," she protests. She sighs and extracts herself before she heads for the door. "Thanks for the party, 'Deia. I'm going to get some sleep."

"Good night, auntie!" Medeia calls out as Eirene leaves.

Jaenelle grins towards both Medeia and Duarte as they both answer yes, and as they dance closer the hat is removed from her head and placed on Duarte's once more. "Oh good, well now the hat is on his head and we wouldnt want the kiss to be wasted. I think my husband wishes to leave though, something about now that I dont have a hat anymore he cant be seen with me in public."

Eirene has left the a table strewn with rose petals.

Titania is pushed back, she will not chase after Eirene she just is now looking for a new victims to touch.

Jan waves to those leaving but seems mostly focused on Ferrando and her conversation with him.

Noah moves with Jaenelle. "I think that I said her gown was nice but would look better on my floor." He tenses to await the hit. Then he grins to her and when she's ready will sweep them from the room. Also, when they elegant clear the room, he's going to sweep her up into his arms to try to carry her backwards up the stairs. Pray for her.

Medeia is bapped in the face with the feathers on the hat. Shaking off the ticklish feeling but reaching up a hand to feel one, she glances at Noah with a cheeky grin. "Technically, it would be /my/ floor." Her gaze shifts to Jaenelle, a giggle on her lips. "I do hope you enjoy the rest of your stay, Archduchess. It's been a joy having you..." She's briefly distracted by the feel of her hand brushing against her own dress when it lowers from the feather. "A shame, yoy took the hat off. I guess I'll have to kiss the count."

Once Noah leaves, Duarte stands and straightens his hat. He is suddenly, remarkably, sober. He kiss Medeia and then pinches her somewhere and walks a straight line over to where Ferrando and Jan are conversing. Along the way, he offers the huge feathered hat to Titania as a replacement for Eirene's dress.

Titania checks stamina at normal. Critical Success! Titania is spectacularly successful.

Duarte has joined the a table strewn with lilac blooms.

Jaenelle grins towards Medeia as Noah begins to walk them towards the door, and there may be a loud sigh as he picks her up again. "I have a headache" she says almost as if she predicted this would happen hours ago, and then they are moving up the stairs.

Titania takes the hat from Durate and smiles, she moves to follow over to where Jan is. She is not under the affects anymore but the hat is dashing. "What do you think cousin?" she asks Jan as she moves over, "Mind if I join?"

One of Medeia's hands claps over her own mouth as she jumps a little. It doesn't quite fully cover up the startled squeal, but it mostly should keep people from staring. Hopefully. There is, however, seemingly no hope of her blush fading any time soon. She stares after Duarte for a long moment before following, finding herself at the table with everyone else. To Jan and Ferrando, she wonders, "Having a good time?"

Jan looks up from her conversation to smile at Titania, "Of course, cousin. Please do. Are you enjoying the festivities?" she bobs her head "I am, thank you so much for hosting. How about you, not too busy tending to guests to enjoy yourself, I hope?"

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Titania has joined the a table strewn with lilac blooms.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Ferrando grins affably at Titania and Medeia. "I don't mind at all!" he tells the former while nodding at the latter. "Very much so! I've learned quite a lot about medical hugging, in fact. All I'm really missing is a dance and it'll have been one of the most all-around satisfying balls I've attended in quite some time."

Medeia holds a hand out to Ferrando. "This is the first year in four I've danced at my own ball, come, you can help me make up for last year and I can help you make your night complete." She grins at him before looking to the others. "If you all don't mind me stealing him away for a moment?"

"I do enjoy the hat, Ferrando, thank you." Duarte says with a smile. He looks at Jan for a good, long moment. "Queef-sniffing snot-farmer?"

Titania as she sits down, she has the famed hat with the feather, only if she hate her leathers on she put her feet up, but she does not. She was about to take a sip of her flask when she almost snorts it hearing Durate.

Ferrando rises up. "Wouldn't do to keep a hostess waiting at her own party!" At Duarte's question, Jan and Titania get a bit of a good-luck-with-that smirk. He gallantly takes Medeia by the hand and leads her out onto the floor. "Do you know the Lenosian tango?"

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Ferrando has joined the polished dance floor.

Medeia has joined the polished dance floor.

"Am I a lady of the Lyceum?" Medeia asks Ferrando in turn. (Yes.) She follows him, taking quick and short steps to stay apace with the large man.

Titania says in Marin'alfar, "Why, why are you doing this to me cousin, did you not promise to not speak such things?"

Jan looks to Duarte "What? If you're going to set me strait on my choice language you might as well choose a more manageable task like spinning gold from thin air."

Ferrando checks dexterity and athletics at daunting. Ferrando marginally fails.

Ferrando checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Ferrando is successful.

Duarte looks at Jan oddly. "A strange conclusion to jump to, Lady Jan." He offers his hand to Titania with a smile, "Care to dance?"

Medeia checks composure and performance at normal. Medeia is successful.

"-Well- then, I won't start a lady of the Lyceum off easy, then," Ferrando grins. Once the music starts up, there's about eight bars for him to gauge about how far to step to stay in pace with her natural stride (her legs are a bit shorter, after all) and then once that's done after another eight beats Medeia is lifted up, full extension nine-feet-eye-level during the next transition. It's going to be one of -those- tangoes.

Titania smiles as he takes Durate's hand " I love to." she moves to stand up, the hat still on her head. She looks to Jan and smiles, "I will be back." she says softly.

Jan smiles and fingerwaves to Titania as Duarte takes Titania off to dace. she then rises and shuffles off to get out of the shoes and get some rest, doing so quietly so as not to disturb the dancers.

Duarte checks dexterity and performance at normal. Duarte fails.

Titania checks charm and performance at normal. Titania is successful.

Jan has left the a table strewn with lilac blooms.

Duarte checks charm and manipulation at hard. Duarte is successful.

Medeia readily helps Ferrando judge what he needs to and then slides into the actual dancing with the ease of someone who truly enjoys the hobby - and she doesn't even flinch or freeze when he lifts her! The lady moves with natural grace and responds almost instinctively as Ferrando leads.

The room likely feels sorry for Titania as Duarte starts his dance moves off not unlike a double jointed frog? I mean - it's really bad. But that smile? Oh how confident he is! Why - this dance might just be the new rage and if you don't like it you're just TOO OLD TO UNDERSTAND.

Titania smiles at Durate as they move out onto the dance floor, "I am not sure that we have meet." her Ocean blue eyes look the devlishly handsome lord over. She winces as she starts to move with him, but she tries to take the lead and move him in a graceful dance, once that well maybe not been seen in any of the wards or the city.

"I am Duarte Amadeo," the count introduces to Titania. His eyes, in contrast, are a very dark shade of brown, nearly black in this light. He smiles a charming, affable grin. "Just go with it..." he says of the god awful but probably very trend-serting and avant garde dancing

Ferrando continues along, perhaps emboldened by the lack of terror Medeia conveyed with the lifts to start threading in some pretty deep dips and spin-out roll-in combinations. There are certain tango afficionados who are a bit more into the, well, being flung around isn't exactly correct, but it's not exactly NOT correct either. Suffice to say it's a pretty athletic tango on Ferrando's end, since he's doing most of the pushing, catching etc. It looks pretty great, though! The home crowd will be very impressed. "So, what did you -really- think about the harps?" he asks casually in the middle of a let's-catch-a-breather step sequence.

Titania follows along with Durate, "IT is a pleasure to meet you, I am Lady Titania Kennex." her smile is warm, the air about her is almost charged. She moves with Grace and command, as she nods. Her feet easily move along with Durate's moving about in this new dance that is being made up.

There isn't much chance for Medeia to speak while being flung around, it's true, or to really see what Duarte is actually doing, you know, since Ferrando is rather literally flinging her around. What she can do during that all is pay attention to how her own form is maintained, relaxing and stiffening as needed for the dance to be safe for both of them - and for her tiara to not fall off. It's all quite impressive! When there is a chance to breathe, though? She starts laughing. The exertion of the dance shows in her complexion, but she's all smiles. And the question about harps has her further amused. "Oh! You caught me at such a /bad time/," she insists, shaking her head. "So many! In my hospital! But no, in truth, I adore your upbeat attitude and surprising methods." Don't tell the people she's in charge of! Before things get too complicated dance-wise again, she calls over to Duarte and Titania, "Looking like the new Isles ballroom trend!"

Duarte slants a /look/ at Medeia. She probably meant Mourning Isles, but in the chance she meant SAFFRON Isles, he wants his distaste for being known as from any /isles/ known. He is lycene, gdi! But he is drawn back to Titania. "Lady Kennex, well met. And Titania is such a pretty name. A unique name. Does it have a meaning? Something to match the clear deep blue of your eyes, perhaps?"

"Why, thank you for saying so. I've always felt a good attitude is virtually indispensable," Ferrando declares appreciatively. "And to be fair it did seem like you were having a bit of a day, so rest assured I wasn't taking anything personally at the time," he adds reassuringly. "Ah, I don't suppose you could describe the new Isles ballroom trend to me? I'm mildly concerned if I turn to look I'll end up getting deported from the Greens for injurious behaviour towards a ruling family after missing a catch, and Saedrus would be -terribly- disappointed with me." There's also another round of step sequence coming up, as it's probably hard to describe it from mid-lift.

Medeia did mean the drearier, crueler set of Isles, because frankly, she doesn't much care what the Pravusi say, they're still Lycene for at least another generation or two (Saffron folks excluded). Anyway! Dancing. "You see," the lady tries to explain, "Eirene and several others had just gone-" pause, "On a dangerous mission-" pause, "And I had sent them! I felt responsible!" Okay, maybe she really should wait to talk! Once back on solid footing, she glances around Ferrando and describes, "The trick, it seems, is to disjoint your elbows and knees."

Titania moves along a soft blush comes to Titania's cheeks as she looks to Durate's deeper colored eyes. "I am a disciple of Mangata, daughter of the sea." she says softly as she continues to follow along, spinning letting her dress flare out then come back in with a grin on her lips, "I do not know if my name means anything." she says softly.

Ferrando listens attentively while also concentrating on not dipping Medeia into a passing servant bearing drinks, etc. "Ah, that makes entirely good sense. I don't think you could be blamed for feeling that way at all, really. And that sounds less like a dance and more like another medical emergency," he comments a little dubiously. "Does it look fun, at any rate?" This time around she will have to gauge how it looks from the ceiling camera perspective, though.

Duarte nods and slows his 'dance' to something for mangeable. He speaks softly as if he has a secret, "Lucky for you, love, I know what your name means...."

"But!" Medeia finishes explaining, "If not for them, we wouldn't have had the Thornweave Fire that opened the way at Harrow Hall. They brought back what I needed to complete the formula." From the top-down perspective, and with Duarte having slowed his moves, the lady frowns. "Oh, it got boring."

Titania moves to slowly follow the speed of the dance, her head tilts to the side looking to Durate, "What is it that you think my name means? M'lord." her voice is soft, very pleasing and soothing to the ears.

Duarte wiggles a finger toward himself and drifts closer to Titania to impart the sacred secret of her name. He nestles in close to her ear, saying it through the drape of golden hair.

"Ah yes, I see! Well, it was all well worth it then," Ferrando replies complimentarily. "And, well, I imagine that dislocated joint movement is hard to maintain in the longer term, so I suppose the dance had only so long it could go. I'm no medical expert, but I'm very certain your joints are usually located instead of dislocated for good reasons."

Titania leans her head in to listen to what the man whispers into her ears, she blinks her eyes a bit wide as she looks into his as they continue to move slowly around the dance floor, her lips move to his ear and she whispers something back to him.

As the dance winds down and Medeia catches her breath, she grins at Ferrando. Once she can, she bows her head. "Thank you. And yes... Joints should be located." Her laughter bubbles up. Before she walks away, she offers her thanks for the dance, promising him another at some later function should they both be in attendance. Then, she moves off the dance floor and begins to coordinate the staff quietly for the clean up that will need to be done. While no one is /removed/ from the ballroom, the party gets smaller and smaller as the staff carefully manipulates the flow of food and drink and pushing in chairs at tables. At some point, the last straggling revelers will realize Medeia didn't stay until the last and had found the exit at some point.

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