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Vassal of Wyrmguard

Words: With honor we ride.
Sigil: A split blue and white field, a white horse is found rearing up in the middle of the blue field and a blue horse reared up in the center of the white field. Both horses facing one another.
Nickname: Warhorses.

Loyal vassals to house Wyrmguard, House Blanchard is mostly known for producing some of the finest cavalry in Arvum and for taming horses and training horsemen. It is said that about a quarter of the western warhorses come from the County of Chevalle and a common jest is that anyone born with the blood of House Blanchard must surely be part horse, due to their gifts with the beasts.

Known for the breeding in particular of the Oathlands Vanner, also known as Cobs.


Name Rank Title Description
Philippe 1 Count Count of Chevalle
Gawain 2 Voice Sword of Chevalle
Kincade 3 Noble Family
Katryn 3 Noble Family Knight-Marshal of the Oathlands
Appolonia 3 Noble Family
Verity 4 Sworn Minister Minister of State
Theophania 4 Sworn Minister Minister of Coin
Briseis 8 Allies
Richard 8 Allies
Bianca 8 Allies

Ruler: Philippe

Minister Category Title
Verity Loyalty Minister of State
Gawain Warfare Sword of Blanchard
Theophania Income Minister of Coin

Land Holdings


Description: Found on the hilly plains south of Sanctum, the County of Chevalle naturally becomes suitable to horse breeding, especially for the famous western warhorses. The county is not heavily settled leaving most of the lands for pastures. Though, some of the lands are also fertile enough to engage in farming.

Landmarks: The Great Road, The Rose of Solace

The Chevalle Lodge of Petrichor has been built, providing agricultural development and survival training.